Stuck in the Airport Ch. 01

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It is late but you are stuck in the airport. Your flight home was canceled because of the snow and there is no motel with an open room for miles. Since the whole airport is shut down, you are stuck. But you planned to make the best of the situation. Hopefully they will open the airport back up in the morning and you can catch an early flight home.

To pass time, you wondered all the many shops but found most were closed. The only thing open was a little sports bar in the far end of the airport. When you entered, the bar was empty except for the bartender.

The bartender is a big guy, someone that would be a good person to work at a sports bar. He should be able to handle anything that comes his way, rowdy sports fans or asshole business men. He walks up to you and grins.

“So, you stuck here tonight huh?” he flings at you.

“Yeah,” you interject. You are tired from an early morning flight that left you for a long layover here.

“Got a girl at home waiting for you?” he asks while shining shot glasses.

“Yeah.” you then order a beer.

The bartender, which you have learned is named Chris, brings you a beer and leans over the bar.

“You seem like a nice guy… I’m gonna give you a little advice. If you wanna stay a nice guy, leave.” He laughs at your expression.

“What the hell does that mean?” You are kind of mad that he would think you couldn’t handle yourself.

“Hey Buddy, calm down! I didn’t mean anything by it! It’s just that it’s Wednesday. Hell, just stay around for about 15 minutes and you will see what I mean.” He smiles and walks to the TV at the end of the bar.

You are confused about his comment, but you decide that it can’t be that big of a deal. Hell, it’s an airport bar for god’s sake!

Boy was you wrong!


In walks three girls. Damn, they are loud! One has black hair, one has red hair, and one is blonde.

The redhead slinks up to the bar and lifts herself up onto the bar. She leans over and hugs Chris.

“What’ll it be girls!”

“We are only doing redheaded sluts in honor of Angela!” The girl with black hair announces.

“It’s my birthday!” The redhead who canlı bahis şirketaleri must be Angela says.

“Sure it is Honey.”


You have been sitting in the airport bar for about an hour now watching this trio of girls. You have now caught their names, but still don’t understand why the bartender warned you about them. It must be them he was talking about because no one has come into the bar besides them.

The redhead is Angela and from what you gather, it is her birthday for the third week in a row. The girl who seems to be in charge of ordering the shots is named Chloe. She is pretty, tall, thin with olive skin, but she is not the one who has caught your attention. Sarah, the blonde, has totally captured your eyes. You look at her from across the bar. She is a lot different than your girl. She smiles over in your direction and then turns her attention back to her girlfriends, who have just ordered another round of shots. You order another beer.

The girls look like they should be at a Halloween party. Each one is in a costume. Angela is adorned in a yellow short dress, Chloe a green, and Sarah, a blue with rainbow sleeves and stockings. You just don’t get it. Chris answers that question for you.

“So, what chu girls dressed as tonight. I can’t figure this one out!” He is standing back admiring their look. This is obviously a normal thing for these girls to dress up.

“We are dressed tonight in honor of Rainbowbrite and her girls.” Sarah laughs.” I am Rainbowbrite, she was the blonde one, that’s why.”

You look over at her. You remember Rainbowbrite, that 80’s cartoon with cute girls dressed up in colorful costumes and rode around on unicorns. Well, this is different, you think.

Sarah whispers in Angela’s ear, which sends Angela into giggles while she digs around in her purse. She pulls out something and hands it to Sarah. Sarah starts to walk across the room. This is the first time you have been able to get a good look at her. You start at the bottom and let your eyes work their way up her body.

Her shoes are white leather heals stilettos you think is what they are called. All you know is canlı kaçak iddaa that they are high, porn star high, and she walks in them like she has worn them a lot. Your girl would have fallen on her ass by now. You follow her legs that are covered by rainbow striped stocking that stop just above her knee. This girl has the longest legs you have ever seen! There is about 5 inches from the top of her stockings to the hem of her blue fir lined dress. Now that you are looking, you don’t think that little dress will cover her ass if she were to bend over. Since she is walking away from you, you cannot make out her breasts, but what you have seen from watching her at the bar, they are spectacular, large and round. From the whiteness of her skin, you are guessing her nipples are pink, but you could be wrong. Her long blonde hair is in soft curls and pulled up to the side of her head in a ponytail. A strip of hair comes down and frames her face. Her lips are pink, you are not sure if that is lipstick but she keeps licking them and the color is not going away. On her cheek is a star.

By this time, she has made her way across the bar to her destination, the jukebox. She looks over at you with big blue eyes to see if you are looking at her. When she sees you are, she slightly bends over to look at the music selection. You can see the hem of her skirt rise and just like you predicted, it doesn’t cover her very well. She is either wearing a thong or nothing at all because all you can make out is the soft round ass that she has covered up until now. She looks over her shoulder at her friends who are watching you and laughing, but you don’t care. A little bit of laughter is worth the show you are getting.

She turns and looks at you. You smile at her and give her a little wave. She goes to put the money in to choose her song, but she drops the quarter.

“Damn!” you hear her exclaim as she spreads her legs slightly before she bends over at the waist to pick up her quarter. Dear god she isn’t wearing any panties! You get a glimpse of her smooth pussy from behind. It glistens from wetness. She slowly stands up and looks back over at you. She grins. You realize that your mouth is hanging canlı kaçak bahis wide open. Oh well.


Music fills the bar. Some Fall out Boy song is blaring from the juke box. The girls scream and run toward each other. With the thrust of a few strong hips, tables are cleared out of the way for the girls to dance. They must really love this song. Angela and Chloe dance with each other. Sarah has chosen a wooden bar stool as her dance partner. You watch and she wraps her legs around the back of the barstool and moves her hips across the stool. Her bare pussy is just sliding across the seat. God you wish you were sitting on that stool. You realize that she is giving the stool a lap dance without anyone in the chair. The girls laugh and sing along while Angela and Chloe spin the chair around, Sarah is still doing her thing.

Suddenly the song ends and Chloe and Angela run to their purses to see if there are anymore quarters in them. Sarah slips off the barstool and picks it up. She turns and walks toward you. You feel your heart quicken. This is not good! Looking and wishing is okay, but it looks like that might not be enough for this girl. You should have left when Chris warned you.


She puts the stool right next to yours and jumps up on it.

“Hi” Her voice is warm and airy. She looks over at Chris and points to you. He grins and gives her a little nod. Next thing you know, she has a drink and a shot and is pressed against your arm.

“So,” She starts as she slams down her shot glass. It cracks. “You stuck here tonight huh?”

“Yeah” You try to sound calm, but it came out a little more weak then you wanted. She smiles. She turns in her chair so she is facing you. Her leg rubs against yours.

“Why are you in bed? I’m sure you have had a long day.”

“No room for me,” you shrug,” I guess since all the flights are canceled all the rooms are taken. I was just going to wait it out here.”

“Oh. You married?”

“Gotta girlfriend.”

“Oh” She looks a little bit disappointed by that. She turns and looks over at her friends. They are still dancing and having fun. She turns and looks back at you. She slides her hand on your leg.

“So, ever have sex in a bar at an airport?” She looks straight into your eyes and slides her hand over your cock. Her grin widens. “Let me guess, no. But you are thinking about it, aren’t you?”

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