A surprise from the past

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Hi, my names Joe, I’m an engineer and I’m bisexual. Let me warn you at this stage that the sexual parts of this story are 90% boy on boy stuff, so if you’re not into that I suggest that you find a different story. To begin with let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 5ft 8ins, 150lbs, average looks and have dark hair (the other statistics can come later). I don’t play football, cricket or golf but keep myself pretty fit with several other sports. Rock climbing, abseiling, swimming, canoeing, sailing, sub-aqua and caving about covers it, I think. I’m also a bit of a musician; I play the piano, church organ and violin (badly) and I think I can manage about 4 chords on the guitar.

This story starts with me taking a week off work to carry out some essential maintenance and decoration on the house. By Thursday I had just about finished and was cleaning my paint brushes when I received a text message from a friend , it read “Am with the gang you met last year; we decided to climb the highest points in Wales, Scotland and England. So yesterday we did Snowdon and at the mo. we’re heading for Scotland. We propose to climb Ben Nevis tomorrow and Scafell Pike on Saturday. If you would like to join us on Scafell, meet us at the usual camp site in the Lake District on Sat morning”. I finished clearing up and sent a text back “See you Sat morning”. Then I rang the camp site where I’d stayed several times before and booked myself in for Friday and Saturday.
By lunch time on Friday I was getting close to Cumbria and keeping an eye on the dark patch of sky which had appeared on the east horizon. I fiddled with the car radio hoping to find the weather forecast on a local radio station, but without success. When I reached the camp site the sky was getting pretty dark so I hurried to get my tent sorted while it was still dry but when I got to the spot where I’d camped before I found a hike tent and a motor cycle already on the patch. I didn’t want to move too far away as this would be the spot my friend would look for me tomorrow so I found another suitable patch about 25 yards away. By the time I’d erected my tent the black clouds were really rolling in and I led in the tent looking at the sky, wondering if tomorrow was going to be a washout. I must have dozed for a while then I was awakened by the sound of a motor cycle starting up. The bike pulled away then there was an odd tearing sound. The bike stopped and after a couple of clunks there was silence followed by an exclamation “OH SHIT”!

I scrambled out of the tent to see what was happening and the first thing I saw was a lad in his late teens removing his crash helmet. As he revealed a mop of red hair he turned and gazed with dismay on the devastation behind him. Apparently a loose guy line on his tent had become entangled with a stay on his rear mud guard and he had towed half of his tent across the field while the other half remained where he had put it. I walked over to him to see if I could be of any help. As I approached him I couldn’t help staring at his face, he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t think who. He was looking very glum and I said “It looks as though you’ve really trashed that” and as I spoke the first heavy drops of rain started to fall. I said “We have to move fast, drag the remains of your tent over to my car and we’ll bundle it all into the boot (trunk) until the storm is over”. Due to his inflated air bed the bundle wouldn’t go into the car and we had to extract his bed to make it fit. Then we scrambled into my tent pushing his air bed in front of us, and we crouched under the extended fly sheet on the front of the tent.

The rain was now coming down like stair rods and although we had been in it for less than a minute we were both soaked to the skin. The fly sheet had a rod between the first two poles which was very useful for hanging wet clothes and this was used to full capacity as we stripped our wet things. Then we moved into the tent and I found a couple of towels. We were soon a bit drier but as we sat there in our under pants drying our hair I noticed that we were both dripping water from our pants. I said “I’m afraid we can’t afford the nicety of being shy, and it’s a good job you’re the same size as me; I think I can find you something to wear”. I threw him a pair of shorts and slipped out of my wet pants. Without showing any hint of shyness he followed suit and we continued to dry our under parts. I couldn’t help staring at his crotch and he caught me. Somewhat embarrassed I said “I’m so sorry, red hair on the head is one thing but seeing it on other parts of the body sort of takes a bit of getting used to”. He laughed and said “That’s ok I’m quite used to my red pubes being a source of intrigue, I’m often asked to give a demonstration”, and with that he straightened up and raised his arms so that all his red fur was on display. I said “That really is very nice but perhaps you’d better put it away now”, so he lowered his arms and got into the shorts I’d found for him. I found another pair of boxers and slipped into them.

The rain had caused the temperature to fall by a couple of degrees and the light breeze was making water evaporate from our damp skin and we both started to shiver. I grabbed my sleeping bag, un-zipped it all round, opened it out like a duvet and threw it over the pair of us. Then I looked him straight in the eye and said “This is a first for me you know, never before have I been in bed, in the nude with another guy whose name I don’t even know”. He laughed and said “Well we can put the last part right, I’m Tony”. I said “Hi Tony, I’m Joe” and we sat up and shook hands. Tony then started to thank me for rescuing him and I told him to think nothing of it as he would probably have done the same sort of thing if the situation had been reversed. Then I added “But now we have the time there’s something I want to ask you about”.

“From the moment I first saw you” Sex hikayeleri I said “I’ve had this feeling that we’ve met before, but I can’t think when or where”. “I’ve been thinking the same thing” he said, and a smile which was just noticeable suddenly spread into a broad grin and he said “I’ve just realised what the occasion was; you play the organ, don’t you”? I nodded and he continued “About 5 years ago you played for one evening service at the church where I was head choir boy. The church was a different denomination from that which you were used to and I talked you through the proceedings half an hour before things kicked off”. In a flash it came to me and I could picture him as a young choir boy, red hair and freckle faced and I said “Got you, you were most helpful. I would probably have recognised you sooner, but in the nude you don’t look quite as angelic as you did while dressed in your cassock and surplus”. He laughed again and said “I don’t know why that should be, after all Michael Angelo painted his cherubs in the nude”. “I can’t think of a suitable reply to that” I said and he continued “Do you still play the organ”. I said “Yes, I still deputise for friends who want the odd weekend off, but I’m not expecting you to still be head choir boy”. “That finished about a year later” he said “when my voice began to break, then after a few months I had a bit of a run in with one of the priests and I left the church. In fact I’ve not been in a church since”.

“Wow that sounds pretty heavy” I said “Whatever went wrong”. Tony said “Oh you don’t want to know, it’s a long story and it would embarrass me to tell it”. “Now you really have me intrigued” I said “Go on; spill the beans. Don’t worry how long it takes, with this rain we’re not going anywhere and I’m sure you’ll cope with the embarrassment”. “Well” said Tony “It involves sex, a priest, me and 6 other choir boys and I think I’m probably gay. Are you sure that you still want me to carry on”? “That’s interesting” I said “You said THINK and PROBABLY, that means that you’re not sure. Well, if it helps, I can tell you that I’m bi-sexual so you’re on a level playing field and I definitely want to know what happened”.

“Shortly after I started to grow hair on my body” Tony said “I was observed in the showers in the school gym and word quickly got around that I was growing red pubes and everyone wanted to see. Then on a school coach trip, due to some mix up, there was no teacher on our coach on the way home. Several hefty lads pinned me down on the back seat, stripped me and invited everyone to come and take a peep. When that was over one of them decided that it was an appropriate time to find out how big I was so he played with my genitals until I got a boner. Even though I was having difficulty breathing with two guys sitting on me I still enjoyed the sensations which his hand stirred up. That was my introduction to gay sex and I often fantasised about that incident even though I never found out who it was that played with me”.

While Tony had been talking I’d heated some water and made coffee. He took a drink and continued. “I’d not had much contact with girls, being at a boy’s school and singing in a boy’s choir, so it was quite a shock when I accidently came across a girl urinating by the side of a woodland foot path when I was taking a short cut through a patch of tall bracken. As soon as I saw what was happening I crouched down to stay out of site and had a clear view through the lower part of the bracken where the foliage is not very thick. She was crouching, facing me with her legs wide apart and so I got my first ever close up view of a girl’s pussy. The effect on me was electric; in 2 seconds my dick had acquired the consistency of an iron bar and I was forced to release my trousers to accommodate it. The end of my dick was wet and slippery and this surprised me; I had been able to ejaculate for about 2 years but had not seen pre-cum before. As the girl got up and left I started stroking my dick which felt unusually sensitive. The pre-cum which had spread over the head further enhanced the feeling and after checking to see that there was no one about I started to jack off. The feeling was quite intense and I did it slowly to make it last as long as possible. Even so, in less than a minute my pace increased to a frenzy and as I shot my cum over the bracken I think I shouted something but I’ve no idea what. I cleaned up rubbing my fingers in the bracken and then went home.

I now had a new interest in girls and something new to fantasise over but I still had no access to females of my age. One way I discovered I could find out about girls was by chatting to some of the older boys in the choir. One guy named Bryan was particularly forth coming as he was always bragging about his exploits. I found later that he often entertained some of the younger lads with his stories after choir practice and left them to go home nursing boners. He told me quite a lot about girls but I also found that he’d done things with boys as well. On a couple of occasions he touched me up before I left him and I had to rush home to have a quick wank. One evening my best friend, Peter, who was at least as horny as me told me that he’d heard a rumour that something interesting was about to happen. A couple of lads have persuaded Bryan to give them a demonstration; He’s going to show them his big dick and show them how much jizz he can squirt. Pete and I decided to gate crash and, as we expected, there were a couple of other guys there who had also heard the rumour. Bryan’s favourite place for meeting was just inside the woodland which bordered the church yard so Pete and I made our way there and hid.

We saw two other boys who were hiding behind trees and eventually Bryan and two young lads turned up. They chatted for a while then Bryan proudly dropped his trousers to display his genitals and after giving his Sikiş hikayeleri dick a few rubs to get it to its full size he let the lads examine it. They were quite impressed but it wasn’t as big as I was anticipating after all the bragging I’d heard. Then came the second part and for this Bryan told the lads that they had to help by taking it in turns to wank him. Pete caught his breath and asked me why he would want them to do that. From that I deduced that Pete had never had anyone else touch his dick and I explained about the lovely feeling I had experienced on the coach. As we watched Bryan and the two lads my dick grew hard and I was holding on to it, then I realised that Pete was by my side wanking himself. Then he turned to me and asked if we could try mutual masturbation and with the mood I was in I agreed instantly. I felt Pete’s dick stiffen as soon as I touched it and he started to moan. In next to no time he was cumming in my hand but he still carried on wanking me. After a while he told me that there was a guy in the bushes behind us and that he was jacking off. Then we heard Bryan telling one lad to wank him faster and the other lad to stand aside. There were some moans and grunts from Bryan and a “wow” from the young lads. Then the leaves on the bush behind us started to dance as the bush was shaking and more moans and grunts were heard. It seemed that the only person who hadn’t cum was me, but Pete carried on doing his best to change that. Then the guy emerged from the bush behind us and Pete froze, bloody hell he said, it’s the priest.

The priest strode to a point halfway between Bryan and me and demanded, in a loud voice, to know what was going on. This was a silly question really as Bryan was still holding his half hard dick and Pete was still holding mine. He then proceeded to rant on at great length telling us that we would all be expelled from the choir and that our parents would be informed and many other things. Then Pete surprised me by wading in and challenging the priest; “That’s inappropriate and grossly unfair especially as you enjoyed yourself watching us”.
“Whatever do you mean?”
“We saw you in the bushes”
“You saw nothing”
“Well that’s a new name for it, in my book it’s called wanking, jacking, tossing or jerking, any way you were seen by at least 5 people and if we spread the word, just imagine the headlines. PRIEST JACKS OFF IN FRONT OF CHOIR BOYS. I really don’t think you’re going to mention a word to anyone about this”.
“What makes you think that anyone would believe you?”
“Oh that’s not a problem; you’ve squirted your semen all over that laurel bush and the 2 guys who were behind you, when you were watching us, have just collected some leaves with your D N A print on them. Try explaining that”.
The 2 lads had been in hiding until then but at that point they ran for it. The priest gave chase but it was futile, they were much faster than him and when they came to a fork in the foot path they split and went in opposite directions. Bryan looked at Pete and said “Thanks guys, I didn’t know you were here, but that was a brilliant bit of quick thinking; I owe you one. Still, I think I’ll collect a leaf myself as a backup; what’s the best way to keep it?” I said “Keep it in a sealed plastic bag, the leaf will decompose but the dna will last for ages”.

“So that’s how it happened” Tony said, “Pete and I never went back to the church and we never heard any more about the incident. We used to meet fairly frequently for a bit of fun and that lasted until I went to college then I lost track of him”. “That was very interesting” I said “and it didn’t seem that you were at all embarrassed by telling me”. “No, that surprised me” said Tony “But the effect it really had was to make me feel pretty horny”. “Yes I noticed that” I said, looking at the hump which had appeared on his side of my sleeping bag, “But you’re in good company. The only reason you can’t tell that it got me horny is that I’m holding my dick down”. With that I released my hold and another hump appeared. “There” I said “If only we had another ridge pole we could put up another tent inside this one”. “I was hoping” Tony said “that we might find something a bit more interesting to do with our dicks than play tents” and I replied “I’m sure we can”. With that I put my hand onto Tony’s tummy and played with his belly button before sliding my hand down till I found the base of his dick. I wrapped a finger and thumb around the base while I played gently with his balls with my other fingers. “Is that the sort of thing you had in mind” I enquired and Tony said “Yes, yes oh yes” and he immediately pushed his hand down inside my boxers and grabbed hold of my shaft. “Oooo that’s nice” I said and Tony looked accusingly at me and said “Nice? It’s fucking lovely”. “Alright” I said “So I made an understatement”.

For the next few minutes we fondled each other as we shuffled closer then we turned to face each other. As it happened our dicks were almost identical, both uncut, 6.5 inches long and about 5 inches in circumference. We lay there slapping our dicks onto one another’s tummies then I grabbed Tony’s ass and pulled him toward me. He immediately started to grind his boner against me and I ran my fingers gently up and down his spine. “I’ve wanted to do this for years” he said “Pete and I used to jack each other off but I couldn’t get him to progress beyond that”. “Well you can do what you like now” I said “With this weather the rest of the world could be 1000 miles away. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and he did the same to me then I ran my finger down his butt crack and played with his bud. His breath started coming in short pants, he shuddered and I felt his sphincter muscle tighten and relax, he said “Stop, stop or I’ll cum”. I moved away from him for half a minute to give Erotik hikaye him a chance to recover, then I lined up our dicks so that the heads butted together. I said “See how far over my glans you can stretch your foreskin”. He had a pretty generous foreskin and was easily able to envelope my entire dick head. I rolled my foreskin over his and that reached about half way along his glans. We lay there joined together and we were both leaking pre-cum which after a couple of manoeuvres was spread all around our dick heads. I slowly circled my slippery glans around Tony’s and in a few seconds he started to pant again. I stopped and started several times to avoid bringing him off too soon but eventually he reached the point of no return. I let him hold our dicks as he climaxed and I massaged his testicles. He gave a long sigh and his dick twitched and I felt warm liquid filling under our foreskins which ballooned a little. Tony had his eyes closed and had stopped breathing and I left him for 4 or 5 seconds before I shook him and said “Time to breathe again”.

He opened his eyes and whispered “That was out of this world” and I said “The real thing certainly beats tossing off to a porn video”. Then I grabbed a handful of tissues from my ruck sack, peeled my foreskin back and pulled away from Tony. As my dick head slid out from his foreskin his spunk squirted out and I caught it in the tissues then I cleaned up both our dicks. Tony got up and knelt astride me and after planting a kiss on my lips he started to kiss and lick his way down my body, stopping to suck both my nipples in turn. Then while tweaking my nipples between his thumb and first fingers he carried on licking down to my tummy and stuck his tongue into my belly button. At that point he pivoted around so that his butt cheeks were just in front of my face and I kissed and massaged them as he kissed my shaft. He licked along the top of my shaft, over the head and along the bottom until he came to my balls which he gently sucked in turn. “I’ve never sucked a dick” he said “Tell me what to do”. I said “Feel free to experiment, just be careful not to bite me and I’ll tell you if you do anything wrong”.

Tony held my shaft in his hand, gently took my dick head between his lips and started to suck and circle his tongue around my glans. Then he began to bob up and down taking about 2 inches of my dick in his mouth while he wanked my shaft. After a while he became more adventurous and took more of my dick up to the point where I thought he was going to gag but that didn’t happen. It turned out that, unlike me, Tony had no noticeable gag reflex and his nose was soon tickling my ball sack. I let Tony set his own pace but eventually feelings inside me made me start thrusting and I told him I was about to cum. He pulled back keeping just my glans in his mouth while he wanked my shaft again. I shot my cum, filling his mouth and he pulled off me and spat my cum into a tissue before going back and sucking the last few dribbles out of me. Then he knelt up, tasted what was left in his mouth and swallowed a couple of times, saying “That’s not at all bad, I’d have swallowed it all if I’d known it tasted like that”.

Tony turned around, led on top of me, then while he ran his fingers through my hair he planted his lips firmly on mine and we indulged in our first full French kiss. Tony’s dick was fully hard again and I could feel it pressing against my tummy. I rolled him onto his side and slid down until I was looking straight at his red pubic hair. He rolled a little toward me, and put a leg over me. I took just the tip of his dick in my mouth and sucked gently while I played with his ass and balls. I sucked his balls, like he had done to me, but at the same time I ran my fingers along his crack and pressed against his anus. His dick started to leak pre-cum and I scooped this up on my finger and transferred it to his anus. There was just enough lubrication to allow me to ease my finger through his sphincter muscle and explore his rectum. I could feel the slight bulge of his prostate through the front wall of his rectum and as I massaged it Tony whimpered and moaned and his dick throbbed. For several minutes I alternated between sucking his dick and gently finger fucking his bum, then as his excitement increased, I carried out both actions at the same time. Tony soon got to the point where he could hold out no longer and he pulled me by the hair and started to thrust making me gag. I quickly got my free hand around the base of his shaft to limit his thrusts to what I was comfortable with and I started to massage quicker in the area over his prostate. Tony was breathing very heavily and each exhalation was accompanied by a gentle exclamation. Then his dick and prostate both throbbed in unison, his sphincter tightened around my finger and his cum spurted into the back of my throat. I had to swallow hard to keep pace with him but his thrusting and moaning gradually subsided and I pulled off him and licked the last drops of cum from his dick. We cleaned up and Tony wrapped his arms and legs around me, pulled my sleeping bag over us and we drifted off to sleep.

At 4 am I woke to find myself still entwined with Tony but our air beds had slipped apart and we were lying on the cold hard ground. Then the silence hit me and I realised that it had stopped raining. I was grateful for this as I had an urgent need to empty my bladder. I carefully extricated myself from Tony’s embrace, rolling him onto his back, slipped into my trainers and poked my head out of the tent. The sky was clear with the stars shining brightly, the grass was wet but there was no sign of flooding. I scooted round to the bushes behind the tent and relieved myself. I was just shaking off the last drip when I heard a sound behind me and a hand gave me a playful slap on the butt and Tony said “I need to do that too”. While he was taking a wee I unlocked my car so that we could get his sleeping bag and a few other things we needed to appear “respectable”. I knew my pals would be making an early start to come down from Scotland and I didn’t want them to surprise us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32