A Shy Teen Goes Too Deep Ch. 04

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As I walked into school the next day I was nervous. How could I not be? I was about to come face to face with Mia. Sure I’d seen her before in class but this was different. We both had seen each other naked, and we both knew the sick shit we liked. Everything was about to change.

I walked into class and quickly looked around for her, but she wasn’t there yet. Part of me was relieved, but I was also somehow more nervous because I was just sitting there waiting. Was she even going to show up? Did she think this was all a huge mistake? Luckily I didn’t have to wait long as she walked in the room. Jean shorts, black t-shirt, dark hair down to her shoulders, colourful bracelets, olive skin, and a brace filled smile directed at me. I blushed and smiled back unsure.

Mia walked past me, still smiling, before taking the seat beside me. She had never sat there, she always sat at the back. And to be honest no one that looked or acted as cool as she did would usually sit there. It was strange, but exciting.

She leaned over, “hey”.

“Hi,” I said, smiling.

She made me feel relaxed without even doing anything. It was a strange sensation. Maybe it was because she already knew so much about me, more than anyone else. She knew my deepest secrets, and that made her safe, even if that made no sense.

For the rest of the class we sneaked looks at each other, smiling, trying not to giggle. This was all new to me, I was usually so focused, so worried about my work, but Mia was the ultimate distraction. When class ended we headed to the cafeteria, we walked in silence, our hands almost touching, there was an electricity flowing between us that I had never felt before. Finding a table we sat facing each other.

“This is so awesome,” Mia said while poking her food with a fork, “finding you, someone who, you know, likes what I do, it’s amazing.” Her face beamed with a huge smile.

Mia was so much more open than me, I was so closed off. I smiled back, “ya… I can’t believe it…”. I wanted to say more. I wanted to tell her how much I loved finding someone like me, someone who was into the same sick stuff, but I couldn’t, I stayed my shy shelf.

“You’re really shy aren’t you?” she said in between chews.

“Uh ya… I just… usually just hang out by myself… unless I have a friend from church over or something,” I sounded like an idiot.

“Well don’t worry, I don’t really know anyone else here, so you’re my only friend, so now you have me!” Mia said excitedly. Her energy was infectious. I smiled back. And then she said something I couldn’t believe. “Honestly Grace, you make me so fucking horny.”

My face almost exploded with embarrassment. How could she say that in public? People were all around us. I looked to see if anyone was staring, no one was. We were lucky. Did she want to be heard? Did she care? How could she even say something like that? Me? I made her horny? My brain couldn’t comprehend such a thought. I felt her hand touch mine.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed Grace. You are so fucking hot, seriously, even covered in all those clothes I can tell,” Mia said looking into my eyes, looking into my soul.

I felt more at ease with her holding my hand. God she was beautiful. My mind flashed to the nude picture she sent me. Her body was amazing. I wanted to see it again. Up close. I wanted to touch it. Suddenly my brain didn’t seem to care about church, what my mom would say, it all didn’t matter as I melted into Mia’s glance.

“Ummm thank you…” I said back in my usual shy tone.

“God you’re so cute!” Mia replied, “I love how you are a nasty freak deep down, but so shy and cautious on the outside. I can’t handle it!”

Mia was intoxicating already. Her energy, her smile, how she was excited to spend time with me, it all just drew me in. I smiled back at her.

“So what do you want to do now?” I asked as our empty lunches sat in front of us.

Mia smirked, “well considering my pussy is already dripping wet, why don’t we go somewhere and watch some nasty porn we both love?”

She shocked me again. Her bluntness was mesmerizing. I was drawn in. How could I say no to her? I couldn’t. That was the answer.

“Shhhhhh…” I said raising my finger to my mouth, a smile buried underneath, “someone is going to hear you!”


“So…” it made me think, “well, I can’t have people knowing…”

“Why not?” Mia asked, looking at me.

“Because, if my parents ever found out about this I would be dead, really dead, or even worse, shipped off to some kind of crazy christian school… seriously,” I was sweating. Just the thought of my parents finding out any of this scared me like nothing else. I think Mia could tell.

“OK OK… I’ll keep it down,” she said while squeezing my hand a little harder, and moving in to whisper in my ear, “but I still want to go and watch some porn, my pussy is so fucking wet.”

My face went red again. It was almost permanent now. Her hot breath on my ear as she told me about her wet kadıköy escort pussy made me crazy. I could feel my own pussy start to leak. Fuck I was horny.

“Let’s go,” I said, getting up from my chair, grabbing my bag and pulling Mia with me.

I knew the perfect place to go. There was a tree at the back of the field near the school. Hardly anyone ever went that far back. I had used it many times to watch porn, to think about all of the nasty things I wanted to do, to imagine a moment just like this.

Mia and I walked quickly to the tree, and when we got there we sat down with our backs against it, facing the school off in the distance. Our bodies were touching as Mia pulled out her phone, connected a pair of headphones, handed me one before putting the other into her ear, and started to search for videos.

The videos on the screen made me hornier by the second. I watched as girls got their assholes fucked by dick after dick, sometimes two at once. I watched as two lesbians fisted each other’s pussies out by a pool. I watched a girl sit down on the largest butt plug I’d ever seen. My pussy was completely soaked.

“Want to see something really nasty?” Mia asked, looking over at me.

“Uhh… sure?” I responded not knowing what I was going to get myself into.

Mia pressed play on a video with a hot girl kneeling on the ground, in her hand was a long double ended dildo. She started by sucking the end of it before slowly taking it into her mouth. Deeper and deeper it went. As the toy went further into her throat my mouth dropped open. How could anyone do this? The long dildo continued down the girl’s throat. Inch by inch disappearing until it was finally all gone. The entire dildo was down her throat. You could tell she was struggling to breathe, actually she couldn’t breath, her eyes were watering. Finally she pulled it out and a huge smile grew on her face. She loved it, it was obvious. This was the kind of craziness people were into, and having watched it so was I. Suddenly I had a deep desire to have my throat destroyed just like the girl on Mia’s phone.

“Holy shit…” was all I could get out after watching.

“I know right! The most I can get down my throat is maybe 5 inches. I’d LOVE to be able to get this much down there though,” Mia said excitedly.

I just stared. Who was this person? It was like she was from a different world. How were we both 18? It seemed crazy. It was like I was sitting with one of the porn stars I loved watching. How did I respond to her?

“Uhhh… Grace?” Mia gestured waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh, ya, sorry…” I said coming back from being zoned out with shock.

“How much can you deepthroat?” she asked bluntly.

“Ummm… nothing?”

It was the truth. I couldn’t deepthroat anything, or maybe I could, I didn’t know because I had never even tried. I felt like I couldn’t live up to her experience. I wondered what else she had done.

“What do you mean? Are you saying you have never even tried?” Mia asked, shocked.

“Ummmm no, I haven’t.”

“Jesus Grace… we have to change that,” Mia laughed, bringing her arm around me and hugging.

I smiled back at her, trying to be playful, but really I was a little scared. What was this road I was on? Was I ready for any of this? Where was this going to lead?


The next week was more of the same. I didn’t tell my parents about any of what was happening of course. There was no way they could ever know. I dressed the same, I went to school, I was home every night, and I attended church on the weekend. As far as they could tell nothing had changed, I was the same child of God that they had raised.

Of course the truth was I was chatting more and more with Mia. Spending time with her at lunch watching dirtier and nastier porn, and thinking more and more about how much I wanted to try everything we were watching. It felt like my pussy was wet 100% of the time. Every moment of everyday I seemed to be thinking about Mia, or porn, or Mia and porn. To be honest it was becoming a problem. I masturbated everyday at least once, usually more, it was the only way I could keep my libido under control. It was a weird situation, I was a virgin who went to church every week who masturbated to the nastiest porn daily. Who was I? How did I become this? The thing was I didn’t want it to stop, if anything I wanted to go further, I wanted to know more, see more, maybe even do more. I couldn’t wait.


“Hey, Grace, so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come to my place to hang out tonight after school?” Mia asked as we walked back to class from lunch.

I was surprised she asked because it hadn’t come up before, but happy she did. I loved spending time with Mia and going to her house seemed perfectly natural. Of course I had to convince my parents it was OK. It was a little crazy that I was 18 and still needed permission, maltepe escort but that was my life.

“Sure, that sounds awesome… I just need to check with my parents, OK?” I said back.

“You and your parents… I could never live like that.”

“Ya I know… but I’m used to it.”

Once we got back to class I texted my mom asking if I could go over to Mia’s after class to study and that I’d be staying for dinner and I’d be home tonight. I lied. I didn’t usually but I needed a reason to go over to a person’s house my parents had never met, and this was the best I could come up with so quickly. I was surprised to get an “OK” without any kind of follow up. Maybe my mom trusted me more than I thought. That made me feel even worse for lying.


Mia met me in the hallway near our lockers after classes ended for the day. “Ready to go?” she asked as she started to walk out the nearest doors. I had no idea where she lived and I kind of wished I did. It wasn’t like me to go somewhere so unprepared. But I trusted Mia.

“I don’t live too far,” Mia said while we walked down the sidewalk away from the school.

We were walking the opposite way from my house and into a part of town I rarely visited. To call it rougher would be kind. My dress blew in the wind as we walked gently touching my calves. It was a little cooler than usual and I was glad I had on a cardigan to keep me warm. Looking at Mia though you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a normal warm night. Her black baggy sweatpants hung low on her hips showing her midriff to everyone below her tight white tank top that looked to be several sizes too small, her pink bra straps showing on the shoulders. How did she get the confidence to dress that way? And how did her mom let her out of the house like this? My mind just couldn’t comprehend it.

“Thanks for having me over…” I stumbled out as we continued walking.

Mia laughed, “Grace you are too funny, you don’t have to thank me, we’re friends right?”

“Uh, ya, of course, just, I don’t go out much so it’s nice,” I smiled a little, my usual shy self.

Mia grabbed my hand and squeezed it, “so what do you want to do when we get there?”

I hadn’t really thought it through so I answered with something safe, “maybe we can work on our history work?” Maybe I wouldn’t be lying to my mom after all.

“Fuck Grace… that’s what you want to do?” Mia said, shaking her head jokingly.

I laughed a little myself after seeing her reaction, “well I don’t know!”

We walked a little more in silence as we let the ridiculously wear off before finally Mia spoke up. “So I was thinking we watch some extremely nasty porn in my room and see what happens.”

I looked at her and smiled a little. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I paused, waited, tried to think, it sounded so hot.

“What about your mom?” I finally asked.

“Oh, I don’t think she is going to be there… her boyfriend might… but who cares,” she said without missing a beat.

“So you mean her boyfriend might hear us? The porn?” concern flowed through my voice and I think Mia could tell.

“Ya, maybe, but seriously who cares? We can do whatever we want there OK? Don’t worry so much Grace!” Mia said light heartedly and squeezed my hand a little harder, “we’re almost there, relax!”

I took a deep breath and smiled at Mia trying to stay calm and relax.

We soon arrived at Mia’s house. It wasn’t anything like mine. My parents house had a manicured lawn with automatic sprinklers. My mom’s rose bushes lined the front steps and trimmed hedges wrapped around the house to the back yard. The house itself was newly painted and the windows let in natural light throughout the day.

Mia’s house was not like this. It was part of a row of houses, all connected, brown in colour, uninviting. The lawn hadn’t been mown and weeds were most of it anyway. The only flowers were dandelions and the windows were covered with what looked like a sheet. It felt like something I might see on a crime show. It wasn’t a place I thought I would ever go. If my parents knew I was here they would freak out. Somehow that made it a little bit better.

“Not quite like your house?” Mia asked as we walked up to the door.

I was embarrassed to say anything.

Mia smiled, “I’m just fucking with you! I hope you don’t live in a place like this!”

I smiled back.

Mia put her key into the door, turned the lock and pushed it open. The inside was just as much of a shock as the outside. Shoes were piled up in front of the door, not in a closet like my mom insisted. As we walked past them trying not to trip we entered a larger room. A grey leather sectional took up the majority of the room sitting on top of old brown carpet. A coffee table was in front of it covered in empty beer cans and magazines. Did no one clean here? Everything faced a large flat screen TV which currently had a basketball game on, but no one escort bayan watching it. Behind the couch was a kitchen, old brown cabinets, white fridge with some papers hanging from it, linoleum flooring and what looked like weeks of unwashed dishes piled in the sink and on the counter. Who lived like this?

As my mind tried to fathom how this place was real, how anyone could possibly think this was how they should live, and finally how lucky I was to live where I did, we heard the toilet flush from down a hall. Our heads both swivelled and looked at Mia’s mom’s boyfriend, Jerry, walking out from the washroom.

He looked just like I would have expected. Muscular, tattoos on his arms, white wife-beater shirt and black basketball shorts, late 30’s maybe, hair cut short. Maybe I was stereotyping him, but it just fit so well.

“Well hello Mia,” Jerry said as he walked towards us.

“Hey Jerry,” Mia said, not sounding too impressed. She turned back to me and continued, “hey, I’m just going to go to the washroom, I’ll be right back.”

I nodded my head and stood there as Jerry and Mia passed, one headed to the washroom and the other to the couch. I watched as Mia disappeared and turned to look at Jerry who was staring back at me. It unsettled me to say the least.

“Hey… what’s your name cutie?” Jerry said with a greasy grin.

It was rude not to respond, “uh, Grace.”

“Wow, what a beautiful name honey… why don’t you come and sit here next to me… I like to know a little about Mia’s friends… just to make sure she isn’t falling in with the wrong crowd… you understand?”

Everything about this man creeped me out. He was the type of person I would never usually talk to. This was the type of person they warned you about trying to kidnap you in school. But I was in Mia’s home. I didn’t want to be rude, maybe he was nicer than he seemed, so I walked over and sat down on the couch beside him. I kept my bag to my other side and my hands in my lap. I was trying to protect myself somehow.

“So Grace… how did you and Mia meet?” Jerry asked.

I turned my head towards the washroom. How long was Mia going to be? As I did I felt his hand land on my knee. I jolted back.

“I… ummm… we met at school… and ummmm… have become friends…” I was shocked, worried, freaked out, and not sure what to do.

“Right right… makes sense… well you look like a good girl Grace… real respectable…” his hand moved a little further up my thigh, “Mia is a good girl too… trust me…”

I felt myself panicking, my heart was beating faster. What was I supposed to do? Should I have just stood up and left? Told him not to touch me and pushed him off? Probably. But I didn’t. I sat there, waiting, hoping Mia would return.

“Uh… ya… Mia has been great… and… you know I should probably go and check on her…” I said, figuring it was a good reason.

Just as the words left my mouth Mia exited the washroom from behind us, we both turned to look at her as she walked into the room. I felt relief like never before and immediately stood up.

“Nice meeting you Jerry,” I said with a fake smile, trying to hide any of the awkwardness.

“Nice to meet you too Grace,” Jerry said.

I turned to walk towards Mia and as I did I felt Jerry reach up and touch my ass through my dress. I ignored it as I heard him chuckle. God he was gross.

“Everything OK?” Mia asked as we walked to her room.

“Uh ya… everything’s good,” I lied.

“Jerry’s a bit of a creep isn’t he?”

We both laughed.

Mia’s room was very much like the rest of the house. Mess everywhere. Her clothes were thrown all over her room, the bed, the floor, the dresser, the closet looked like it had thrown up clothes. This was so different from my room. My mom would kill me if I left things like this. It must be liberating to be able to do what you want.

Mia threw her bag into the corner of the room before kicking off her shoes and leaving them where she was. Another step into the room and her hands grabbed the waistband of her sweat pants and pulled them down to her ankles before taking another step and leaving them behind. My eyes went wide. What was happening?

I couldn’t not stare at the pink thong Mia had on. Her ass on display. She was so free, so at ease, I was beyond jealous. I wanted to be Mia. I watched as she went to her drawers and opened one before pulling out a pink vibrator and threw it on the bed.

What was happening? What did she plan on doing? I didn’t know if my face was showing my confusion, but I was in shock.

“I’ll be right back, I’m just going to grab my mom’s vibrator,” Mia said as she opened the door and walked out into the hall in her thong like it was completely normal. Like getting her mom’s vibrator was completely normal. Like knowing where her mom’s vibrator was was completely normal. None of this was normal.

I stood there in shock. How did I get here? I thought back over meeting Mia, my phone, how she messaged me, how well we got along, the porn we watched, and how everything led to this moment. It was all surreal. All crazy. I couldn’t make sense of it. Mia walked back in.

“Here, you can use mine, and I’ll use my mom’s,” she said as she grabbed her vibrator off her bed and handed it to me. I had never used a vibrator before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32