A Year Of First Times Ch. 01

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1969 – A Year of First Times

Part 1

1969 did not promise to be a memorable year when it was ushered in on January 1st, but I was wrong. I would begin dating Victoria (I call her Torrie.) for a second time in early spring, graduate from high school in June, start college in September and become engaged at Christmas. The year is most memorable for me because in addition to the other things I mentioned; I would enjoy an in-depth exploration of the joys and pleasures of sex beginning in the spring of the year. 1969 turned out to be a very good year.

January through March were simply your run-of-the-mill months for an 18-year-old boy with nothing exciting happening in his life. The only things going on were school, homework, which I rarely did, and hunting. I did not date. I had absolutely no social life. The only thing I had to look forward to socially were occasional telephone conversations with a former girlfriend. Torrie was a beautiful girl I had dated for several months in 1968 when she was a senior and I was a junior in high school. At the end of summer after she graduated, we had a parting of our ways. Even though we talked on the telephone throughout the fall and winter, I had not seen her in six or seven months. One evening while we were talking in mid-April, we decided to take a chance on seeing each other again and made a date for the following Friday.

I was more than a little anxious when I arrived at Torrie’ house for our date but those feeling quickly went away when she answered the door. She looked as beautiful as I remembered as she invited me in. Just like when we dated the previous year, we sat in her parent’s living room and talked before going out. Soon after leaving her house we ended up parked near an elementary school not far from where she lived. We went there so we could talk without anyone around. The dirt road we parked on did not look like it was traveled very often so we weren’t worried about being disturbed. Immediately we moved from the front bucket seats to the back nallıhan escort seat where we would be more comfortable. I guess going parking while it was still daylight and getting in the back seat should have surprised me but I didn’t give it a second thought at that time. I sat there with my feet propped on the back of the front passenger seat while Torrie sat leaning against my legs facing me as we talked. We continued talking for a long time before I had the nerve to pull Torrie close and kiss her lightly. For all those many months we had been apart, I had missed kissing her soft lips. Holding each other close, we continued kissing. Soon our lips parted and our tongues renewed a friendship I had been afraid was lost forever.

Even after the sun had set, the evening remained brightly lit by a full moon. We continued kissing for what seemed like hours before I moved my hand from Torrie’ back and lightly touched her right breast. We continued kissing even though she immediately moved my hand from her breast. You have to understand, when we had dated the previous year I had never touched her intimately. But that night I didn’t accept her rejection. I soon put my hand back on her breast.

“Stop! Don’t do that.” Torrie said as she moved back away from me.

“If you love me, you’ll let me.” I said softly as I pulled her close, kissed her deeply and returned my hand to her breast. Torrie moved my hand again but I put it back. This continued for quite a while before she gave in. Finally, I could feel Torrie tense-up as I touched her breast but she allowed my hand to remain. After a time of enjoying the firmness of her right breast, I touched her left one. Again I could feel her body tense but she didn’t stop me. She allowed me to continue touching her breasts through her clothes.

Before long I reached behind Torrie. Finding the zipper of her dress, I began to move it down. “Stop! You’re not going to unzip my dress. Zip it up now!” Torrie demanded as she sat straight necatibey escort up.

“If you love me, you’ll let me. I just want to touch you back.” I said softly as I moved the zipper lower and lower until it was completely unzipped.

“No! If I let you unzip my dress, you’ll only want more and more. Zip it up now!” she demanded again. My only response was to pull her close and kiss her deeply. Torrie was very tense but I could feel her gradually relax as we continued kissing and I lightly touched her shoulders and back. Gradually I quit kissing her lips and kissed lower and lower down her neck until I was kissing her shoulders. Ever so slowly, I pulled the dress off her shoulders and slightly down her arms so I had complete access to kiss her soft neck and shoulders.

“That’s enough. It’s not coming off anymore than this.” Torrie warned me as I continued kissing her soft neck and shoulders.

“Take your arms out.” I whispered.

“No!” she said.

“If you love me, you’ll do it.” I responded as I slowly pulled the dress down. Reluctantly she let me pull it down until it was around her waist. Torrie was now naked from the waist up except for a plain white bra. Having almost no experience unfastening a bra, all I could do was fumble with the hooks as I pulled her close. I began struggling to remove the final article of clothing that prevented me from seeing her breasts for the first time. I continued struggling for what seemed like an eternity before she sat up straight, looked me in the eyes and smiled slightly. First she slipped the right bra strap off her shoulder, then the left; finally, she lowered the cups totally exposing her breasts.

“Is that good enough?” she knowingly asked.

“Your breasts are so are beautiful. Take your bra all the way off.” I replied as I gazed at her pale breasts.

“The hook is broken and it’s fastened with a safety pin. I might not be able to get it back on.” Torrie said.

“I’ll help you with the pin if ankara otele gelen escort you need for me to. Take it all the way off. Okay?” I said in a reassuring manner.

That ended the discussion. Torrie took her bra off and placed it on the seat near her feet. Finally, my persistence had won out over her reluctance. She was sitting there in the bright moonlight with her breasts exposed to my eyes for the first time. Her skin appeared soft and fair. Her breasts were firm with light brown nipples. Leaning forward I kissed first one breast and then the other. I don’t know if it was sexual excitement, the evening breeze or my mouth and tongue enjoying each one but ever so slowly Torrie’ nipples hardened.

They were not the first breasts I had seen, touched and sucked on but they were certainly the finest. They were the kind of breasts a teenage boy would describe to his ‘locker room’ friends as ‘great titties.’

That evening we kissed, hugged, and after she had let me partially undress her, Torrie allowed me to freely enjoy the touch, taste and softness of her breasts. All too soon the evening had to come to an end. She was able to redress without the help I had promised her. She did everything by herself except zip-up her dress.

“Now will you zip-up my dress?” Torrie asked as she turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder with a slight smile.

“I really don’t want to but I will.” I replied as she sat there waiting. Reaching for the zipper, I reluctantly re-zipped her dress.

“Thank you.” she politely said.

After her clothes were back in place, we returned to the front seats and I drove Torrie home. Along the way we agreed to go out on another date the next weekend. When we arrived at her house, I walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight before beginning the ‘long’ drive home with a terribly uncomfortable ‘hard-on.’

Before I got home, I stopped in the parking lot of a closed store to seek some relief from my ‘blue balls.’ After releasing my erect dick from my pants and briefs, I took the situation ‘in hand.’ It only took a few slow strokes before I shot cum all over my hand, pants and the steering wheel. After retrieving some napkins from the glove compartment, I cleaned up the sticky mess as best I could before going straight home and to bed.

To be continued…

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