A Complete Lust Fulfilled

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As Star woke up early, she remembered that she’d backed out of a promised intimate conversation, which she had so looked forward to. This mystery man was very seductive and mysterious.

“Hey … hope you’re having a good morning.”

She texted casually, trying to keep it cool.

A few texts in, he wrote back to her and said, “I wish you were my breakfast.”

After she got confirmation of how excited he was from some pics, she prepared for the call.

She laid down on the floor and put the cam in front of her. Soon they were both horny on cam, she pulled her black panties tight and his cock began to swell as he noticed how much more toned her body was since they last “played”.

“Oh yes, you look so ready for me…” Star moaned… her internet lover was all man, and so experienced. He breathed out “Oh let me see you …”

She pulled down her black panties … fixed her eyes on him stroking his huge cock and quickly put her fingers in to explore her wet, hot pussy.

“Ohh fuck!” She moaned, as was feeling insatiable and horny as hell.

“You’re soaked, look at your pussy. She is wet and my cock ….” he moans softly, “wants you.”

As his voice turned her on even more, the white juice began to flow. They both furiously panted and masturbated for each other. As he came, his sounds of having an orgasm drove her over the edge. His cum poured and shot out, and Star’s eyes rolled up to the ceiling.

“FUCK! I’m going to cum!!!” Her body clenched as she squealed in delight, rubbing her pussy firmly. She breathed out, “oh… my fucking god!”

Star was on the floor in a puddle of cum. he clothing was strewn about. They both felt satisfied, and promised the other that they would talk soon.

It would be inevitably happening again because they couldn’t resist making each other cum spontaneously.

Star shaved her pussy in the shower afterwards and laid down in the tub. She wanted even Afyon Escort more. Deeper satisfaction…

As she fingered her pussy, she remembered how nice he’d made her feel. She grabbed her phone and slid her pussy right up to the water, as she switched from shower to the tub water. She began to make a movie for her lover… she moaned out, “I miss your cock!”

The hot water was gushing over her pussy with so much pressure, and she began to increase the heat and the pressure. As it felt so good, she lifted her hips up to the fixture, so she was closer up to it, and began to buck her hips.

Up, up, up… almost into an unbearable amount of hot water pouring over her thirsty pussy.

The sensation was so wild she orgasmed four times and was barely able to hold her phone.

Star hit “send” and took a breath. Standing back up, some water poured out of her.

An abrupt knock came to the door.

It was a package delivery, and Star put on a white satin robe.

Swinging open the door, the package delivery driver’s jaw dropped. Star was soaking wet, and basically looked naked in the luxurious robe. The delivery driver man was Star’s old high school boyfriend Bill. Nothing sexual had ever happened between them, bit there was always a lot of sexual tension because he was worried about turning of legal age before her.

“Bill!” Star was very surprised, and he was clearly enjoying the view. His pants showed his huge cock shooting up into attention, pointing at her.

She looked down and realized she had no idea how well endowed the “one who got away” actually was. On a whim and feeling wild and horny… she grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside her apartment.

He handed her the box he was delivering, she tossed it aside and began kissing him deeply.

As they got even closer, his girth pressed even more firmly against her through his pants and her robe.

“Are you sure..” Afyon Escort Bayan Bill startes to ask.

Star grabbed his hand and put it up against her wet pussy, which she knew was hotter and wetter than she’d ever been. No man would resist her heat, it was still swollen and pulsing cum.

When he touched her, he instantly said, “Oh GOD!” and pushed her down on her couch.

He buried his face, instinctively into his ex-girlfriend’s pussy he’d never gotten to have, or touch. His skills since high school were much more refined, so he decided to show her how grateful he was to show her. He peeled off her robe, and his uniform.

She was amazed at the fit man he had become.

After an hour of 69, teasing, licking, laughing, and making each other cum with a helping hand… he leaned in and said…

“This time… I’m going to pump my cum inside that amazingly sexy pussy..”

She squealed and put her legs up.

He swept her up and took her into her bedroom.

Standing with her legs around him, he positioned himself slowly. savoring the moment.

She closed her eyes and said … “Yes, insist you fill my pussy. Make me feel how that thick cock will stretch me.”

Sliding it up and down the opening of her pussy, he said…”You know you made me wait for years. Close your eyes and let me surprise you. If i could wait … years… you can wait a moment!”

Star moaned, groaning rocked her hips up to meet him, as if she could make him hurry inside.

He continued to watch her body squirm and squirt as he alternately slid his tip over her pussy and sometimes licking a finger to slide it in her as she began to shake and scream.

As he finally felt in control he also took some pictures, she sat up, “what are you doing!?”

Just as she asked, he pushed his huge cock into her all at once and she realized he was filling her AND filming her. It was such a kinky day, Escort Afyon all she had left in her was lustful surrender because all she could do was focus on how big his cock felt pumping in and our of her. A car engine video came to mind for her as she orgasms on his cock, which he only pushed harder and faster in response to her pussy squeezing him tight with her orgasm. He watched as he was even swollen bigger looking at his cock in her perfectly shaved pussy, it was pouring juice on him.

His work phone rang and he ignored it.

Flipping her over, her pussy was exposed and red. He licked her again then pulled her back onto him, doggie style. She took over, slamming back hard and trying to take every inch.


She fell foward on the bed in a collapsed multiple orgasm. He started to really intensify his pace and then finally pushed his last of 10 inches into her with the pace of a rabbit.

She felt a mixture of both pleasure and pain as his cock stretched her to new limits she’d not accompanied. It felt like his size and rhythm was growing with every push.


A yell came from both and his hot cum made her convulsion like flows of orgasmic waves of pleasure.

“Do you like this?” He asked her.

Their hot juices were running down onto their thighs now.

“Yes, YES, Yesss!”. She squealed and pushed up against him for a final thrust.

He pulled out and caressed her pussy, and she said, “don’t stop..”

He remained another twenty minutes to finger her and watching her trick in the tub and he was so inspired he found himself giving her a big hard fuck on her bathroom sink.

As he left and she went to bed that night, she knew she’d never have a better day of lust, for her whole life.

She fingered herself and her lover responded to her video. She began again with him, putting her feet on the night stand to straddle the phone cam…fucking herself harder and harder for his delight and she let out an animal-like cry as she came, yet again.

“OHHHHHHHHH! unnnnhh!”

She orgasmed and felt so in control of her sexuality. her sleep that night was deep and she felt so satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32