A Family Get-Together Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: A Family’s Lust

It has been a few days since that unbelievable Thanksgiving. After seeing my wife, our son and his father-in-law in bed together I have wanted to ask my wife about it. But, I am afraid to say anything to her. I will say that since then sex between us has been great. More often and much better.

That is a side of her during all our years together I have not seen. It was quite a turn on for me. But, of course now I wander how long this has been going on with her.

It was a cold Saturday morning. My wife and I were sitting at the table drinking coffee and chit-chatting about nothing important. [I finally have mustard up the courage to ask her about that night at our sons]. I looked at her and just kind of blurted out how did you enjoy the couple days we spent at Don and Lori’s?

She looked up at me and said it was a great time. “How did you like it?” she asked in return. I too thought it was great and added that we must do it again. She quickly agreed with me. The door was open so I asked the question that had been bothering me for a few days now. “So how did you like Don and Dave in the bedroom?” I calmly asked. She looked at me, not saying anything at first. Then just as calmly, she said it was good. “I assume you seen us in there?” She asked. “Yes I did sweetie, and I have to say it turned me on.”

“I am glad you aren’t mad about it, “she said.” I am not mad at all,” I replied. In fact I would like details if you don’t mind? No, I don’t mind at all. I went to bed, like I said I was. But, once there I couldn’t fall asleep. I got up to get a drink of water in bathroom. As I went through the partially opened door I saw Dave standing there taking a leak. I have to admit I stared at his man hood, long and thick, very masculine looking. He looked up and seen me standing there and jokingly said take a picture, it will last longer. I just laughed and walked on in. Once I got close enough, I reached down and grabbed a hold of his very large cock and started stroking it. Ever so slow. Dave let out a slight moan and I started going faster. I knew at that point I needed to taste his 8in. Cock in my mouth. So not even thinking I got down on erzurum seks hikayeleri my knees and slowly started putting his massive cock in my mouth. He was really moaning now. And, I have to admit I was really liking it also. Dave stopped me, and said he was afraid we would get caught and we should wait and see what everyone is doing. I reluctantly agreed with him. So we both stood at the door and heard Lori put the kids to bed and then the suggestion that they all get in the hot tub.

After we heard the door close, we turned to each other and embraced, giving each other a passionate kiss. Then Dave led me to the bedroom. I again got down and started sucking his cock as he rubbed my now wet pussy. I got so excited, I came right then and there. Shortly after Dave came with quite a load of love juice, which I swallowed every drop.

Dave then rolled me over and began sliding his cock in to my pussy as I started rocking to his grinding. He shoved all his manhood in me and we were so wrapped up in our fucking that we didn’t hear Don come in the room. I suddenly realized he was standing there. I looked at him stunned that our son had caught us.

As I started to say something I couldn’t help but notice he was naked. I motioned for him to come over. He hesitated for a moment and then moved our way. As he came into the dim light I could see that he was quite well hung his self. Dave looked up at Don also stunned. I don’t know what to say Don. Don just looked at him and to our surprise, he said to move over. So we did and he climbed right into bed with us. There I was with Dave on one side and Don on the other. I reached out and grabbed both men’s cocks and started stroking them. They in turn reached over and started rubbing my pussy. I can’t tell you how it felt to have two men rubbing my pussy at the same time. Then they each took a breast in their mouths and started sucking. I honestly came harder than I ever have at that point. I thought I would pass out.

Dave then rolled me over and put his big cock in my pussy and slowly started fucking me. As he was doing me Don re-positioned his self so that his also large cock was right in my face. The only thing I could do was slide it in my mouth and try and get the whole length in my mouth, but, I managed. There they were both fucking me and I was loving it. Then they switched places and did it all over again.

We all came at about the same time. I thought it was over, wow, was I wrong. Don rolled me over on my hands and knees and slid his huge cock in my pussy {from underneath me} then Dave started to put his large cock in my ass. I resisted, but he was persistent and I gave in to him. It hurt at first, but he was so gentle and slow that it actually started feeling really good. Before long he had all of his huge cock in my ass. There I was being pounded by two very large cocks at the same time and I was loving it. They both came and filled both my holes up with cum. After that we all three just collapsed from exhaustion. Then everyone went to bed.

All I could say to her after that was lets fuck. Off to the bedroom we went.

As I approached the bed she quickly grabbed me and started undoing my pants and immediately started sucking on my semi-erect rod. Deeper & deeper she took it until I was fully hard and cramming the back of her throat. I started pumping her lovely mouth ever so slowly as she was sucking so very hard.

It felt so good. Suddenly I heard her vibrator come to life, she was rubbing at my ass with it. I have to say that vibration felt kind of nice. I was starting to wander what she was up to though. She continued the sucking and vibrating for a couple more minutes. Then she let my cock go and pulled me down on the bed with her. Our lips met and a very passionate kiss followed, the whole time she was rubbing my ass with her dick shaped dildo.

We broke our kiss and she said I want to fuck you with my dick. I was shocked by her statement to say the least. I told her I didn’t think I could do that. It would hurt to bad I told her. She responded, by saying she would be gentle and take her time. At that moment before I could answer her she took all 9in of my cock down her throat and kept rubbing my ass. I was so into the head I was getting I didn’t realize she was attempting to probe my ass with the head of her dildo. I resisted, but she was persistent and finally got the head in my ass. To my surprise it didn’t feel to bad. She was very gentle and didn’t try forcing it in. She then pulled it out and rubbed some sort of lubricant all over it and went right back to my ass and stuck the head right back in there. The whole time she is doing this to me, she is steadily sucking my cock.

As she pushed her dildo a little deeper in my ass it started to hurt some. I told her it was hurting, she then spit my cock out of her mouth and rolled me over on my belly. She said to just relax and she would take her time and for me to just enjoy the fucking I was about to get. I felt so helpless. I was definitely under her spell and I just obeyed her.

As she slowly kept going deeper in my ass, I found myself starting to move my ass in circular motions. It was hurting, but I just tried to relax and go with the flow. Soon she had over half of her 8in dildo in my ass. I told her it was hurting pretty bad and she slowed down a little. She must have fucked my ass that way for 15 or 20 minutes. The pain was finally starting to subside some. She must have been able to tell, because she went in a little deeper and kept up the pumping action. After a few more minutes she finally had the whole 8in up my ass and was slowly fucking me in & out. I have to say I was actually beginning to enjoy it and was bucking my ass with every stroke she made.

She realized it and starting fucking my ass even harder. She fucked my ass for another 20 minutes or so and then she pulled her dildo out of my ass. She sat up and asked how it felt. I looked at her and said it hurt pretty much, but it did feel good to. She then climbed on top of me and impaled her wet pussy down on my cock and we had the best sex. We both came at almost the same time and fell side by side and fell asleep.

I woke a couple hours later to breakfast cooking and a fresh hot cup of coffee. We ate and then went in to take a shower. As the hot water was hitting my back, I slowly bent her over a little and started to fuck her pussy from behind. As I was pounding her she told me that Dave called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out with them, for dinner and drinks. What did you tell them? I asked her. Yes we would she said. Great I thought, wandering what would happen tonight. We shall see.

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