Slumber Party

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It was a bad time for my office. Of the five women I worked with, three had recently broken up with their boyfriends, one hadn’t had a date in over 6 months, and the other was married to a real jerk that she just found out was cheating on her. I was lucky to be happily married, but when someone suggested a girls’ night in to get drunk and forget our woes, I was in.

We decided to meet at Mandy’s apartment on Friday night. Mandy was the date-less one, so her apartment held the least number of painful memories. Joely, Samantha, and Angie were all still trying to get rid of their ex-boyfriends’ presences, and Sandy’s husband wasn’t going to be “working late” for once. I would have offered up my house, but while the other ladies would have been fine with my husband being around, I wanted a chance to dish without him hearing.

We started the evening with a revealing game of “I’ve never.” I was a little embarrassed to raise my cup when Mandy declared, “I’ve never had anal sex,” until I realized she was the only not drinking. We all got a good laugh, and when both Samantha and Mandy drank at Angie’s “I’ve never had a crush on anyone in this room,” we all started wondering just what that might mean.

We were all getting pretty hammered and having a great time when a loud knock came at the door.

“This is the police,” a deep voice shouted.

We all got quiet really quickly, and Mandy stumbled to the door and opened it just a crack. As soon as she did, Matt and Joe, two of the guys who work in the department across the hall from us, barged in.

“Heard you were having a party,” Joe said casually, dropping a bottle of Jack on the floor and then dropping down next to it himself.

“We were,” Joely cried at him. “A GIRLS party. That’s why you WEREN’T invited!”

Everyone knew Joe had a major crush on Joely. Ever since she’d started working at our company two years ago he’d made it a point to visit us every day, especially around lunch time when the two of them would “happen” to go out together. Ever since Joely’s boyfriend had decided to move out because he wasn’t sure he could be committed to her anymore, Joe had been very quiet around Joely. Apparently he’d found some liquid courage tonight.

“Aw, come on!” Matt said. “You know we’re practically one of the girls. We have no secrets here.”

He was right. Matt and Joe had become such a part of our department that our supervisor gave them Christmas presents last year right along with the rest of us, despite the fact that it was a set of girly smelling body lotions. And Matt and Joe used them.

The secret that no one knew, however, was how much I was into Matt. Yes, I was married and loved my husband deeply. But from the first time I laid eyes on Matt I was in love, or lust at the very least. He was two years younger than me, but that didn’t mean much these days when women were out scouting for men half their age on a regular basis. He was tall and lean, with light brown hair and dark brown eyes that I could just sink into if I let myself. Which, of course, I didn’t.

Joely pouted a little more, and Mandy worried that somebody might really call the police, but the party was back in swing. After a while, though, Samantha announced she was done. Mandy offered to let her crash in her room so that she would be away from the noise. The rest of us got quieter, and before long Sandy wandered off to the guest room to sleep. It was down to four girls and two guys.

“Want to play spin the bottle?” Angie asked.

“Oh, that’s so seventh grade,” Mandy giggled, but went to find a bottle anyway.

First Angie got Joely, and gave her a chaste little peck on the cheek. The guys complained, but when I asked Matt what he would do if he spun Joe, they changed their minds and let it go.

Next to go was Joely, and she got me. Unlike Angie, she came over and sat right down on my lap, straddling me, and planted a big wet kiss right on my lips. When she got up, I saw her throw a quick glance at Joe. The guys were pretty into it.

Matt went next, and he also got me. He was sitting right next to pendik escort me, so he just leaned over kissed me right on the mouth. It sent shivers down my spine and I felt a warmth in my crotch. But when he pulled away, Matt looked like he might as well have just kissed his grandma.

“You call that a kiss?” I jeered him to cover my disappointment. I spun and got Joe, who was on my other side. I sent a quick wink at Joely, and she winked back, so I knew that it was all right. Straddling him like Joely did me, I started out by kissing and nibbling on his ear, then slid my tongue around to his lips, which parted to let me inside. Even though I’d never been particularly attracted to Joe, I was feeling really hot as our tongues crashed over each other. Finally I pulled away, giving his crotch a little rub as I got up.

“Damn,” he whispered. “You sure fucked up, dude,” he said to Matt. For his part, Matt was examining the label of his bottle intently, seeming not to notice or care.

Joe then spun Mandy. He made her stand up and swept her down like they were in the midst of a romantic dance and kissed her on the mouth, but not with tongues, I saw.

Mandy spun last, and got Angie. She wasted no time getting her mouth around Angie’s. They were going at it pretty good, but I could tell it was all one sided. Angie just wasn’t into it.

We went a few more rounds, and I kissed all of the girls at least once, and Joe a couple of more times, but couldn’t seem to get Matt for the life of me. I started to notice that Mandy was pretty excited when she got the other girls, but didn’t seem to care that much for the guys. Angie and Matt just didn’t seem excited at all. That is, until they got each other. Angie spun Matt and you could just see that that’s what she had been waiting for the whole time. She sat on his lap and leaned back so that he was half forced to kiss her neck, then she twisted and locked onto him good. Not only that, but I saw her hand reach down and grab his ass.

“So that’s how it is,” I thought. “If Angie’s into Matt, I have no chance.” I decided to call it quits, and everyone agreed. Angie called the couch, Mandy disappeared into her room, and the rest of us found a spot on the floor.

The buzz from the alcohol was wearing off, and I started feeling foolish and ashamed. I’d never cheated on my husband in any way, and while I considered this to be just a game, the fact was that I had kissed two other men tonight. Neither of whom were into me at all, it appeared. I curled up and closed my eyes, hoping sleep would find me soon. Luckily, it did.

I woke up again after what seemed like just a few minutes, but I didn’t have a watch on so I had no way to tell. I could hear some whispering and shuffling sounds from where I knew Joe and Joely were sleeping. Apparently, they weren’t sleeping. Feeling a bit like a perv, I listened to them. I could hear little gasps and groans, then a thudding sound and I knew he must be taking her hard. Finally, I heard a louder groan, and the two stayed quiet and I fell asleep again.

The next time I came to there was just a hint of grey dawn coming in the cracks of the window shades. I had to piss, so I got up quietly and walked to the bathroom. On the way, I heard sounds in Mandy’s room, but I had to pee to bad to stop. After I was done I went to stand by Mandy’s door. It was open just a crack, and inside I could see Mandy and Samantha on the bed together. They were completely naked, and Mandy was between Samantha’s knees. That answered the question of who they had crushes on. Lucky for them it was each other.

As I picked my way back to my spot I felt like everyone was getting lucky except me. That’s when I noticed that Matt was sleeping right next to me. It could have been pure chance, but there were plenty of other places he could have bedded down for the night. As I crawled back under my covers I was feeling very hot and horny. Seeing Mandy with Samantha had really started getting me wet. Not because I was into women, just because the idea of forbidden sex was so appealing. Now, knowing that Matt maltepe escort was so close to me put me over the edge.

Without stopping to think about what I was doing, I reached over and slid my hand under his blanket and into his boxers. He shifted a bit, but didn’t seem to really wake up. I moved a little closer to him and started to gently rub his soft penis, which was getting harder and bigger with each stroke. He started to stir, rolling from his side onto his back. I leaned right up next to his ear and whispered, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” he whispered back. His arm was thrown across his face and his eyes were still closed. It occurred to me that he probably didn’t even know who it was fondling him. I imagined him picturing Angie as my hand slid up and down his thick shaft, and I found I wasn’t that upset about it. I kind of liked being anonymous. In fact, I was getting wetter just thinking about it. His cock swelled in my hand and his hips started shifting along with my motions. He wasn’t as long as my husband, but quite a bit thicker. I imagined his cock inside my pussy, filling it up. I knew I couldn’t do that, but I could at least get a taste of it. I slid down, kissing his nipples and tracing his treasure trail with my tongue, stopping just above the top of his boxers. I traced the elastic with my mouth, occasionally slipping my tongue into the waistband. He was moving around now, clearly wanting to be inside my mouth.

I stopped stroking him and put both hands to the top of his boxers. He shifted his weight up to allow me to pull them down. He really wanted it bad, and I wanted to oblige. But this was my fantasy come true, and I wasn’t going to rush it. My hands found his cock and balls again, and my mouth continued exploring around, just carefully avoiding his pulsating cock. I licked his thighs and balls, nipped on his hip bones, used my hand to pull his cock away so I could kiss all the way down to the shaft without actually touching it. He was going crazy trying to find a way to get me to suck his cock, and I was truly enjoying it.

“Please, Amy,” he breathed, his hands finding my head and pushing it slightly downward. So he did know, or at least hope, that it was me. I rewarded him by taking his whole cock into my mouth at once. It filled me up, but didn’t gag me. He gasped, then groaned, and I just held him in my mouth until he relaxed. Then I got to work. Slowly I worked my way up and down his shaft. His anxiousness seemed to subside into the slow pleasure of it. After a while, I started twisting my head around his cock. Slowly rotating as I worked my way up, then letting go and coming back down to start again. It drove my husband crazy, and was obviously just as effective on Matt. His hips were bucking, wanting more.

So naturally I stopped. I let him fall out of my mouth and started teasing his groin area again. This time I didn’t even use my hands, leaving his cock all by itself while I explored the other parts of him. I flicked my tongue across his dick, as if by accident, and it sent a charge through his body. I did it again, then slowly started working my tongue up and down the shaft and around it, taking just the head into my mouth and letting it fall out again while I worked his balls with one hand.

“Oh, fuck, Amy,” he said. “I want you so bad.”

I was so tempted to just mount him right then and there, but I couldn’t do that to my husband, not to mention that we didn’t have a condom. Instead I just went crazy on his cock, practically swallowing it whole and using my tongue to sweep around it as I slid it in and out of my mouth. His balls were tight and I could tell he was close. He started tugging at my hair, but I ignored him.

“I’m gonna cum!” he said throatily, but I wouldn’t let him pull away. I kept right on licking and twisting and sucking until he exploded into the back of my throat. He pumped a few more times as I tried not to gag and just let his cum fill me up. I had never swallowed before, but it didn’t look like I had much choice. I swallowed quickly, and found the sensation of his sticky kartal escort semen sliding down my throat to be quiet pleasant and not at all like I’d feared. I licked off every drop of cum that I could, and finally let him slide out of my mouth.

I kissed around his thighs and stomach, occasionally letting my tongue travel across his cock or balls, causing a shiver to pass through him. At last, I rolled to the side and back into my blankets. I figured we’d both just drift off to sleep again, but Matt had other ideas.

I was on my side facing away from him when I felt his hand reach over and start groping my breasts over my pajama top. I was still turned on from giving Matt head, and within just a couple of minutes I was soaking wet and almost ready to cum. I rolled to my back and he took the opportunity to slide his hand up my shirt. He gave my nipples a hard pinch, one after the other, and my body spasmed with each one.

He moved over so he was on top of me and his mouth replaced his hand. His tongue would tease my nipples then he would suck as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. His fingers found their way down to my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I had to hold back a moan of pleasure, but when he slipped his finger inside my hot hole I could contain my gasp. At that point I didn’t even care if anyone heard. All I wanted was Matt.

He continued working my breasts and my pussy until I was about to scream. He must have sensed because his motions sped up, stroking my clit and plunging into my pussy again and again while he bit my nipples. As my orgasm washed over me he didn’t let up at all. I was writhing with it, bucking my hips and tearing at his hair. Slowly, he let up, but he didn’t quit. Instead, his mouth headed down, tasting my skin as he went. He wasted no time getting my pajama bottoms down around my knees, and after kissing my thighs for a few minutes decided to take them all the way off.

He worked his way back up my legs until he found my wet pussy. His tongue carefully explored every fold, then lapped up my sweet juices. His fingers found his way into my hole and his tongue moved up to my clit, expertly teasing it until I was about to cum again. But he had another surprise for me. One finger slipped out of my pulsating pussy and worked its way down to my ass. I had never had anyone touch me there, but I found myself eager to feel him inside me. He hesitated, and I pushed my ass right down onto his finger, surprising us both. Before long he was working both my holes and his tongue was going crazy on my clit. It was the best experience I’d ever had.

Then he just stopped. He pulled himself up to me and kissed me full on the mouth. I could taste my juices on him and feel his thick cock rubbing against my pussy.

“Amy,” he whispered into my ear. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Please let me be inside you. I want to fuck you so bad.”

My whole body was on fire; wanting to say yes, knowing I should say no.

“Fuck me, Matt,” I answered. “Fuck me hard.”

He wasted no time slipping his cock into my eager pussy. It was so thick I felt like a virgin again, crying out a little as his massiveness found its way into my tight hole. He held himself in for a moment before working himself in and out, savoring every feeling. I pulled myself up to nibble on his earlobes, and he responded by sucking on my neck. I might have worried about him leaving a hicky but at that moment the feeling of Matt inside me was my whole world.

He picked up the pace, sliding in and out, quicker and quicker until we were both panting.

“I want this to last forever,” he said. I wanted that too, but I could tell he was on the edge.

“Cum inside me, Matt,” I encouraged him. “I want your cum inside my pussy.”

That was all he needed. With a few more quick thrusts I felt his seed spilling out into me. The force of it drove me into my own orgasm, even more intense than before. We rocked together a few last times before he dropped on top of me, spent and sweaty.

“Oh, Amy,” he said finally. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. I just didn’t think I ever had a chance. What about your husband?”

“Were you planning on telling him?” I asked.

His answer was a deep and passionate kiss. We’ve shared many more since then.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32