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Big Dicks

Thinking back I guess I was kinda naive. I was a typical nineteen-year-old who had lost my virginity in the back seat of Billy Marsden’s Chevy.

I was still living at home. Since dropping out of high school I had worked at the Dunkin Donuts down the street from our house.

Things around the house were o.k. Mom worked at office cleaning in the evenings and Dad and I got on well. Spending most evenings alone together Dad and I had evolved into a close relationship.

He did not actually fuck me but we spent a lot of time in his bed naked where I would suck his cock for him and he would eat my pussy. I guess he was afraid if he screwed me he might knock me up.

The donut shop was minimum pay and the tips almost non-existent. The positive side of the job was I got to meet many interesting people during my shifts.

One of the regulars was Gus Leftries. Gus was the owner and operator of Pandora’s Box, an adult video store. Gus had taken a shine to me and made a standing offer of a job in his store anytime I wanted it.

Working at Pandora’s was almost like being a pornstar. Gus had his girls wear very skimpy outfits that hid little from the imagination and encouraged them to be “friendly” with the customers. Rumor had it that some of the girls offered extra services in the backroom.

Gus never ceased trying to convince me I was wasting my time serving coffee and donuts

“A girl with your looks could make ten times the amount you do here.,” he would say.

“Yes, but here I keep my clothes on.” I countered.

I guess it was only a matter escort bostancı of time before I give in to the temptation of money.

“I’m just going to try it.” I stated, “If I don’t like it I’m outta here!”

The official uniform of Pandora’s was a purple thong and a piece of gold color see-through chiffon that served as a top. My 38C breasts were pretty much on display.

“Very nice.” Gus said approvingly.

We were in the notorious backroom of the shop where all the suspected lewd deeds took place. Gus had watched me strip bare ass naked and try on my working clothes.

I had agreed to give Gus a blowjob as a show of good faith. I knew Gus wanted his cock in my mouth since the first day he met me. There is a certain way a guy looks at a cocksucker. He would not be happy until he had spilled his seed down my throat.

It was no big deal, I had been gobbling my father’s cock for ages and slurping his cum down like it was champagne. The thought of another cock using my mouth did not disturb me.

Gus was a pudgy middle age guy. Not exactly a woman’s dream as he sat there with is fat cock in his hand.

“Well, do you want me to suck that?” I asked.

I dropped to my knees between Gus’s legs as he sat stoking his cock. I took his salami from his hand and guided it into my mouth.

He was hard and dewdrops of precum were already leaking form the tip of his cock. He tasted salty as my tongue bathed the length of his pecker.

Gus had pulled my top aside and had his hands full of my bare breasts, kneading them like his ümraniye escort own hunks of Silly Putty.

I went down on him, easily deepthroating his five or six inches. The head of his cock touched the back of my mouth in perfect position to feed me his cum. My lips sealed around his meat and I inhaled his cock.

Gus was a good comer. In a few minutes a river of his sticky white goo was sliding down my gullet.

I stood up smiling wiping my cum coated lips on the back of my hand.

“How was that” I grinned.

It took me a little while to get use to working almost naked in public. I think most of the customers came in to look at the staff as much as the videos.

Gus had me work my first few shifts with one of the experienced girls. Alice was a cute petite blonde university student.

Alice was a real slut fucking two or three guys in the back each night. She told me she had no trouble getting a hundred bucks for ten minutes in her pussy and nobody fucked her without a condom. She was non-discriminating, taking on all takers regardless of their age or size. I saw her go in the back with guys over three hundred pounds. She was also very noisy. Real or feigned her orgasms were audible in the store.

“You want to try one?” she said composing herself after making another hundred.

I hadn’t thought of turning any tricks.

“Go on.” she said, “It’s easy money!”

The next customer looking for some action was an unkempt looking loser in his twenties.

“That’s Nighthawk. He’s and easy one,” Alice whispered.

“You kartal escort bayan want to try the new girl? You can be her first!” Alice offered me.

Nighthawk followed me into the backroom, a trip he had made many times before.

“How do you want me?’ I asked closing the door.

“Doggy.” he said.

I did not bother to take my thong off; I just bent over the old desk Gus used to do his paperwork.

Nighthawk moved in behind me and I felt his cockhead searching for my fuck hole. Finding his target he slid into me in one deep thrust.

Alice was right, as he was an easy fuck. His cock was not too big and he came fast. With the condom there was not even any mess left in me.

That was it, I had just been fucked for the second time in my life and the whole thing had been mechanical. I had felt no arousal as Nighthawk worked my cunt with his dick, just a wish it was over with.

I told my father about my new job and how I was fucking guys in the back room. He seemed o.k. with it but I wanted him to cum in me to strengthen our relationship.

One night when we were fooling around in bed I climbed on top of him and impaled self on his cock. He slid into me easily enough and felt so good as I begin fucking him.

He did not resist as I slid up and down on is pole taking his cock all the way into me. His hands rested on my hips just below my waist as I rode his cock.

“I want you to cum in me Daddy!” I moaned as I felt my orgasm radiating from his cock.

Finally my father flooded my cunt with his potent sperm. His seed had traveled full circle fertilizing the fruit of his own loins.

A warm glow came over me as I realized I had demonstrated the ultimate act of love for my father, I had accepted his seed.

“Oh yes Daddy!” I moaned as I kissed him. He had brought life to my waiting womb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32