A Russian Rose Ch. 04

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Mr. Lawman

Blinking, I lifted my head. The sun was coming up and Caleb was gone.

Sitting up I looked about in a hurry, but relaxed instantly when I saw him coming up to our spot from the car. He was so handsome.

He saw me and I smiled and waved. Last night had been incredible.

Instead of waving back though I saw his fingers start unbuttoning his shirt. Blinking in time with the sped up rhythm of my heart, I watched as he tossed his shirt to the side.

The pants came next and then the boxers. My breath in my throat and with desire racing through my veins I watched as he came closer.

This was my Caleb. He was very complex.

He could be kind, loving, gentle, but at heart he was a man and right now there was nothing civilized about him and above all I wanted to show him that I craved this side of him as much as I had enjoyed the rest of him last night. His face entirely serious he came to a stop and I moved to him.

I moved to him on my hands and knees. I saw him blink and my only regret was that I wasn’t as naked as he was.

Reaching him I leaned my head down and let my hair cascade over his bare feet, which one by one I kissed. Slowly I nuzzled my face and long hair up his legs, until I was face on with the heart of Caleb’s passion for me.

My lips poised before his shaft I raised my hands and found his muscular backside. I glanced up.

The fire of his gaze was enough to melt and breathing out over the tip of his shaft I leaned forward and wetly kissed him never breaking eye contact with him as I did so. His eyes closed as his hands knotted into fists.

My hands left his ass and captured his wrists. His eyes opened as I nuzzled his hands against the sides of my head.

His fisted grips relaxed and as they did, I formed his fingers to my head and then I let my hands fall away. I held them together behind my back completely his willing captive and a willing participant in however he wanted to use me.

He groaned deeply and I saw the chains of restraint that he kept so tightly in order snapping. His fingers tightened and the head of his shaft that I had been wetly kissing became more as he pressed forward into my mouth.

On and on he filled me until it was my throat, paying homage to his shaft. Submissively I accepted all of him that I could as the hard-won skills of my former life came back to save me now from entirely choking upon his thick shaft.

Aggressively, he pressed forward until my nose was buried in the curly mass of his pubic hair. I couldn’t breathe.

I didn’t care. I was his to use as he wished.

He pulled back and I gasped, only to have him push in all the way again. He was a stud and as he moved my mouth and throat shuddered around the domination of his invasion that forced my lips apart past the point of anything that could be called comfortable to do.

Back and forth he moved, stretching me to his size and then as the rising sun shone fully down upon us both, he filled my mouth full of his seed. The taste, the feel, the reality of him – I would never get enough of him.

Crying out he stood locked in ecstasy as I hungrily sucked down everything he had to give. Gazing up I saw his eyes open and breathing heavy I withdrew my mouth from his shaft.

Breathing hard akyurt escort I kissed and licked up and down his shaft with all the love that I felt for him. Looking back up I read complete shock in his gaze.

My hands rose. One curled about his thick length and the other gently cupped his hot balls.

They were huge. I could only imagine the children that he would sire.

Looking up with all my heart in my eyes, I said, “Caleb I love you. I… you told me a lot last night about your ex-wife. I know you have scars. I know you’re repressed with your desires, but you don’t have to be that way with me. I’m not her. I truly am your willing pleasure girl. I… you know that, but I’m telling it to you anyway. Trust me, in what I’m saying when I tell you right now that all I want is for you to be you. You be the good sheriff in front of everybody else, but with me be like you just were. Take whatever you want, when you want.”

His hand stroked my cheek and he nodded slowly. I stood up.

His lips crushed down over mine and I relished their brutal impact upon me. Caleb had lost control and I liked it!

Purring I playfully stroked against his tongue that had plunged into my mouth, even as his hands found my ass for the first time. His fingers pressed deep and then he gripped hard even as with the force of his kiss he bent me over backwards.

Breathing hard he broke the kiss off. Mr. Control was trying to make a comeback and to that I said no to by throwing gasoline on the fire.

“I know your secret Mr. Lawman.”

Breathing heavy even as his resurgent shaft wetly marked a spot against my belly, he asked, “Oh yeah?”

“You love my ass.”

With a look of chagrin, he nodded, even as his hands squeezed.

“Well, don’t be ashamed about it. It’s yours now. You can play with it all you want.”

“I know.” He said darkly and I felt a thrill radiate through me.

He looked down to my breasts and as if on cue my hands lifted. I drug my shirt up and off and then reaching behind I unsnapped my bra and tossed it to the side.

I stood in his grip and with deliberation to please my hands lifted and cupped my own breasts. I looked up into his eyes only to see them already locked on me and seductively I whispered, “Hold out your hands.”

Slowly his hands left my ass and came up between us. When they were high enough, I stepped closer.

Moving my hands away, I let my breasts spill onto his palms. Both of my hands lowered to wrap around his straining member and as I did that his did the same to my breasts.

I tossed my hair to the side and as it flicked across his chest, he said, “You are too much!”

I winked at him and said, “Actually, I’m not even a Double D.”

“That is not what I meant!”

To that I only smiled and squeezed his shaft again. In a way I ached to put my mouth on him again, but I knew the next time for him would be inside of me.

His thumbs stroked across my nipples and I stood up on tiptoe bathed as I was in morning sunlight. I was more than turned on and then as his head lowered I lost the battle to hold back my groans of pleasure.

I could tell that he liked my vocalness and so I did nothing to restrain the sounds that he unlocked from my body altındağ escort with the pleasure that he gave me. Slowly he sank to his knees with his mouth in a firm suckle of first one breast and then the other.

My nipples felt huge and he seemed to love them like they were his favorite kind of candy. It was too much and I shattered apart in orgasm on my feet before him.

His hands on me were all that kept me from falling. Opening my eyes again as I breathed heavy I stood bare chested in the sunlight of a new day as his mouth moved lower to lick across my belly and then bury itself in my naval.

His hands found my skirt and panties and drug them down together. I clutched onto his shoulders for support as I stepped out of both of them.

His hands were on my ass again and his hot breath was on the heart of me. My hands twisted lovingly into his hair and then I laughed softly as I felt him turn me around.

I felt myself blush as I felt his gaze heatedly go over my ass. Shaking my head, I embraced the reality of what being in love with an ass man would eventually lead to.

He wouldn’t be fulfilled until every last inch of his shaft had plunged to the farthest depths of my ass. It would hurt to be sure.

Once again I couldn’t say I was a virgin in that way, but I could say I’d never had a shaft nearly as big as his rammed up that tight space before. I’d take every inch of it though even as I knew I would likely have to coax him into acting out his desire as he likely wouldn’t force it upon me himself.

He was just that kind of man, heavily repressed and yet I was going to make it my job to turn him into the beast he was always meant to be. Glancing over my shoulder as I felt his lips wetly kiss each of my cheeks, I said, “Would you like me to bend over Honey?”

“Yes.” He got out gruffly and knowing that I was making his day I bent over to grip my own ankles. My goal was his pleasure and yet suddenly as his mouth fell hotly upon my wet womanhood, it was me that was suffused with pleasure.

He did not stop. Groaning heavily as my hair drug across the ground I came as his tongue went deep over and over again as he drank openly from me, but it was his thumb – his thumb was killing me. Over and over he rubbed it around and then directly he shifted it to slide across my clitoris.

Shockwaves rippled through my body and crying from induced wave after wave of pleasure I begged for mercy, but none came, only the broad stroke of his tongue in concert with a thumb that already seemed to know my hidden language. The sun heated my body on the outside, even as he drove on a fire that raged from the inside.

I cried out and dizzily crashed forward onto my knees on the blanket. Shuddering, I lay on my face only to groan with desire as I felt his big hands grip my waist.

Turning my face to the side, I looked out over the desert as my husband made way into me deeply from behind. My tight sheath gave way before him and my mouth opened as I felt him coming up the back of my throat.

I gripped the blanket and shuddered about the invading length of him as he finally came to a standstill pressed up against my ass. I couldn’t breathe once more.

Then he drew back and I sucked in air Ankara Anal Yapan Escort only to let it out with a groan as he owned me all over again. Getting up onto my elbows I visibly shook from the sensory overload of everything he’d done to me and was still doing to me.

Gathering courage I looked back. His gaze came to mine and I whispered out wantonly, “I love it. I love you inside me. You’re huge. I love it. I… I’ve never been loved like this. I… ohhh!” My head moved forward as he somehow managed to go deeper.

Staring ahead, I let out all the noises that kept coming to my lips as he aggressively turned my deepest places into a playground for his cock. We came together explosively and with a luxuriant moment of pure pleasure I eased forward fully onto my belly as he came down on top of me still joined to the hilt within me.

Ever considerate he held a lot of his weight off my back, but still the feeling of being enveloped by him even as he was still within me was mesmerizing. In fact, it was sheer heaven.

He pulled out with a groan and slowly lay over onto his side. Instinctively, I turned and snuggled into him our legs a completely jumbled together mess.

Against my hair, he said, “I’m like a beast with you.”

Kissing his chest wetly I said, “Yes you are and I love it!”

I pushed him over onto his back and he gazed up at me with desire as I trailed my hair about his face and glancingly rubbed my nipples into his chest hair. The urge to go again was there, I could see it.

I could also see the cautious side of concern. His hand rose to my hip to move me and I begged, “Please just one more time Mr. Lawman.”

He groaned as I slid my leg over him and brought my seed soaked womanhood to rub up against the semihard length of his cock that I was now straddling.

Sighing, he said, “Okay, but then we need to get you out of the sun or you my fine Russian rose will have burnt petals.”

I grinned and then with a groan eased back and down onto a shaft entirely built for loving. For loving me.

I sank all the way and the groan of satisfaction that I felt at being impaled to the core by this man I let wash across his lips as I kissed him. How had life gotten this good all of a sudden?

There had to be a reason. Rising up only to lower myself again, I tossed my head and bit my lip.

Meeting his gaze I gasped and stammered out, “How can it feel this good? I… I… it’s never… never been like this… I…”

“Stop talking and just feel.”

I did and as I did I moved faster and then I became the shattered wreckage of a woman who had flown too close to the sun. Gripping a hold of me he rolled and through passion slit eyes, I saw his hands pull my knees up and then his hands were coaxing up the back of my legs until with two steely grasps his hands closed around my ankles.

The domination of his touch was overwhelming and my eyes opened only to close as my lips were suddenly smashed down upon by his. My ankles were pressed to the blanket to either side of my head and gasping into his mouth, I lay helpless as the beast in him came out again and drove deeper into me than ever before.

Our mouths parted from each other in a mutual gasp for air. He was so deep it hurt, only it hurt good.

I couldn’t catch my breath as he held me captive to his shaft’s delight. I’d never… never experienced passion like this before.

The sun blinked out of view as a white-hot explosion erupted in me. I heard him crying out my name even as he drove to the very heart of my being.

How had this happened? How had so much good come to me?

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