A Special Lesson

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She stood in front of him, dressed in only a button-down pink shirt and a denim skirt that came to mid-thigh. She wore flat sandals that slipped off easily. Her shoulder length auburn hair was pulled back in a loose and messy ponytail. She smiled up at him, waiting for his command.

“Sit in the middle seat of the second row,” his strong voice ordered her. He rested leisurely against his desk, dressed in black pants and a forest green sweater. His chiseled chest was slightly noticeable under the fit of the shirt’s fabric. His hands were large and calloused from his work outside of the classroom.

“Yes Professor.” She nearly purred, curious about what the class period would bring her. He watched hungrily as her tight ass wiggled in front of him. Her long legs were shapely and her skin gleamed with a healthy tan. Her pert breasts seemed to be pressed against her shirt as if dying to be released, perfect round mounds with what he knew as pink little buds. She took her seat. He frowned slightly at her, wanting to see more.

“Spread your legs a little more. Not too much, you don’t want everyone to know how much of a whore you are, do you?” He teased her gruffly.

“No Sir,” she nearly whispered as she spread her legs. He grinned and produced a clear zip tie. Without explaining himself, he bent down in front of her desk and roughly took her right leg in his grip. Before she could protest, he took the zip tie and fastened her leg to the desk. It was barely noticeable and wasn’t too snug against her flesh.

“Put your hands on the desk.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied as he pulled out delicate thumb restraints and attached one end on each of her thumbs. To give her enough slack to take notes, he lengthened the delicate silver chain between them slightly.

“There. Now you’ll have enough room to take notes. And you’d better not miss a note at all today pet, or I’ll have fun punishing you severely.” The professor grumbled. The girl felt her cheeks flush in excitement. She had enough room to put one hand in her lap; the other firmly held a pen in her hand. Anyone who would bother to look at her would only see a ring that could possibly be attached to a bracelet. It was perfect. He reached to her shirt and unbuttoned it. From his pocket he pulled a pair of nipple clamps. The man grinned mischievously at his student. He set the clamps in front of her and took both of her breasts in his hands, kneading them. He pulled and pinched the nipples to the perfect fever pinch, not caring about her soft mewling, mixed with both pain and pleasure. As the girl began to lose herself in his touch, he clamped both of her nipples. A groan escaped her pouting lips. He tightened acıbadem escort them until the pink buds of her nipples turned a wonderful scarlet.

Now to finish the picture, he thought, as he produced a small egg-shaped remote controlled vibrator. He drank up the girl’s shocked expression like a bee with honey and slipped the device between her hot, wet pussy lips.

“Behave, pet.” He whispered in her ear and turned to go back to his desk as other students started to file into the classroom. He winked at her over the head of another student asking for his help on a project.

The girl tried to breathe deeply, hoping to not give herself or her current condition away. The slight flush from her nipples was slowly rising and spreading down to her pussy and even up to her neck. She looks delicious, the professor thought as he began his lecture.

A silent buzzing began between her legs. She bit her lip, trying to stifle her moan of pleasure. She closed her eyes slightly, the hand that had been taking notes going slack. The slow and steady pace began to increase, her fellow students unawares. The girl struggled slightly to close her legs, hoping to drive the small vibrator deeper into her hungry pussy. She nearly groaned in frustration from her bound leg and wiggled slightly.

The professor caught a glimpse of his pet, her eyes closed, and not taking notes. He grinned, pleased that he’d get to teach her other, much more private lessons, following class. Wanting to test her limits, he fingered the tiny remote that stayed in his hand. The switch flipped to high and he heard his student turn a low animalistic moan into a cough. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes pleaded with him for release. As he passed out the paper detailing his class’ next assignment, he shook his head no and gave her a stern smirk.

Again, the girl squirmed slightly in her seat, but could only move so far. She dropped the pen as he continued the lecture, and out of the corner of his eye he watched her drop both her hands into her lap. She’ll be punished for THAT move, he thought. He felt his cock harden and had to fight himself back down as he continued teaching. He flicked the control again, turning the vibrator in his student’s tight little pussy off. She sighed and he nearly wanted to laugh. Still 20 minutes left of class.

He decided to let the class break into groups for a group-wide presentation that was due at the end of term. An awkward looking young man sat next to his pet, and hungrily took in her nipples standing up against the thin material of her shirt. As he watched his pet squirm under her partner’s scrutiny, he passed out the midterms he had yet atalar escort to give back. Up one aisle, down another. The thought of the girl’s pussy open and dripping onto the seat made him grow harder again. Maybe he’d let the class out early…

On the switch went, turned to the middle speed. He flicked it on high as he walked past her, and as he dropped her midterm on her desk, he lightly brushed up against her clamped nipple. The girl moaned and again her eyes closed. The young man sitting next to her blushed and looked over at her, confused. She was too lost in her pain-filled pleasure, and whimpered as again the professor turned the vibrator on low. She was so close to the edge, but he refused to let her get there.

This went on for 10 more minutes before she heard those wonderful words, “See you all next class.” The room emptied quickly and she met his gaze. He gave her a wolfish smile and stalked to the door, locking it.

Her breaths were heard across the room. Her breaths were ragged and he clucked his tongue playfully.

“Now pet, what has got you all tense?” He teased her. He walked back to his student and roughly pulled on the small buttons of her shirt. It fell open, exposing angry red nipples. Her skin glistened with the sweat of the act she had kept up. He unclamped her nipples and bent, drawing first the left into his warm, inviting mouth. His tongue swirled first playfully over the tip of the painful nip, then hungrily sucked it into his mouth. His rough fingers kneaded the blood back into her breast, and the right breast followed in the same fashion. By this point the girl’s back arched against the hard wooden chair and her leg bucked against the desk.

“You’re such a horny little slut. And now Master gets to punish his pet. Didn’t you know I’d see you not taking your notes?” He chided her playfully, reaching down to remove the vibrator from her pussy.

His finger slipped into her hot little snatch and he slowly began to finger fuck her. She gasped and pressed against his finger.

“I’m sorry for being such a bad pet, Sir. Will you teach me to be better?” She pouted, her voice breathy from the pleasure that nearly burst from between her legs. Her juices had coated the seat she sat on. He shook his head, adding that on the list for punishment. He withdrew his finger and forced it between her lips. She willingly sucked her own cum off his finger. His cock stood at full attention now.

That was all he needed. The man wrenched a pocket knife from his pants pocket and gingerly cut the tie that bound her leg. He all but dragged her from her seat, pulling her warm body up against his. His hand wove into her pony aydınlı escort tail and he pulled it down, forcing her head back and her body to arch against his. His lips found her, and his tongue claimed her mouth as his. Before she could catch her breath, the professor thrust his student over his own desk, stomach first. His hand roughly grabbed her ass cheek, rolling the flesh between his fingers and nails. Her tight skirt was pushed up to her waist. She whimpered but didn’t protest, turned on by his dominance. His hands found her hands still clasped in front of her. He released her thumbs from their captors, but forcefully pulled her arms behind her back. With one giant hand cupping both her wrists in his, he opened the top desk draw and drew out the leather cuffs he kept around for such a moment.

He turned her around, and cuffed her wrists in front of her. This surprised his student, who had expected to be rightfully spanked over his desk. He flashed her that wolfish grin again.

“I have a different punishment for you today. Since I have a faculty board meeting to go to, I figured I’d let your punishment be leaving you here.” He smirked to himself as her eyes widened in disbelief and shock.

He violently lifted her onto his desk, pushing her on her back. He pulled the skirt off of her, throwing it on the floor by the desk. Out of the same drawer that had hidden the cuffs came long cords of thick rope, a black scarf and a bright red ball gag. Her eyes nearly bugged out, suddenly realizing just how she would be left in the classroom.

Her ankles were spread and tied to each leg of the desk. Her arms were lifted above her head, pulled tight, almost to the point of straining, and were tied on the opposite legs of the desk. She was naked, spread eagle on the desk of her professor. Next came the ball gag, forced between those pouting lips. It was secured tightly, her teeth biting down into the crimson rubber. The scarf was wrapped around her eyes. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t move. She was totally helpless, the chilly air reminding her just how exposed she was. Then something thick and cold slipped between her pussy lips, stretching her. The larger vibrator was turned on high. She squirmed against the rope, moaning in pleasure. Of course, most of the moaning was silenced by the gag. The professor smiled at his handiwork.

“You will be able to come now pet. In fact, you’ll cum more than just once. Did I mention the board meeting was being held at a restaurant two hours away?” The student tried to exclaim, but he just laughed. He put away his materials from the class, moving around her body as if the bound student was often tied to his desk. He brushed his teeth against her nipples, biting gently before whispering in her ear, “And I’m leaving the door unlocked.”

That should teach her to pay attention in class; he thought smugly as he flipped off the lights and pulled the classroom door shut behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32