Tony 01: Aunt Terry

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All characters are at least 18 years of age.

This is another big cock teen story who has the hots for his mother, aunt, and sister. Everyone can cum a ridiculous number of times. What can I say — it’s fantasy. I’m fully aware the Viagra doesn’t work the way it’s described in the story.

Tony 01 — Aunt Terry

The graduation party for Tony was in full swing. His official graduation had been the day before. Most everyone was either in or around the pool. Tony was standing in the pool talking to his mom, Cindy, and her sister, Terry.

“So, what are the plans for my handsome nephew?”

“That’s a touchy topic right now, Aunt Terry. Mom and I have a difference of opinion.”

“That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one,” Cindy glared at her son.

Terry grinned, “I love stirring hornet’s nests. What are you planning, Tony?”

“Find a job or join the military.”

“What about college? You’re brilliant,” his aunt asked.

“See, shit for brains! I’m not the only one that believes that,” Cindy snapped at him.

“Mom, I know I’m smart. I plan to go to college but just not right away.”

“Tony, I think the military idea sucks,” Terry interjected.

“It has its pros and cons. I won’t argue that. It depends on what kind of work I can find.”

“What are you looking for?” Terry asked.

“Retail sales maybe. No restaurant crap.”

“Son, retail doesn’t pay shit.”

“That depends on where you work. I’m looking for a full-time person at my shop. I pay fifteen an hour plus commission,” Terry replied.

“My son isn’t going to work in your damn sex shop. He’s too young and innocent to be around your pervert customers.”

“Cindy, you’re such a prude. My customers are no more perverted than yours at the beauty shop. They’re normal people who want to spice up their sex lives. As far as his age goes, he’s eighteen and legally old enough by state law. Innocent? Look at him, Cindy. Young, hot, horny, handsome; he’s probably had more sex this year than both of us put together.”

Cindy glared at her. Tony was blushing.

“Last time I heard, he was a virgin,” Cindy replied.

“Who’s a virgin?” Missy, his sister, asked as she swam up.

“Your brother,” Cindy answered.

“Thanks a bunch, Mom. Now I’ll never hear the end of it,” Tony growled.

“Well, little brother, that explains a lot. I thought that hard-on you have when I around was because of me. I guess you’re just really horny. I have a lot of girlfriends that would take care of that for you.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not into sexually transmitted infections.”

“Apparently you haven’t been into anything,” Missy said, grinning.



“Leave me the fuck alone,” Tony shouted.

“Both of you shut up,” Cindy ordered.

Tony glared at Missy. She turned and swam away. Even in his anger, he eyed her ass as she swam and could feel his erection beginning as he watched. Missy had been right, seeing her caused an erection every time, but then so did seeing Aunt Terry and his mom. Seeing mom was the worst. Mom was his biggest fantasy, she was hot.

“Tony, I have one of my full-time staff leaving next week. Come and stay with me in Jacksonville for the summer. You can work in the shop full time. It’ll give you a chance to put money away for college,” his aunt offered.

Tony looked at his mom, who was shaking her head. “Let me think about it for a day or two.”

“I’m going home tonight. Let me know by late Tuesday so I can run an ad if needed.”

“I will.” Tony turned and swam away.

“Terry, if you have my son servicing a bunch of old horny broads, I’ll cut your heart out.”

“Sis, we don’t sell sex. I sell sex toys, lingerie and adult DVDs.”

“Porn DVDs, let’s call them what they really are.”

“Fine, porn, but I sell products not services. But if Tony wanted to rent out that dick, he could probably supplement his income nicely,” Terry said, grinning at her sister. “It would give me the chance to talk him out of that military idea too.”

“That’s the only benefit I can see coming out of this crazy ass idea.”

Cindy stood and walked inside. Tony saw her get up and couldn’t take his eyes off her shapely ass. Terry watched him, smiling.

“Your mother has one beautiful ass, doesn’t she?” Tony nodded, blushing, then looked at Terry. “Did she just give you a boner?”

“No, she just made it worse.”

Tony was grinning. He and Terry openly talked to each other. They had few secrets.

“Who started it?”


“Keeping it in the family?” Terry asked.

“Mom, Missy and you, do it every time.”

“Ass on mom. What turns you on about me and Missy?”

“Depends on which way you’re facing.”

“I’m facing toward you.”

“Nipples and camel toe.”

“You don’t miss a thing, do you?”


“Am I shaved?”

“You have a strip right up the middle.”

“You’re guessing.”

“Your suit’s wet. I can see it,” Tony grinned.

Terry looked down, blushed, and moved her hand to cover herself. “I need to go inside for a little bit.”

“Gonna rub one out, Aunt Terry?”

“None sinop escort of your business, young man. Let me watch you climb out of the pool with that hard-on and I’m sure I will.”

“Stay where you are and watch closely.”

Tony took a couple of steps to the ladder, looked around to make sure he didn’t have a large audience, rearranged his package, and slowly climbed the ladder. He turned and walked to Terry, stopped inches from her face with his bulge just above her eye level, then held out his hand to help her stand. She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Holy fuck, it that really all you?”

“Big, huh?”

“Holy fuck.”

Tony laughed as she took his hand to stand. Rather than watching where she put her feet, as she stood, she continued to stare at his cock. When his aunt tried to stand, with her foot on the slippery edge of the pool, she slipped and fell face first into his crotch. Her face felt the full impression of his hard cock.

“Holy fuck, that really is all cock,” she gasped.

“All real.”

“Holy fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“I’ve never seen you speechless before, Terry.”

“You’ve never put your cock in my face before. Is incest still illegal?”

“Beats me,” Tony replied. “Seems like a victimless crime. It’s more criminal, in my book, not to make love to someone you love.”

“I’m almost ready to agree with you, Tony. My sister would physically kill me. You’ve never used that thing on anyone?”

“Not a soul.”

“Just an FYI, your first time with that thing should be with an experienced woman. You could kill someone your own age. I’m not completely sure I could handle it, but I’d sure as hell like to try.”

“Are you making me an offer, Aunt Terry?”

She thought for a moment before answering. “No, I can’t, Tony. I’d like to, but I can’t. Tell you what, I’ll keep my eye open for a MILF that will. Deal?”


“I’m going inside now, and yes, I’m going to rub one off thinking about you.”

“Mind if I watch?”

Terry grinned at him then her expression turned serious. “Tony, as much as I’d like to fuck your brains out, we can’t. You understand that, don’t you?”

“No, I already told you. I don’t understand victimless crimes. On the other hand, I don’t want to see you dead and mom in prison either.”

Tony jumped back in the pool. Terry went inside and returned about twenty minutes later. She appeared much more relaxed.

Seeing Tony in the pool next to Missy, she yelled, “Hey Tony.” Missy and Tony both turned toward her. “Thanks!” she shouted, holding up three fingers. Tony smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

“What was that all about, dickless?”

“She was thanking me for helping her cum three times.”

“In your dreams,” Missy replied, rolling her eyes.

Tony got out of the pool and joined several of his friends.


The following morning, Tony went out to put in some job applications. When he arrived at home he put on his Speedos and walked out to the pool. Tony only wore the Speedos when he was alone. They made him self-conscious about his package. He was surprised at seeing his sister, Missy, asleep in a chaise next to the pool. Actually, it wasn’t so much that she was there. In nice weather she used the pool regularly. What surprised him was her attire. She wore sunglasses, was topless and wearing a bikini bottom that only covered a small triangle over her pussy. Feeling his erection rapidly developing he got in the pool. He swam a few quiet laps trying not to wake her. Between laps his eyes were drawn to her.

“Fuck my life. I get a day off, go to my mother’s house to sun and swim. I fall asleep and wake up to my pervy, pencil dick, virgin brother staring at me,” Missy muttered.

Tony didn’t speak. He climbed the ladder and walked past her toward the door. Missy noticed his package and stared. Just before he reached the door she called out.


He stopped for a second but didn’t turn. “Fuck you, Missy. I’m tired of your constant harassment, leave me the fuck alone from now on. Don’t even talk to me.” He flipped her the bird over his shoulder and went inside.

His afternoon had been ruined. ‘Damn her,’ he thought. Tony got in the shower to rinse off then laid down on his bed. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on his door. He ignored it. Another knock followed. When he ignored that she spoke.

“Tony, please talk to me. I know you’re in there.”

“Go fuck yourself, Melissa. I’m sick of you and your constant belittling me. Leave me the fuck alone.”

“Tony, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want your fucking apology. Get out of my goddam life!” he shouted.

He could hear her crying for a moment before she quietly walked away. Tony fell asleep. He was awakened by another knock on the door.

“I told you to leave me the fuck alone! Are you deaf, you stupid, fucking, inconsiderate bitch?” he screamed.

“No, I hear just fine. Open this door or I’ll knock it down,” his mother replied, angrily.

Tony jumped out of his bed, pulled on a pair of gym shorts, unlocked, then opened the door.

“Sorry mom, I thought escort sinop you were Melissa.”

“Well, I’m not! And if you ever speak to me like that again you can pack your shit and get out. Understood?”


“Meet me at the pool in 30 minutes. I’m going to take a shower then we’re having a talk.”

“Yes, mom.”

For Tony, the last 48 hours had been wonderful. He had finally graduated, been flirted with by Aunt Terry. He had been offered a full-time job in Jacksonville and overall had been on top of the world. Then Missy’s rudeness to him had blown that all out of the water and to top it all off he had given his mom a cussing. The next few hours were not something he was looking forward to.

Tony removed the gym shorts and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top then started toward his bedroom door. He stopped and called his aunt on his cell phone.

“Hi Aunt Terry. Is the job offer still good?”

“It is.”

“I’ll be arriving by bus tomorrow sometime. Can you text me your address?”

“I’ll send it as soon as I get off the phone. Is your mother okay with this?”

“I haven’t told her yet.”

“If she blows her stack, have her call me.”

“I think it’ll be okay.”

“Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Aunt Terry.”

Tony ended the call and went out to the pool. It wasn’t long before his mother joined him. She handed him a beer and sat down with her glass of wine.

“Here, I think we both need a drink. What happened with Missy? She was crying so hard I couldn’t understand anything she said.”

“Mom, I came home and decided to take a swim. I didn’t know she was even here until I walked out to the pool. She was topless and almost bottomless. I looked but I didn’t perv on her, like she said. She called me names and belittled me, just like she always does. I’ve had enough of her treating me that way. I told her to never speak to me again. I went up and showered. She banged on my door, and I repeated pretty much what I told her at the pool. I guess I fell asleep. When you knocked, I thought it was her again. I’m sorry, you know I’d never talk to you like that.”

“I know. I’m sorry I yelled at you. Missy uses sarcasm as humor. She says those things to be funny.”

“Mom, to me it isn’t funny. When was the last time you can remember her saying something nice to me?”

She thought for a moment, “Lots of times.”

“Name one. If I could remember just one…” Tony teared. “Mom, I love Missy. She’s my sister, but I just can’t take her belittling me anymore. I want nothing to do with her.”

“I’ll talk to her.”

“When you do, tell her to stay away from me. I’m done.”

“Tony, she loves you too. You know you don’t mean that.”

“Mom, you’re wrong. I do mean it. I don’t ever want her to speak to me again.” They were both quiet for a long time. “Mom, I called Aunt Terry. I’m taking the bus there tomorrow for the summer.”

“Tony, my sister is a damned sex maniac. I don’t like the idea of you working in her sex shop.”

“They have a few porn videos, but so do the movie rental stores. I’ll be selling lingerie and sexual enhancement aids. Mom, it isn’t something bad. I’m not prostituting myself or anything like that. It’s just sales. Have I ever done anything to make you not trust me? You know what I’m like. I’m a good person, mom.”

“Yes, you are a good person. I just don’t want this to change you.”

“Has it changed Aunt Terry?”


“Then why do you think it’ll change me?”

“I’m your mother. It’s my job to worry about you. Just use your head. I like you just like you are.”

“I will, mom.”

“Will you do something for me?”


“If I talk to Missy about what we talked about, will you talk to her?”

“Not now, mom. I need some time.”

“Okay, I won’t push you. Do you have everything you need for the summer?”

“It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to pack my pain pills. My rotator cuff still gives me trouble about once a week.”

“I have them in my medicine cabinet. I’ll set them out for you.”

“Thanks. I’m going to go start packing.”


About two hours later, Tony put on his trunks for a swim. Missy and his mom came out in their suits about ten minutes after he had gotten into the pool. Tony got out, dried off, then headed back to the house.

“Tony?” his mother called.

He stopped and turned to her, avoiding looking at Missy.

“Yes, Mom.”

“Why don’t you come and talk to us?”

“Nothing to say, Mom.”

He went to his room and stayed there. About an hour later there was a knock on his door.

“Tony, open up, it’s Mom.”

Tony opened the door. His mother handed him a prescription bottle.

“Come have dinner with us.” It wasn’t an order but a request.

“Mom, please? I’ll eat later, after she’s gone.”

“She’s staying the night.”

“Then I’ll eat after she goes to bed.”

“Honey, you can’t avoid her forever.”

“Mom, she’s treated me like dirt for at least the last 12 years. I’ve had 2 days. Please give me time.”

“I asked her when the last time she said something nice to you. sinop escort bayan She said she congratulated you at your graduation.”

“That’s bull, mom. Her exact words were ‘I’m surprised dick head. I never thought you’d make it’. Exact words, mom. Ask her.”

“I’ll ask. Come to dinner. You don’t have to talk to her.”

“No, but I would have to see her. Unless you order me, I’m not coming down.”

“I won’t force you, Tony. Can I bring you a plate at least?”

“Thanks, but I’ll get something later.”

“Okay.” She turned to leave.

“Mom?” Cindy turned to him. He hugged her and kissed her cheek. “I know this is hard on you but please be patient with me.”

“I will. She really does love you, Tony.”

“I love her too. That’s why it hurts so much.”

“I’ll be patient. Don’t forget to eat.”

Cindy went downstairs alone. Missy was putting food on the plates.

“Just two, he won’t come down. What did you actually say to Tony at his graduation?”

“I don’t remember the exact words, but I’m sure I congratulated him.”

“Tony said your exact words were ‘I’m surprised, dick head. I never thought you’d make it.’ Was that how you congratulated him?”

Missy started crying, “Yes, that’s what I said. When did I become such an uncaring bitch? I don’t blame him for hating me.”

“Missy, you, me, and Terry, are his only family. He loves us more than any other people on earth. If someone he didn’t care about said that he wouldn’t have given it a second thought. That’s how he is. But if it comes from us, it breaks his heart. Give him some time. And for Christ’s sake, act like you love him from now on. It’s going to take time.”

“How much time, mom?”

“How long did it take you to get over your first broken heart?”

“I still hate that asshole and it was over ten years ago. Mom, I just wish I was dead. I didn’t mean to hurt Tony. I really do love him.”

“I know that. Now show Tony. Give him the space he needs to let it go. There’s really nothing else you can do. You know how loving he is.”

“I will but this hurts more than when my husband and I split up.”

“You’re both hurting. Be patient. When he gets back from Jacksonville, in a couple of months, you can get this solved.”


“He’s spending the summer with Terry and working in her shop.”

That night Missy wrote a long letter to Tony and slipped it under his bedroom door.


Tony had gotten up early. His bus was scheduled to leave at 8:45. Although it was only a two-hour drive, it was a five-hour bus ride. His mother drove him to the station.

“Are you going to visit your father while you’re in Florida? He’s only forty miles from where you’ll be.”

“I wouldn’t visit him if he lived next door.”

“Tony, I know you’re angry with him, but he’s your father.”

“He WAS my father. He left eight months ago with his latest girlfriend, and I haven’t heard a word from him. I have no desire to see or speak to him.”


“Mom, I don’t want to hear it. He cheated on you and when he got caught, he abandoned us all. He can go straight to hell.”

“He’s just a man, Tony.”

“No, mom. A man doesn’t do that to his family.”

When they arrived at the bus station, Tony grabbed his bags, kissed his mother goodbye, and went inside.

When Missy awoke, she found the unopened envelope under her door. Missy cried.


The bus ride seemed to take forever. Tony spent a lot of time thinking about his sister. He was glad to be getting away. The bus terminal in Jacksonville was thirty miles from the address his aunt had sent him. He took an Uber and arrived at ‘The Shoppe’ about forty minutes later.

Terry had opened ‘The Shoppe’ about eight months ago but already had a thriving business. Most of the customers were women. The busiest area was the sexy attire section. Sex toys were a close second. The DVD section was an area frequented by customers but rarely did anyone buy DVDs. Porn was too easily accessed on the web for free to bring in much revenue. The area in the glass case, where the register was, held the more expensive items like the wifi vibrators, vibrating butt plugs and dildos. There were two dressing rooms in the back. Tony was a bit embarrassed just walking in the shop. Terry looked up from helping a customer when he walked in.

“Hi Tony, look around. I’ll be with you shortly.”

Tony waved and began browsing. He looked first at the sexy clothing and smiled as he pictured his mom dressed in some of the outfits. His erection began almost immediately. Terry looked up and saw his red face and grinned. From there he went to the ladies’ sex toys and was really surprised at the selection, every shape, size, and color under the sun. He chuckled at a few of the dildos; the ones bigger than he was especially. The DVD section was unimpressive. He had seen things on the internet for free that looked better than these. Tony stepped into a room in the back where the B&D toys were. He had seen a few of the items online but was surprised to see the toys in real life. There was an attractive, tall, shapely, blonde woman looking through one of the catalogs in the room. She looked up and smiled as she looked him over then returned to her catalog. Tony went back to the counter and browsed the locked display cabinet. Terry finished ringing up her sale and turned to him as the customer she had been helping left the store.

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