Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 19

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While Sarah showered and the girls dressed, I pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and went downstairs to prepare the picnic. I packed everything into a wicker basket, putting the bottle of champagne at the back. Then I put the basket into the boot of the car, along with the large blanket we’d used for sunbathing a couple of days before.

Sarah came downstairs, followed by the girls. “Gosh,” she said, seeing the car ready to go, “that was efficient.”

I’d already checked the map, and I drove us out into the countryside, to a place I’d been before. It was just inside the nearest national park, and off the main tourist routes. Especially on a weekday in term time, it was guaranteed to be practically deserted.

I drove to the very far end of the access road, and pulled the car onto the verge.

“Hope you brought reasonably sensible shoes,” I said. “We’ll be doing a little bit of scrambling.”

We got out of the car, and Amy and Laura picked up the basket, carrying it between them. I took the blanket, and Sarah said, “Gosh, seems I get off lightly.”

I grinned. “Well, you can always do the washing up.”

We set off down the track, passing through woods full of bluebells.

“This is gorgeous,” said Laura. “It’d make a lovely picture.”

“We can come back before the bluebells are over,” I promised her.

The track emerged from the woods at the bottom of a grassy slope, with more woodland at the other side.

“OK,” I said, “this is where the going gets a bit rougher. The next piece of woodland isn’t really on the public route, but I know the warden here, and he says there’s nothing we can disturb or do any harm to.”

I set out across the slope, Amy and Laura picking their way carefully with the basket, and Sarah following.

We reached the wood, and carried on into the trees until we reached the edge of a clearing surrounded by bluebells. Warm sunlight lit the grass, and at the far side of the clearing a small stream ran, murmuring gently.

The girls put the basket down and ran into the sunshine, Laura’s hair glowing like gold in the light. Sarah and I followed them, and found a spot to spread out the blanket. Sarah lay down, her hands behind Giresun Escort her head.

“What a perfect place,” she said.

The girls came over, out of breath. “We’ll fetch the basket now – we just couldn’t resist, it’s such a magical place.”

They brought the basket over and Amy unfastened it. “Can I get stuff out?” she said.

“Sure,” I grinned. She started to unpack and I waited for the reaction I knew I’d get.

“Oh!” she said. “So this is the surprise.”

“Well, there might be more than one,” I said, smiling.

She finished unpacking the picnic things and handed me the champagne. “I think you’d better open it,” she said.

I pulled off the foil and untwisted the wire fastening, then put my thumbs on either side of the cork. The girls hammed it up, Amy putting her hands against her ears and screwing her eyes shut, while Laura hid her face against Amy’s chest. Sarah smiled at their antics, then jumped, startled, as the cork left the bottle with a loud report.

The girls were in fits of giggles. “You haven’t even drunk it yet,” I pretended to scold.

I filled plastic glasses and made a simple toast. “To us.”

“To us,” they chorused, and drank. Laura got bubbles up her nose and spluttered, sending herself Amy into further fits of giggles. They eventually controlled themselves, and drained their glasses. “Is there any more?” asked Laura.

“Good job I brought a big bottle,” I said, refilling the glasses. Sarah sipped hers, then closed her eyes and turned her face up to catch the sun. The light brought out the colour in her hair, and I felt tears prick at my eyes again.

“Now,” said Amy, “I seem to remember you said something about making an opportunity while we were out.”

“Hmm,” I said. “I think you said it, actually.”

The glass and a half of champagne had obviously loosened her inhibitions just a little. “Well, regardless of who, Laura and I would really like you to make love to us, right here and now.”

I turned to Sarah. “Are you OK with that?”

She grinned. “You’ve already satisfied me for the time being – though I have a feeling I might want more when I’ve watched you with these two. Go Giresun Escort Bayan ahead.”

“OK, girls,” I said. “Last one still with clothes on pays a forfeit.”

The girls slipped out of their clothes – I noticed neither was wearing panties or bra – and it turned out I was still getting out of my Y-fronts when they were finished undressing.

Amy looked at Laura. “What shall we make him forfeit?”

“Don’t know yet, but we’ll think of something,” giggled Laura.

“I have an idea,” said Amy. “Lie down,” she instructed me. “The forfeit is, you’re not allowed to use your hands at all.”

I lay down on the blanket, and the two girls took it in turns to kiss me on the lips, then brush my chest with their bare breasts. I raised a hand to touch them, but Amy said, “Oh no you don’t. Forfeit, remember.”

Laura continued to touch my nipples and kiss me, while Amy moved down and began to kiss my already-hard penis. Then she moved so that she was astride me, the tip of my penis touching her entrance. Laura likewise shifted position so that her entrance was within reach of my mouth.

Amy guided me into her and lowered her hips so that I was inside her fully. Then she began to slowly move on me, pressing her clitoris against my shaft. I began to use my tongue on Laura, and she responded by shifting her hips in time with my movements.

Amy leaned forward a little and reached her hands round to cup Laura’s breasts and begin to touch her nipples, and Laura gasped, moving more insistently against my mouth. She stretched her arms back and found that she could brush Amy’s nipples with her fingers, causing Amy to increase the pace at which her hips flexed against me.

I felt myself approaching climax, and matched my movements to Amy’s. I felt her begin to tense around me, and she began to moan quietly with each thrust. Then her body began to shake, and as she orgasmed I reached my own climax, surprising myself with how much I spurted into her given that my previous orgasm had only been a couple of hours previously.

Our simultaneous climax tipped Laura over the edge, and she cried out, shuddering, as my tongue continued to flick insistently Escort Giresun on her clitoris and Amy’s fingers moved on her nipples.

Finally all three of us were spent, and the girls slid off me, Laura to one side, Amy to the other, and pillowed their heads on my chest. I glanced across to Sarah; she smiled, and moved over to lie down too, her arm across all three of us.

We lay together in the warm sunlight for a while, then I said, “I don’t really want to move, but it would be a shame to let the picnic go to waste.”

Amy propped herself up on one elbow. She grinned mischievously. “I don’t think your forfeit is finished,” she said. “But now it’s us who aren’t allowed to use our hands – you have to feed us.”

“Can I help?” said Sarah. Amy nodded.

I grinned, and went over to fill plates for the girls. Then I sat by them and Sarah and I fed them. With every other bite or so, the girls kissed our fingers, or licked them with a tongue tip, or took a fingertip briefly between their lips.

“Gosh,” said Sarah, “that’s turning me on.”

“That’s pretty much the idea,” smiled Amy. “Want to go a little further? You’ll need to undress.”

Sarah quickly got out of her clothes and returned to her position in front of Amy and Laura. Amy took Sarah’s hand and began to kiss the fingers, then gently tongue them, then place kisses up Sarah’s arm and shoulder. Then she kissed down Sarah’s throat and onto her chest, finally taking a nipple into her mouth. Laura began to gently tongue Sarah’s other nipple and stroke her back.

Amy slid one hand between Sarah’s legs and began to use her fingers on Sarah’s entrance, gently stroking her clitoris. “Oh,” said Sarah. Then “Oh! Like that…”

I watched as the two girls touched and caressed Sarah, using their knowledge of what would please them to guide how they pleasured her. Sarah’s face showed absolute ecstasy as Amy slid a finger inside her, then withdrew and touched her clitoris again. I saw the muscles in Sarah’s stomach begin to tense, and sensing the same thing, Amy shifted her attention back to Sarah’s clitoris, beginning to move her fingertips more rapidly.

Suddenly Sarah gave a loud groan – like the one I had elicited from her when we made love for the first time since she’d come to visit – and her body shook. Amy continued to touch her, drawing out the last moment of pleasure, then slowed and stopped, drawing Sarah into her arms and holding her while Laura embraced her from behind.

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