The New Babysitter Ch. 04: Denouement

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All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 18.

Thanks to all who made useful comments on this story series.

Special thanks to petitechasseur: I returned to the scene of the crime to make amends.

Denouement: the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together, and matters are explained or resolved.



Kim and Ingrid were in my office, dressed again in their cheerleader uniforms after our extravaganza out by the pool. Kim had done a split flip into Ingrid’s mouth while I fingered my niece Audrey and her friend Caprice. It was my initiation into the dance squad; what that meant for me, I had no idea.

“Capi told me that you both have boyfriends, but that you wanted some kind of dating advice,” I said. “I’m guessing it has something to do with the enthusiastic kissing and pussy munching I just saw at the pool. That looked fun. What’s the issue?”

They looked at each other; Kim blushed and looked at her hands on her lap. After a few moments, Ingrid spoke up. “Sort of. We like our boyfriends,” Ingrid glanced at Kim, “but we like each other, too. Whenever we’re alone and try to get something started, it doesn’t work. It feels really awkward.”

“You seemed pretty comfortable just now,” I said.

“Oh, Capi is always organizing something hot, first at initiation, and then whenever it works. That’s always great. But, when it is just Kim and me, not so much.”

“Because you are here talking to me about this, I assume you both want something more. Is that right?” Both girls looked at each other, then at me, and nodded. I said, “And I assume you trust each other.”

Finally, Kim spoke up. “Completely.” A flyer had to trust her base; the base would never let the flyer hit the floor.

“That’s a good start. Whenever you are trying to heat things up with someone, it always works better to build some trust first. That works differently in different circumstances, of course. If guys learned that they would get laid more. Now I’m going to ask you to do something, so you are going to have to trust me. Ready?”

Ingrid said, “Capi and Audrey both think you are awesome. We’ve known Capi for a long time. That’s good enough for me.” Ingrid looked at Kim, who nodded.

“Okay, nothing too difficult,” I said. “First, why don’t you give each other a sweet, romantic kiss?”

The girls looked at each other with real affection and smiled. They reached to embrace each other but fumbled with their arms trying to get the embrace to work. Ingrid put an arm on Kim’s shoulders, then pulled back and put it around her waist. At first, Kim put a hand on Ingrid’s leg, but it seemed she didn’t know where to put her other hand. Eventually, Kim put both arms around Ingrid’s neck.

They struggled to get the kiss started, too. Ingrid bent towards Kim’s mouth, and at the same time, Kim tried to rise. It took a couple of tries to work out whose head tilted where. Finally, their lips met, and they delivered a gentle kiss. They looked cute together – clumsy, but cute.

“You look like sixth-graders trying to ballroom dance,” I said. “Neither knows who leads, or how, or who follows, and why.” Both girls looked a little frustrated. I could see the issue. I had an idea, but I wasn’t sure it would work.

“Let’s try something. I’ll talk you through something I used to do with my wife a lot before we had kids,” I said. “Kim put your hand on Ingrid’s thigh, and tell her that you want to heat up the romance, and you want her to do as you ask.” Kim blushed a little and nodded.

Kim said, “Ingrid, I want to heat things up between us. Please do as I ask.” Ingrid agreed and nodded.

“Kim, tell Ingrid to stand up straight, feet apart, and with her hands clasped behind her neck.”

The order was given; Ingrid stood and assumed the position. Kim used her foot to signal Ingrid to spread her feet a bit more. Ingrid complied.

I said, “Now tell Ingrid that whenever you tell her to present, she is to take this position immediately. Tell her that unless you say otherwise, she is to be naked.” When it was done, I added, “Now fondle Ingrid’s breasts.”

Kim used both of her hands to hold and lift Ingrid’s breasts. She cupped her hands and petted the blonde’s large boobs from the lower inside up and out. Kim rolled and pinched the nipples. Ingrid moaned.

“That feels so good,” Ingrid said.

I said, “Kim, tell her sternly that she is not to speak unless spoken to, and that she may not cum unless you command it.”

Kim gave the instructions with a clear, firm voice I had not heard from her before this. Then she unbuttoned Ingrid’s top and fondled the large bare breasts. She leaned in and suckled each dark nipple. Ingrid moaned loudly.

“Now, Kim, tell Ingrid to get down on her knees, legs widely spread, hands clasped behind her neck as now. This is a kneeling presentation position, Kim; you will have to be clear which you want when you are giving orders. This, too, will normally be done naked,” I said.

Ingrid moved quickly into position. Her breathing was becoming more rapid – she was becoming escort kartal aroused. With her top unbuttoned and hands behind her neck, her boobs moved freely. She was a beautiful woman.

“Take off your panties, Kim, and command Ingrid to lick your pussy,” I said. Kim peeled off her cheerleader panties and stood close to Ingrid. “Eat me, slut,” she said.

I assumed they had done some of this before, especially as part of Capi’s dance squad activities. But now it was different. Kim was directing the action, with a romantic intention, and Ingrid was following. Kim surprised me with her familiarity with the attitude and language. I guessed she was reading online lesbian erotica. Each girl was becoming comfortable with an assigned role. Ingrid started licking with gusto.

I said, “People are generally happier when they know they have a clear role in a sexual relationship. These days everyone seems confused by political correctness, especially boys trying to get intimate with a girl. I can only guess that it has been confusing for you two. People need to have polarity to maintain attraction and hunger. Mature love is more forgiving than what you need to do to hang on to lust. You can experiment as much as you like, swap things around depending on whatever you are doing. I just recommend, especially at first, that you are vocal about who is doing what. Don’t make your partner unsure of what you want, or why, or what success looks like. Tell her. We can stop now or continue.”

“I want to keep going,” Ingrid said. Kim nodded.

“I didn’t hear you, Kim,” I said. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to keep going, too,” Kim replied.

“It will also be important for you both to say out loud what you want, so the other doesn’t have to guess, and you both become frustrated. In fact, it can be a huge part of the turn-on that builds a lusty relationship,” I said. “You should talk dirty to each other – a lot. I think the words are already in your head. Let them out.”

“Kim, there are more than a dozen named positions for you to teach Ingrid. I recommend you read books by Elizabeth Cramer for some ideas on training. In many ways, it is really about training the dom to lead. Try some rope art. For now, let’s do what I like to call face down, ass up. It is what it sounds like. Tell Ingrid what to do,” I said.

Kim looked serious. “Slut, face down, ass up,” she ordered. Ingrid snapped into position.

From my desk, I grabbed an eighteen-inch steel ruler with cork on one side.

“Now, pull Ingrid’s panties down.” Kim stood behind her friend, lifted the skirt, and slowly lowed Ingrid’s panties down her thighs to her knees. She ran her hands back up the thighs to Ingrid’s ass.

“Kim put your fingers in Ingrid’s cunt. Is she wet?”

Kim pointed all her fingers together and pushed her entire hand into Ingrid’s pussy. “Sopping wet. She’s a real lake.” Ingrid’s hard nipples grazed the carpet as her hanging breasts jiggled with her breathing.

“Now, tell her that from now on, when you are together like this, she is to call you mistress.”

“You will address me as your mistress, my slut. Do you agree?” Kim fucked Ingrid with her fist. Ingrid moaned.

“Yes, my mistress.” Kim was wrist-deep and pounding Ingrid’s cunt. I watched her work on her friend as my cock started to stir.

I handed the ruler to Kim. “Now, give Ingrid sixteen hard slaps with the cork side of this ruler. Hard slaps. Make her count, and make her start over if she displeases you. Go slowly – I’m going to write a list for you.

I sat at my desk and made some notes on a piece of paper. Kim raised her arm and swung the steel ruler at her friend’s ass. It made a loud noise when it hit. Ingrid jerked and moaned.


Slowly, Kim gave Ingrid one hard slap after another. I could smell Ingrid’s arousal; perhaps it was Kim’s as well. After Ingrid said eight, Kim said, “halfway finished.”

I looked up from writing. I could see the welts across Ingrid’s ass, an ass turning bright red with the rough treatment. Kim was panting, more with arousal than exertion.

“Finish the discipline, Kim,” I said, “or I shall discipline you.”

Kim swung the ruler again and then picked up the pace. The last four strokes were delivered as rapidly as she could manage. Both girls were breathing heavily; Ingrid’s eyes were wet, too, with tears.

I said, “I have written up a shopping list of suggestions for you both. Ingrid, your list is mostly frilly dresses and lingerie. For you, Kim, there are the book suggestions, some ideas for a dominatrix outfit and leatherwear, and a strap-on harness. You are going to be fucking Ingrid in all three holes.”

“Some of this is expensive, so I’ll send some money to you with Audrey. Buy the good stuff. Now, the most important thing is the gentle after-care – Kim, this is your responsibility. You must soothe, comfort, and love Ingrid for the gift she has given you with her body, with her mind, and with her heart. Make sure she knows that you own her, and will care for her. You will need a safe-word. You can stay here in the office – I’m going maltepe escort to look for Audrey and Caprice.”

Kim and Ingrid cuddled and whispered on the floor. I shut the door behind me.


Audrey was in the nursery. She had changed into some black yoga pants and a loose t-shirt.

“I’m going to give him a bath,” she said.

“I’m checking on you both,” I said. “And, if possible, I want you to stay when the girls leave, at least until my wife gets home. I’ll give you a ride then if you want.”

“I’m going to send some money with you for Ingrid and Kim – I’ll explain later. I want to talk to you about what happened before, in the hallway. I gave you a rough fucking; you seemed to like it, but I want to check if you are okay,” I said.

Audrey snuggled into my arms and hugged me. She looked up at me, and we kissed, long and lovingly.

She said, “I teased you, and you gave me what I was asking for, what I was really asking for, I think. It didn’t hurt, and I wasn’t scared. I always feel safe with you. You took what you wanted, and you used me. It was hot, even though I’m surprised to think so.”

Audrey kissed me again. “I want to do more, but you owe me an orgasm.” She smiled a wicked little smile.

“Come with me.” I pulled Audrey by her hand out into the hallway. I kissed her and let my hands roam on her back, her sides, and her ass, which felt and looked so good in the yoga pants.

I turned her against the wall where I had fucked her before, kneeled on the floor, and peeled her tights down and off.

“You look like a cute flower girl in the picture. That was a fun day,” I said.

I kissed her calves and the backs of her knees. My hands rubbed her legs from the ankles up to her hips; then, as I kissed my way up her thighs, my hands held her tummy under her ribs. Audrey purred.

Her feet moved toward me a few inches when I tugged at her ankles. I bent her forward, and she leaned on the wall. Her hips presented her ass, and her cheeks spread a little to reveal her rosebud. I buried my face and started licking, rimming, and poking her anus with my tongue. I used my left hand to massage her clit and pushed two fingers of my right hand into her pussy and scraped her most sensitive spot.

Audrey moaned and tried to fuck herself against my hands. When I thought she was ready, I pulled my head back.

“Cum for me, Audrey. Cum now.”

She cried out and squirted on my hand. I slowed my pace of rubbing but kept the pressure on until she caught her breath.

With my hands on her hips, I turned Audrey around to face me. The little landing strip she left from shaving her bush seemed so perfect on her. “Lean against the wall,” I said.

I kissed my way down the landing strip and circled her labia, which was engorged with arousal. She smelled like vanilla and sea air. I curled my tongue and used it to embrace her clit. I stroked her with a slow, steady rhythm and pressure.

Audrey rubbed her hands in my hair, occasionally grabbing a handful to pull my face against her body. She murmured, “Oh, oh, oh,” as she moaned. I licked her pussy. She tasted like vanilla, too.

After dipping two fingers into her flooded pussy, I pressed one against her rosebud and pushed it to the second knuckle. Audrey gasped and held her breath. I pulled out and then inserted two slick fingers into her ass and twisted them slowly, stretching her, teaching her all the pleasures I knew.

She pulled my face tightly against her body. I increased the speed and pressure of my tongue on her clit.

“Ooooh, goddd!” Audrey moaned and clinched every muscle tight. She took a breath and held it; she started trembling, then jerking. After a few moments, she released, slid down the wall to the floor, and whimpered, “oh, god, stop, I can’t take any more.”

I held her in my arms. I brushed her hair away from her face. I smiled. She smiled at me.

“I love you,” she said simply.

We stayed like that for several minutes – just holding each other. When we heard the kid start jabbering, we untangled ourselves and stood. We embraced and kissed.

“Remember, I’ll take you home,” I said. Audrey grabbed her pants and went into the nursery. I headed downstairs.


The kitchen was clean and empty. I found Caprice talking on her phone in the media room. It, too, had been picked up and put in order. I flashed a thumbs-up as she put her phone down.

“I broke up with my boyfriend. He didn’t seem surprised. I think he was with someone,” Capi said. She pouted a little and then smiled at me. She had put on a blue sundress. The hem was about three inches above her knee. The waist was slightly gathered with elastic, and two spaghetti straps held up the top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her blonde hair had been pulled up and clipped. The girls had all rinsed by the pool; Capi’s hair looked damp. Even this casual, she was gorgeous.

She walked into my arms, and we hugged each other tightly. I kissed her neck and then her lips. We kissed each other with caring, then with passion.

She said, “I’m free. You know what this means, pendik escort bayan don’t you?” Caprice tilted her head to the side and smiled at me.

I said, “Yes, I do. But let’s not talk about it yet. I’ve got some things to finish up. I need your help.”

Capi took a round brush out of a gym bag, unclipped her hair, and started brushing the damp hair straight. It was fascinating to watch, her large breasts jiggled and swayed with her strokes. She looked at me while she worked.

“My corporate golf tourney is next week, and my wife says she is going to a real estate conference. But things are going to be busy here. I’m hoping you can be here all day on Saturday with Audrey, and maybe on Sunday, too,” I said. I explained what was going to happen, and what I wanted her to do.

“I haven’t told Audrey yet; I’ll tell her when I drive her home today,” I said. “And before anything else happens, I think you two need to talk.”

Caprice put the brush back into the bag and took me by both hands. “I’ve got you covered,” she said. She put her arms around my neck, kissed me, and then whispered into my ear.

“Then, I’m coming for you.”

She picked up her bag and left the room. I heard her collect Kim and Ingrid from my office. Kim ran into the room and jumped up into my arms with legs around my waist like I had seen her do with Ingrid in the pool.

Kim said, “Thank you. I won’t disappoint.” She kissed me then jumped down, grabbed another gym bag and a backpack, and ran out of the room. I heard the front door close.

Twenty minutes later, my wife arrived, wearing heels and a short skirt.


I was on the far side of 18, about twenty-five feet from the pin. The green broke downhill, right-to-left for my putt. If I sank it, I would eagle the hole for the team; all I needed was par to finish our scramble card as the leaders, with six foursomes behind us. My strategy was to leave the ball close to the hole for an easy birdie putt; I didn’t want to overplay the ball. I had played this green a dozen times this summer. It was the mid-afternoon; the green was dry and fast. I pulled the putter back, swung firmly, and followed through correctly, something I had always struggled to do consistently.

The ball scooted uphill off my putter, and then with about a third of the distance left, it slowed and curled toward the pin. It got closer and closer to the lip on the near side. The ball slowed and stopped right at the edge of the drop. It was a much better putt than I had hoped for; I had my birdie.

Then the earth moved, or the wind blew, or the gods laughed. The ball dropped in. I heard someone say, “holy-shit.”

We finished the round one-under. The CEO and the finance guy were in a group behind us; both were scratch golfers. They were one-over after seventeen. It was going to be hard to catch us. My group high-fived and then headed to the bar for a drink to wait for the final results and prizes.

I wanted a gin-and-tonic. My phone was in my golf bag; no phones on the course. I turned it on and checked my messages. There was one from Capi saying that the movers had finished, and everything was set up at both ends.

The other message was from an unknown number. It said that the packages were delivered as requested – everything as expected.

It was from my lawyer’s process server. She had followed my wife to a quaint hotel on the coast, where she was staying in the honeymoon suite with her boss. She was to make sure there was no conference and then deliver four envelopes.

The first was a notice that she was being sued for divorce. The second was a packet of photos of her with her married boss in various compromising circumstances. The third envelope contained a set of keys, a pre-paid 3-month lease on a nice condo near her office, and a note explaining that her clothes, personal items, and a few other things had been moved and set up in the condo. The last envelope contained a proposed settlement agreement my lawyer had drafted. One spouse would get the house and full custody. The other spouse would get a generous cash buyout and family-friendly visitation rights above the requirements of state law. Child support was state-mandated by formula. She could choose which she wanted, or fight it out in court.

I wasn’t surprised by her choice.


The next Saturday I didn’t golf. Instead, I went to my first-ever competitive dance event. Maybe I should have taken a puppy, but being a new not-quite single dad with a cute kid and a PR-squad seemed to work as well. Lots of dancers, including Capi’s team, coaches, and some MILFs in the audience, came over to coo and rub up against me. Many of them seemed to know I was going through a difficult time. A few of the moms gave me slips of paper where they had written a phone number and call me.

The new-girl cheer-four event is something the dance squads did to audition their new members and welcome them to the world of competitive dance. Most probably had been cheerleaders in high school, and it is not as easy as it looks. But now, after graduation, high school cheering seemed quaint; this was combat. Cheer-four gave new girls a taste of winning and losing, and the pressures that come with it on a team sport populated with competitive beauties. Guys, take a closer look – it’s brutal – more than anything you do short of cage-fighting. And even then, it’s close.

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