Twin Cities Tryst Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: Bork bork bork. I don’t feel like writing out the full disclaimer. Anyone portrayed fucking or having sexy-time is 18 or older. There you go.

Chapter 4- Delicious Depravity

Few things are as intoxicating as staring into the eyes of the person you love as you share a climax with them. This was my conclusion as I shivered and came deep inside Janie, my eyes locked with hers while she lay beneath me. Her pussy tightened wetly around my cock, receiving my offering greedily as I pumped my essence into her. Her fingers gripped my back, body stiffening and arching beneath mine in rapture. The sigh she let out was one of utter bliss, and her blue eyes were crystalline and shone with love.

I relaxed on top of her, pressing my lips to hers and kissing her deeply. She moaned into my mouth, her legs still wrapped around my waist and keeping me inside her. Janie gently squeezed herself around me, reveling in what was essentially a new-found skill for her, massaging a cock with her innermost muscles. She loved how she could feel me pulsing inside her, and how her own heartbeat thumped in time with it.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred through the kiss, finally smiling up at me. “Love me?”

“Yes.” I replied, smiling and nodding.

“Marry me?”

“No question.”

“Always cum in me?”

By way of response, I leaned up on my arms and pushed a little deeper inside her, making her shudder and groan. Her fingers dug into my back again and she exhaled and smiled wickedly. “It’s all mine, that cum. My greedy little pussy loves it.”

“I’m happy to feed her all she can handle.” I said, sliding in and out slowly, making her hum contentedly. We kissed again for some time, having just woken up some minutes before. Janie had immediately pulled me on top of her, letting me feel that her pussy was already sticky and waiting for me. Instantly hard, I simply slid inside her and we made love until we came together.

“I’m so in love with you,” she sighed. “Pity you can’t have a cheat clause in a lesbian contract.”

“You’re rules, not mine,” I chuckled. “As a straight man, I’m allowed to fuck all the lesbians I want.”

“Wow, same here,” she giggled. “Who knew?”

We laughed and rolled around together on our giant, plush bed, caressing one another as we fucked slowly. We weren’t trying to cum again, but simply craved the oneness our lovemaking entailed. I pushed back and forth inside her while she lay on top of me, loving the sensation of my cock passing in and out of her tight, slippery entrance. We could hear the sounds below, wet, sticky and utterly divine.

She smiled at me serenely. “Troll Hannah time?”

“When is it not?” I replied cheerfully, handing Janie her cellphone while I took mine. We each took pictures and video, sending several clips on Snapchat to Hannah and Les, making sure that she knew she’d lost the bet. I sent a clip of Janie lying beneath, caressing and fondling her breasts me while I knelt between her legs, pushing my still-erect cock in and out of her. She took a video of me braced over her, panning down our bodies until she stopped on our hips, holding steady while recording my cock making a sawing motion as it plunged in and out of her.

Then I recorded her sucking on my cock, holding it by the base while bobbing up and down, occasionally looking at the camera and winking. We had about four videos each that we sent off via Snapchat, laughing and eagerly awaiting Hannah’s response. Within three minutes, I had a test message from her.

“You can fucking quit doing that any time now!”

And then a text from Les. “Keep it up! This is fucking great! She has to swallow, so make sure you keep sending proof!”

“She’s not going to want you as a roomie when you get back, you’re making her life a living Hell.” Janie laughed.

“She’ll survive,” I replied, shrugging. “She eats too many carbs and doesn’t get enough protein anyway. And she’d miss the rent money too much in any event, I pay for a lot more than our agreement calls for. Besides, lots of people would be happy to have me as a roomie.”

“I know,” she said quietly, her eyes somewhat distant. “I… I really wish I was able to be one of them.”

I nodded. “We’d be perfect together in a lot of ways, too many, in fact. We’d fall desperately in love, for real, and that’d really complicate things.”

“Not what I want to hear right now,” she sighed. “Let’s just forget that little hiccup for the time being, shall we?”

I smiled and nodded. “I’m having too good a time being madly in love with you to remember it, you have my word.”

“The way it should be,” she sighed contentedly. “Jacuzzi, shower and breakfast?”

“As my beloved wishes…” I said, leaning down and kissing her again.


We walked had-in-hand down the street, basking in the warm morning sun. It was barely nine o’clock and we still had the whole day in front of us. We’d discussed options, such as calling bahis firmaları the spa for a massage session in our room, visiting clubs we hadn’t been to yet, maybe more hookah or finding places to misbehave in public. Janie giggled excitedly at the thought of the last prospect.

“I’m sure we could find a parkette or something to fuck in,” she mused, swinging our hands back and forth as we walked. “Ooh, how about the Lyndale Park Rose Gardens?”

“I’ve heard of it,” I replied. “We could pack a picnic and spend the afternoon there, find a place to make love, if you’re feeling adventurous.”

“God, I’d love to be fucked by you surrounded by flowers,” she breathed, squeezing my hand. “They’re already open, we could go before the crowds get there.”

We were passing by a small artisan cheese and pastries shoppe, so I detoured us inside and we began looking for our picnic comestibles- cheeses, prosciutto, grapes, edible flowers and wine, they even had picnic blankets and baskets to choose from. I made the purchases and we started our sojourn to Lyndale Gardens. A bus trip took us to Lake Harriet, a very picturesque area beyond the downtown core of Minneapolis. Janie knew her way around, seemingly, so I simply followed, holding her hand.

Twenty-five hectares of blossoming goodness awaited us. We strolled casually through the gardens, just content with one another’s company. Our conversation was light and cheerful, of little substance, punctuated by confessions of love and the occasional kiss. We looked at the flowers and made our way across the grass to the shade of a tree, where we laid out the blanket and sat down. I brought out the wine and comestibles while Janie laid on her back and gazed up at the low-hanging boughs above.

“I’m so looking forward to this,” she breathed, tracing a hand gently over her bust. “We’re gonna be so naughty and fuck in this public garden.”

“Nope,” I corrected, pouring wine into a small, plastic wine glass for her. She turned her head to look at me in confusion. “We’re going to make love in this public garden. I want this particular moment to be all about love.”

“That sounds a million times better,” she sighed, smiling at me warmly. “Which is pretty hard to do, given how much I was looking forward to just fucking.”

I handed her the glass and we toasted to one another and drank. I refilled her glass and we drank again. We had plenty of time and two more bottles. The first one was polished off in short order. Janie giggled and laid back again, looking around.

“We’re good and concealed here,” she mused. “And it’s still early, so it’s unlikely anyone will see us. I’m not too interested in getting busted. Would kinda crimp the rest of our plans for the week.”

“No argument there,” I agreed. “So, food before or after I ravish you?”

“After,” Janie answered readily. “Only thing I want you to taste on my tongue is the wine.”

“As my beloved wishes,” I said as I laid on my side next to her. I drew her in by the waist and she melted into me, our mouths meeting for a deep, loving kiss. Indeed, I could taste the wine on her lips, her tongue and in her sweet breath. I fondled her gently and we moved against one another for several minutes, oblivious to anyone who might have walked by and perhaps seen us.

But she was right, it was early yet, and she seemed to think this part of the garden was private enough to warrant our activities and remained undisturbed. We’d barely seen anyone in the more common traffic areas as we came through. She broke the kiss and gazed into my eyes while caressing my cheek.

“So how daring are we feeling?” she asked in a soft voice. “Should we just make love, or do you want to lick me into a quivering mess and I’ll suck you to the edge of reason before you get inside me?”

“I’m good with the latter,” I said, returning her caress. “If you’re feeling daring, then I say we go for it.”

“Good thing I didn’t wear any panties beneath this dress, then,” she said slyly as she reached down and pulled the hem of her skirt up to reveal her smooth, beautiful pussy. Indeed, she had gone commando for our little expedition. “I guess you can get us started?”

Without another word, I nodded my head and slid down her body, kissing her exposed waist and belly before reaching her womanhood. She was trembling and trying not to moan as I kissed around her, teasing and watching her get wetter and wetter. Squirming, she reached down and pulled her lips wide, exposing herself to me. I took the hint and pressed my mouth against her mons in a deep kiss. She sighed as loudly as she dared, shuddering around me. My tongue snaked out and began massaging her clit and thick, slippery netherlips before pushing inside.

“God, Michael…” she sighed in utter bliss, her legs writhing around me as I lay between them. “You know how to make sure I’m totally in love with you…”

My response was to slip a finger inside her and stroke her spot while my tongue kaçak iddaa slithered around her clit, making her shuddering and squirm even more. My finger pushed in and out slowly, feeling her squeeze me. My tongue delighted in the taste of Janie’s arousal. She played with her breasts through her dress, squeezing them and massaging them in circles.

“Okay,” she breathed finally, her voice thick with desire. “Okay, we need to switch or I’m gonna screech and cum. Please, give me your dick…”

I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and moved around to her side so that my hips were in her face. She undid my belt and my pants, pulling them down and exposing my already hard cock. Janie wasted no time in taking hold of it and pushing her mouth down onto it, the shaft sliding down her throat. She almost choked at first, her lust getting the better of her, but she adjusted and calmed down, holding my hips as she bobbed back and forth slowly.

My face was still in front of her pussy and I caressed it gently, letting her concentrate on pleasuring me. I loved the wet heat of her mouth, feeling her tongue flutter against my hardness. She moaned around me, reveling in the feel of me inside her mouth, throbbing with desire for her. The fingers of her free hand flexed against my hip as she held herself to me.

She finally pulled her mouth off me and breathed heavily, her hand pumping along my shaft as she tried to control herself. “Come and make love to me now,” she breathed. “Lie on top of me and make love to me, Michael.”

“You want me on top?” I asked as I pulled myself around and she turned onto her back, spreading her legs wantonly for me.

She nodded. “I love the intimacy of it, how close I feel to you. That and I think it’s the easiest way to keep a low profile, literally, from prying eyes.”

I nestled between her legs and she wiggled around a bit until the head of my cock pressed to her pussylips. She drew in a deep breath as I pushed inside her with one fluid motion and then bit her lip, her whole body trembling. I remained still once I was inside her, letting her adjust to the feel of me. Her eyes closed for several seconds and when she finally opened them, she smiled at me.

“Can you believe we’re making love in public?” she asked quietly, hooking her legs behind my thighs and beginning to undulate against me. “Your cock is deep inside me and we’re in public.”

“I’m definitely in my happy place.” I agreed, pushing in and out of her slowly, her fingers kneading my back. I kissed her and she moaned into my mouth, happy to be muffled so she could make some noise. Once again, we were lost in our own little world, oblivious to anyone who might have come by. I wouldn’t have noticed until I got tasered.

“Mmmmm, I love you so much,” she whispered, looking into my eyes. “I never want this moment to end.”

“Me either,” I breathed, loving the wet, slippery vise of her pussy around me. “Only better moment will be when I cum in you. That perfect moment.”

We kissed again, moving slowly against one another, determined to take our time despite the danger of being discovered. To be honest, other people were the furthest thing from my mind at that moment. My hands were hooked under her shoulders as I fucked her. Still looking into my eyes, Janie pulled down one corner of the top of her dress, exposing a milky-white breast expectantly. I latched onto it with my tongue, swirling it around the nipple and the moaned in delight. I bit gently and she shuddered and gasped.

“God, you’re gonna make me cum so hard…” she murmured as she writhed beneath me. “You always make me cum so hard. I love you so much.”

I didn’t respond, I just tugged up on the nipple gently, making her whimper. I released it, letting her breast snap and jiggle back into place and eliciting another gasp. She wrapped her legs around me tight in response, drawing me in still deeper and keeping me there while she rocked beneath me. She was squeezing around me, delighting in her newfound ability to drive me wild.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, the noises we were making together sloppy and audible to us both. Her skin was warm, now a flushed pink colour and sweat was damp on her brow. She was shivering as she breathed, trying not to pant. My own body was heating up as I pushed myself inside her, knowing that we were both coming close to the point of no return.

“Wanna draw it out or shall we cum?” I asked quietly, looking directly into her eyes. She shook her head and squeezed me tight.

“Just cum in me,” she sighed, pushing her hips up. “It’s time to cum together, Michael…”

I nodded and kept thrusting inside her, still rhythmically, but stronger, deeper and with purpose. We were both panting now, determined to share that moment of utter rapture. Her fingernails were digging into my back as she crushed herself to me, gyrating her hips for all she was worth. Her teeth clenched as she fought back the wail of pleasure kaçak bahis she wanted to let out.

I arched my back and grunted as the dam burst. My hips juddered and she grappled onto me, muttering obscenely under her breath, willing herself not to scream. Her pussy gripped me savagely as I came, pumping deep into her gooey chamber. We kissed fiercely, tongues plunging as our hips thrust in desperation.

We collapsed together, chests heaving, sweat covering us now. My cock throbbed inside her and I could feel her pulsing around me. My heart pounded in my chest, tingling pleasure still blossoming through my core. Janie was holding onto my tightly, her face buried in my shoulder. She was trembling and I thought she was almost whimpering, although why I couldn’t say.

When she finally looked at me, her eyes were glistening. A single tear was running down her cheek as she smiled at me.

“Don’t worry,” she said in a tiny voice. “Tears of joy, I promise you. I just love the feel of your cum in me, you know?”

“I’m quite partial to it myself,” I said before kissing her again. A long, rapturous kiss where we both lost track of time. We finally ended the kiss and I smiled and rubbed my nose against hers in gentle circles. “That and I’m so in love with you.”

“Feeling’s mutual,” she sighed gently. “Giving you up, letting you go home, gonna be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna hate leaving,” I agreed. “But let’s not think about that for now, okay?”

“Okay,” she said readily, nodding. “How about letting me suck your dick again so I can taste our cum all mingled together?”

I nodded and slowly pulled out of her, making us both moan and shiver. I rolled onto my back and she snuggled down onto my thigh, her head over my cock. She took gentle hold of my sticky shaft, glistening with our mixed essence. She giggled at the sight of my cockhead, still oozing cum. She slid her tongue along the top of it, humming as she tasted us. Then she put the head between her lips and pushed down my length, taking me inside her mouth again.

Heaven. It’s true, she wasn’t the most skilled oral lover I’d ever had, but she was my Janie and it thrilled me beyond words to feel her sucking my cock, licking our cum off my warm skin. I was still hard and showed no signs of this situation changing as she continued.

“Mmmm, we taste so good together,” she moaned around me. “I love the taste of my own cum, but with yours, it’s incredible.”

I let her bob up and down slowly, just contenting herself with her work. There could’ve been a cop and a minister standing right next to me and I wouldn’t have cared, as long as they let her finish the job.

Eventually she did and she crawled up my body slowly and snuggled into me, sighing in contentment. She rubbed her cheek against my chest, her eyes closed. I put my arms on her and just held her to me. It was almost dizzying to think that this was still the beginning of our day. How would we top this? Then again, if anyone could, it was Janie and myself.

“Guess we’d better cover up and have some of this food we brought, hm?” she murmured finally. She pulled up my pants and fastened my belt before smoothing out her skirt and pulling some panties and a light pad out of the little purse she was carrying.

“Probably not a good idea to walk around with your cum trickling down my leg, is it?” she quipped, winking at me. “Although I probably wouldn’t mind, since it marks me as yours. And speaking of that, Michael…”

She moved in close to me, her lips inches from mine.

“I would love it if you’d leave some sort of mark on me,” she whispered, secret and loving words meant only for me. “I know it won’t last forever, but to have that mark for just a little while, to be yours…”

I nodded and told her we’d take care of that. Before she could say anything, I gently pushed her onto her back and moved on top of her to pin her down. She seemed confused at first, going so far as to part her legs, as if expecting me to fuck her again. But then she shuddered and went ridgid as I pushed my head in and bit her neck, taking the skin between my teeth and clamping down. She let out a series of short gasps, trembling and with her eyes wide as she stared at the tree above us.

I held her firmly, gradually increasing the pressure of my bite. She swallowed and almost whimpered, but put her arms around my back, keeping me close. Pinned beneath me, there was little she could do except wait for me to finish claiming her. Her fingers were gripping my skin as she held on.

I finally released my skin from between my teeth and she almost melted in relief, but was still trembling. There were tears in the corner of her eyes as she smiled at me.

“Must be the good pain I hear girls talk about occasionally,” she said softly. She sat up and took out her phone, turning on the camera so she could see what I’d done. There was indeed a sizeable ring of bruised teeth marks on her neck and it wouldn’t go anywhere any time soon. She sniffled and wiped at her eyes before looking at me and smiling. “I love it. You marked me as yours.”

I shrugged and smiled. “Well, it was that or pee on you.”

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