A Marriage Redefined Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Cooking Lessons

Saturday morning began quietly. Diana awakened around 7:30 and showered. Knowing her habits I had already performed my ablutions and washed her lingerie from the evening before. At her request I lathered and shaved her legs. She or I shaved her legs almost daily.

“You know” she said, “You could probably use a little trim. Pull down those pants.”

She took the cream and razor and set about the job. I was relieved that she did not intend to shave it all off but only wanted a neater arrangement. The result was a straight line of dark brown hair at the top and sides forming a truncated V. She did insist I shave all the hair off my testicles. At her instruction I clipped all my pubic hair to medium short length.

“From now on keep it neat.”

I nodded in embarrassment. I had a half-erection through most of the process.

“That’s a pretty pathetic sight, not very manly.”

Her words stung.

“Clean up and we will go down for breakfast.”

Diana ate a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast. I had a grapefruit per her instructions and our agreement that I needed to keep in better shape. After the meal we were supposed to play some tennis. But first Diana wanted to speak with Agnes. I watched them chatting and looking my way and laughing. Not a good sign I thought to myself.

“I have arranged for Agnes to give you some lessons this afternoon. She was excited by the opportunity. I’m sure that there’s a lot she can teach you.”

I must admit that, if last night’s dinner was any indication; the striking Scandinavian woman could cook. Her physical presence was daunting and I was apprehensive about being under her charge. Still I responded eagerly, “Yes I would love to learn a new dish to serve at home.”

“It’s not just the dish I am interested in but also the presentation and the method of serving,” she said with a smile.

From there we went over to the courts for some tennis. It won’t surprise you that Diana is a marvelous tennis player. She had played Varsity at Smith. I played reasonably well and worked up quite a sweat trying to chase down her expertly placed shots. She had me running back and forth while it seemed that she barely moved from the baseline. Except of course when she moved toward the net and slammed a winner. We played for two hours and she won all three sets handily. It was fun. Diana gave me some pointers on my game as we walked to the room to shower and change.

Standing in her sports bra and tights and glistening with sweat she looked like a conquering Amazon and I suppose she was. Her nipples were erect and she was rosy from physical exertion.

“Help me get out of these clothes and lets take a shower.”

This was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

In the shower I lathered her and scrubbed her back with the loofa. I washed her hair and rinsed it too.

“Now my legs and feet.”

I İstanbul Escort Bayan was on my hands and knees between her legs washing her feet when I felt a strong stream of water on the back of my head. This was odd because she was directly under the showerhead. As I turned to see what it was, I caught a spurt right in my face. I realized from the salty taste on my lips that she was peeing right on me. I had never experienced anything like this before. Neither of us said a word, I just stayed immobile until she had finished. Then she pulled my face to her and I licked her womanhood clean. She pulled my head away after just a minute.

“You liked that didn’t you?”

“Yes” I admitted.

“Good! Now finish my feet and then wash yourself.”

As I stood alone under the shower I reflected on the incident for a few moments. “Could there be any clearer act of domination?” It seemed like a scene from ancient Rome or Greece and I recalled a renaissance statue of two figures in much the same pose that we had been in just minutes ago. Yet I had been ready, pleased really, to be the vanquished. I would not be the superior figure ever. I was comforted by the thought that Diana was the one on top. My reverie was short but significant.

All cleaned up and still glowing from the exercise we dressed and descended to the lounge for a drink before lunch.

At lunch Seth again served us. He was attentive to her needs and barely acknowledged my presence. Diana made a point of asking when he got off work and seemed pleased to learn that he would be finished after the mid-day shift.

“He’s quite attractive don’t you agree?” This was not really a question.

“Yes he’s good looking but very rude to me”

“Are you jealous?”


“Oh sweetheart, even if I had a fling with another man or woman, I wouldn’t cast you aside. I love you. But you know I like a little excitement sometimes and I am curious about new experiences. You’ll just have to accept that as part of our new arrangement. It’s not that new anyway is it?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that last question, but basically I knew she was in command and I knew I sort of liked that. Still, I wasn’t prepared to admit that I liked the arrangement.

I responded, “Of course you decide those things but I don’t have to like it, do I?”

“Well you might. And who knows, you might have a little extramarital activity yourself sometime.”

“I doubt that.” In my mind however I knew that the thought of Diana with another man had long been one of my most closely held secrets. I had never mentioned it to her. As far as extra-marital activity, I was far too awkward to set up anything of the sort.

Agnes came to the table as we finished our coffee.

“Ready for ze lesson?” She spoke with a European accent that I couldn’t quite place but it really didn’t allow for dissent.

“Ready when you are.” İstanbul Escort I was trying to be upbeat.

“I am going to read in the lounge for a while and then maybe I will take a walk or get a massage or something.” Diana was not usually so vague but I had my activity all planned and so I went back to the kitchen.

It was a dazzling space of white tiles and brushed aluminum. Agnes ran a tight ship; all the staff was extremely deferential or even subservient. After she was satisfied that the food had been properly stored and the pots and pans were in the back room being washed she turned to me.

“I am ze teacher and you are ze student, yes?”


“I studied many years in France from ze master chef, Madame O. Her methods were verry strict but verry effectif. We follow zose rules here also. I expect my students to listen clozely and obey. If you do so you will learn if not you will be punished.”

I looked at her with eyes wide. “Punished?”

“Yes” she smiled, “You get a slap with ze spoon.” She waved a large wooden spoon as she spoke.

“We start now. We make honey almond cake. Everyone will love it when a pretty man like you brings zis cake for party.” She stroked my face.

I couldn’t help notice her large breasts jutting out from her athletic figure. She was dressed professionally with a cotton cooks shirt and a long skirt. Her bare feet fit into a pair of clogs. She was at least 6 feet tall. Her blond hair has pulled back and pinned in a bun.

“Now get ze eggs from ze refrigerator.”

I set about retrieving the ingredients and she began to instruct me.

“The almonds must be very finely chopped like zis”

I tried but evidently I failed to meet her standard. “Whack” the spoon hit my backside.


I tried again. This time I got it right and I felt her hand caress the spot where the spoon had struck before. In fact she reached even further down to my most sensitive area. I had to squirm a little.

“You see if you do it right you get a reward.”

Next I learned to properly soften the butter and blend in the honey.

“I use only ze lavender honey from Europe, here taste.” She dipped a long finger in the jar a practically shoved it into my mouth.

“Oh you have a soft tongue, how erotic”

I couldn’t believe she was coming on to me like this and I was both flustered and aroused. We continued with the other ingredients, flour, eggs, cinnamon. Halfway through she took off her chef’s jacket revealing a tight fitting t-shirt. I couldn’t help but stare.

“You like zem? You like to touch zem?” It wasn’t so much a question as command. She placed my hands on her breasts and I started to squeeze and rub. Agnes observed me and guided my fingers to the areoles with a circular motion. I couldn’t resist; I was captivated.

“Mmmm zat is good. You have a gentle touch.”

I was very aroused by now, but Escort İstanbul didn’t know what to do next.

“Now you stop and we finish cake.”

Unhappily I obeyed her.

We got the cake done in short order and then I washed the pans. I came back to the kitchen where Agnes was adjusting the temperature on the stove. She saw me and moved over to the large table in the center of the room.

“We are not done yet, you know.”

I suspected that she was not referring to more cooking class.

“You know honey and cinnamon is good for lovers. Aphrodisiac in India. You try some more.” She held out a finger dripping with darkened honey. Without thinking I eagerly licked it off. Agnes reached down and lifted up her long skirt.

“Remove my panties.”

I didn’t hesitate to pull the thin white undies off her hips and down her long legs. I admired the bikini underwear and noticed they were wet in the crotch. Agnes stepped out of them and out of her clogs. As I watched she dipped a finger into the mixture and then spread it along the folds of her labia.

“Now lick me.”

Without another word I went down on her.

“Start slowly with my lips, up and down, yes like zat.”

My tongue lapped up the honey from every crease and crevice. Agnes edged back onto the table pulling me with her. She dipped her finger in the honey again. Then I watched as the finger disappeared deep inside her vagina.

“Now you follow.” She put her hand on the back of my head directing it to her quivering pink sex. My tongue probed her hole, slowly at first in and out. Gradually I increased the rhythm. Agnes urged me to go faster. My mouth strained but I persisted according to my teacher’s instructions.

“My cleetorees, my cleetorees.” she was panting.

I inched my mouth up to her most sensitive flesh. The knob was engorged and erect as I flicked and fluttered my tongue along the tip. Agnes crossed her legs over my back, her thighs tightening around my head. I could just hear her high-pitched cries of pleasure. My senses of sight and smell were equally diminished. My nose and eyes were buried in her pubic mound. A faint odor of female musk mixed with cinnamon filled my nostrils. Pink flesh and curly blond hair were all I could see.

I couldn’t move my head at all as Agnes took over. Her hips swayed, grinding her vagina over my face. Soon she was bucking hard and squeezing tighter. I thought I was going to lose consciousness when suddenly her bodied stiffened as the orgasm spread through her body. Then she went limp. I looked up to see the beautiful Scandinavian visage fully relaxed, heavy lidded as if intoxicated. Stray hairs were plastered against her forehead.

“Mmmm zat was good. You are a good student. Madam Diana will be pleased.

Suddenly I realized that Diana had arranged all this. I wondered what she had been doing all this time.

Still I was very aroused, but when I moved toward Agnes she was clear in her rejection. “No zat is enough. You have done good service, be satisfied with that.” Easy for her to say! As I had nowhere else to go I walked back to our room. I was not prepared for the scene that awaited me.

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