10E Ch. 03

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Your hand grabs his semi-swollen cock, squeezing it as tight as you can. You admit to yourself that this is all very erotic; you can’t help but hope your ever-tightening grip is hurting him. You bite your bottom lip. My god he is thick. You realize he is not wearing underwear. He releases your hand, yet you don’t move. You don’t even realize that you have blocked out everything around you. Staring at his thick bulge, feeling him throb and twitch. Wondering, is he going to come? You cross and tighten your legs feeling your own swollen, throbbing clit against the soft satin of your underwear. He moves your hand as his hand unzips his pants to expose his cock. You nervously look around and begin to recoil. He puts his arm around your neck and brings your ear to his lips…

“I think you have a job to do, tease”. His words make the hair on your arm stand up. Your hand reaches before you can even process…. you are obeying orders? His stiff, throbbing member in your tiny delicate hand, such power. You can barely make out the head of his beautiful cock under the edge illegal bahis of the table. Your finger playing with the tip, long nails stroking the shaft. You’ll show him a tease. Cocks are so wonderful you think to yourself. You look up at him and begin to stroke ever so slowly. You begin rocking ever so slightly as you stare into his eyes….

Coyly smiling you ask, “Can I have another drink please, Mr. James?”.

This should end his little charade, you think to yourself. Your hand slowwwwly stroking as you stare into his eyes. He is obviously un-phased. You call his bluff. With your hand tightening its grip, you turn your head to the bar and make eye contact with Marcus. “Another for me, please”, you mouth. He nods. Before you can even turn your head for his reaction…your booth mate shouts “Make that 2”. Your hand relaxes. He grabs your wrist. You turn back, but not before noticing every person in the bar has turned and looked in your direction. Your mouth half opened, your look at him.

“FINISH!”, he commands thru grit teeth in a forced whisper. illegal bahis siteleri You grab. Some gazers are still looking. Your hand moves slightly faster as your own pussy begins to grow even wetter. A couple sitting farther away but still staring make eye contact. You wonder if they can know. Can the see the subtle arm movements giving away the playing underneath the table? Marcus set downs the drinks and retreats.

You are now sitting on one of your legs. Feeling the dampness of your crotch against the smooth skin of you calf. Rocking against the flesh of your own leg. Mr. James slides slightly back from the table. You look down at the exposed gap between the table and his stomach and can now see the outcome of your diligent work under the edge of the table. His cock now throbbing. You know he is about to cum. Wondering if you should slow down, speed up or stop. The sight of his long, thick cock has you too turned on to stop. His hand has found its way up to the back of your neck. No way, you think to yourself. He can’t possibly think. Just at the moment canlı bahis siteleri he pushes your head down into his lap. Your knees drop to the floor. His gushing load is deposited into your eager mouth. Twitching, spasms, drop after thick drop of his milky, thick, salty, delicious cum shoots down the back of your throat. Your own body tightens and without even touching yourself you cum. Cum so hard your head starts violently moving up and down. Trying desperately to suck every drop out of this man. To please him, make him cum harder and better than ever before in his life.

“Thud”! You stop and turn to see your purse beside you on the floor. You crawl out from under the table on all fours…. His face is there to greet you.

“Find it?”.

“Aaaaa…right here?” You hold your purse up. Waving it like a flag of surrender.

Desperate to show the whole bar that you had a reason to go under the table other than to catch his cum. Standing and looking around you again see everyone looking. My god, did they see? Did they know? He slides into the booth as he pulls you in next to him.

“Nice finish”, he says. You smile awkwardly. “Next time your mouth is gonna have to earn it. I want to see how good those nice lips can suck a cock.”

You smile at the thought of showing him…pleasing him.

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