A Sergeant Comes Back Home Ch. 03

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In the upcoming days I was very busy on base.

It was a preparation for boot camp and I was confronted with all sort of issues related to the newly recruited soldiers. From behavior and disciplinary problems to soldiers in bad physical or mental health.

I was able to sleep at home only a week later.

It was great to be spoiled by my mom with the food I liked, laundry and her patience listening to me venting.

However, her hugs, kisses and hot body were my real attractions. By far!…

My father learned his new role in the house fairly quickly and didn’t bother us.

On her birthday I bought mom a new sexy short transparent lingerie ‘Hera slip by Coco del Mer’.

It was expensive – About $300, but I managed to save enough money… And I wanted my love to be happy!…

Mom looked so amazing in it! It took my breath away…

She chuckled, “Soldier, if you think that you can bribe me with this barely-there suit, you better think again!…

I am already spoken for and attached to a wonderful person!”

I raised my fists in the air, “Who is this jerk?”

“It’s non of your business, but I plan to use your present to seduce him tonight…”

“Mom, it sounds very tempting…”

“And since he made me so happy lately, I am going to give myself completely to him.

He is getting a free pass to every nook and cranny in my body for the whole night…”

“Are you sure that he deserves something so special?!… After all he is hardly around lately…

“I guess you are right. I do not see him as often as I would like to, but he was the one who helped me love myself… His insistence forced me to shape up and be proud of my body again!… I am madly in love with this son of… whatever…”

“Mom… MOM!… Just hearing you say that makes my midriff stir and beg to ravage your sexy body…”

“Son, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I still have some errands and then I’ll be all yours…”

I was too excited about the evening, that I could hardly wait.

When they showed my favorite team playing I wasn’t able to concentrate on the TV screen.

So I put on a tee shirt, shorts and sneakers. I ran 5 miles and came back sweaty.

I had enough time to take a shower before dinner was ready.

Mom served dinner wearing one of my best-loved dresses – A yellowish colored mini that emphasized her beautiful legs and her now flat tummy.

Of course, her generous cleavage captured my eyes like nothing else…

Mom, “I am sorry, but I was so busy, that I didn’t have time to do the laundry. So I had to put on this not so suitable dress for dinner… I hope that you’ll forgive me…”

Then she bent forward to serve the soup.

Watching her big tits pushing hard and about to rip her upper part was like showing bull a red flag…

My prick bounced up ready to attack…

I admit that at that moment I hoped for a miracle…

I was wishing for god to let her glorious mammaries Magosa Escort spill out…

I would be willing to sacrifice my left hand if she’d serve dinner topless…

As she was bending over, mom gazed into my eyes, “Robbie, my face is about a foot higher… I asked you if wanted more of the soup…”

“Sorry mom… I got distracted for a moment by 2 mountains… Yes, I’d like slightly more.”

Her devilish chuckle revealed how much she enjoyed torturing me before I’d get my prize…

I thought, ‘Mom, you’d pay for it later…’

After the soup it was time for the main dish.

In the kitchen mom served a large portion of pork meat with potatoes and pickled beets for dad and placed it in front of him without saying a word. He started eating with his eyes focused on the table.

Then mom put my food on a large plate.

She came toward me, bowed down and sarcastically asked, “Officer, is this enough for your hungry mouth, or you want something else?…”

“Mom, I believe that whatever you served will go down better with milk!’

Innocently, “But son, are you sure? I was taught that either cold drink or a good wine may better help your digestion…”

“Mommy, I’d love to eat my food and every now and then mix it with your warm milk…”

Mom glanced at dad. He was busy eating, ignoring us completely.

Mom stared into my eyes, ready to chastise me for talking like that in front of dad.

I just smiled at her and… ogled her spectacular orbs…

“Robbie, you have no manners! I want to talk to the parents who raised you to be so nasty!”

“That fair! Tomorrow I’ll go and have a DNA test to find out who they are, but tonight I should enjoy the benefit of the doubt and claim you as my ultimate prize!…”

She glanced again at dad, who was still concentrating on his meal. Was he even listening?…

Mom put a plate in front of her and started eating.

The rest of the dinner we gazed at each other occasionally, but we didn’t talk.

Dad finished. He took his plate & utensils, put them in the sink and went to his room without saying a word.

“Mom, don’t you think that dad should at least thank you for his delicious meal?”

She sighed, “Son, IN THEORY you are right. But I am old enough to know that being right is not always the answer. He is being humiliated by the two of us all the time. Just let it be… Please!”

“Mom, as usual, you are right… But I’ll never admit it… As the man of the house now, my word is sacred! And I am waiting very impatiently to have YOU as mine until the morning…”

Mom chortled, “Robbie, you still behave the same as you did when you were a toddler. ‘I want it, and I want it NOW!…’ I need to put the leftovers in the fridge and do the dishes. After that I’ll be ready for you dear…”

I stood up, went to mom, kissed her forehead and mumbled, “Mom, thank you for a great dinner! Did I already mention that I love you more Kıbrıs Escort than anything in the world?!…”

For twenty minutes I watched the news and then, at last mom came and sat by me on the love seat.

She leaned her head on my shoulder, “You know, when you are in the house I have to do twice the work than when you are on base. Yet I am so happy with all the extra chores… I want you here with me as much as possible… I feel like I am your mistress and the army is your official wife! And I become very jealous…”

“Mistress, my wife has no clue that I cheat on her with you, so let’s take advantage of it…”

“I need to take a shower after slaving in the kitchen. Go to our bedroom and think about your wish. As I promised, it’s your free pass for all you want…” Another radiant smile and she disappeared in the bathroom.

Half an hour later she showed up in our bedroom wearing the new lingerie.

“I hope sir, that this attire is decent enough for a gentleman like you…”

“Oh mom… you look so tempting with this transparent thingy, that I am ready to eat you alive…”

“Sonny, you sound scary… I’ll have to call your general and complain about it. Well, he is probably unavailable now, so I’ll do it in the morning…”

“Good! In the meantime can I really choose what I want to do with you?!…”

“I am so much smaller and weaker than you, that it won’t matter what I say… Go ahead you beast and do with me as you wish…”

“Mom, take. it. off!”

She smirked and VERY slowly removed her lingerie.

She stood naked with her legs slightly spread, her arms on her waist and her magnificent breasts protrude forward defying gravity.

“Mom, your tits attracted me for years! I never dared telling you, but my number one fantasy was related to them… I wanted to see them sway, touch them, massage them, suck on them and last but not least, fuck them…

Mom, if it’s ok with you, my wish is to titfuck you…”

She glanced at me with a loving smile, “I was wondering how much time it will take you to get the courage to ask for it… When I was much younger, your father loved to do it too. But several years later he claimed that it wasn’t enough to get him up and he tried different positions. Shortly after that his libido and potency declined until it became non existent… I remember that I used to like it and often used it with accessories to heighten my own arousal… Well Robbie, I am excited to try it with you!…”

I placed mom on her back with her head on 2 pillows and my hand soon touched her awesome boob.

It may have been the discussion about titfucking, but her dark nipples were already smaller and harder…

I massaged one and then the other, moving to kiss and then suck on them.

Mom closed her eyes and purred.

I tweaked her rubbery nipple.

She gasped and placed her palm on mine, now trailing with me on her ample tits.

The whole idea Lefkoşa Escort of getting a free hand manipulating the sexiest udders in the world was intoxicating…

I sucked on the closest nipple and twisted gently the other one. Mom moaned loudly.

I slid down between her legs, exposing her cunt lips.

My tongue began exploring the puffy folds, feeling her moisture accumulating at the opening.

I licked and then swallowed her heavenly nectar.

My lips moved to suck on her love button and 2 of my fingers found the way inside her wet snatch.

Mom started whimpering.

My tongue flickered the clitoris from side to side.

At the same time my third finger was inserted and all the fingers were rubbing mom’s anterior wall.

The intense pressure on her clit with the squeeze against her G spot were enough to take mom to her first orgasm. With a loud cry her body jolted and then was wildly shaking from side to side.

I let her recover for few moments and then I French kissed her.

My mouth descended to her sensitive nipple, munching on it gently. She sighed.

I placed her palm on my growing cock and she instinctively began bobbing it.

My hand trailed down to her concave navel and soon after to her soaked pussy.

Mom spread her legs further for me, making it easier to access her most intimate places.

Her hand was furiously stroking my erection.

She was aroused again…

I straddled her body and very carefully placed my ass cheeks on her upper tummy.

My cock reached the valley between her massive boobs.

I took moms hands and put them on the outer side of her breasts, pushing both tits one against the other.

Then I started moving my extended dick in the narrow gorge between her two peaks.

Her big orbs squeezed tightly my engorged member.

My cock expanded further as it was squashed between mom’s mountains. It began moving in and out slowly.

Every time I was shoving it in, about 2″ appeared above her cleavage, very close to her chin.

I was driving more rapidly, feeling that my climax is fast approaching.

I moved one of my hands backwards and assaulted her clit. Her body shuddered.

Trying to fuck her tits and manipulate her love button at the same time wasn’t easy, but I was so horny, that nothing seemed difficult at the time.

“Mom, I am… cumming…” I was able to blurt before my first jet hit her chin.

Mom bent her head forward, wrapped her lips around the head and started milking me.

Her action accentuated my arousal and a stream of whitish seed was now flowing unimpeded into her accepting mouth.

She dutifully swallowed it all.

As my orgasm started fading, my fingers resumed their attack on mom’s clit and soon after her body was quivering again. Her head extended backwards, eyes shut, mouth open and she screamed loudly.

Her climax this time was longer than before.

As her recovery took place, I kissed softly her luscious lips.

I felt a faint taste of my cum.

I didn’t care! All I cared about was that mom’s big boobs did a fantastic job for me…

My first titfucking mom was even better than I expected!

Well, if before tonight I was obsessed with moms breasts, now I became addicted…

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