Actions and Consequences Pt. 01

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He fucked me harder, pushing my legs further forward. They were almost touching the headboard behind me. I looked up at him. His dark face, with those dark brown eyes looking down at me. His strong muscular arm was holding the headboard from hitting the wall.

“Fuck me,” I moaned softly.

He nodded then began pounding his big black dick into me, harder and faster. I slammed a hand over my mouth, to stifle the loud scream that wanted to tell the world, how hard this man was fucking me.

I could hear my husband talking to our children in the room next to us. If Frederick weren’t holding the headboard, it would be walloping the wall, letting my husband hear everything. I knew I should feel guilty for having another man inside me. But I didn’t, for six days I had watched Frederick walk around the resort hotel with his wife, all I could think of was how lucky she was. It was pure coincidence that their room was next to ours.

From the first night we arrived, I heard Frederick fuck his wife. I heard her scream and calling his name over and over again. My husband grew angry because our children might hear. I knew they couldn’t hear anything because their room was on the other side of ours. I knew he was jealous that he had never got me to scream samsun escort that loud, or scream his name. It was after the third night that I decided I wanted to know how it felt to get fucked liked that.

When I finally got the nerve to talk to him. I quickly noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off of my chest. When I looked at his wife, I could understand why. She had small natural breasts, while mine were nearly triple her size. Having three kids had made mine large. I decided I was going to use them to my advantage and by the second time we talked his hands were all over me.

With his wife out shopping and my husband watching the kids, I lied and told him I was going to the exercise room. I slipped on my shortest black workout shorts and a pink sports bra and went out of the room. I made sure no one was in the hallway. Then knocked on Frederick’s door. He practically threw me from the door to the bed.

Within seconds our mouths and tongues were all over each other. Frederick’s hands squeezed and mauled at my breasts. When I took his dick out, I understood why she was screaming. His dick was nearly double the length of my husband’s and much thicker. I removed my shorts as fast as I could, he thrust it deep inside of me and urfa escort began to fuck me hard.

Now I looked up at him he silently nodded down to me and whispered that he was going to cum. I pulled my legs off of his shoulders, wrapping them around his waist. I locked my feet around him and pulled him deeper into me. He looked at me with a smile.

I felt his muscles tighten, as he flooded my insides with his cum. Never had another man cum inside me. My husband had been my first love. He had taken my virginity just before we got married. I had never been with another man until now. My hands wrapped around his neck as his dick throbbed and pulsed inside me, pumping more of his cum into me.

When he finished, we just nodded at each other. I gave him a kiss then put my clothes on. I knew I had to make it back to my room and take a shower before his cum leaked out of me and down my leg past the legs of my shorts. He gave my ass a gentle spank as he let me know the coast was clear. I went out into the hallway. Then I heard the chime of the elevator. I quickly ran to the opposite side of the hall then quickly turned around. I began walking back at a faster pace.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I replied back with a smile.

“Was there sinop escort a gym inside of the hotel?” she asked me as we got close to each other.

“Yes, it is just downstairs to the right off the elevator,” I answered.

“Looks like you hit all the shops,” I smiled looking at all the bags she carried in her hands.

“Yes, there was a lot of bargains,” she smiled.

I looked at her with her long black fake hair, long fake nails, and that fake smile. She was doing the same to me. Without a doubt, she was calling me a bitch or a white she-devil, like some of the other black women I worked with called me. Most of them called me a bimbo because of my blonde hair and big tits. Little did this one know that this bimbo with the blonde hair and big tits, just fucked her husband and had his cum inside her.

“Well I better get inside, the kids will probably want to go to the pool,” I said.

“Nice talking to you,” she replied.

When I entered the room, Timothy greeted me.

“You’re back,” Timothy said. “We were just about to go down to the pool.”

“I will join you guys after I take a shower,” I nodded as I walked into the bathroom.

“You look like you had a good work out,” Timothy said.

“The best!” I replied. “I think I will have to work out like that more often when we get back home.”

“That would be great,” he said as the kids pulled him out of the room. The door closed behind them.

“Oh yes, it will,” I smiled as I stepped into the shower.

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