The Unlikely Affair – The Shirley

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Author’s Note: After 6 years, the Unlikely Affair continues. This story can be read standalone, but if you want to read how Scarlett and Rhett met, read it through the link on my profile.



Scarlett stared at the erect, pulsing phallus in fascination. Seven inches long, milk chocolate, veiny, masculine. It’s head glistened from her saliva and a hint of pre-cum, reddened from her ministrations and regular contact after a night of exhausting sex.

She was on the bed, between his legs, on her knees, holding the cock with her left hand, gently moving it up and down the shaft, keeping him ready… as he always was for her. He was reclined, head propped up on a pillow, looking at her with his enigmatic smile.

Dirty bastard, she thought. Then resumed sucking him, with her rhythmical deep strokes, letting it slip all the way down her throat. She actually enjoyed the extraordinary sensation of his member being held all the way down her jugular.

She slowly moved her head down his shaft, gripping it with her lips, allowing more and more of it to enter her, until she reached the base, feeling his curly back hairs against her mouth. Holding it there for as long as possible, then moving back up, giving the tip an extra suck, before resuming her journey down.

He groaned with pure pleasure. She cupped his balls with her other hand, gently stroking them, then reached her fingers up to his face so he could suck on them. She adored that. Letting his tongue slide between her digits and then taking all three middle fingers into his mouth at the same time, sucking them like a cock. Not for the first time did she wonder if he was bisexual.

Still deep throating him, she removed her hand, fingers dripping with his spit, and placed it under his balls. Her lubricated middle finger sought out his anus, massaged the rim, and he groaned further. She pushed the tip in, forcing her way through the resisting sphincter. He opened up to her, and moved her finger a little further in. She started to coordinate her throating of his member with the tiny thrusts of her finger.

She looked up. His eyes were shut, concentrating on the sensations. She stopped throating him, but continued to masturbate him with her left hand while fingering him with her right. She loved the sensation of dominating him.

But now, it was her turn, she wanted to be fucked.

She mounted him, wincing slightly from her slightly sore labia, which had been fully abused last evening and much of the night. She was wet, and the soreness passed as she slid slowly down his manhood. She let out her own moan of pleasure.

Knowing full well that this could take a long time, as it always did on the second or third session of a night’s lovemaking, she slowly moved up and down his shaft. He helped her with his hands on her hips, she leaned down and place her hands on his shoulders. They looked into each others eyes and smiled at each other.

A dim light entered the room as they made love. Dawn. The contrast of her pale skin against his darkness was erotic. He touched her slim body, held her breasts, tweaked her nipples, caressed her legs and her calves, as she moved up and down.

Her fingers sought out her clit. “Hmm, greedy,” she moaned, as she started to masturbate.

His right hand moved up to her mouth, and she repeated what he did to her, sucking his fingers. She knew what was to come.

He pulled his fingers away, felt for her arse, and entered her with his middle digit. It slid in easily as she was already wet from her own juices. As usual she was conflicted. Her middle class, puritanical background told her it was wrong, but she secretly loved the feel of his fingers in one hole and his cock in the other, rubbing against each other and swamping her with waves of pleasure.

They hadn’t tried the full anal experience yet… dreading it, she assumed it was only a matter of time.

Scarlett began to tire, her thrusting became less energetic. He sensed this, besides, he could never cum lying on his back, so he took over. He lifted her with one arm, and using the other to steady them both, swung her around and under him in one easy motion. She loved it when he did that, and giggled like a schoolgirl.

His hands cradled her bum, one finger resumed it’s position in her arse, while thrust into her very hard, slowly picking up the pace. His head was down beside her as he concentrated on pummeling her with his hot cock. She bit at his ear, licked it, licked deep into it as they both now caved into the desire to fill each others holes as much as possible. She thrust up against his pile driving cock and down against his finger, seeking both pain and pleasure. He moved his head and their lips locked, tongues swirling round each other, kissing each other deep and wetly.

She could sense he was ready, his breathing started to shorten and his pace picked up even more. It was so beautiful, she desperately wanted to cum, she slipped her hand down between their sweaty bodies, and found her clit again, aggressively rubbing it and forcing him to slow down.

He smiled, leaned back slowed right down, illegal bahis and let her masturbate. She loved to look him in the eye when she wanked. Her body started to shudder, she was cumming.

“Kiss me,” she whispered huskily. He leant forward, kissed her and then she came. For a minute, her body shuddered from little after effects of her orgasm, she closed her eyes and wallowed in the waves of pleasure, while he slowly fucked her to keep himself hard.

She opened her eyes. “Your turn,” she smiled.

Wordlessly, he resumed the position, and attacked her with his usual ferocity. Fucking as hard as he could. She let herself go limp and savoured the primeval aggression that he possessed in bed. The bed creaked, the headboard banged, the side tables rattled.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me with that fucking great cock,” she growled, adding to the cacophony. And he started grunting, more and more heavily, till finally he shot his cum into her eager vagina, while he delivered his trademark animalistic yell.

He fell on top of her, her legs wrapped around him and she cradled him, stroking his hair. Smiling up at the ceiling, she murmured, “gorgeous boy”.


Scarlett had turned sixty and had recently retired. She had continued to age very well. Sure, there were wrinkles and other signs of natural aging, but though dint of eating as little as possible, she had remained slim, except for a tiny ‘pot’ around her stomach, as Rick called it. Her breasts were still pert, and her bottom, still round and strokable. She kept her hair in a Bob, and continued to dye it a platinum color, which worked beautifully with her green eyes. The effect as a whole made her look more like fifty or less, still attractive, and to Rick, still eminently fuckable.

To both Scarlett and Rick’s amazement, their affair had entered its seventh year. Despite a multitude of acrimonious break offs (mostly started by Scarlett, who was both troubled by her disloyalty to her loving husband, Charlie, and concerned that Rick would always stray), they were drawn together like moths to the flame. Neither had experienced the levels of sexual arousement as they did when they were together. And over the years, they grew to love each other as individuals.

Rick loved her fierce independence, fiery temper, coupled with her old fashioned values, which he sought to break down at every opportunity. His wife, Sarah, was teetotal, staid, stopped wanting sex after they had their two children, and kept within the comfort zone of her small circle of friends in the village where they lived. She probably knew that Rick was a cheat, but turned a blind eye to it in order to avoid the break up of an outwardly happy family home.

He didn’t have a problem with the age difference between Scarlett and himself, in fact, he delighted in having sex with a ‘GILF’ as he called her – a Granny I’d Like to Fuck. He was eighteen years Scarlett’s junior. Now forty two, he continued to run, go to the gym, and play football with his mates in the village team, all of which allowed him to keep a trim body, while eating and drinking what he liked. His curly black hair was now spotted with grey, which did not detract from his still boyish good looks, and naughty boy charm.

Scarlett, in turn adored Rick for his desire to live life to the fullest, taking her out to the theatre, the cinema, ballet, party nights in Mayfair, where they would down cocktails and eat out at the Ritz or Langans and then party at Novikov or Mahiki till the early hours. These evenings of the high life were always followed by drink fuelled, dirty sex. She loved his naughty ways, pushing her boundaries, making her live her life to the fullest. She did worry about her getting past it, and keeping up with him, but he never alluded to the age difference. They had agreed long ago that sex was their USP, so long as she offered herself to him, she was safe from him straying further.

Charlie was a ‘stay at home’ husband. Sex used to be once a week, but had devolved to once every three months if that. He was more interested in gardening and fixing things round the house. He was… boring.


When they had recovered, he looked at her naked body, sitting up reading from her tablet with her glasses on. For all the world looking like the dirty secretary of his fantasies about her.


“Yeeeesss,” she replied suspiciously. He never called her by her name unless he had something important to say.

“I would like us to go on holiday.”

“Like that’s going to happen.”

“We can make it happen. I have always had what I call the ‘Shirley Valentine’ option with the missus, where I can just piss off for a week or so to get away from home life. No questions asked. Like when I went to Mykonos last year.”

“Well it’s OK for you, but Charlie won’t just let me ‘piss off’ as you so delicately put it.”

“Why not? Just evoke the ‘Shirley Valentine’ option. He is an understanding chap, he might let you go.”

“Well he is not going to. I know him. He will be suspicious. He has started asking why I am always staying over in London with illegal bahis siteleri my so called ‘work friends’ even though I have retired.”

“Just remind him what happened in the film, that Shirley desperately needed some freedom. He will see sense,” Rick persisted. “We can go back to Mykonos, I made a few friends out there, Greeks, they can show us around. It will be brilliant. I mean… really brilliant,” he said with unusual emphasis.

“I will ask, but it won’t work.”


Her husband was in his potting shed. She entered and smiled as she handed him a mug of tea.

“Ooh lovely, that will hit the spot,” he smiled back, and grasped the mug, his fingers dirty from planting up his tomatoes.

They were so comfortable in each other’s company that they did not worry about the ensuing silence. He, drinking his tea, surveying his plants; she, looking at him. They had been married 35 years. Children just didn’t happen, and neither of them was concerned about it enough to want to seek alternative ways of having them. He was sixty two, still working as a quantity surveyor, and not planning to retire any time soon. Unlike Scarlett, he had not aged well. He loved his food, and his beer, and his TV in the evening, and so had developed a sizable paunch. Balding, double chin and with glasses; the difference between Charlie and Rick (her toy boy as she liked to think) was like night and day. But he was loving, cheerful, good company and above all, loyal. Scarlett flushed at that thought. It made her feel so dirty. It gnawed at her, and for the hundredth time she felt she had to give Rick up.

But I only have the one life, she thought… for the hundredth time.

“I would like to go on holiday,” she blurted out. She didn’t think she had the guts to say it, and was of a mind not to, but it just came out.

“We only went to Jersey a couple of months ago.”

“Yes, but not us… me.”

“Eh, with your mate, Pauline?”

“Yes, um, no, me… on my own.”

“Eh? On your own?”

“Yes, on my own?”

“Eh? Why?”

“I just want to have some ‘me’ time.”

“‘Me time’? Why?”

“Because. Look, you remember that film, ‘Shirley Valentine’? Well I want to do a Shirley. Find myself on a Greek Island. In fact the one she went to in the film, Mykonos. And, just have some ‘me’ time.”


“If I recall correctly, in the film she kops off with a Greek waiter. Is that what you want to do? Kop off with a greasy Greek bloke,” he said with growing suspicion and a little anger.

“No, of course not. Nothing like that. I just have always been envious of her in that film. And just want to experience it. Sort of a bucket list thing to do.”

Scarlett’s fighting spirit had taken over, she had decided to go, and nothing was going to stop her now.



Was it as simple as that? She flushed red with this unexpected victory. Better not blow it. She went to him, hugged him and kissed him.

“Thanks, love. I really appreciate it.” And then she left, before he could ask more questions.

He looked at her departing back, and sipped his tea. His heart was sinking, but he could not rationalise a way to stop her going, without her becoming difficult. And when Scarlett was difficult…

She’s probably going off with that black bloke from the office again, he thought. Perhaps they will take more pictures and videos of them fucking each other like the ones that he had come across on her laptop. He had seen what they got up to, and knew he couldn’t compete.

Then his mind flashed images from web porn sites he occasionally visited. His favourite were the cuckold sites, with white men watching their wives been screwed by ‘BBC’s. Black men, with Big Black Cocks. His thoughts turned to his fantasies of Scarlett being gangbanged by a room full of huge black men, while he watched, and every time one of them came, he would take their cock into his mouth and swallow wads of their cum, and then lick Scarlett clean, ready for her next lover.

He flushed at the guilty thoughts, and then turned back to his plants.


Mykonos was brutally hot when they landed. Baggage retrieval and the car hire took forever, and they were sweaty, tired and hungry by the time they got to their villa in the south of the island.

Scarlett couldn’t believe this was happening. Here she was without her husband and with Rick on a holiday of her dreams. He had insisted that she wore flirty clothing on the trip. She reluctantly acquiesced and had worn a long forgotten summer dress which stopped at her knees. She never wore anything this short anymore, thinking it was not appropriate for someone her age, and she was particularly worried that she would be thought of as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. Rick didn’t seem to care, and smiled lewdly at her when he saw her at Gatwick.

Not wanting to stint on this rare time together, they had spent heavily on the villa and it showed. Everything seemed brand new, and it had a superb, private, infinity pool overlooking a sheltered bay.

They showered, changed and dressed for dinner. It was still canlı bahis siteleri very warm in the early evening, and they dressed to suit. He wore shorts, sandals and a light shirt. He mixed them a gin and tonic while she dressed as he had dictated: another light summer dress, even shorter than the one before, no bra or panties, white stiletto heels, and an ankle chain. She looked at herself in the mirror as she applied the bright red lipstick, and thought that she looked a total slut. She had never looked like this before, even when he was a teenager.

She was going to have it out with him as they enjoyed their aperitif, but, as ever, the drink got to her empty stomach and she started to relax and enjoy herself. She even started to flirt with him; crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning forward and letting him have a glimpse of her pert breasts under her dress. She placed her heel into his crotch and ground hard, making him wince.

“Do you like turning me into a whore?”

“I am so turned on, I could easily rip that dress of you and fuck you till the morning,” he replied as if he had rehearsed the line.

“Why don’t you then?” She giggled.

“Because I am starving, and I want to prolong the anticipation.”

“I’m starving too,” she said, downing the rest of her gin, and getting up in front of him.

He took the opportunity to run his hands under her dress and up her leg. She smiled and opened her legs to let him fondle her untethered vagina. He fingered her, withdrew, sniffed his finger and licked it.

“Hmm, yum, starters,” he grinned.

“Crude bastard,” she replied.

The restaurant was just a few hundred yards away, so they walked hand in hand. Scarlett revelled in this new aspect of their relationship. Rick was more interested in the sway of her body in her heels and the shape of her bum waggling under her dress. His cock half stiffened and kept much that way for the rest of the evening.

They enjoyed a typical Greek meal: he had Lamb Souvlaki, she had Moussaka. They shared a bottle of cheap but tasty house red, and Scarlett, who could never really handle her alcohol, quickly became drunk. She laughed a lot, and positioned her body to best effect, allowing the dress to ride up her thighs, allowing him to stroke them when he thought the waiters were not looking.

“You know, you can do anything you want to me,” she whispered, ignoring the stares of the other guests and the waiters as she exposed as much of her lithe body that her little dress allowed.

“I fully intend to,” he replied, a broad smile on his face.

They paid the bill, and tipsily walked back in the middle of the road in the sultry, pine scented evening air. This time they hugged each other, his hand explored her arse, and as the street was devoid of traffic or other travellers, he was emboldened enough to pull up her dress so he could fondle her buttocks. She smiled as he did so, and stopped to turn and kiss him, while he groped her..

“Naughty boy,” she smiled, but let him play as she continued to snog him, deeply, wetly. He then went for her crotch, and he started masturbating her. She was fully up for that, opening her legs and giving him full access. A car approached, light on full beam.

“Oh my God, Rick, we are being seen!” She cried, trying to pull down her dress and struggling to escape.

“Sod ’em,” he grunted and held her fast with his strong arms, while he continued to maul her cunt.

The car slowed down and as it swerved past them, they clearly heard guttural, masculine Greek catcalls. To Scarlett’s relief, the car sped off. She was, in all honesty, too drunk and aroused to care. While they kissed and he mauled her, she groped for his hard cock stretching his shorts. She unzipped him, and pulled it out, not too gently tugging him to full erection.

Rick guided her to a nearby bench and sat her down, allowing her to greedily take up his cock into her mouth and start pleasuring him, just the head at first and then the full length of his shaft. Moaning in appreciation, he reached down into her dress and fondled her tits with one hand, while gently guiding the back of her head with the other. She in the meantime moved her bum forward on the bench, opened her legs and then with her spare hand started to touch herself, rubbing her clit with sharp deft little flicks of her finger.

This went on for a while until another car approached, Rick pulled his cock out of her mouth and bent down to kiss her, while the car slowly passed, this time they could hear feminine giggling.

“Far too busy,” he remarked and so, taking her by the hand, they resumed walking to their villa. He, unashamedly with his penis hanging out of his shorts, while she fondled him, keeping him hard.

In the privacy of the villa’s grounds they resumed their lovemaking. He led her to a eucalyptus tree overlooking the pool, and turned her around so she could hold onto the tree. Still in her heels, she understood what she needed to do, and bent forward, presenting her arse to him. He lifted up her dress hem and lovingly caressed her bum, then plunged two fingers into her already sodden pussy, while masturbating himself to full erection. Then, carefully, he eased himself into her, fucking her with slow, easy strokes. While he did so, he pulled down the top half of the dress, one arm at a time, so he could handle her breasts while he fucked her.

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