The Crucible Pt. 01

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Richard (52), Melanie (44), daughters: Allison (20), Jennifer (18), Becky (18), son: Thomas (22) Last Name: Avery

Year: 1927

Location: Big Sur, California

“Bring the baskets and put them in the mule cart Jen!” Allison yelled across the barn yard.

“Okay! I’ll be right there!” Jen’s voice drifted out from the depths of the barn.

“Becky make sure you grab the aprons from the kitchen” another order issued from Allison.

“Oh SURE!” Becky dashed for the house heading up the hill to the back door.

“Looks like you’ve got them about as excited as I’ve ever seen sis” Thomas posited as he approached the back of the mule cart. “What are you girls up to today?”

“Oh hey Tom, we’re off to pick blueberries and yeah the girls are just elated” Allison said while she tightened the strap on Buel the mule. “Sometimes they act like they’re kids again wouldn’t you say?”

“Hehe, sure, I’d say they forget, or maybe they just don’t care” Tom opined. “It’s not like it matters too much out here. It’s not like they’re going to be dating any time soon” Tom sounded downright glum on that point.

Allison finished with Buel’s straps and harness. “I suppose. It’s no better for me and I’m nearly 21!”

“Mom says we might go into town next month. I simply can’t wait!” Tom brought himself back.

Allison climbed into the back of the cart as Jen and Becky came running down the hill, hands full.

“Not a lot of good that’ll do me, Dad never let’s me out of his sight when we go into town. Says I’ll be led into temptation. I mean temptation of what!? Boys?” Allison complained.

“Hehe, yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what Dad’s worried about” Tom answered.

“Okay! Let’s GO!” Jen shouted jumping into the back of the cart, her dirty blonde waist length hair flying wildly in the strong spring breeze. Becky was the last, throwing the aprons onto the floor of the cart before volleying herself in bare feet first.

“What no shoes Beck?” Tom asked in a disapproving tone.

“Oh whatever, I’ll be fine” Becky scowled back at him.

“Ooookay then. I’ll be waiting here to pick out the thorns when you get home” Tom smiled at her.

Becky rolled her eyes and settled into a cross-legged position opposite of Jen. Allison mounted the tiny drivers seat and grabbed the reins. Buel didn’t seem to need an invitation and started forward even before Allison had released the brake.

“Whoa there Buel!” Tom reached out and steadied Buel’s hindquarters with his hand.

“Well looks like he’s excited too!” Allison grinned releasing the brake.

“Be careful sisters!” Tom said waving as Buel slowly started forward towards the front gate.

Tom walked ahead of them unlatching and swinging the heavy wooden gate open.

“Bring back enough for Mom to make us pies!” Tom waved after them as they plodded forward down the dirt road.

“Bye Tom!” they all waved back.

Allison steered Buel and her merry sisters to the left through the avocado grove on out to the small prairies that hugged the wooded mountains. Living in Big Sur had been her father’s dream for years when she was very little and they had lived in the city. After losing his job at the mill, Richard had taken out their savings and bought the small farmstead about 100 miles south of San Francisco. He had his two brothers and a slew of their friends stay for the first few months, clearing the trees and building the very large main room of the cabin. Then Allison’s uncle Nathan had stayed on as a hand and established their groves. They planted apples, citrus, various nut trees, and of course avocados.

For the past 15 years they lived there in near seclusion, farming and trading locally for food and goods. The nearest neighbors were well over 3 miles away and while they had an old 1914 Model T Ford flatbed, fuel was a precious commodity and so visiting them was always a planned event.

They lived happy lives and were mostly contented to their environment. Allison and her slightly younger twin sisters Jen and Becky did everything together; schoolwork, chores, playing, dancing, singing, and even bathing. Everyone paid so much attention to the younger twins (even though they weren’t identical) that Allison had fairly well reserved herself to being the older, more responsible mother figure among the siblings.

Allison kept her fine long light-brown hair in braids most of the time as it would otherwise get in the way of her chores and keeping the animals. Allison was slender in the waist, but had her mother’s curves. Her generous double D cups were a direct inheritance from Melanie and she loved nothing more than making her brother and father nervous from time-to-time by wearing a low cut dress. Father wouldn’t put up with anything overtly sexual, so she had to ride the line or be caught in the crossfire. She particularly liked seeing the lump in Tom’s pants when she wore her oldest night gown. It was cotton and worn to near transparency. She often fantasized about Tom kissing and touching her. She felt closest to keçiören escort Tom out of her siblings and they often went on walks and she liked to hunt or fish with him in the evenings. She felt as if the feelings might be mutual, but was far to shy to bring the subject up. He was her brother for god’s sake and she felt very embarrassed about her feelings for him as a result.

Jen was about 5′ 4″ with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, a healthy frame and was generously endowed at the chest and hips. She loved and cared for most of the farm’s many animals. She tended to be sweet and shy, but had a fiery temper if pushed far enough or cornered.

Jen often felt overshadowed and forgotten in comparison to her two sisters. For their 18th birthday both twins were gifted hand-made dresses from their grandmother in Portland. The dresses (one red, the other purple) had to be sized according to each girl’s size by their mother. Jen fell in love with the red velvet crush with white frills on sight. Of course, Becky had her eye on it as well. Becky made a huge emotional scene about how the red dress MUST be hers because “it brought out her eyes.” On the day of their birthday, after mother had taken their measurements and made the adjustments, Jen had rushed into the dining room only to find the box with her name on it to contain the purple dress. She never made a fuss and almost always let her siblings take the spotlight.

Becky on the other hand was 5′ 3″ with a slightly more petite, slim build. She was a true brunette with natural curls to her mid-back and stunning green eyes. Becky was a firecracker and as most firecrackers do, she demanded as much attention as she possibly could. Becky, even living in such an isolated environment, always had to be the star of the show. If they were dancing, Becky was jumping the highest. If they were singing, Becky was always singing the loudest. She was the embodiment of the outgoing woman of the day. At the same time she had the most crippling phobia of the three sisters combined, water. Becky was absolutely terrified of water. Her fear primarily stemmed from a near-drowning in the nearby river as a young child. She had gotten in too deep and the river’s shallow but swift rapids had pulled her into the trunk of a hollow tree. She had been trapped in the darkness, barely able to gasp for air for several minutes before her mother (Melanie) had grabbed her legs and drug her out. Despite her phobia, Becky was outgoing in every other sense, to the point that Allison had to always keep an extra eye out for her ever-escalating antics.

Tom was two years older than Allison and was always kind to them, but he was also plenty curious and loved getting a glimpse of them all after baths. Dad frowned on it, but mother thought it was funny and always loved to tease Tom for his spying. Tom spent most of his time hunting and trapping when he wasn’t working the farm itself. Over the years he’d gone from a healthy helping hand, to a co-operator as his father advanced in age. At twenty-two, Tom was a fully capable, multi-skilled homesteader and farmer.

He had recently been thinking about moving to San Francisco and getting a place of his own. Even though he and his father had converted the (albeit spacious) one-room log cabin into a hearty 5 bedroom home complete with kitchen, den and shared living area, Tom was getting more restless by the day. He longed to find a woman and finally become a real man. Whenever he brought it up to his father though, he was given reason after reason as to why he should just stay and work on the family farm. Just the week before the conversation had even gotten rather heated with his dad saying “You’re just barely of age, wait until you’ve become of age and pass the crucible.” When he had asked about this crucible, his father had simply said, “Wait and you will soon understand.”

Tom turned (after the cart disappeared into the woods) and headed into the house to check on his mother who was busy tending the kitchen and preparing the evening meal. As he entered the kitchen from the back door, the smell of baking bread and fresh jam assaulted his senses.

“Oh wow it smells so wonderful Mother!” he exclaimed.

“Oh Thank You sweetheart!” a muffled voice responded from the open pantry. “I’m trying to find my other bag of wheat flour and I don’t see it” Melanie said more to herself than to Tom. Tom turned to locate the mysterious location of the voice and saw his mother standing on a wobbly stool, stretching up to the top shelf of the pantry.

“Oh Mom! You shouldn’t be standing on that!” Tom was alarmed at how wobbly the stool was and even a little surprised that his 5′ 5″ mother was balancing on it so spryly.

“Nonsense! How else am I supposed to reach this shelf? The step ladder has been broken for years!” Melanie sounded exasperated. “THERE!” she nearly shouted. “There it is… If I can just…”

Thankfully Tom was there and was well prepared to catch her when her weight shifted just a keçiören escort bayan bit to far to the outside and sent the stool buckling from underneath her. “AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” she screamed as she tumbled forward, her hands tucking the 10 pound bag of wheat flour like a football. Tom moved swiftly into place beneath her, arms open wide. She landed firmly on top of Tom and he went backwards, his mother’s hips pressed into his chest. Tom grabbed her around the waist and nearly caught his balance, but she was sliding down his chest from too high for him to get his feet beneath him. They both toppled backwards into the kitchen and hit the ground with a great crash. There was a popping sound as Melanie landed on Tom and a volcano of flour erupted into the air. Tom made a wheezing sound as the air had been knocked out of him.

“Oh MY GOD TOM! Are you OKAY!?” Melanie’s slightly southern accent cut through the flour filled air.

Tom managed to finally gasp in a breath of air, only to be choked thoroughly by the falling flour. Melanie sat straddling Tom’s lap as they coughed and waved their hands frantically to clear the air.

Finally the air cleared enough for them to get a glimpse of one another. They were both covered from head to toe in off-white flour. Tom stared up at his mother’s heaving powdered chest and she stared back at him in disbelief.


“Yes?” she said quietly in a very concerned tone.

“I told you so.”

Melanie burst into laughter, flour blowing from her nostrils and mouth. Tom couldn’t help himself either and they both laughed until they nearly cried. Tom being a young man, could feel the pressure of his voluptuous mother’s crotch rubbing his genitals with each convulsion of laughter. Tom decided after who knows how long, to try and move his member away from his mother before she felt the bulging monster being awoken. He sat up and tried to scoot out from underneath her, but Melanie put her hands on his shoulders and shoved him back down.

“Where do you think you’re going? We’re not finished kneading the dough!” Melanie cackled, her laughter renewed. Tom laughed along nervously, but as he did, blood filled the beast in his pants. Melanie rocked back and landed her ass right into the end of his engorged phallus. She stopped laughing all at once and froze staring directly at Tom, her eyes like saucers, an O of surprise on her flour covered face.

“OH!” she said. “I didn’t know you were so passionate about baking Tom!” she squinted as she barely got the words out and then she was right back to laughing even more hysterically than before. She laughed and bounced and laughed and bounced as Tom desperately tried to wriggle free and stop her from rubbing his virgin dick.

“Mom!” Tom finally shouted. Melanie finally slowed and rolled off her son reluctantly.

“Ohhhh I haven’t laughed like that in years!” she gasped.

Tom looked down at his tented pants, the tip of his cock had soaked through the pants and flour with pre-cum. Tom scrambled to get to his feet in embarrassment, but the flour on the hard wood floor made for ice-like traction. Tom’s feet slid out and he fell right back down on his ass hard with a THWOMP.

Tom was sure his mother would be in hysterics over this mishap.

“Oh No! Are you okay sweety?” Melanie forced back her laughter as best she could, but giggles kept escaping.

“Mom!” Tom was turning red with embarrassment at this point as there was no hiding his massive erection.

“Oh Baby, don’t be embarrassed! That’s actually quite impressive!” Melanie tried her best to stop giggling, even though a few leaked here and there.

“AHH my BUTT!” the pain was spider-webbing from his tailbone down through his legs and up into his back.

Melanie instinctively opened her flour covered arms to help him up. Tom reluctantly took her hands and they both pulled against each other to reach their feet. On standing, Melanie instantly pulled Tom into her arms and held him tight. Tom tried to point things to the side to avoid any more aggravation of his situation, but it was no use, his jutting hard-on poked right into his mother’s crotch as she squeezed in for the embrace.

“Thank You for catching me my big man” Melanie squeezed even harder, Tom’s raging hard-on pulsing between her thighs against her dress. Then she did something she had never done before. She kissed his powdered neck with a slow and deliberate softness he had never experienced. This sent his situation into dire straights. Tom could feel the heat of her crotch through his pants and he was sure he would burst at any moment.

“Now!” she said, pushing him back gently to arms length. “We have one humongous mess to clean up…. But first! Let’s take care of this problem you have my hero.”

Tom was stunned from the shock of the whole situation. What did she mean by “this problem?”

“Wha….” he started to ask, but Melanie put her finger to his mouth and shushed him.

“Your father is in San Francisco escort keçiören and your sisters are out for the afternoon” Melanie explained as she led him through the kitchen door and towards the main hall that connected all of their rooms. “I’ve been meaning to have a private talk with you for a long time now and I’ve just never found the right moment.”

“Okaaaay?” Tom said, still very much stunned. As Tom wondered where they were heading they walked past his bedroom door, where he would have assumed he would go to clean up and change clothes.

“Your father has been telling me about how you want to move to San Francisco and get a place of your own. And that’s totally normal! There’s nothing wrong with that idea at all….. Except.. You see your father is getting older and he can’t maintain the farm on his own.”

“Okaaaay….” Tom continued to try and guess the trajectory of this conversation to no avail.

“Also, I understand that you’re a man now and men have certain needs” she said glancing down at his iron-clad boner. “Do you know what I mean Tom?”

“Ummmmmm, I THINK So, but I don’t underst…..” Melanie again put her finger to his lips and then led him into the bathroom at the end of the hall. The bathroom was a large stone-floored square with a large brick one foot tall shower basin on one side. As they didn’t have indoor plumbing to speak of, there was no toilet, just the large open shower basin. The shower was fed by a large sun-warmed water tower that was fed by their wind mill and the river on the southern portion of their property. It was quite modern for the remote locale they enjoyed, even if the water wasn’t really THAT warm. Melanie closed the door behind them.

“So, since you’re a man, you have certain needs and you’ve never been with a woman” of this Melanie was very sure given his simple absence of opportunities. “I spoke with your father about preparing you for the crucible.”

“What’s this cruc….” again the finger and the shush from his mother.

“You and your sisters are all coming of age and you must be prepared for your coming of age crucible or you may fail it. This can not be.” Melanie bent over the shower basin, her long brown hair hanging down while she ran her hands through it. Flour poured down in sheets from her hair as she continued.

“Normally, a man such as yourself would have already been with a woman and thus would have the understanding of a woman’s body that’s necessary for his rite of passage…. But, since we decided to raise you here in seclusion, by no fault of your own, this has been impossible.” Melanie slung her hair back over her head, standing up and facing Tom directly.

Tom’s hard-on throbbed even more as his mother’s words slid into his mind like a slow dream. Melanie began to untie the waist of her sun dress.

“Now! I know you’ve had a keen eye for seeing your sisters nude and their newly developed bodies are quite a sight to see. But, you’ve likely never gotten a GOOD look at a mature woman’s body outside the occasional glimpse of me from time to time. Is that right?”

Tom’s face was beet red and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears, it was in sync with the bobbing of his cock. At this point all he could do was nod.

Melanie stepped over the sealed brick lip into the shower basin as she cast back the untied waist belt and reached to her side to find the opening of the front-folding dress. She slowly peeled it away from her curvy body in a left-to-right motion. The dress went slack around her hips and flour poured to the floor of the basin. As she pulled the dress open, Tom’s eyes landed on her bare navel. He immediately brought his eyes back up to hers out of respect for the woman who had birthed him into this world. Melanie stopped, her dress open only a sliver up her center line.

“You can look my baby. I WANT you to look and look very closely. Is that okay?”

“Uhmmmm Mom, this is kind of weird” Toms voice was shaky and uncertain.

“I understand this isn’t something we’ve ever talked about, but it’s perfectly natural. A woman’s body is God’s work of art you see. He made us to be the equal and opposite of a man… Do you understand?”

Tom didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and shook his head quickly, the look of confusion and excitement fused into his expression.

“Okay well, I’m going to show you now okay? Are you ready?” Melanie’s voice was soft and calm with only a hint of rasp on the outer syllables of her words. The hair on Tom’s neck stood on end. Tom nodded slowly, his eyes now glued back to his mother’s exposed navel.

Melanie pulled at the dress with her right hand, her figure slowly coming into view, the partly sunlit bathroom casting dark shadows that accentuated the slight pooch of her mid-section. Tom’s eyes drifted down to the black lace band of her underwear. They appeared to be made of silk and tightly hugged her generous hips. His eyes followed the line of the brief-like panties down to the V of her pelvis and on down to her thighs.

His mother’s legs had much more shape than any of his sister’s, showing just a hint of muscle tone, the inside of her thighs pressed slightly together. He followed their strong muscular foundation down to her knees as she stood in the shower basin, one leg pulled up just slightly higher than the other, a lady’s gesture if ever there was one.

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