Across the Courtyard

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The early October air had a certain chill to it that made her restless and excitable. It caressed her milky white skin through the thin black silk of her night robe as Karmen stood at her balcony door. Her petal pink nipples rose in response. The crisp autumn air smelled of pumpkin patches and hay rides even in the city… or maybe that was just the memories of fall on a farm that came creeping in from her past.

Unfastening her hair from its knot, Karmen shook her hair out and let it cascade down her back in chocolate brown waves. Running her fingers through her hair, she gazed seemingly haphazard out the window. The wispy pieces that framed her face clung to the dampness left over from her shower moments ago. This was her ritual. Every night, she came home from work and showered, taking her time to meticulously groom the soft manicured patch of pubic hair and remove every unwanted hair from her body. When she was done, her skin would be flushed and glistening and ready for her pleasure.

As she stood at the balcony doorway, she felt his eyes on her as always. She could feel his presence in the shadows across the courtyard much like the tiny goosebumps that adorned her moist skin. She often wondered what he did while he watched her, imagining all sorts of delicious acts that he could be allowing himself. Or maybe he didn’t allow himself any pleasure, just the tease of seeing her without release, building up until he might one day creep out of the shadows and take her.

Acting as if she had a sore neck, she begins to massage her neck tilting it to one side and sliding her fingertips down to her collarbone. van escort Her other hand slid to the sash of her robe and skillfully freed it from its loop. Shrugging, the silk slides down her now dry skin to puddle around her feet. Her fingers continue their descent to her breast and pause to roll her nipple between thumb and forefinger. The familiar electric sensation made the slight goosebumps tingle and she threw her head back and gasped at her own touch knowing that somewhere past her door he sat waiting and watching her. Her other hand slides down over her curvaceous stomach and between her thick thighs. As she dips her fingers into the wet folds there, she moans out again allowing made up images of him to creep into her mind.

The mystery man would be tall… at least three inches taller than her 5 foot 3. He would be dark skinned in comparison and thick muscular in build. Full lips and a white smile gleaming from her show. And he would be sitting in a chair looking across the way with only his jeans remaining on his body. His fly would be unbuttoned to start as he hardened and strained the material against his considerable girth.

Imaging the bulge in his pants, her clit began to throb and she brought herself to climax rubbing her clit between her two outstretched fingers. The wetness between her legs growing, as she moans out in hopes his window is open for him to hear.

Three steps to her bed. She had placed it here on purpose. Crawling into the center among the fluffy down comforter, she settles herself against the pillows. Spreading her legs wide, she dips two fingers into her blushing pussy yalova escort and begins to rub simultaneously inside as she rubs her clit with her thumb. The subtle sensation was enough to make her close again while she continued dreaming about the man across the courtyard, fantasizing him beginning to pull out his dick and rub it slowly in tune with her own rhythm.

Pulling a jeweled butt plug from under her pillow, she pops it into her mouth to lubricate it before slowly inserting it into her tight ass until it nestles into its position. She loved how full this plug made her feel creating a nice pressure that brought her orgasm closer still. Rubbing her fingers in small circular motions, she brings herself to the top of another messy orgasm squirting onto her own hand as she screams out like a mating call to her silent audience.

* * *

Brent wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose but he was too shy to find out. He watched her every night from the dark confines of his bedroom, sitting on the edge of his bed. He had moved his bed to mirror hers shortly after she had moved in three months ago. The short distance of the courtyard made it perfect to watch everything she did and he had grown fond of their secret time together.

She was the perfect woman. Pale with dark wavy hair. Thick with at least DD breasts and a thick round ass that winked as she walked. Clean and manicured to perfection. When she wasn’t dressed to the nines in a smart but feminine suit, she was padding around her apartment in either that black robe or nothing at all. And he preferred the latter. He could only imagine the giresun escort damage those full heart shaped lips could do on him or what those thighs would feel like wrapped around his head. What he would do to that sex goddess if given the chance… but for now, he would watch.

As she starts up her usual show, he unbuttons his slacks to give himself easier access later on. Just the sight of her was causing premature hardening in anticipation of what he already knew was coming. Right on time. Damn she knew how to keep him coming back for more. He sees the tell tale signs that she is getting ready to cum. This little shiver that means her skin is electrified and wanting. His dick presses painfully against his slacks and he frees it to begin stroking it as she cums. He can barely hear her moan but can see it all over her body. He can almost feel her tremble as if it was his own.

Taking his time, he slowly strokes his thick cock imagining being in her room watching her invisible but within a curious reach. How he’d love to be there with her… to be able to hear each moan clearly and see how tight her pretty pussy is. He’d drop to his knees and worship her sweetness until she filled his mouth in all her glory.

As she sucks on her butt plug, he picks up the pace, rubbing his dick with an intense need to cum for her even if she didn’t know he was there. His body shudders as he imagines running his tongue around the rim of her ass helping insert the plug. She’s getting close again. He can feel his own orgasm in tune with hers and he watches as they climb to the peak together, both cumming as the world fades away around them and all that is left is two spent people, connected through this brief moment once again.

He blows her an unseen kiss as she turns out the light and they both drift off to sleep, content with a secret love affair across the courtyard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32