Young America (Friendship)

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This is a heart-felt story and a little more on the serious side than the others, but still has good action. I hope you enjoy it.

Ronnie woke up at nine in the morning, like usual, to the warm summer breeze flowing through his open window. As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed his usual morning wood standing out making his sleeping pants a massive tent. He yawned, and felt the familiar unrestricted urge to jack off, and planned to, after he shut the window.

His hand grabbed the window and pulled it to, but something caught his eye that he couldn’t believe. Down by the pool laid the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood, Salem. She was laying face-down, but topless, Ronnie felt the surge of blood rush to his penis, and knew the ache of what nature intended for him to do, but society had restricted.

He rushed over to his door, and flipped the lock. His legs couldn’t seem to carry him fast enough back to the glorious sight. Ronnie watched her from his perch, and noticed the younger children in the next yard jumping on the trampoline, but he didn’t care if they saw him this time. Salem’s young supple body called to him with all of her womanly vice.

Salem was wearing a red two piece with her top on the ground, and her bottom riding deep inside her toned ass. She was a white girl, but tanned from the sun like a beautiful angel. Ronnie admired her as an older kid, but knew that he could never be with her, or even get her attention. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind that this was the kind of attention she really wanted, even from a young boy like him. That’s what he thought anyways.

Ronnie pulled his pajama pants down, and released the beast. His hand gripped the shaft with determined authority, and began to tug and pull with every stroke making it longer and harder. He focused in on the crack of her ass, and pictured his penis sliding up and down her toned back. He got a thrill just thinking about rubbing his balls on the small of her back and down between her tight cheeks.

Suddenly everything changed though, Ronnie ducked behind the curtain as she rolled over and her small B sized tits perked up to the sun and into full view. They were tanned and glorious to behold as Ronnie inched back up, practically drooling. The small pink nipples stood proud under the summer sun, and called out to Ronnie’s rock hard penis.

Salem knew she was being watched, and loved the thrill that she got from being a Good Samaritan. She had picked this spot just so the little lesbian girl could fulfill her desires for Salem’s lusty older body. Salem felt sorry for her as the only lesbian that she knew of in the neighborhood, and wanted to give her this gift of sexual desire as well as fulfill her own.

Salem was by no means a lesbian, but appreciated the female physique and always loved an admirer. She kept an eye on the lesbian girl through her oversized aviators, while the younger girl peeked through the fence slats. Salem looked down her belly, and smiled at her voyeur friend. She slowly widened her smooth legs, and slid her finger between them. Her finger pulled the suit to the side to give the young lesbian girl the view of a lifetime.

Salem became wet with the thought that she was showing a the younger girl her newly shaved, virgin pussy. She closed her eyes, and relished the thought of the shy girl fingering herself to her pink, luscious vagina. Salem’s young body went frantic with the thought of the lesbian girl squirming her tongue in and out, and pressing against Salem’s hymen. She could practically feel the wet little worm working its way in, slowly caressing each sensitive part in between her smooth legs.

Raven breathed heavily as she rubbed her white panties, crouching in the alleyway behind the large trashcans. She could feel the dampness of her own juices as another pair of panties needed washed, but then something caught her eye. Her fingers came to a stop, and her eyes went wide as she noticed Ronnie peeking through the top window.

Something jolted through her that instant as she looked down at Salem’s pink pussy, and back up to Ronnie’s focused motion. Their three-way circle jerk, was profound to her, and turned her on more than just Salem. She loved girls, but always thought boys were okay too, as long as they were young or more illegal bahis feminine.

Her small fingers worked their way around her cotton underwear, and she closed her eyes preparing for penetration. The two fingers came up and slightly in, hitting just the right spot. Nearly the whole neighborhood heard her loud moan, including Ronnie and Salem.

All three of the teen’s eyes widened as they stopped what they were doing, and covered themselves. Ronnie finished his exploits, but Salem put her suit back on and left. Raven finished too, but it was more of a letdown because she had to stop than anything else. She longed for more, and maybe even a little boy fun on the side now too.

The bell rang, and school was finally out. The cool air of autumn was now blowing in from the north, and everything felt more festive and inviting. Ronnie exited the school, and felt the invigoration of fall break upon him. He stood confident, short red hair ablaze against the chilly approaching winds of winter. He sported his collared white shirt un-tucked for the first time in eight hours with pride. His shirt tail blew in the wind like a flag of victory. He pulled his cell phone out, and walked with swagger down the sidewalk.

A small half asian girl waited on a bench beside the red bricked school with her arms shivering inside her black hoody. Her mid length black hair blew to the side revealing sad, but longing eyes. “I’ve been waiting forever for you, jerk! It’s fucking cold, don’t ya know!?”

Ronnie’s swagger became even more dramatic as he put his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry for the wait Raven, but had to serve detention again. That damned Mrs. Biel is out to get me, I swear.” He smiled, looking for any hint of forgiveness in her cold eyes.

She put her arms back through the hoody sleeves, and grabbed her patched up, pink backpack. She intentionally bumped her shoulder against his revealing how short she was compared to him while they walked. “Who was in detention today?”

“Well, Sammy was there like always for tardiness, and Tad because he is a fucking idiot. I was surprised to see Karla there, and Salem. They usually get off because they’re cheerleaders…”
The rest of his sentence was a blur as Raven’s mind came back to Ronnie’s pool. Her face became red against the chilled winds, and her eyes looked past the sidewalk into memories of Salem’s glorious virgin pussy. She felt warm, but most of all horny now.

“What’re you so worked up about?”

She came back into reality with the jolt of realization. “Oh, sorry I was just zoned out again.”

He put his arm around her to keep her a little warmer. “Are you excited about seeing the movie, after all we have been planning this since last year now? I hope they keep true to the book…” She just nodded still halfway into thought.

She glanced up to him as they crossed the street. “Do you know Salem?” He looked down at her surprised. “Well, sorta. Why, whats up? You think she’s hot?” A big grin escaped his face, and deep down he was slightly turned on.

Her cheeks flushed again, but she let her hair hide it. “I was just wondering because I’ve seen her over at your house before. Was just wondering why she’s over there sometimes.” He grinned, and pulled her closer. “My sister Becka is one of her best friends, but I’ve never really talked to her. I’ll tell the truth, she’s a bit intimidating to talk to.” He shrugged his shoulders while she smiled up at him.

They both finally got to the movies, and sat down outside to wait for the showing. They had come knowing they would have to wait an hour, so they found the most comfortable spot in the grass on the side of the theatre to wait it out, and smoke some cigarettes.

Ronnie sat Indian style while Raven leaned against the side of the theatre in thought. “I’m going to get changed really fast, can you keep a look out?” Ronnie’s heart skipped a beat with the prospect of seeing Raven’s ass. He just muttered in a cool tone, “Yea, sure.”

He put his hands in his pockets, and rocked back and forth at the corner of the theatre. He could hear her ruffling with clothes, and had to take a peak. As he turned his eyes went wide with full view of her perfect tiny ass bent over. She was pulling up her jeans, illegal bahis siteleri and her blue, white spotted panties were staring right back at him. He quickly turned just as she was done with her jeans.

He noticed she wasn’t done, and she was changing shirts too. The white school shirt slowly slipped over her tiny white bra, but to his surprise she took the white bra off too. He made note that her figure was shapely, but she truly was a tiny, slim fit asian girl underneath those baggy clothes. His eyes poked and prodded the side of her tiny boob as she slipped a rolling stones shirt over it.

They finally sat back down, but he couldn’t get his mind off her slim body, and that tiny beautiful ass that she had been hiding all these years. She showed him the blue jays hat that she had brought to wear, but his gaze was focused on her braless boobs now, and the tiny brown nipples that poked through.

She talked about hats, and other things, but Ronnie finally blurted out interrupting her. “Do you want to see Salem naked?” Her mouth nearly dropped to the ground as he finished his sentence. She looked at him with puzzlement, but he stood his ground. “I can get you into one of Becka, and Salem’s slumber parties if you want?”

Raven didn’t know what to say as her heart dropped. “You can?”

“I can, and I will if you do something for me.”

“ …and what is it?”

He stopped for a second unsure if he should ask this of his best friend. She had been with him since kindergarten, and he didn’t want to screw up his friendship with her, but those perky breasts were calling out from under her tight white shirt. He could see the feint outline of her brown nipples.

That was all the encouragement he needed. “I want to…touch…your breasts.”

She smiled a knowing smile, and gave a small wink. “Sure, I would have let you touch them for nothing, all you had to do was ask.” Her cheeks flushed a light pink. “You can see my ass again if you want to, and maybe touch it. I don’t mind if it’s you.”

He smiled back at her, and nodded with excitement. His hands slowly came up to her chest, and rubbed the tiny tits through the fabric. He put his thumbs under them and raised them up and down feeling each tiny, but hard nipple. She just stared at him with a loving gaze.

He cupped them under, lifted them up and down but suddenly she grabbed his hands. He looked at her in confusion, but she just returned it with assurance. She slipped his hands under her shirt and brought them back to her breasts.

His penis grew hard with the excitement as he massaged her body up her belly, up her ribcage, and finally to the perky tits he had so wanted to touch. She moaned a bit, and moved his hands over her tits.

“Listen Ronnie, you can touch me anywhere, anytime, and while I’m with anyone. I really care for you, and want to make you happy. You were the only one there for me when my dad left and my mom started drinking. As far as I’m concerned, I’m yours…”

His smile faded, his hands left her chest as he took her hands in his. “No one owns you, but you Raven.” He held her hands higher up and kissed one. “You are more than my best friend, and I will never let you be lonely.” She embraced him as tight as humanely possible for minutes while it began to sprinkle.

The raindrops were cold but their embrace kept their hearts warm with love. She gave his cheek a long wet drenched kiss, and she whispered. “Let’s ditch the movies, and keep each other warm in the car. I have a blanket in the back, and you can touch me anywhere you want.” His eyes lit up, because at that moment all he wanted to do was be close to her.

They dodged the rain, and finally jumped back in the car. It was parked in the back of the parking lot so they both just jumped in back and covered up under the blanket she had. She smiled as they sat there and finally broke the silence. “Let’s get naked!”

He was a little nervous, but it all went away as she hurriedly threw her clothes in all directions. She just sat there as he took his time and waited patiently for him. She admired his clean cut hair, and modest manners though. All she could think about canlı bahis siteleri is how other boys might react in this situation, and how it wouldn’t be nearly as sensual as him.

He finally finished and she ducked under the covers. She raised a hand up so they could both see each other’s face underneath, and both felt a sense of nostalgia. Raven smiled inches away from his face, and pecked him on the lips. “You are safe with me. Her grin lit their world up under the covers.

They sat there watching each other’s eyes for a while and listening to the rain drops hit the car. Ronnie slowly moved his hands to hers and felt her clear brown Pilipino skin. He rubbed the tops of her hands and she giggled a little. Ronnie’s focus was intense on her smooth skin.

He took her arm in both hands and massaged it feeling every indention and imperfection. “You are perfect.” He whispered. Her lip quivered with the unexpected comment, and she laid her hand on his penis to massage it.

Her small hands cupped his balls and massaged them gently. “Do you want this inside me? She hadn’t taken her eyes off him as he moved his hands to her chest to push her on her back. He crawled up to her face and kissed her neck. She reached around him and rubbed her fingers between his asshole and balls.

He began to hump between her legs a little now, but just laid on top of her. His body came up as he pressed his penis across her belly button. She kissed his chest and rubbed her hands all across his back.

She finally couldn’t take it anymore and moved up back to his face. “Put your dick on my vagina, and I will do the rest.” She cocked her knees up as he moved into position with his penis slapping against her clitoris.

He looked down as she moaned and smiled. “I want to fuck the shit out of you.” She guided the head of his penis into her tight hole, and squeezed it as far as she could manage. “Dear lord!” He began to suck on her tiny nipples, and flick his tongue all around her breasts.

She moaned loud against the rain, and finally took it deeper inside of herself. The car began to creak as he moved back and forth, and their heat fogged the windows.
His balls slapped against her ass hole as he slowly maneuvered himself in and out. He pushed in and she squeezed him tight inside, and yelled. “Fuck my brains out!” He took the initiative and became an animal. He rammed her hard and she braced herself against the door as he pushed her head against it. Blood began to trickle out of her vagina.

He held himself up and his arm muscles bristled as the covers slid down into the floor board. The sound of rain grew harder as hail began to tap on the roof. Neither heard anything over the sound of her loud moans. Her small voice permeated through the thin metal and windows as their bodies became one.

He quickly turned her over and stopped for a moment, putting his tongue into her ass. She hadn’t expected it and the feeling was like a warm lightning bolt that sent shivers down her spine. “Don’t do….ohhhh…” Her eyes rolled back as his tongue snaked its way inside, coming out every so often to lap up her pussy juice.

His body rose with his powerful dick now fully hard and standing tall, and rammed back inside her warm pussy. She orgasmed and couldn’t hold herself up any longer. He just stayed on top of her and humped her like a dog while she laid flat. She continued to shake and moan.

His balls tingled and the surge was coming. “Hurry turn around!” She wasn’t quick enough and he hurried to put it back in, but he accidentally entered the exit. She screamed as his dick crammed into her asshole. She tried to jump back but had nowhere to go, and his hot fluid spurted inside.

He pumped a couple more time as she tried to push him off, but he was like a beast now. His strong muscles pushed against hers with little effort and he slid in inches farther. She began to hit him, and cry, and he finally noticed.

As he pulled out, cum flowed out of her anus as she winced in pain. “I’m sorry Raven, I didn’t mean to…” She just nodded with a sad smile and laid there with cum dripping out her ass. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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