Adventures Of Laura Austin

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Authors Note: I am a sometimes recurring character in the Hollywood Jim Adventures posted in the Celebrities section on Literotica. Hollywood Jim’ and my own past real life experiences inspired this fictional story and with some input buy Hollywood Jim, himself, I have this story and hope you very much enjoy it. LW

Episode 1: “Getting Into Hot Water”

My name is Laura Austin. My business is pleasure. They say when you love your work, you never really go to work, but sometimes love is work and that is the kind of pleasure I do. For a nice gratuity of course.

My day was a relatively easy day, and I planned to sleep in. No predawn make up and hair people fussing over me prepping me for a photo shoot at my day job as a photographers model for mens magazines. I had the entire day to myself. Or so I thought.

My sleep came to a startling end around nine am. My first thought was to ignore it and let it go to voice mail, but for what ever reason, I took a look at the caller ID. The call was from a photographer I always wanted to work for as we had become friends, through some slightly unusual circumstances.

When his number came up on my cell phone, I was a little surprised because our pattern has not been maintaining contact through phone calls, so this might be something important. I answered, trying to sound as awake as I could, and I heard Jim tell me;

“Wake up, my little Italian friend. As good as you look you don’t need any more beauty sleep!”

Jim always brings a smile to my face when we run into each other while each of us does our jobs. Mine is less legitimate, giving men their every desire for a fee, than Jim’s. Jim is the lead photographer working for Artist Unlimited here in Los Angeles and quite the ladies man among the younger celebrity ladies, which has earned him the nickname of Hollywood Jim.

His work has him photographing beautiful young stars represented by Artists Unlimited and rubbing elbows and other body parts with many of them. Even though, I am not famous, but somewhat infamous around town, I always wanted to be photographed by Jim in a more controlled setting, like a studio He had once been been sent by AU to cover one of their clients, Gary Mackus, who had scheduled an appearance of his Calendar Girls made up of Playpen magazine staff models at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corp base at Oceanside, California. He photographed me, at that time, but as one of the group of girls there to entertain the troops and maintain the guys morale. That was not what this call was for, I did not feel.

I thought maybe he was needing my help. or just wanting to talk, as the last time I saw him we were not able to finish our conversation as I had a plane to catch going to Europe with a wealthy client needing a nice companion to see the sites and keep his bed warmed.

Jim and I chatted and laughed for a few moments, and he finally asked me if I was working this day and if not would I consider giving him a hand with an assignment.

It seems the scheduled celebrity that was going to pose with some very expensive jewelry came down with the flu and was feeling miserable and called to postpone the shoot. Problem was, the Rodeo Drive, international jewelry store was insistent on having the photos ready for a print advertising campaign, that had a deadline coming up within the next week.

Calls to agents for another replacement was failing as their schedules were set, or they were out of town. So, going through his phone numbers, mine appeared and being at the end of his rope after all the turn downs the day before, he thought why not.

I laughed and told him I would love to pose for him and asked if should I bring my own lingerie or would it be fully nude, and laughed.

“Just be comfortable and they would have a hair and makeup crew ready when I arrived.” He said in his easygoing tone.

Then,stopping suddenly “Wait! I better ask how much per hour, you charge. I have a limited budget, believe it or not. The actress that was originally scheduled was one of our clients so she was getting a set fee as agreed to in her contract with us and we doing all her official photography.”

I told Jim not to worry. I was sure we would find a way to come to an agreement for my compensation for services rendered.

“Knowing you, I’m sure we can.” he replied

I jumped in the shower, threw on some clothes and out to my Corvette and headed over the “hill” on Barham Blvd, and down into Los Angeles proper and the offices of Artists Unlimited.

I drove into their parking garage, stopped at the gate where the guard asked my name, looked at his clip board and then said I was expected. He pointed where to park and directed me to the elevator.

It wasn’t necessary as I had been here before with client of AU who was not really on their “A” list of clients, and probably would be found on their X list, as in x-rated. That is when I had first met Hollywood Jim. There was a spark or something between us and somehow I knew we were going to be friends

I almanbahis adres arrived at the reception desk told the lovely receptionist who I was and who I was supposed to see.

I think she was a bit surprised coming from some looking as I did. My long black hair looking just washed and not quite dry, a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt,obviously without a bra and cutoff jeans and a bag almost as big as me.

“Please have a seat, Ms. Austin and I’ll call for someone someone to take you to Jim’s office and studio on the next floor.” she said, forcing a hesitant smile.

Five minutes later,Hollywood Jim came though the door with a big smile and I had to restrain myself from jumping up on him and giving him a big hug an kiss.

He looked great. He thanked the receptionist and took my bag and we caught the next elevator up to his suite of offices and studio.

He ushered me into the make up room, introduced me to Joanne, his make up tech, and Serge, the hair stylist.

Not thinking I pulled my t-shirt off over my head and gave them all a bit of a shock as I was now completely topless and trust me, on a woman as short as I am at 4 foot 11 inches and with real 32 DD’s, people often have to catch their breath when surprised like that.

It dawned on me that this was a classy professional studio and not a pro studio that photographs naked women all day long.

Joanne came out of her shock and gave me a robe.

Jim laughed and apologized to Joanne and Serge and said he should have warned them before I got there.

Serge didn’t care. I could be nude around him all day and never get a rise out of him. Bad pun intended. Well, maybe a feigned,

“Oh my!” with a hand quickly covering his mouth was the best he could muster under the circumstances.

Once I was covered up and in the chair, Joanne recovering her composure as she went to work on me while Serge began brushing my hair back and then a quick blow dry to remove the lingering dampness in it. Jim told him to keep my hair up, so my neck and shoulders were not covered.

Serge put my hair up in a classy looking chignon with a diamond studded pin through it.

After all was done, I got up and followed Serge to the studio down a short hallway. He had a box with him which I soon discovered the diamond jewelry I was to be wearing for the shoot. Earrings with perfect size for me diamonds and a diamond necklace that was incredible.

When we arrived in his studio,Jim smiled.

“Are we going to chain you to the floor for this shoot so you won’t be tempted to run out the door half naked with half a million dollars in diamonds you will be wearing?” he asked.

We laughed

“Maybe.” I replied with a big smile “Depends if I like what I see.”

Now everyone laughed.

“Get The chains and padlocks.” he said to his assistant.

Jim’s assistant, Craig, set me against a black back drop and positioned me on a high stool. I removed the robe and I smiled as Craig stifled a soft gasp when he saw I was nude to the waist.

Craig then took the light readings, did a flash test and checked the lighting again and told Jim that all was set.

The shoot was a pretty simple one. Jim ran off a dozen or so exposures. It took less than an hour of shooting time, even with the jewelry changes .

Jim was a great director as well as an excellent photographer.

His assistant Craig brought the robe to me which I placed on my arm until Jim smiled, leaned close to my ear and softly said;

“It might be a good idea to put the robe on as much as I hate to tell you to, but they are not used to a set of boobs like yours running around in here. There is no telling who might come in.”

He gave me a quick kiss on my neck just below my ear’ and helped me off the stool.

Craig left with the cameras flash card to take it to the digital techs to upload and make any corrections needed. This meant cropping to size and making sure no more skin than necessary was showing, then desaturating all those selected, as the advertisement was to be in black and white.

I asked if I could get copies of each, adding,

“I promise, I’ll make it worth you while.” as I looked him in the eyes with my most sultry smile and a slight flash of my breast.

He smiled back.

“I’ll see what I can do.” he said in that same easygoing tone.

I asked if he had more assignments for the day or could he go to lunch with me as it was getting close to noon and I had not had a bite to eat, yet.

He agreed to lunch, but said,

“Well…I’m tempted, but I have another shoot. Some publicity shots of Paris Hilton for a new line of perfumes her name was going on, and that’s in an hour, at 2 this afternoon.” he said as he looked at his watch, a stylish Timex that could almost pass for a Rolex.

Jim added that he hoped the rest of the day and evening would be spent with Miss Hilton as he had not seen her in a while.

I was disappointed, but tried not to show it.

After lunch, almanbahis adres Jim walked me back to my car and we hugged tightly and a quick kiss on the lips.

“I hope this is a get lucky night for you.” I said with a smile.

Then I gave him another kiss on the chin and added;

“If it isn’t, you have my number.”

“Oh yeah…I sure do…” he said in that nervous tone that always made me laugh.

I got in my car and headed from home waving my hand at him as I left.

When I got back to my apartment and put my bag down and took out my phone. I realized I had not turned it back on after leaving Artists Unlimited. I saw a familiar number had called several times and wanted a call back asap.

It was Elizabeth, my “agent” telling me I had a date tonight and I needed to wear an evening gown, as it was going to be formal for a early evening party as the date of the newest young hunk on the silver screen. Victor, would be driving me tonight and would be picking me up at 6 pm sharp.

I had a new gown that was a sky blue color, yet very see through, and had sequined designs placed in strategic areas to protect my modesty.

This would be my first chance to wear it and at a fancy party hosted by Steven Spielberg. All the big movie people would be there. I was excited and immediately started in with my preparations. I wanted to look hot tonight.

Victor, was at my door at six pm exactly. That was the way Victor was. Never late. It did not matter if the “Big One” was shaking LA to it’s foundations, Victor would not be late.

Victor was a 40ish, good looking mountain of a man. His skin was nearly as dark as the black suit he wore and despite his exactness, a great guy and took great care watching out for us girls, as did Elizabeth’s other drivers. I always felt safe with him driving and introducing me to the client.

We arrived at the home of my “date,” and as is required, Victor went in first. He looked around asked a few questions then signaled me to come in where he introduced me to my date for the night.

He was British and constantly trying to speak without his English accent. But his first comment upon meeting me said it all;

“Christ! She is tiny!, But I like the tits!”

That comment, and the alcohol on his breath, were my first clues that this was likely to be a very long night. He was a real “charmer.”

This new “class act, up and comer” in Hollywood, quickly showed me that everything about him was all his agents and the medias made up image they wished to project this guy as.

In reality he was a good actor, I’ll give him that. The public believed the propaganda when seeing him in public, but it appeared, he was also some what rude and crude. He probably believed the Hollywood hype as well.

The fact that he had already had a few adult beverages before I arrived as I would get a whiff of alcohol when he spoke or I was standing close did not make me feel comfortable with him. Be that as it may, we were soon in his limo and headed for the gala party.

Arriving at the party residence was a bit of a surprise as the paparazzi was out in full force at the main entrance to the property and held back by a number of very large men in suits. I knew due to my “dates” popularity that we would be on the pages and maybe even the cover of all the grocery store tabloids, before the end of the week.

I would again be the mystery girl Colin was bringing to such a prestigious party and much false speculation would be made of it. This had happened before and it made me wonder if the paparazzi ever checked who some of the “unknown beauties” on the arms of stars really were. It was probably best they didn’t investigate, though.

The party was interesting with all the A list stars, celebrities and big shots of Hollywood in attendance. I was happy to see quite a few of my regulars and sometime clients there who I could socialize with easily and not look or feel out of place.

My date was busy schmoozing all the influential people who might further his career. I was an after thought with him almost immediately when entering the main room.

As it turned out this party was the best part of this date, but it was not meant as a late running party, it was basically a show up to be seen at an “important” Hollywood function. It was pure public relations for potential investors in up coming movies.

It closed to the press and public, supposedly, but there were studio press people I knew there to “leak” what the host wanted the public to know.

I had attended to many of these things not to realize what it really was for. Future fund raising for the movie people.

I was talking to one of my “regulars” when I heard a familiar voice ask us to turn around for a picture.

We did and immediately the camera clicked and I saw the smiling face of Hollywood Jim! I acted normal, not wanting to embarrass either Jim or the man I was talking with.

As soon as I could gracefully move away, I looked around to find Jim. I saw almanbahis adres him at a table in the corner and made my way over to him. He was changing the flash card in his camera.

“So…what happened with Paris?” I asked, giving him a sad smile.

He told me that she was on a tight schedule and had to leave after the photo shoot he did with her that afternoon. I said I was sorry and wished him better luck next time.

He smiled and said it was probably for the best because he was called on to cover this party at the last minute and would have had to be the one who canceled out on her. This way she was the one who had to postpone any quality time together.

We chatted a few more minutes until a party waiter came to me.

“Ms. Austin? The gentleman you came with is waiting in the car for you.” he asked in a more refined British accent.

I thanked him and excused myself.

“To be continued.” I said to Jim as I squeezed his forearm.

I smiled,kissed my hand, blew him a kiss and left for the car.

In the backseat of the limo I found my “date,” impatiently waiting for me. I got in and no sooner had my door closed, the driver put it in drive and away we went with my “date” trying to unzip his pants and finally managed it as I offered to help.

I reached in and released his cock from from the confines of his pants.

“Suck it and make it hard.” he ordered me in a rougher voice that probably came from whatever he’d been drinking.

I did as I was told but with little success as he had just had to much to drink. So much in fact he was having trouble staying awake, and before we arrived at this home he was completely passed out.

I shoved his cock back in his pants and tried to get them zipped, but gave up when the driver brought the car to a stop, opened the back door and literally drug my date from the car, and placed him over his shoulder and carried him towards the door.

“Open the front door, for me, please.” he grunted as he handed me the keys.

I did this as quick as I could. The driver carried him to his bedroom and, I assumed, put him to bed. Because when he came out, he looked at me and smiled.

“You may as well call your service to come get you because he won’t be waking until sometime tomorrow afternoon and I doubt he will remember you were here.” he said as he moved his head back and forth and rubbed his shoulder.

“You just made an easy buck, Sweets.”

I removed my cellphone from my purse, and called Victor.

I told him to come get me and everything was fine and I would explain when he got here.

“OK…uh…give me about 20 minutes, I just dropped off Vicky and I am not far from you.” he said.

I told the driver it would be 20 minutes and he said that was fine and offered me a drink, which I thanked him but refused the drink.

We chatted a minute, he was friendly and said this happened often and not to feel like it had anything to do with me, but my date was a terrible alcoholic and thought he could hold his liquor better than anyone, but the truth was he was a piker when it came to drinking and remaining functional.

“Don’t worry about being paid in full. I’ll tell Colin you were here all night, if he does somehow remember. He’ll be so hung over, he won’t know the difference.” he said nonchalantly, like this was a nightly occurrence.

Victor arrived in almost exactly 20 minutes. I said goodbye to the limo driver and thanked him and Victor and I left.

Victor was headed towards the 405 freeway to head through the mountains and into the Valley and then down the 101 to Burbank and my apartment.

I realized, I was close to Hollywood Jim’s place going this way, so I told Victor to take me by there and maybe drop me there.

“New boyfriend?” he said with a sly smile as he looked in the rear view mirror at me.

“A good friend with benefits.” I replied.

Another smile from the drivers seat.

“It’s good to be your friend. It’ll be our little secret, but you owe me.” he said adding in a bigger smile.

“Oh Babe, you know I always tip you well and do my best for you taking care of me.” I said as I returned the big smile.

As we turned down Jim’s street I saw his taillights as he entered the garage and I told Victor to pull into the driveway.

I was out of the car just before Jim closed the garage door and asked if he wanted some company. He saw me, reversed the door and came over to me/

“Sure!” he said with a big smile.

“It will cost you a ride to the Valley in the morning.” I said.

“I suspect it will be well worth it.” he replied.

I ran back to the car, retrieved my purse from the back seat of Victor’s car and told him I was spending the night here and gave him a $100 tip along with a kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks.” I said before adding “I’ll make sure you’re real happy next time, Babe.”

He smiled.

“Cool, Baby. You always make my big boy happy. See ya when I see ya.” and he drove away.

I slipped off my heels and ran back to Jim who was waiting for me by the garage door and hugged him and gave him a quick kiss.

Once in his home he showed me around and there on the deck was a hot tube and I immediately asked if we could try it out.

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