Weird Wally Wilson

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Sometimes I think I live for Friday’s nights. It’s the one night of the week that anything goes. On Friday nights I eat pizza and drink beer while I search the bars, cocktail lounges, night clubs, and strip joints hunting for hot horny available women.

As I drove into the parking lot, of the apartment complex’s that I live in. I was beginning to make my mental plans for tonight’s adventures. I was already starting to fantasize about all the wild, sex starved women that I was going to pick up and sexually satisfy tonight.

As I got out of my jeep I heard someone yelling,” Hey Meat, come here over here buddy, I want to talk to you!”

I looked around to see who was calling me. When I saw who it was I moaned and said to myself, “Oh shit it’s that freaking weirdo Wally Wilson.”

I’ve known this guy all my life. But there’s something odd about him. I can’t quite put my finger on what it’s. But this guy is strange!

He’s always been friendly and he acts like he’s my best buddy. Maybe he’s just trying to hard. I really don’t know what it is about him. He just gives me the freaking creeps.

Some of the guys in the neighborhood joke about him and call him Tiny. But that’s a private inside joke that I don’t understand.

However, Wally is anything but tiny. He’s almost as tall as I am and I’m six two and I weigh close to two hundred and twenty pounds.

The difference is Wally weighs around three hundred pounds, and it’s all soft blubber fat.

Wally looks like a king sized Pillsbury dough boy with his milky white skin, and his soft, fat, flabby body.

All I really know about Wally is that he’s my friend and he’s not cheap, plus he’s some kind of computer genius.

Wally was sitting on a bench with his current girl friend Jane. I’ve never met her, but I’ve seen her around the neighborhood. I’ve always thought she was a lesbian, because of the way she dresses. She’s wears loose fitting manly looking clothes.

So I was kind of surprised when I saw her and Wally hanging out together.

As I approach them, I could see Jane clearly for the first time. She’s a small thin girl with mousy light brown hair, that she wears in long braids that are tied together at the ends with thin rawhide stripes.

Jane has pale white skin, watery blue eyes, with a lot of freckles across her thin nose and cheeks. She also has a wide mouth with thin lips and a pointed chin.

She had on a white blouse that looked like it was two sizes too big for her, a pair of tan slacks that looked like they would fall off her, if she stood up, or moved too quickly, with an old pair of dirty white sneakers on her feet.

As far as I could tell, she was as flat as a board. She looked completely sexless. If I were to rate her sex appeal on a scale from one to ten, she’d be a minus two.

As I neared them I could see that Jane was nervously chewing on the end of one of those rawhide stripes that held her braids together.

As I got closer to them Wally bellowed out, “Hey Meat, you wanna get laid tonight?”

I immediately thought to myself, I hate being called Meat. I’ve been called that since my first gym class in middle school. If I was a black guy, my cock would only be a little larger than average!

No matter how much I beg my friends to stop calling me that. They just laugh and keep breaking my balls about the size of my one eyed monster.

Then it hit me, “what the hell did he say. Did he really ask me, if I wanted to get laid?” Oh My God, I thought did he actually say those wonderful magical words to me? Those beautiful word, those lovely words, those words that sound just like music to my horny perverted ears?

“Do you wanna get laid?” I asked myself again! Is that what, that freaking weirdo asked me?

I looked at him like I was in a state of shock and asked,” huh, what did you say Wally?”

“Yeah Meat my cousin Rosemarie thinks you’re a hunk. You wanna get fixed up her?”

Holy Shit I thought to myself Rosemarie Esposito is the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood.

She’s kind of tall and a little on the chubby side. But she still has a great body; nice big boobs, and a fabulous ass.

She has long jet black hair that goes haft way down her back. She has dark olive skin, big beautiful, dark brown, bedroom eyes, and soft looking rosy red full lips.

In all honesty I’ve always had a secret crush on her. Because of her good looks and great body; I’ve always thought that she was way out of my league.

I hate to admit it, but I have this problem with girls that I really like. I get so nerves and shy around them, that I start stuttering, and I make a complete asshole out of myself.

Then Wally bellowed,” Rosemarie’s ex-boyfriend humped her and dumped her.”

Wally made a gesture with his index finger like he was pushing her over. Then he leaned forward a little bit and put the backs of his hands together and spread them apart like he was parting her thighs.

Then he said in a loud excited voice with a big mischievous ankara escort grin on his round face” Meat, you know my cousin’s got round heels and peanut butter thighs. I bet she’d give you a piece of ass, just to spite that old prick. Well buddy do you wanna get fixed up with her?”

“Hell yeah, “I replied.

Jane was just sitting there gnawing on the end of one of those the raw hide strips glaring at Wally; while he was making his rude comments, and hand gestures about Rosemarie.

Then she blurted out angrily, “Meat my name is Janie and your big fat asshole buddy didn’t bother to introduce us.”

Janie turned her head towards Wally and gave him, one of those looks, that if looks could kill. Wally would have been dead!

Then she yelled angrily, “Wally you fat fucking little prick. That’s no way to talk about your cousin, and my best friend!”

Janie glared in my direction, as she said loudly and sternly, “Meat Rosemarie is really a nice girl.”

Then her voice soften up a little bit as she said,” Rosemarie was hurt badly by this old bastard, that took advantage of her good nature, and kind heart. Just to have sex with her!

For some reason or other Rosemarie thinks you’re cute and sexy.” Then Janie gave Wally another dirty look as she said,” And this fat little prick, says you’re a good guy too.”

Wally was holding his hand over his heart looking up at the sky sarcastically praying,” Oh my Dear God; the horrible things this young woman, the love of my life, says about me, her harsh words hurt me deeply.

Oh Meat, she just doesn’t care how much she hurts me. But what can I do? I love her!”

Janie looked at Wally, and started giggling as she called him a fat asshole.

Then Janie looked at me and said softly,” Meat I think it would be good for Rosemarie to get out and have some fun. But I wouldn’t plan on getting into her pants tonight, if I were you!”

I just looked at her and said meekly, “I’m not married Janie, and I’d really like to get fixed up with Rosemarie.”

Then we made plans to go to Tony’s Pizza Palace.

As soon as I pulled up in front of Rosemarie’s apartment building. She came hurrying out the front door.

Rosemarie looked awesome. She was wearing a black sweater, over a low cut pink tee shirt that showed off her cleavage and a pair of tight blue jeans that nicely hugged her hips, thighs, and her shapely butt, and she had a pair of white tennis shoes on her feet.

As she got in the car she said,” Hi Meat I’m Rosemarie. I’m sorry, but I’m not in a very good mood tonight.”

I could see that she was wearing a lot of make up around her mouth; trying to cover up some pimples.

I looked at her, and stuttered as I tied to say,” It’s nice to meet you.”

Rosemarie looked surprised as she said,” I didn’t know you stuttered.” Then she asked.” Where are we going to meet Janie and my cousin?

“At Tony’s” I mumbled, after that we didn’t say another word to each other.

Tony’s Pizza Palace is the most popular pizza place around New Haven,CT. and it’s always crowded.

He has large pictures of Italy painted on the walls, and those old fashion red and white checkered table clothes on all the tables. He also has old wine bottles on the table tops with tall white candles burning in them.

Tony has this big old fashion jukebox that’s full of classis rock and roll music from the late fifties and early sixties.

Needless to say, Tony makes the best pizza in town, and he has ice cold Budweiser beer on tap that he serves in chilled frosted mugs.

Rosemarie and I spotted Janie and Wally sitting in the far corner booth. We hurried across the room and got in the booth oppose them. Rosemarie was facing Janie, and I was sitting across from Wally.

I was aware of Rosemarie sitting next me. Our hips and thighs were barely touching, but I could feel the heat from her body against the side of my leg, and I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume.

Rosemarie and Jane leaned across the table towards each other, and they started whispering to each other.

Rosemarie was teary eyed and sobbing as Janie patted her hand trying to comfort her.

My date with Rosemarie was going down the drain so fast. I could almost hear the toilet bowl flushing.

We ordered a couple of mugs of Budweiser and a bottle of white wine for the girls.

Then Wally and I started bullshitting about the Giants, movies, and video games.

The place was crowded, so they couldn’t take our order for a while. But they did manage to keep the ice cold mugs of beer, and bottles of wine coming.

Rosemarie was sobbing and telling Janie how this old prick gave her a big line of bullshit about being divorced. Rosemarie believed him and went out with him a few times. Then she saw him in the Milford Post Mall, with his wife and kids.

I couldn’t help it. I felt sorry for her. I hate to see anybody being used and taken advantage of.

However,I also couldn’t help thinking to myself. Rosemarie is either very escort ankara stupid or very naïve! Then I figured maybe she’s just a little bit of both.

Anyway I was disappointed! I really wanted to get to know Rosemarie and what can I say? “I’d die to have her for a girlfriend, and oh my God, what I wouldn’t do, to get into her pants.”

Wally’s a critic with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Wally and I were just sitting there drinking our beer, while Janie tried to console Rosemarie.

Wally looked at me, then at Rosemarie and Janie, and nodded his head, as if to say, ” Oh well.”

Then he started criticizing everyone and everything. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I was starting to get a little buzz on. Consequently, I thought all of Wally’s outrageous remarks were absolutely hilarious.

Wally played this old song on the jukebox, “Rocking Robin.” The lyrics went something like this, “Rocking Robin out bops the buzzard and the oriole, and he hops and bops in the tree tops all day long.”

Wally slid his hand under table, and gave me a wink, as he nodded his head towards Janie, to let me know he was feeling her up, under the table.

Wally looked over at his cousin and grinned as he said boisterously, “Rosemarie did you know that Meat got the biggest cock in town?”

Then he loudly sang out,” Meat can out fuck, the buzzard and the oriole.”

I groaned, mumbled, and turned a bright red. Rosemarie just gave him discussed look and ignored him.

Janie gave him another dirty look, but she didn’t more his hand from under the table. Instead she looked at me and said, “Meat your buddy is a rude, crude, inconsiderate, obnoxious asshole.”

I laughed out loud, and nodded my head up and down in agreement with her.

Then I thought to myself, “This skinny bitch hasn’t had a decent word to say about Wally since I’ve meet her! Maybe it was all the beer I was drinking. But I thought to myself someone ought to teach this bony board a lesson.

Then I got another sickening thought. Christ I’m starting to feel sorry for Wally the weirdo.

After we ate Wally invited us to his apartment.

Rosemarie looked at me and said,” Meat you go over to Wally’s and have some fun with them. But please take me home first. I’ve gotten my period, and I have terrible cramps, and I’m in a bitchy mood. I’m sorry we didn’t have more fun tonight. Maybe we can go out again some time, if you want.”

As we crawled out of the booth Janie and Wally looked at each other and smiled. Then Janie looked me over, letting her eyes linger on my crotch for a second.

Then she looked at Wally raised her eye brows and gave him a devilish knowing grin as she said to me, “Meat come on over and hang out with us, maybe we can have some adult fun tonight!”

“Okay,” I replied. I didn’t have anything better to do.

As I pulled up in front of Rosemarie house, she turned towards me to give me a little good night peck on the cheek. When I seen her move. I instinctively turned my head towards her. Our lips accidently brushed against each others. But we held our mouths together for a second.

The feel of her soft full lips against mine, made my heart jump, and my cock twitch. The tips of our tongues instinctively started to enter into each others mouths.

When I felt the tip of her tongue touching mine; I took my hand off the steering wheel, and I reached over for her.

Before I could touch her, she quickly pulled her soft warm mouth away from mine and said, “Maybe another time Meat, I’m sorry. I can’t. I just can’t!”

Then she quickly opened the car door, got out, and closed it. Then she turned and hurried up the sidewalk towards her apartment building.

My heart was sinking as I watched her beautiful shapely butt swaying from side to side as she ran up the sidewalk.

When I knocked on Wally’s door he called out, “C’mon in Meat were in my room.”

His apartment was in total darkness. But I live on the third floor, and all the apartments are the same. So I knew where I was going in the darkness. As I walked through the apartment, I could see an eerie red glow coming from under the door of the back bedroom.

As I opened the door and walked into Wally’s bedroom; I saw a red lava lamp on the dresser that gave the room a dim, erotic red glow. As my eyes adjusted to faint light, I looked around the room.

Then I saw Wally and Janie lying on the bed. By the side of the bed was a huge wooden chair that reminded me of “The Electric Chair,” it had restrains on the arm rests and around the bottoms of the front legs!

“What the fuck is this?” I wondered,

Wally was lying on his side facing Janie. She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her thin legs slightly spread. I could see that her blouse was unbuttoned, and her slacks were opened and unzipped. I could clearly see that Wally had his huge hand inside her slacks and under her powder blue cotton panties.

I could also see that Wally’s pants were undone, and his zipper was pulled ankara escort bayan down. I could see that Janie had her little hand inside his underwear.

They were obviously playing with each others private parts.

I was stunned and surprised by this sight. So I asked,” Am I interrupting you two?”

Janie’s eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily through her slightly opened mouth, as Wally continued to play with her.

Wally pulled his hand out of Janie’s panties and patted the bed beside her and said, “Meat come here and make your self comfortable Buddy. You’re not interrupting us.”

I was dumbfounded, as I stood there staring at them!

Then Janie partially opened her eyes as she said in a soft husky voice, “It’s alright Meat take your shoes off, and come over here and join us.” Then she patted the bed beside her.

I don’t know where I got the courage, I guess it was from all the beer I was drinking. But I kicked off my shoes, and flopped down beside her.

I watched Wally slip his ham sized hand back under Janie’s light blue panties and move his big paw down between her legs. I knew he stuck his fat finger in her.

Because Janie gasped passionately “Oh God Wally that feels sooo good” as she arched her up hips, pushing Wally’s thick finger deeper into her.

Then she looked over at me with her lust filled eyes and whispered,” Meat I’m sooo fucking horny. I can’t stand it.”

Then Wally pulled his enormous hand out of Janie’s panties and stuck his huge wet middle finger in my face as he asked, “Meat you wanna smell her cunt? Do you wanna taste it? Man she’s sooo fucking wet and ready for your cock!”

I looked at him strangely! But before I could say anything he stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked on it, and said,” Oh man she tastes sooo good.”

Janie rolled her head towards me and looked at me with her passion filled eyes and said, “He’s so gross.”

“Meat do you wanna see her nice little titties, “Wally asked. Then he slowly pulled Jane’s blouse to the sides revealing her little boobs. She had small breast, with gumdrop sized pink nipples.

Then Wally took my hand and placed it on Jane’s warm little tit, as he said in a low husky voice,” it feels good doesn’t it? Squeeze it Meat, pinch her nipple, she loves that. Kiss her titties, put your hand in her panties, and stick your finger into her hot wet twat.”

Janie was just laying there looking up at Wally with her lust filled eyes. Then she glanced over at me with a dreamy look in her eyes, and said,” It’s okay Meat, I love having a real man’s hands on me. Now kiss me!”

Then Wally looked at me with serious look on his face and asked in a low voice, “Meat, Please do me a favor? I want you to fuck Janie, for me!

Meat, Janie’s a passionate young woman, and she needs to have a man’s hard cock in her! I can’t give her, what she needs! I wish I could, but I just can’t!”

I was shocked as I asked “Wally, what the fuck are you talking about?

Janie answered for him, “Meat he’s too freaking fat and his penis is sooo small, he can’t get it into me!”

She covered my hand with hers, closed her eyes, rolled her head to the side and opened her mouth, and whispered, “Kiss me.”

As our lips touched she darted her tongue into my mouth, and our tongues started dancing around in each others mouths, first in hers, then in mine.

Wally took her little hand and placed it over my cock.

When Janie felt my errection, she unconsciously jerked her hips up and squeezed my penis tightly, as we continued kissed.

Then Wally started screeching in a loud high pitched excited voice, “That’s it; Kiss her, feel her up, suck on her titties, put your hand inside her panties, feel her hot wet box. Stick your big finger in her.

I want you to fuck her Meat she needs it, sooo bad. Please Meat, I want to see the look on her face, as you shove you big dick into her.”

The next thing I knew Janie was pulling her mouth away from mine and yelling excitedly back at Wally, “get in your fucking chair, you fat wimpy useless bastard! What the hell, do you want? You wanna see your big freaking buddy fuck me! Is that what you want? You fat asshole.”

“Holy Shit,” I thought to myself, “Now what the hell, did I get myself into?”

Wally nodded his head up and down, as he rolled over, and sat up. Then he put his feet on the floor.

As Wally stood up his pants slipped down around his ankles. Then he meekly shuffled over to that big wooden chair, and sat down.

As Janie rolled over and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and stood up. Her baggy tan slacks slide off her slender hips and fell down around her ankles.

She got a wild crazed expression on her face and angrily kicked her slacks off her feet. Then she pulled off her blouse, and dropped it on the floor.

She stood there for a second letting me get a good look at her, in her loose fitting light blue cotton panties.

For a small thin girl, she was perfectly proportioned, with perky little boobs, topped with stiff gumdrop sized pink nipples, a narrow waist, nice thin legs, with a cute little heat shaped butt.

Then she looked at me and yelled, “Take off your fucking clothes, you big muscle bound baboon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32