A Friend For Us Ch. 03

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It was early evening on a Friday. John was taking a short nap. He had drifted off to sleep, spent after fucking his girlfriend and her nice friend. Dawn was first, then her friend Jana. His orgasm into his lithe girlfriend’s tight pussy had been explosive, and when his cock burst a second time into Jana’s soft arsehole, he had practically passed out.

The plan for the start of the eagerly awaited weekend had been to go for a night out in the town. Dawn had however put on an exhibitionist display that had directed events onto a very different course. She had masturbated for John out in the parking lot when he arrived home from work, and in the process had managed to create the mood for uninhibited sex-play. The exhibitionist experience had so turned on John that in the space of less than an hour, he had cum twice – erupting thunderously his athletic black fiancée’s pussy, then proceeding to spend himself into her blonde friend’s tight arsehole.

Now read on…

The girls were sprawled out on the carpet in the dimly lit room living room, chatting and sipping red wine. The tall glasses by their sides glittered with the reflections of the soft wall-mounted lights. Pretty faces cupped in soft palms, they discussed the sexual experiences they’d had with John.

Taking a sip of her wine, Dawn shyly looked at her best friend and tentatively asked something she had been thinking about all evening. “Seeing John…enter you…, uuhm, slide his…cock into you arsehole was just the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” she finished in a rush. “He…His…cock just seemed to slide in. How come you didn’t look like you felt any pain?”

Jana smiled, her heart leaping at how easily her best friend had taken the first step to fitting into the rest of her plans. Putting a quizzical expression on her face, she replied, “Oh, I doubt there was any way I could have felt any pain. I was so turned on, I’m sure my arse was creaming itself.

She smiled at Dawn. “You were touching my pussy so nicely…, and it also helped that you spread me open for him. I felt so nicely exposed; I just wanted him to ram his cock all the way inside….

“But how come you ask? Do you mean to say that it is always painful when he fucks you in the arse?”

Jana caught the hesitant look in Dawn’s face. “Or do you mean to say that John does not fuck you there?” she asked incredulously. “He does not fuck your arse?” she repeated unbelievingly.

Dawn felt challenged to justify her question. “He has, but…, you know…, I do not often let him fuck me there. I have always been afraid that his cock is too big—”

“Big it surely is, but you’ve got to be kidding!” Jana’s surprise was real. “I have never felt a more wonderfully delicious thick cock up my own arse!”

Jana did not notice the contradiction in her statement and neither did Dawn, who continued as if there had been no interruption.

“—Even though the few times I have let him fuck me there, it was just so heavenly…. But, afterwards, every time, I have always doubted whether I stretched my arsehole out too far.

“What do you think is the long-term effect of regularly being fucked in the arse?” she asked with a wonderfully curious expression on her face.

Jana could not believe her ears. “Dawn, you never cease to amaze me, girl. You are simply unbelievable. Listening to you, no one could ever guess that just two hours ago you were busy masturbating out there in the parking lot, exposed for anyone to see.

“Just how do you combine your different personas?” she asked her friend teasingly. “–And before you answer that, I should warn you that my new fantasy is to see John fuck you up the arse,” she said over Dawn’s shocked and wine fuelled giggle.

“Jana!” Dawn acted shocked, but Jana’s suggestion flashed a vision in her mind, making her pussy tingle and her arsehole twitch.

“I see that I was right to be afraid that agreeing to your sexcapades was going to lead to all manner of nasty things. Just look at the ideas you are getting in that wicked head of yours! I honestly think that you are becoming depraved.”

“Am I? And who was it that spread my arse open so their boyfriend could fuck it? Can you honestly be the one to talk?” They frequently enjoyed teasing each other, but this was the first time they were being so explicit.

“Yes, I enjoyed doing that,” Dawn agreed, dropping her pretence. She figured that she really wanted to learn from Jana. “God knows I so do love it so whenever I let John fuck my butt, but I am still not sure that it is something I should be doing often. And I am still afraid that between your fantasies and your games, you are positively turning me into a slut.”

“You are, you know; the sweetest, cutest, and most secret slut I have ever met – and I only knew today that you are a slut,” Jana sweetly teased back. “But seriously, when you gave us that wonderful show today, you looked so beautiful, so totally lost in your pleasure. You looked so damn good girl that I felt jealous. To be honest with you, I really felt like joining in. I was so hot!”

Dawn kaçak iddaa grinned hugely, showing her bright teeth. “It was so exciting. I was visualizing how I must have looked, John lusting to fuck me as I rubbed my clit out there in the open. I never expected that taking up your challenge to fulfill my fantasy would be so exciting. I have never felt so turned on!

Evidently, Dawn was getting aroused as she remembered, because her left hand lifted touch her tight boob lightly as she continued speaking. It was an absent-minded action, totally without self-consciousness.

“It was a good thing you suggested that I act out my own fantasy…and that as you prepared to fulfill your own fantasy to fuck John and myself. You are so slutty yourself!”

Jana grinned. “If being a slut is not being afraid to feel good whenever I can, then yes, I am one and I love it. And it looks like I am in the process of getting a bosom buddy,” she said, playfully shaking her exposed big boobs at Dawn. “And don’t you dare pretend like you dodn’t like it. You sure didn’t look like you hated what you were doing out there yourself.”

Dawn dropped her teasing completely. “I really enjoyed it. It was really exhilarating being out there in the parking lot…. That was the hottest experience I have ever had in my life. I am getting aroused again just thinking about it.

As she said this, Dawn sat up and hugged her knees to her chest, making her pussy point its pouty lips at Jana’s face.

Jana took a second to appreciate the view, then rolled over to lie on her back, moving closer and turning her face sideways so she could continue to look at look at her friend’s pussy. It was still swollen from the recent fucking. She felt herself getting turned on.

“So, Dawn, why don’t you play with you pussy for me? You know how much I love it when you act naughty.”

Dawn smiled, looking back at her friend with growing arousal. “OK, so long as you touch yourself too. Let’s both masturbate till we cum. You know how I love it whenever I watch you having an orgasm.”

Jana started to fondle her nipples as she agreed. Her right hand went down to her smooth shaved pussy, her forefinger gently running up and down the rapidly wetting slit. “I will like that, but you have to promise to let me demonstrate to you how you should take John’s cock up your arse without any fear.”

“Oh! And precisely how do you intend to do that?” Dawn asked her masturbating friend. She let her own thighs fall apart so her pussy split open. Her finger dug deeper into the exposed furrow.

Jana smiled wickedly. “Oh, that will be easy. I will just have to give you some lessons. I promise it will be fun.”

There was silence for a while as each girl concentrated on rubbing her pussy, enjoying the build up of pleasure as they teased themselves. Faint liquid sounds could be heard as the two pussies rapidly wetted.



“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean? She giggled. “You can see that I am masturbating. I am touching my pussy,” she clarified with a naughty chuckle.

“I know you are touching your pussy. I am asking you to tell me exactly what you are doing, how you are doing it and how it feels as you do it. Come on, tell me, and I will do the exact same things that you do. It will be like you will be making love to me through yourself. “

“OK….that sounds like fun. Ummh…, I am running my right forefinger up and down the slit… My pussy is already quite wet, so it is nice and smooth. Umhhh…. You know, I think of my pussy as my friend, so I always start out masturbating this way…. It makes me feel like I am reacquainting myself with my friend.”

Jana giggled. “Your pussy your friend? Are you serious?”

Dawn chuckled happily, “Yes, I do. She is cute, warm, cuddly and sooo good to me. She makes me feel so nice every time.”

“Umhhh…. Remind me…, next time…, Umhh…, I eat you, so I can say Hi!” Jana was matching Dawn stroke for stroke up and down the length of her own very wet slit. The liquid slurping sounds were now loud in the room.

The two girls were now full on the path to mutual orgasm. Hips writhing, their fingers worked faster as their pelvises pumped. Caught up in their own feelings, they were concentrating on the feelings in their pussies, until in a special moment their eyes locked.

They both smiled, enjoying looking at each other’s beauty and responding to their mutual sexual pleasure. Dawn grinned at her friend and laughed happily as she rocked her hips forward almost into Jana’s face. “We are such naughty girls, ” she panted breathily.

She changed tactics so that with one hand she loosely pinched a labial lip between thumb and forefinger, and stretching it outwards, jiggled it up and down. The other hand pulled open the other lip so her pussy was split wide open. Jana was treated to the sight of her friend’s glistening inner pussy being eagerly worked. She copied Dawn’s actions and matched the rapid rhythm. Both girls were moaning loudly they continued working their hot pussies.

“Ummhh…. You’re kaçak bahis so wet girl,” Jana spoke in a breathless voice. You are really turning me on. I’ve never used this particular technique before…. It feels so good…. Are you feeling as good as you look?”

“I love it. When I do this I can come in two minutes flat. Umhh, Ahh, Ahh…. As I come up to the top my finger is touching the side of my clit…. Umhh…, It’s like a spark…, makes my entire pussy twitch…. Umhhhhh…! When I pull down, my pussy – Ah! Ah!.., splits nicely open to one side and I feel sooooo goood…. Aieee…! I really need to fuck something in there.”

Jana could see the as flow of juice increased, trickling down from Dawn’s open slit. “Just don’t come before you kiss me,” she warned. “Umhh…. I want us to kiss together as we cum. I love it when we do that.

“Umhh…. Me too…, I just wish that…,Ahh…, Ahh…, John was here with his camera. Umhh…. I have always wished I could see a photo of us kissing and cumming. It makes me feel so hot!”

“OK girl, come on here,” Jana said as she moved up and pulled Dawn down to the floor beside her. She could tell Dawn was not going to hold off her orgasm much longer. “Remember our agreement. No one is going to cum alone.”

“Then…, you have to hurry…, because…, I am almost there,” Dawn panted.” Two sets of two fingers, one set white, the other brown, were now plunging in and out of two very wet pussies, filling the room with squishy, slurpy sounds. The two girls lay side by side on their backs. Jana maneuvered close to Dawn so they could kiss. Each girl sought and held the other in a wet lip lock that would not break until they both came.

“Dawn? Dawn, open your eyes.” In the middle of the mounting frenzy, Jana broke the kiss for a second.

“Umh, Umh, Ahh…, ahh ….”

“Dawn! Don’t cum yet. Wait for me….Ahh…, ahhh…, I am almost there! Pinch my nipple! Please…. Pinch it hard! You know I come so easily when you do that.

Right hand moving in a blur against her pussy and clit, Dawn blindly groped Jana’s full chest until she locked on her right nipple and pinched hard. Jana gasped, arching her back and moaning out loud. “I’m going to cum too,” she panted.

“Jana, Ahh…. Ahh…. I…, Ahh…, cant…, Ahh… help it! Ahh… Oh God, It’s so good! I am going to cum! Ah…, Ah…, Ah…. I am cumming!

“Me too baby, me too…. Ahh….Open your eyes. Look at me! Look at me as you cum!

The to sets of eyes, one blue, the other a deep brown, looked deep into each other as their owners went into orgasm. Dawn was a brief moment ahead of Jana and let loose with a loud hoarse cry that would have awakened John had he still been awake. As her own orgasm rushed towards her, Jana watched the orgasm hit Dawn. The beautiful brown eyes widened suddenly as the jolt of pleasure hit, glazing and loosing focus. Dawn’s face contorted in pleasure as she struggled to maintain her lust-blown gaze on her yet to cum friend.

Jana felt her own orgasm rising unstoppably as she watched her friend’s orgasm. When it hit, it was so powerful she screamed, loosing herself in her friend’s eyes. She felt like she was drowning, pouring her soul into her friend’s lustful gaze. She had never come so hard before. She loved coming with eyes open, but she had not recently met anyone with whom she felt close enough to do it.

As the mutual orgasms died down, the two girls instinctively reached for each other, cuddling and pressing sensitive heated breasts to each other. By unspoken understanding, a flushed pink arm worked its way between the two warm bodies to a dark-lipped pussy, cupping it protectively just as a slim dark arm worked its way down to palm a plump pink-lipped pussy. Wet lips continued kissing softly.

“Wow! What a hot show! If I die now, I will have died a happy man.” John’s bass voice cut though the mutual post-orgasmic daze, bringing the girls back to earth. Turning heads, they saw him leaning against the doorjamb, naked, thick cock sticking out. He looked just damn good.

“If I never see anything else, my eyes will forever remain satisfied. You girls were amazing! You almost sent a poor guy to heaven.

But I am being a poor host,” he added waving his cock at them. “Can I offer I offer my services in any way?”

“Which we aim to do before this night is far gone.” Jana riposted. She was back in charge. “You can start by freshening up our drinks.”

“Gladly, madam, gladly. After your marvelous show, I can only be honored to be at your command.”

“Take care you do not say such things lightly. You can get into very severe trouble, Oh yea man of robust cock. Are you sure you want to mean what you are saying?”

Jana had a slightly mischievous smile on her face that made John wonder despite his arousal. Then he rationalized to himself that there was no way this could turn out to be a bad thing. After all, given the activities so far, he only had to go with the flow to enjoy what was already the most erotic weekend of his life. He made his decision.

In his best servile voice, he said, illegal bahis “And pray, what might madam desire? Her servant awaits her command.”

Jana smiled. “Ah, what a good man—”

“With such a good cock!” Dawn interjected by her side.

“Yes, that too”, her friend conceded, “but he needs to keep it hard for us despite anything he might see or hear. Do you think you can manage that?” she asked John, smiling at him as she made a display of stroking Dawn’s pussy.

John was intrigued. “The girls did not want to be fucked just yet?” he wondered silently. He was wondered what the hot girl was planning. But curious to find out where it would all lead, he played along.

“OK, that I think I can strive to manage—Although I can see two very wet pussies that I would very much love to sink this cock into right now.”

“All in good time my hot-cocked friend, all in good time,” Jana replied. “And don’t look so disappointed Dawn, it is time for your lesson.” Dawn responded with a little-girl playful pout that only served to make John’s cock throb harder.

“What lesson?” he was tempted to ask, but he bit his tongue.

Jana proceeded with her planning. “John could please be a dear and run along to the bedroom and get us some KY?”

He disappeared in a flash, head full of wicked horny possibilities. “KY? Arsefuck? Was he going to fuck somebody’s ass?” He really hoped it was going to be Dawn’s. He had fucked her arse before, but never without a struggle to persuade her. With her newfound attitude, he thought, it looked like a distinct possibility he would have her arse on a platter. The thought fired him up.

When he returned to the living room, KY in hand and precum slicking his cockhead, Dawn was alone, one hand fingering her once again hardened nipples, the other playing between her thighs.

“Where did Jana disappear to?” he asked, surprised.

“She said something about getting some teaching aids. Just come here and kiss me. I’ve been missing – No, I am missing you,” Dawn replied, holding out her wet fingers for John to lick. He knelt beside her, placed the KY on the sofa and began licking off her juices. His fingers found her pussy and he was about to insert his thick finger when Jana’s voice stopped him.

“Tsk, tsk! I am sorry, but no, you don’t. You are not allowed to interfere with the lesson. For now you may only watch and enjoy, BUT don’t cum,” she warned. She was holding her hands were behind her back, hiding something she had brought back from the kitchen. “You will have a grandstand view if sit here on the sofa” she added, smiling naughtily.

John settled back on the sofa with his cock in hand. He slowly began to pump it as he watched Jana lie down face up, take Dawn’s hand, and direct it to her pink-tipped nipples. As Jana started to sigh with pleasure, John gasped. The two green cucumbers that Jana put down on the carpet next to her body were HUGE! Each one was about half again as big as his cock, and was much longer. His arousal increased when he realized that Jana’s show was going to involve the fucking of one or both of the girls with the giant vegetables.

Dawn changed positions so she was now kneeling behind Jana massaging her big pliant breasts. She moved the full globes around, occasionally pulling and tweaking on the pink nipples. Jana spread her legs so she was spread eagled on the floor, pointing her pussy at John and furiously rubbing her clit. Pussy juice started flowing from her slit and down her crease.

Jana started moaning, the moans fast increasing in urgency until it was clear that the writhing girl was soon going to cum. John’s cock throbbed as he pumped it, precum oozing freely from the tip as he eagerly watched, expecting to see Jana orgasm right before his eyes. Dawn leaned over Jana’s head and started sucking on her nipples, making the masturbating girl writhe and moan louder. It was apparent Jana was going to come any minute.

Then John heard her call out his name. “John? Please hand me one veggie now.” He leaned forward much more than he needed to hand over the big cucumber, eager to see close up what she would do. Sitting up, her face flushed, she held out the thick cucumber to him, and with a fake little-girl voice asked, “John, would please lubricate my cock for me?”


“Please put some KY on my cock for me.” She was still using the little girl voice and it was driving John crazy.

Leaning right over her, he grabbed both the thick vegetable and the tube of KY jelly. He plopped a thick blob of the jelly on the vegetable, and slowly slid the thick shaft through his palm, in effect fucking his palm. The thing was much thicker than his cock. It was definitely going to be an exciting experience to see Jana fuck herself with it.

Jana reached eagerly for the slicked vegetable as John handed it to her. She leaned back on her elbows, and making a show of it, brought the vegetable’s thick rounded tip to her opening pussy. Dawn eagerly leaned over her friend’s head so she could see the insertion. She continued massaging her Jana’s breasts and twirling her nipples. Leaned over some more, she awkwardly tried to kiss Jana deeply, treating John to the wonderful sight of a slim dark girl sticking her tight ass up in the air as she struggled to kiss her sprawled-out friend.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32