A Drinker’s Better Moments

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It was my usual ritual on a Friday night that was dwindling to an end. I was at my favorite bar, Blue’s Tavern. It had just opened and was my favorite bar: not for the good food, the cheap beer or the number of televisions to catch any sporting event. Instead, I was interested in the bartender Rachel. We flirted a lot over the nights that she worked and I was around, but it was very innocent. I saw something in her eyes when she looked at me though that wasn’t so innocent. I got a few quick kisses out of her when I had walked her home from work on occasion, but she was always reluctant to go on any real date. She never really looked at anyone else with the same devilish eyes she used with me so I thought I’d have to play her at her game and eventually break through her barrier.

I finished up the remaining beer that was at the bottom of my mug. Over the course of the fabulous night, several of my friends had come and went. I walked out of the bar with two of my friends, Cheryl and Dave, into the brisk dark night that awaited us outside. They were a couple and would get laid tonight. I on the other hand would have to do without and walk home only to look forward to passing out on my bed and enjoy a long restful sleep.

I gave Cheryl a hug and Dave the dual shake with one hand and hug with the other. We said goodbye, as well as our vows that we’d have to do the same thing again tomorrow night.

“Back here at Blue’s tomorrow at eleven, Kev,” Dave said as he had his arm draped around Cheryl’s neck and began to turn to head off home.

“If I’m not here, it’s because I’m dead,” I returned as I watched them walk down the street, Dave giving Cheryl a quick pinch on the ass. Rachel was staying late tonight to close up so I wouldn’t be walking her home. Instead, I began that two block walk alone, which seemed much longer having so many beers in me. I did my best to remain vertical walking along the sidewalk, but tripped over my first step to my house and fell onto the porch hard. I hope I didn’t wake my roommates. They were probably still out at the other bars, it hadn’t been too long since I had last seen them at Blue’s before they left to hit the other bars. We had a bathroom in the basement and on the first floor but I lived on the second. If they were home, I did not want to wake them so I decided it would be best to relieve myself outside. I stood up, brushing off my pants from the fall, one foot on the top step and the other up on the porch. I unzipped and pulled out my dick and pissed over the porch railing. It felt good to let the drinks of the evening leave me. I wonder what the record is for the longest piss? I gave a quick shake then took out my keys and made my way to the door. My keys scratched against the lock, I was having trouble getting the keys in.

As I made a third attempt to try to unlock my front door, the door swung open. There was a light on in the bedroom in the distance, allowing a silhouette of the person standing at the doorway. I was about to apologize to my roommate for waking him when I noticed the silhouette to be much more bustier than I had remembered any of the guys in my house being. I squinted, making out the long ruffled hair on a very curvy body. I tried squinting harder to figure out who this was, hoping that I was right all along about Rachel’s hidden secret desires.

“Holy shit Kevin! I was about to call the police with all that noise you were making, thought you were trying to break into my house.”

It took me awhile for it to sink in. “Sorry Kris.”

I had lived next to Kris for the last three years. It was actually Dr. Kristin Morgan. I took her introductory Biology course as a freshman. That was her first year of teaching and it was a fun class even though I was just there to take my required course and then hide from biology and the sciences in my remaining semesters. As a sophomore I moved into the house next to hers with three of my best friends. I thought it would be weird living next to a teacher and for a teacher to be living among students, but this block was full of older students and even another faculty member so the keg parties were not rampant, we did all our drinking at the bars, and noise level was minimal. I even saw Kris at the bars now and then for happy hour with the younger faculty from other departments. We were always friendly. I of course teased her for being such a young professor (maybe 32?) and having only the college kids or the older faculty to associate with. We’d have our casual hellos when we ran into each other coming or going from our houses. I had been to her house a few times when she’d throw some of her daytime parties. I would even chat with her along with other students at the bars, but she would find a way to switch the talk back to biology and academia when too many of her students gathered around and that would usually get us to leave her and her friends alone. I know its college, but science and math and whatever talk they did was a buzz kill.

So we were friendly enough that hopefully I did not completely freak her bahçeşehir escort out by having a drunk on her front porch. “They make these houses look too much alike,” I said trying to make an excuse for myself. “Sorry to wake you Kris,” I said as I turned around to walk next door to try my keys on the correct door. I turned and my knees buckled, almost falling. Kris reached out and grabbed a hold of me just in case I did.

“Your gonna fall twenty more times on your way over there, and will end up passing out in the bushes.” Kris pulled me back up until my knees supported me again. “Crash on the couch, last thing I need is a student dying on my porch. How much did you drink, you don’t need to throw up do you?”

“I’m good,” I said as I walked through her front door and wobbled over to her couch and lifted my legs up and slid my head down onto the armrest. “Thanks.”

“I’ll grab you a pillow and blanket.”

I don’t remember Kris returning. I woke up sometime the next morning with a much lighter headache than I had expected. There was a pillow underneath my head and a cover tucked around me. A very cool professor indeed. I wonder what an older faculty member would have done. Maybe those cops really would have been called with the first noise of me collapsing on their front steps. I got up and folded the blanket and laid it on a chair next to the sofa and placed the pillow on top. I wondered what time it was. I needed to use the bathroom and it couldn’t hurt to grab an aspirin to put off any headache that might want to creep up on me later in the day.

I walked across the living room. The door to the bedroom that had given off light bringing Kris’ silhouette into view was closed. I walked towards the other door off of the living room to the bathroom. The door was ajar as I approached and the light was on. I was about to push it open, when through the gap I saw Kris drying herself off in the shower. A leg was lifted up onto the rim of the tub and her towel was running down to her toes as she dried her wet legs.

The site shocked me and I moved away from the door towards the kitchen as my breathing became heavier. I was scared and turned on at the same time. As I scurried away from the door and into the kitchen I ran into a cabinet, causing the pots inside to rattle.

“Kevin, is that you?” came from the bathroom.

“Yea, hope you don’t mind, I was looking for a skillet, was going to make breakfast. Didn’t know you were up, can I make you some too?”

“That would be great thanks!”

I looked into the fridge for something to make. I brought out some eggs and bread. I heard Kris walk out of the bathroom towards her bedroom. I began adding the dipped bread to the skillet. Kris then walked into the kitchen. She still had wet hair and was wearing some form-fitting jeans and a black top with some flip flops.

“Wow, I was expecting maybe eggs and breakfast. Who told you I love French toast?”

“Oh I know every faculty’s favorite breakfast foods. Did you know Dr. Willis likes a good bowl of Lucky Charms every morning, except on Tuesdays when for some reason he must have Raisin Bran.”

Kris let out a chuckle. “Thanks for letting me have a warm couch to sleep on, I figure making breakfast returns the favor. Sugar or syrup?” I asked as the last French toast was finished on the grill.

“I was just looking out for a student, and syrup.”

I sat two plates of French toast on the table and brought over syrup I spotted in a corner on the countertop. Kris got out two glasses and poured us tall glasses of orange juice and brought it to the table with some silverware.

“Tastes good. Thanks for breakfast.”

“Nothing better for a night of drinking than a good breakfast afterward,” I added.

We finished the French toast with some pleasant conversation, it was nice to see it wasn’t all school talk from her. I drank the remainder of the orange juice in a couple of large gulps and lifted my shirt to wipe the remainder of the juice left on my lips and took a whiff of my shirt.

“Wow, thanks for being polite, but I think I still smell like last night.”

“So that’s what that smell was,” Kris said with a smirk, “You can hop into the shower if you wanted.”

“Are you sure? I could head home.”

“Couch, breakfast, shower. Mi casa es su casa. While you shower I think maybe I need to wash that blanket I gave you and hose down the couch.” Kris laughed again and gave me the same smirk with the corner of her lip raised flashing her bright smile.

I got up and put our dishes into the dishwasher.

“Thanks for the company for breakfast.”

“Thanks for making it, it was wonderful. There’s a towel in the bathroom,” she said pointing towards the door of the bathroom. “Oh and the fan is broken, I like to keep the door open a few inches so that it doesn’t get too steamy.”

“Yea, I had noticed earlier when you were in there.”

Kris gave me a suspicious eye. “You were spying on me through the crack bakırköy escort in the door?”

“Not spying…just looking, uh I was looking for some aspirin to stave off any headache.”

Kris did not seem satisfied. “What else did you see?”

I started to sweat now. “I didn’t see anything. But I confess what I did see I liked. But once I thought I might see something, I crashed into the kitchen cabinets trying to give you your privacy.”

Kris gave me that smirk again as she chuckled to herself. “Towels are in the bathroom and if you want I can come in after I start the dishwasher and throw your shirt into the wash.”

I headed off to the bathroom, stripped and stepped into the spacious tub and turned on the showerhead. I looked around for some soap and only found some scented body wash. What the hell, at least I’ll be clean and not smell like stale beer anymore. I had finished with my upper body when I heard the door squeak further open. I had left my shirt on the toilet for Kris to grab if she really had intended to be so kind as to wash it for me. A few seconds passed and I wondered if Kris was just going to wash everything for me.

“You know Kevin, I’m glad you confessed to me that you had accidentally seen me semi-nude this morning. I guess we both have confessions to make.”

I was silent. Kris opened the shower curtain slightly and poked her head in. She looked into my eyes and said, “Last night I heard you fall on my steps and I ran to the window from my bedroom to investigate and I saw you outside. I was going to let you in then, but then I saw you unzip and pull out your package and I had to stop and watch, I loved what I saw.” Kris then ran her eyes down my body and landed on my cock, which was fairly good sized when not aroused, hanging down between my legs as the water still poured over me.

I was dumbfounded. I really did not know how to play this situation cool, it totally threw me off guard. Kris did not seem to mind. She pulled the curtain further open and revealed herself. She was completely naked. The silhouette that I had seen of her last night did not do her justice. Kris was stunning. She had very perky breasts, a belly that wasn’t toned to perfection yet was flat and very sexy, and long legs that led to a completely shaved mound. It was my turn to stare. I offered out a hand. “Care to join me?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” She took my hand and stepped into the shower, standing between me and the showerhead. Kris did a little twirl so that her whole body would get wet. I was saddened at the moment though. Not getting a chance to go this morning and the large orange juice I just drank I needed to use the toilet.

“I’m just gonna step out and take a pee, Ill be back.”

Kris reached up and stopped me from pulling open the shower curtains. “Don’t leave yet, I just got wet. Plus the tub is easy to clean with all this water, you can use these pipes just as much as the toilet’s to do what you need to do.

Confused, I played along and gave Kris a look as if to ask her to move so I could pee over the drain. Kris seemed to understand the look. “Right there’s fine, let’s see you go no hands.”

It suddenly hit me that what she loved last night was not the size of my cock but maybe me pissing. I had never done anything like that but saw that Kris was very excited by the thought, judging by her more erect nipples. Despite my golden moments inexperience I never say ‘no’ to a woman’s fantasy or trying something new out for her. It took me awhile to tell my body it was okay and a few trickles of piss came out. I moved my hand to hold my penis out from my body, but Kris just shook her head. I moved my hands back and my hesitation stopped and my body relaxed as my penis lowered its gates and my piss began to stream out. The water in the shower, led the path for the piss to follow down my legs. I saw the yellow tint began to grow in the water at my feet. It was quite a warm sensation. Kris then moved in closer, putting her feet into the warm puddle below.

Kris then grabbed my penis and positioned it so that I was spraying my piss on her waist. She spread her legs wider and moved my stream so that the piss was landing on her clit and running down her slit and down her own legs now.

“That feels so nice and warm.” Kris grabbed my hand and placed it onto her mound so that both our hands and her pussy got soaked in my piss that was still streaming out. As I began to become empty, Kris moved our hands up to her breasts. Kris ran her piss covered hand over one of her tits and I caught on and rubbed the piss into her other tit. Kris looked up at me as I rubbed her nipple and gave me a flash of her teeth as she smirked again. I have to admit the warm sensation was great. Now that my cock was empty it began to grow as I realized that I was playing with her tits, teasing her nipples.

“My turn,” Kris said. She spread her legs back apart and spread her lips with one hand. It took very little time before her own jet stream was başakşehir escort flowing from her. She caught the first few drops with her other hand and rubbed it into her tits then reached back down to wet her hand again. It was my turn to get wet and she aimed her jet until my legs were getting splashed with her piss this time. It felt very good as my cock began jerking as it enlarged and was now horizontal and was inching vertical in the northerly direction. Kris reached down and splashed her piss like one would do with water out of a water fountain, splashing her piss up onto my cock, wetting my pubes now with her golden stream. Kris moved in even closer now so that both our legs were getting hit by her piss as she ran her hands along my chest and stomach rubbing the piss in

Kris stopped pissing and she was so close now that she felt how erect I had become by our play. She looked again at me with a smirk as my cock pressed into her waist. Kris bent down and began kissing over every area her hands had just been and slid her tongue down my belly to my dick. She licked my shaft to taste her piss and my own on my dick. When she had licked up the piss to her satisfaction, she put her mouth on the tip of my cock and gave my shaft a squeeze with her hand to let the last drops of my goldenness fall in her mouth. She then took my whole dick into her mouth and began sucking away with some fury.

I looked down amazed at the situation before me and how we had gotten from innocent breakfast to here so fast. I ran my hands through her wet blonde, golden hair as she sucked on my throbbing cock. I was close to coming. I pulled her head back to indicate I was close. She positioned her mouth at the end of my cock again and began pumping the length of my penis as I shot a large first load down the back of her throat. Kris continued pumping and I continued jetting jizz out and Kris swallowed every bit.

Kris raised herself back up after collecting all of my come and then turned off the shower. She got out and grabbed my hand. There would be no need for drying off. She led me to her bedroom and laid me on a fresh bed sheet that covered the bed. The bed crunched as I laid down. Plastic? Kris laid across me and she hovered her head a few inches over mine and gave me another smirk. I was getting to like this smirk of hers.

“You tease me about being a young faculty. But its young enough to not be dull but old enough to teach you a few things,” she said with a wink.

I then reached up and pulled her face down to meet mine. We kissed for the first time, which had been my desire since her face popped through the shower curtain at me. It felt great to have her tongue run across mine. My tongue explored her entire mouth trying to find areas to distinguish her saliva, her piss, my piss, my come.

We kissed for awhile, then Kris scooted up and straddled me, her pussy hovering over my awaiting tongue. My tongue slid along her slit. She was wet from the shower water, her piss and her own juices collecting. My hands reached up and grabbed her ass and pushed her pussy further onto my face allowing my tongue to insert into her hole and flick along her inner walls. As my tongue explored her depths, Kris reached up and began squeezing her nipples, bringing them to even greater hardness.

My tongue pulled out and began to tease her clit. This made Kris reposition and lean back, supporting herself with both her hands at either side of my ass and grinding her pussy into my face. My nose was now teasing her clit as my tongue found parts deeper inside her than they found before. Then Kris began to spasm. Her orgasm rocked her body and rocked my head as she was still grinding away on me. My tongue felt the spasm and was now busily working to gather up all of her juices. She tasted so great. So many flavors for my tongue it was insane.

After awhile, I felt I had collected all her juices and Kris slid off my face and down to my chest. Still holding her self up with her arms leaning back Kris gave me a smirk and I knew what was coming. Kris leaned forward and straddled my chest with her knees and lifted her butt off of me and began to piss on my chest. The piss ran in every direction, down my chest toward my stomach, off down towards my neck and down either side of me collecting on the bed sheet. Kris moved her butt further down my body trying to coat my whole torso with her piss. She reached my piss and her last drops landed on my cock.

Kris moved down to lick the piss off my dick. I moved her legs back up so that she could lick my dick while I could taste her mixed juices again off her pussy. Licking each other dry, I got up and had Kris get on her hands and knees. I moved to the edge of the bed and gave Kris’ ass cheeks and pussy lips kisses before lining up my hard dick to her pussy. I was kneeling on one knee as I used the other leg for leverage to thrust myself deep into her. I pulled back on her hair and Kris turned her head around to give me another smirk for encouragement. I moved a hand to the side of her to switch from playing with her left tit and teasing her clit. Kris was now on elbows and knees thrusting her butt higher into the air allowing me to dip into her deeper. What I couldn’t tease with my free hand, Kris rubbed herself. I pulled back on her hair hard and Kris arched her back as my cock buried in deep and hard.

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