Sami and Sam

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I’m Samuel, my daughter is Samantha. That was my wife’s bright idea. I go with Sam and Samantha goes with Sami, which I suppose makes it more confusing.

There is another Sami I look like; short, black, slight build. He was part of the original ‘Rat Pack’. I’ve always been proud of my looks, maybe a little cocky (in more ways that one – wink wink).

Sami is 5’7″ and I’m 5’9″. That makes her tall and me short; hellva a life.

Sami’s attributes are obvious; they stick out in front of her, nice ‘n perky, firm and round. She makes the most of ’em, wearing low cut tops with push up bras.

Me being me, I bought her a sterling silver pendant that is an arrow pointing right to those attributes. I gave it to her (on the QT) for her graduation and 18th birthday. Well, it had a diamond in it and she turned 18 three days before graduation.

Sami had a big graduation/birthday party with about 50 people; friends, relatives and neighbors. She wore a pair of white short shorts and a very thin pink top that was cut so low it left nothing to the imagination. Her hard nipples pushed that thin material to its limits.

The party was outside and the darker it got the more Sami flirted with all the men. She was really living it up. I did a little snuggling myself, putting my arm around her and letting my hand slide low enough to ride the top of her ass. She never moved away, matter of fact she would cozy up real nice.

That kind of brings me to my attribute. You can’t see mine, most of the time anyhow. And when my attribute rises up I generally try to hide it, unless I want it to be seen. Kind of attracts some ladies, ya know?

By midnight the party had thinned to four neighbors, all men, hanging out to ogle and snuggle Sami. Her mother went into the house, but not before telling Sami to behave her self. That’s like telling a fire not to burn!

Sami chose to sit on my lap, leaning back so her shorts rode up on her till a little fur was sticking out. We were by the fire pit so all the guys were getting an eye full. At one point I swear their tongues were hanging out. I was proud of her looks and didn’t mind the guys getting an eye full.

Pete was the first to stand and say he had to go home. He came over and gave Sami a kiss on the cheek but kinda brushing her lips too. He told her happy birthday and congrats on the diploma. The others left within minutes of that, all planting a kiss on Sami on their way out.

Sami had her legs open and two of the guys let a hand rest on her inner thigh while they kissed her. I think they were all headed to the bushes to jack off after their good nights were said.

“Thank you for the wonderful party Daddy. And thanks for the pendant. Mama asked where I got it but I said it was from a secret admirer. You are an admirer aren’t you Daddy?”

She was still on my lap and had twisted around to look me in the eye. Her hip was on my dick, which was hard as a rock by then.

“You bet I am honey.” I gave her a peck on the lips and hugged her close.

Sami smiled sweetly, wiggle her round ass on me and stood up.

“Guess it’s time to go to bed.” She bent over practically shoving her tits into my face.

“Night pendik escort Daddy, love you.”

“Love you too baby.” I kissed her again, this one a little longer than the last one.

I walked to the back of the yard and jerked my cock like a mad man. That attribute is seven and a quarter inches long. It swells to six and a quarter inches around. I’m cut and the ridge drives the ladies crazy.

After shooting a wad big enough to choke a horse into the shrubs I walked back to the house. My wife was sawing wood already and she wouldn’t have put out tonight anyhow, so it was good I jerked it off.

Sami was still up, her bedroom light was on. I knocked and she said come on in. I opened the door, there she was sitting on the bed in a white lacy top, couldn’t see what was on the bottom, if anything.

“I’m looking at some of my cards. Wanta look with me?” She patted the bed beside her.

“Sure baby. Too wound up to sleep?”


When I sat down she leaned in and kissed my cheek. Her tit rubbed against my arm sending shivers through me. I put my arm around her waist and hugged her.

“Mama asleep?” It sounded like an innocent question, but her voice trembled when she asked.

“Yeah, snoring!” We both laughed.

Sami wiggled that round ass of hers and got closer to me. My hand slid down from her waste to rest on her firm ass. She leaned way forward reaching for some cards low on the bed. When she did her top came out from under my hand and I was touching bare skin.

My chest was thumping and my cock was hard again. I moved my hand down further and she rolled a little to the side, which put my fingers in her crack just behind her pussy.

A sound like a wounded animal escaped my lips. Sami moaned and raised her ass off the bed. It was so easy; my finger went right inside her. God, it was hot and wet in there.

“Ah. Yes.” She pulled her knees up under her and spread them out. “Oh, Daddy that feels so good.”

I was like a man possessed, looking at that ass, the crack to her pussy, seeing my finger inside her. I pulled it back and she wiggled her ass.

“More please Daddy.”

I pushed two fingers in twisting as they went.

Sami buried her face in the bed covers moaning.

I slipped my other hand under her top and found one of those huge tits I’d been looking at all night long. Her nipple was so hard it could have cut glass.

A door slammed down the hall and I jumped off the bed.

“Christ sakes Sami, what’re we doing?”

She groaned, rolling onto her back. She opened her legs wide and stared at me. I couldn’t move; I just kept looking at that pussy with its trimmed hair and open gash of wet pink pussy lips.

She pulled her top up exposes tits that looks like mountains with very large Hersey Kisses on the peaks.

Before I knew what the fuck was happening my mouth was on one tit and my hand was groping the other one.

“Daddy.” It was a plea.

“I can’t baby, mama’s down the hall.” With that I mustered every ounce of control I had, stood and walked out the door.

The next morning I was more than a little stressed at the breakfast table. Sami seemed escort pendik carefree as ever. My wife, never one to over think anything, (I married her for her loose morals and hot pussy) didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I knew I’d get a wide berth toying with Sami since the wife was once a loose slut with two of her brothers. She thinks family love was a real great thing.

Twice Sami walked past my chair and rubbed her tits against my shoulder. She sat at the table with one foot on her chair showing me she had no panties on and giving me a view of her furry little cunt.

“Daddy, can you help me move my dresser? I’m rearranging my room.”

After last night just the idea of being in Sami’s room with her made my dick twitch.

“Sure baby. Let’s go.” I wondered if she’d really follow through with me fucking her.

“I’m taking these cake platters back to Wanda. I’ll probably hang out and drink coffee, time to catch up on the neighborhood gossip from last night.” My wife picked up some dishes and headed for the door.

She could take those plates back any time; this seemed like a tactic approval of what she’d picked up on with Sami’s behavior this morning.

Sami grinned at me, wiggled her ass and said, “Come on Daddy, let’s go move some stuff.” She looked right at my hard dick pushing against my pants when she said ‘stuff’.

Going up the stairs and walking down the hall to her room Sami was rubbing her tits against my arm. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close.

“You feel so good baby, wish I could have stayed with you last night.”

“Me too Daddy, it felt so good to be close to you.”

When we got to her room I slid my hand up the inside of her leg, got to the top and felt that warm moist center of her. My better judgment was gone, if I ever had any. All the blood went from my big head to my little head. Well, like I said, it ain’t all that little.

“You like having Daddy touch you?”

“Oh yeah,” she closed her eyes and leaned into me.

“Why don’t you touch Daddy?”

Sami smiled and reached down to rub my cock through my pants.

“God Daddy, it’s hard as a rock!”

“That’s what happens when I feel your pussy. Take it out for Daddy.”

Sami unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, then pushed them to the floor. Her eyes popped when she saw my engorged pecker.

“Oh, that’s so fat and long. Geez Daddy, I didn’t think it’d be so…ah, big!”

“Cause I’m not 6′ tall you thought I’d have a little dick?” I smiled at her, couldn’t help but tease her a little.

“You a virgin?” I was getting so hot I knew I’d take her even if she started thinking this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Well, kinda.”

“You been fucked before, or you a virgin yet? You can’t be kinda a virgin or be kinda pregnant.”

“No. I’ve sucked boys off and I let ’em finger fuck me, but I never had a cock in me. I didn’t want a get a baby started.”

I shoved two fingers in her and she moaned, pushing her hips forward. “You like getting finger fucked?”

“Yes. But I want to feel a cock in me. I want your cock in me.”

I pulled her top over her head, no bra there, just big old titties. I pendik escort bayan went to suckin’ on one.

Sami was moaning and thrusting her hips back and forth on my fingers. I moved her toward the bed.

“Lay down baby.” I took my shirt off and climbed up on the bed between her legs.

“Pull that pussy open for Daddy.” I was stroking my throbbing meat.

She raised her legs opening them up then reached down, parting her pussy lips, pulling it wide open.

“It’s gonna fit right Daddy? What if it won’t go in?”

“Oh honey, that old pussy’s gonna open wide for a piece of meat like mine. It’s ripe and ready for a hot fuckin’.”

Sami giggle and spread her legs wider. “Come on Daddy, feed me some hot meat.” She giggled again.

I ran my dick head up and down her slit, spread a little pre cum in with her fuck me juice. When I got the purple bulb of my prick over her hole I looked her in the eye.

“Your first real fuck, a Daddy fuck.” I licked my lips and pushed in hard. “Best way for a girl to learn – at home with her own Daddy ridden on her.”

Sami’s eyes got big; she sucked in air and made some crazy noise deep in her throat.

“Like it baby, hu? You like Daddy’s cock filling you up?”

“Oh…geezus…it’s so fat!”

I grabbed her ass with both hands and started pumping hard, taking long strokes.

“Damn little girl, I’ve been wantin’ on this cunt for so long. You teased me last night, now I’m gonna fuck you like a little slut.”

“Mmmm, yeah Daddy. Ride me hard.” Sami was pumping her hips up and down, meeting my strokes.

“Work my titties Daddy. I love to have them played with. Boys like to pinch my nips and suck ’em. Do you like that Daddy?”

“Fuckin’ right little girl.” I moved my hands to her tits, pinching those hard raised nips and twisting them.

“Ah, Daddy fuck me hard. This feels so good, my cunt is so happy.”

I rode her good for awhile then I pulled my dick out and straddled her tits rubbing my cock and then my balls all over those big mounds. Pushed them together and did a little titty fuckin’.

Sami watched my cock pump in between her tits, popping up to her chin.

“Lick it when it comes up there baby. Daddy likes a little cock lickin’.”

She grabbed my hips and bent her head up, stuck her tongue out getting in a lick each time my cock head popped up. I let go her tits, pulled my cock up to her mouth.

“Open up baby girl. Daddy’s gonna feed his little slut some cock.”

Sami opened her mouth taking my cock into that warm wet suck hole. She licked, sucked and stroked me.

“Ah honey, I’m about to come if you keep this sucking up.”

She pulled off, “Let me ride you Daddy.”

I rolled over, wove my fingers together behind my head and watched Sami lower her cunt onto my pecker. She closed her eyes, moaning and grinding down to take all of my cock into her. She reached down, pulling her pussy lips wider and continued to grind on me.

“Feels good to be full of cock doesn’t it baby?”

“Oh Daddy, yes. I’ve waited so long to get your prick in me. I’ve wanted my Daddy’s cock to fuck me. I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you now.”

Sami bounced on my throbbing meat, her tits bouncing with each pump up and down.

I looked over her shoulder to see the wife standing in the door way. She was drinking coffee and smiling. She winked at me and nodded her approval.

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