787 Amethyst Dr.

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Mandy Rivers sat down on the leather love seat that she had possessed for the past two decades. Ms. Rivers was regrettably single and had not been laid in almost three years. She was 42 years old and the abstinence of sex was not by her own choosing. Two kids, a miserable divorce, and hyperactive fifth grade students had taken a toll on her once statuesque looks. While in no way shape or form what you would consider gorgeous, Ms. Rivers was not at all ugly. She had curly brunette hair and a lovely smile. Her boobs were not the biggest or the perkiest but they were round and firm. A tummy was present that Mandy was not particularly satisfied with and below that was a pair of wide, thick hips. Fair skinned, extremely dense thighs and calves rounded out the 42 year old school teacher.

It was Saturday night and Mandy sat silently in the living room of her house on 787 Amethyst Drive. She turned on the TV and relaxed in the old leather love seat. It was late, almost midnight and Mandy had decided to partake in her normal Saturday night ritual of laundry and TV. The laundry had been put off on the past Saturday for reasons of pure laziness. The result of this laundry neglecting, was extremely comical. Having virtually no clean clothes to wear, Mandy Rivers was dressed in a one piece neon bathing suit that appeared to be a relic of 1986. Complimenting this bizarre ensemble was a pair of dark green, knee length soccer socks. They looked ridiculous and she was wearing them simply for the fact that her legs were cold. Mandy found a cheesy, black and white horror movie on cable and giggled quietly as she reflected on her ridiculous outfit.

Thank goodness you don’t have a boyfriend Mandy! Who does laundry and watches TV wearing a neon, one piece swim suit? Better yet, who does this on a Saturday night? Better yet, who still owns a swimsuit like this? You certainly don’t have the body for it. By the way, aren’t those little laundry pods adorable? The little detergent packs! This is what you’ve become excited over. The shrink wrapped detergent packs. Stop thinking about a stiff, gaziantep escort throbbing penis. It’s all about grading papers and detergent packs. Get used to it kiddo…

The horror movie continued on with its ridiculous nonsense. Mandy watched it mindlessly, wishing she had company. In reality, she was wishing that her lodger would be back from his night out on the town. Her lodger had often headed out on the weekends as most single males tend to do. Never less, she was bored and wished he was here to spend time with her and pass the boring laundry hours. Mandy didn’t even really know where he went, it certainly wasn’t to a girl’s residence. Clifford was single and he had made that known to her many times.

787 Amethyst Drive was a relatively quiet place. Mandy had inherited the four bedroom, prairie style house from her late mother. Three months ago she had put out an advertisement to rent one of the bedrooms. It wasn’t that she needed the money it was more that she was lonely and wanted even the most minimal companionship. The first individual to answer the advertisement in the local newspaper was also the last. Cliff Connor was a 29 year old graduate student at the local university. He was tall, broad shouldered and handsome but with an obvious gut. He had knocked on the door one Saturday afternoon and she had led him into the kitchen of 787 Amethyst Drive. Mandy knew that they would get along almost instantly. She had brewed him a pot of English breakfast tea which he preferred to coffee. Mandy had hated coffee and she believed it was little things like this that made individuals get along so well. They had discussed much over this pot of English tea. Cliff was studying women’s studies as well as Cantonese and Mandarin language. As an academic herself, Mandy was intrigued by this unusually sophisticated young man. After two hours of tea and cookies she had offered to become his landlord. The rent was extremely reasonable and he had accepted immediately.

The first few weeks were without incident. Mandy went to her school teaching job and babelan.net Cliff went to the University. Occasionally, they had dinner together as Cliff was a great cook. Most often, he was out of the residence and Mandy was alone. Two weeks ago on a Saturday night, Mandy had discovered Vulture’s Brew. It was a DVD of sorts that Cliff had left in the Blu Ray player accidently. She had made a great big bowl of popcorn while she did laundry in anticipation of seeing a documentary about vultures. The Egyptian Vulture or Pharaoh’s Chicken had always been Mandy’s favorite and she had covered it extensively when she touched on ornithology to her students.

Mandy had snuggled up on the couch in her yoga pants and sweatshirt to watch the film. She had begun to munch on red kernel popcorn right as the film began playing. There had been no vultures and what she had begun to view shocked her to the core. A woman was on screen straddling the upper torso of a man. She was a large, busty woman with massive thighs and an enormous ass. The woman looked much like Mandy did as a matter of fact. The man was naked and drenched in sweat and oils. He wriggled and bucked but the woman’s huge muscular thighs pinned his biceps and shoulders to a carpeted floor. Strapped around the woman’s waist was a thick, green strap-on dildo. It must have been at least 8 inches longs. Mandy watched in horror as the woman giggled, moaned and fucked the helpless man’s mouth with the huge cock.

Often times he would gag, buck his hips and claw at the woman’s huge legs. The woman on Vulture’s Brew would simply make him deep throat the dildo till he gagged and his eyes teared. His screams were muffled by the pastel colored cock in his mouth and although Mandy felt repulsed, her panties beneath the yoga pants had started to saturate with fresh pussy juice. After watching the film in morbid fascination for almost ten minutes, Mandy stood up to turn it off. This is when the scene had abruptly changed. The woman in the video had laid the man over the edge of a couch and had his penis aimed at his own mouth. She was jerking his cock vigorously and grunting while the man moaned. Almost soothingly, this woman coached him to open his mouth wide and without warning he shot a huge cum load down his own throat. Simultaneously, the Video Woman seemed to climax violently and she stuck her foot into the man’s sperm covered mouth.

Mandy could see the man’s Adam’s apple contract as he swallowed gobs of his hot seed. As the man began sucking Video Woman’s toes, Mandy had finally shut the TV off. She had tried to ignore the accumulating pool of juices in her large panties but it was to no avail and eventually she had to change them. As that evening had continued with laundry chores she vowed not to bring up the DVD with Cliff. He had left it in the player by accident and there she left it for him to find. It was none of her business as she had convinced herself and she went to pop in her copy of Sunset Blvd. the next evening. Happily, she noticed that Vulture’s Brew was gone from the disc tray.

That had been two weeks ago and there had been no porn related incidents since. Here, at 787 Amethyst Drive, Mandy Rivers sat in a one piece neon bathing suit and dark green soccer socks. She glanced at the clock on the wall and wondered how much time the washer had left. She paid almost no attention to the movie playing in front of her and her mind was taking her to a lonely place. Mandy had thought often about the DVD and was wondering just exactly how kinky and perverse Cliff Connor really was. No wonder he said he didn’t have a girlfriend. The Vulture’s Brew scenes had disgusted her so much at first but throughout the past two weeks she had found herself thinking about the pornography almost uncontrollably.

Calmly, Mandy slid the neon spandex crotch of the swim suit to the side and slipped two fingers against her slightly damp pussy. She went mentally to a different place. A place of passion and desire. Mandy did not notice when the washing machine down the hall clicked off. Nor did she notice the sound of Cliff’s house key being inserted into the lock on the front door. Her eyes were closed and her huge curvy legs spread on the love seat as she began to more strenuously pleasure herself. It was then that the front door opened with a loud creak.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32