A Daughter’s Taboo Love for Mother

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Introduction to my story. It will contain BDSM sex and incest between consenting adults and same sex sexual encounters so if that is not your cup of tea I am warning you right now. All characters in this story are fictional.


At forty six, Leadre Sinclair was still a very lovely woman. Her shoulder length brunette hair had no signs of grey as did her friends her own age and the other women in her peer group so she had no need to dye her hair as some of the others did. Her bright green eyes were envied by the other women her knew her and sparkled like precious gem stones, her alabaster skin was soft and blemish free and she had the complexion of a woman fifteen years younger. While age started to catch up with her body, having gained a few pounds especially in her buttocks her waist still remained thin and flat; Leadre had a very alluring figure and would never be considered overweight and even thought with vanity that she liked the extra curve in her still firm butt and now larger but firm breasts. Age had given her more curves and an hour glass figure attracted the attention of men many years younger than her.

Leadre was widow, her husband having been killed in a car accident five years ago. The accident crushed her emotionally as well as her daughter who was thirteen at the time and five years later she still had not met a man nor wanted to meet a man to fulfill the emptiness in her heart. She dated only two men since her husband was killed, much to the disappointment of her daughter Natalie who felt like her mother should never love again. But a woman had needs, especially a woman such as Leadre who her and her husband had been very sexually active since the day they had been married. Leadre did have sex with one of the men she dated but she felt unfulfilled sexually and emotionally and thought maybe her daughter was right; she should not date because no one could replace her dear husband she loved so much and who fulfilled her sexual desires so completely.

The man she dated briefly and three times she invited him to share her bed was only the second man she had ever been with sexually, the first being her late husband. She gave up on dating and just resigned herself to be the perfect mother for her daughter and through herself into organizing fund raisers for her daughter’s high school, charity events for her church, and other projects. Leadre was lovely and charming and while she flirted innocently with single men and her friend’s husbands, who never minded since they knew it was harmless and part of the woman’s charm, she gave up on dating. Oh she still had sexual needs and desires but she kept them to herself and when they arose she pleased herself at night when alone in her bed. To everyone on the outside looking in they saw a beautiful woman who was very kind and caring and maintained a stable and healthy home for her and her daughter and all seemed perfect but for the lack of a husband or man of the house. But Leadre and Natalie knew it was not perfect and put on a great façade.

Leadre loved her daughter a great deal but most of the time she felt that love was not returned. Her eighteen year old daughter was beautiful like her mother, inherited her mother’s alabaster skin, her green eyes, her charm and perfect lady like mannerisms; but she also inherited somethings from her father’s side of the family as well. At age eighteen, Natalie was small in stature just like her paternal grandmother and stood only five foot three and was thin and had small breasts. Oh she was beautiful and healthy and not frail looking but she was very petite. That never held the young girl back however. Natalie was popular in school, extremely intelligent and tested with a genius level IQ, charming, graceful, had manners that highly impressed the women of her grandmother’s social peer group, and a perfect Southern Belle. But Natalie also inherited something else form her father’s mother; she could be mean and cruel with her words and sometimes actions towards not only her friends and people she felt were beneath her socially.

A local magazine that catered to the social elite of the city of Savannah did an article of the young debutants who would be introduced into society at the Savannah Christmas Cotillion and singled out Natalie Sinclair. In the article the magazine wrote Natalie was the most charming, intelligent, witty, graceful young lady to be introduced and had the lovely beauty of a finely crafted porcelain doll.

Natalie ruled her social clique and her friends constantly sought her approval on what clothes to wear, what boys to date, and what parties they should attend. Natalie was the Queen B of her school and she never hesitated to do whatever she could to keep that status, whether it was by using her sharp cruel tongue to insult people she felt a threat or spread nasty rumors about people she felt needed to be put back in their place, or unbeknown by her mother used sex to get what she wanted. erotik hikayeler

Leadre felt responsible for her daughter’s behavior. She was an only child and after she was born Leadre could not have any more children due to medical reasons form the childbirth and her and her husband spoiled the girl; her husband so much worse. Oh Leadre taught her manners and proper etiquette that was the pride of girls and women of their social class in a Southern city such as Savannah and she attended cotillions and debutante balls and even had her coming out at the Savannah Christmas Cotillion this past year. To others who did know her well, Natalie was just like her mother; beautiful, charming, the perfect Southern Lady; but some close to her knew of her mean and cruel streak and felt it first hand and they were frightened by it. Leadre knew most of her daughter’s faults and they got worse when her husband died.

Natalie seemed to blame her mother for her father’s death even if there was no cause to. Natalie adored her father and she was his little girl; his princess and after he died a large rift grew between mother and daughter. At times Leadre felt her daughter actually hated her and it got worse when Natalie decided to spend more time with her father’s cruel mother.

Grandmother Sinclair never like Leadre, she felt her son married beneath him socially and Leadre was not a proper wife for him. The Sinclair’s were the top of their social clique and that meant a great deal in a city of Savannah where blood and heritage mattered more than bank accounts. She considered Leadre white trash who married her son for social standing and money and convinced her granddaughter of the same. But none of that was true; Leadre was not trash but from an old southern family from Macon, but to her new mother in law Macon was not Savannah. Grandmother Sinclair doted on her lovely granddaughter Natalie and at her grandmother’s knee Natalie learned how to be charming and a proper Savannah Belle, but she also learned how to be cruel and to manipulate and from others she learned how to use sex and her body to be cruel and manipulate in ways her kind and caring mother would never dream of.

Leadre also had a secret that she dared not share with anyone and consumed her with guilt. The older woman was having an affair with an eighteen year old boy. If she tried to wrap her mind around how it started she could truly not figure out how it did. The first time she was a little drunk she knew that but the few times after that when she met him she was sober and could not use her loneliness and alcohol as an excuse. Over the past two months since her taboo affair started she saw the young man several times. Each time she met with him she had every intention of breaking off the affair but she never could; her desire to have sex and fulfill her loneliness seemed to take over and she could not resists her lover’s advances. He did not make love to her and to put it simply, he fucked her and often used her body for what Leadre considered the young man’s perverse pleasures.

He used her like a whore and a sex toy and fucked her like they were making a porn video and made vulgar and crude comments about her body and age as they had sex. While the older woman often got humiliated by the things her young lover did to her body and the names he called her or the crude comments he made about her body and even her age to her shame she enjoyed it and had many orgasms from the things he did to her and how he treated her and as much as she tried to deny the pleasures he gave her from the things he did to her or made her do to him and the multitude of times she wanted to end their affair she could not resist his sexually advances and always gave in. But all the ways her young lover degraded and used her body was nothing compared to the guilt and shame she felt over the fact that her young lover Justin was her own daughter’s boyfriend!

Justin was eighteen, the same age of her daughter and attended the same elite private school as Natalie. He was very handsome, well built, stood six two, and one of the star players on the school’s football team and baseball team. He had been dating Natalie for almost seven months and seduced his girlfriend’s mother two months ago when Natalie was away at cheerleading camp. Leadre could never wrap her mind around how it happened, true she was a little drunk from wine when Justin came over to her house that first night but that was no excuse.

It just happened and she did protest and tried to get him to stop, well her mind did but her body betrayed her; Justin even told her that Natalie and him never had sex and all she did was give him the occasional blow job and that his girlfriend seemed rather prudish and frigid when it came to anything sexual. Justin told his older lover that her daughter did not even allow him finger her sex or even allow him to feel her small breasts. However Leadre had gotten herself in the situation and how often she wanted to end the affair she never could and even as she told the young man now she knew it was just words cause her body was always willing to be used Justin anyway he wanted. She even found herself getting jealous of her own daughter when she would go on dates with the young man even if Justin told her Natalie never let him fuck her.

One night after he dropped her off from a date, Leadre watched from her bedroom window as the young couple sat in the car, were kissing, and then saw her daughter’s head drop to her boyfriend’s lap and as she observed her daughter’s head going up and down she knew Natalie was giving her boyfriend a blow job. Leadre knew she should not watch but it aroused her and she could not take her eyes off the sight. After she saw Natalie’s head come back up, and her daughter used her hands to bring the boy to orgasm; Justin told her Natalie refused to let him cum in her mouth. When Natalie got out of the car, Leadre went to bed and used her vibrator and brought herself to orgasm thinking of her giving Justin a blow job, but she would allow the boy to cum in her mouth and swallow every bit of the boy’s sex fluid; she never had a choice not to since Justin made her and she did enjoy the feeling and taste of his cum. Leadre knew she need not worry about her daughter walking in her room to let her know she was home; Natalie rarely spoke to her mother these days and had recently moved into the one bedroom guest house behind their main house.

It was forty minutes after midnight and Leadre was sitting at the small dinette table in her kitchen drinking her third glass of wine. She was not drunk but was feeling quite buzzed from the alcohol as she waited. It was early spring and a Friday night, and the weather outside was warm and humid which was typical for this time of year in Savannah, Georgia. She was waiting for her guest to arrive. Earlier her daughter told her she was going to Charleston, South Carolina to visit a college she was considering attending with her best friend Renee Monroe and Renee’s mother Nancy Monroe and they would not be back until late Sunday afternoon. Leadre felt more than a little jealousy since her own daughter spent more time with her best friend and her best friend’s mother than she did with her own mother whom she seemed to have very little feelings for.

The next text she got was from Justin as she was driving home He told her since Natalie was going out of town he was coming over to fuck her all weekend. Leadre replied back she was not in the mood but her young lover replied to that text he knew she was because she was a whore and that their little game of her protesting was getting old. He then told her he would be there around midnight and to wear something sexy. Leadre replied back for the young boy to please park his car in the back yard drive way.

Leadre got home and took a shower, washed her hair, and made sure her body was very clean for her young lover and trimmed her pubic hair around her vulva; Justin wanted her to shave it all completely but she just could not go that far with it so she kept it nice and trim for him. She dried her hair long black hair and put it in a single pony tail going down to the middle of her back, another thing her lover liked, and then she put on her makeup and applied it more heavily around her eyes than normal; again something her young lover liked and then she applied dark red lipstick. Next she went to her large walk in closet and all the way in the back is where she hid her slutty sexy outfits she had been collecting ever since she started her affair with her daughter’s boyfriend. She selected a black corset with red trim and a red heart over the between the breast area. The corset was low cut but still covered her breasts but pushed them up to give her a nice amount of cleavage. The waist of the corset came down just below her belly button so it bared her stomach. Next she choose a pair of black panties that were made of satin and bikini cut and really accented her butt. She decided to use a garter and garter belts attached to black thigh high stockings and she put on a pair of black three inch heels.

She grabbed her robe from the hook on her master bathroom door and before putting it over her body she admired herself in the mirror turning around slowly. She actually smiled at her reflection because she looked very pretty and sexy and it aroused her to see the fullness of her breasts being pushed up by the corset and the way her curvy butt cheeks looked in the panties. The older woman enjoyed the way her butt, now just a little larger than in her youth, looked with her flat stomach. She knew she was a very lovely woman and men desired her. Leadre then put on her robe, just a plain light blue satin robe that came down just above her knees that she was going to wear until her lover arrived and then walked downstairs to wait. She decided she would not protest tonight nor try and break off the affair, knowing it was too late for that plus it has been a week and a half since Justin fucked her and she really desired him tonight and would be willing to do anything he wanted.

It was almost one in the morning when the doorbell from the back door rang and Leadre was a little angry that Justin was so late but she knew complaining would do no good, the young man was always in control of her. She stood up and adjusted her robe to hide her outfit and walked to the back of the house to answer the door. She smiled when she saw Justin, wearing a pair of light blue shirts and a white polo shirt, but her smile turned into a frown when she saw he was not alone. Justin walked in the house without waiting to be invited in and Leadre has to step out of the way when the other boy with Justin walked in behind him.

She knew who the other boy was; he too went to the same school as her young lover and her daughter. Everyone at the school and anyone who followed local and even state and national football knew who he was. Derrick Mason was one of the top high school recruits in the country for football. He had already committed to a scholarship at the University of Georgia as a defensive lineman. To say he was a large young man would be an understatement. Derrick was nineteen and stood six five and weighed at least three hundred and ten pounds. His body was a layer of fat but underneath that fat was hard muscle and it was known that Derrick was as strong as a bull.

Leadre did not think he was a nice looking young man and not even considered cute; his white skin was naturally tan and he had close set eyes that made him look mean and intimidating, and his hair was buzz cut. It was also know he was not the most intelligent student at school, having been held back a grade when he was in a freshman and he had barely the GPA to allow him to make him allegeable play college football. But even with his tremendous size, Derrick moved fast and that plus his strength made him a great football player for his position.

They all three stood in the small foyer in the back of the house, Derrick filling the room with his size making it seem smaller than it was, Justin was grinning at Leadre who stood there frozen in surprise.

“I need to piss.” Derrick announced in a deep voice.

“Bathroom is past the living room and second door on the left.” Justin told him, knowing the lay out of the large home. “Give me the beer and I’ll put it in the fridge and make yourself at home in the living room.” Justin pulled a can of the beer form the package and handed it to Derrick.

Derrick handed Justin the beer and walked to the bathroom and the floor shook a little from his size.

“Justin…what…I…did you know he was going to be with you?” Leadre asked. She could not even consider that Justin knew he was going to bring his friend if he told her to dress the way she was.

Justin grinned, “Come on…I need put the beer up and keep it cold.” He said ignoring her question.

Leadre followed the young man into the kitchen and after he put the beer in the refrigerator he turned and walked to her. Leadre had just stood in the center of the kitchen dumbfounded and also embarrassed by the way she was dressed. True one could not see the sexy outfit she had under the robe, but still just wearing a robe in front of the other boy was embarrassing.

Justin wrapped his arms around the older woman’s waist and pulled her in to kiss her. Leadre held up her smaller arms and tried to push him away as she turned her head.

“Justin, stop…you…you need to stop. What if Derrick comes back in and sees us? I need to change clothes.” She struggled.

“So what if he sees us. He knows I am fucking you. Plus he won’t come in here.” Justin pulled the top of the woman’s robe aside. “Let me look at what you have on.”

Leadre continued to struggle and pull the robe back on her but it was useless since Justin was stronger than she was.

Justin was a very handsome young man and stood about six one and hard nice muscles that were well defined like the body of an Olympic swimmer. His hair was cut and styled just a little over his ears and just off the collar in the back. His also had a nice natural tan but his complexion was darker now due to the sun from his time in the sun over the summer. His eyes were sky blue and he was extremely charming and popular and considered a major catch for girls at school to date or hook up with.

Leadre continued to struggle but it was useless and she soon found her robe lying at her feet and stood in the kitchen displaying the sexy outfit she choose to wear. Justin pushed her back a little but still held on to her.

“Nice. New outfit?”

Leadre nodded, “The…the corset is new, yes. Justin I can’t believe you told Derrick about us. What if Natalie finds out or…or anyone else?”

Justin pulled the older woman closer to him and started kissing her neck as his right hand went down her corset to fondle her nipple and his left hand closed around her butt.

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