My Visit to the Dealer Shop Pt. 02

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Exactly on the hour Thomas texted me, the ball stretcher and magnetic balls were still in place. He texted me hourly as ordered. I talked to a friend of mine and after the next to the last text I had Reggie deliver a package to Thomas. The package contained 2 more pair of magnetic balls and another stainless-steel ring. Reggie told Thomas he would help.

I knew Thomas would like Reggie, 6’2″, 245 lbs., 52″ chest, 32″ waist and 10.5″ big black cock. Thomas stood looking at Reggie. Reggie said, “We can do it here!”

Thomas turned and walked away with Reggie following, he led Reggie to the staff bathroom. The stalls were larger. Thomas opened his shirt and dropped his pants and shorts. Reggie took the balls and installed them on Thomas’s nipples, next he instructed Thomas to stand on the toilet and let him install the new larger ring on his balls. The wrench was included to tighten the rings on with. Reggie felt Thomas’s pockets and found his phone.

Reggie took a picture of Thomas with his shirt and pants open and shorts down including his face and sent it to me. I texted Reggie back and told him to give a good tug on both. Reggie let me know he had left Thomas in the bathroom, he had completed his task. The last text from Thomas came thru in 1 hour. Thomas said he’d be back to my house soon.

Thomas came thru the door and I ordered him to strip right there. He stopped and removed his clothes. I motioned him to me telling him he had done a fine job. I rolled the balls around him nipples and worked the ball stretchers up and down. I looked at Thomas and told him, “You have been very obedient.”

Thomas looked at me and said, “Thank you Sir. It had been my pleasure to please you Sir.”

I grabbed the ball stretchers again and told Thomas he had room for another. I motioned for him to follow as I led him to the bedroom. I got an additional ring and installed it on top of the others as Thomas groaned. I removed the magnetic balls from him nipples and replaced them with alligator clamps attached to each other with a chain.

Thomas groaned and said, “Thank you Sir.”

I pulled the chain to verify they were secure. Thomas was really opening up to the new side of himself. I ordered him start supper from whatever was available and have it ready in 45 minutes. He headed for the pantry and the refrigerator. Within minutes he was preparing our supper. He was preparing Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and Scalloped Potatoes. It only took Thomas 30 minutes to have our supper ready and setting on the table. He pulled out my chair and waited on me to sit and slid it in for me. He started to sit, and I called him to me and I pushed him down to his knees. I ordered Thomas, “Feed me.’

Thomas reached up and got my sandwich and placed it in my open mouth. Next, he got a fork full of the potatoes and started toward my mouth and a drop of juice hit my big black cock. He looked at me scared and went immediately to lick it off. He continued until my plate was empty. I asked him if he was hungry and he replied, “Yes Sir. I am hungry Sir.”

I told Thomas he would feed his to me, I would chew it for him and then he would take it from my mouth. Thomas took his sandwich and let me get a bite. I chewed it really well and bent over to place my mouth on his so he could take it. After he took the bite in his mouth he started to chew, I slapped his face and asked if him, “Do you not appreciate Sir chewing it for you?”

Thomas said with a mouth ümraniye masöz escort full of food, “I am sorry Sir, I do appreciate you chewing my food Sir. Thank You Sir.”

We continued until Thomas’s plate was empty also. I looked at Thomas and said, “I as going to wash it down now and you will not lose a drop, understand!”

“Yes Sir, I will lose none Sir.”

We retired to the bedroom and I lay back. Thomas placed my cockhead in his mouth and formed a tight seal. He took my cock down till my cockhead was at his throat. I told Thomas I was fixing to start pissing, just let it shoot down his throat, but under no circumstances was he to lose a drop. My piss started to flow, and Thomas started pulling up and lost some, so I forced his head back down till my cockhead was buried in his throat and really let my piss go.

When I was done I looked down at him and told him, “You know I will have to punish you?”

“I know Sir, I am sorry Sir. I will do better next time. Let me get your belt Sir.”

Thomas got my uniform belt and handed it to me. I pushed Thomas off and sat on my bed side chair. I called Thomas to me, bent him over my lap and placed my foot on the chain between his nipple clamps to keep him in place. I told him 20 lashes should be enough, but he said he deserved 15. I told him to count as we started, he started hollering before I started the first lick. I went all the way to 15 with Thomas moaning, groaning and counting.

I pushed him off my lap to the floor, ordering him to get us a beer. He raised up forgetting I had my foot on the chain and fell back to the floor. He kissed my foot and I moved it off the chain. Thomas returned with our beers. Thomas guzzled his down and I ordered him to get in a 69 with me, me on bottom, him on top.

Thomas took my cock in his mouth and nursed the head, cleaning my piss slit, sucking and licking. I pushed 2 fingers in Thomas’s ass, then added a 3rd. Thomas was taking more and more of my big black cock into his mouth. I worked my 3 fingers in and out of his ass. I pulled my fingers out and took the cold bottle and put it right against his sweet hole, running the top up and down min his crack.

Thomas was taking my whole fat black cock in his throat, working his throat muscles on it. I pulled Thomas’s head up and turned him around, kissing him deep. I told Thomas to get the lube and use what he thought he needed. Thomas got just a little bit and run it around just the inside of his sweet hole.

Thomas then took my cock in his hand and guided his sweet tight pucker to my cock head. I felt my cock head against the soft pucker and Thomas lowered his ass till it opened. I grabbed the chain and pulled it as Thomas went farther and farther down on my cock. Thomas had about 5 inches in his ass as he groaned and took more.

I could tell Thomas was struggling so I told him on the count of 3 I was giving all my big black cock to him. I started 1, 2, 3, and thrust up pushing in my whole fat black 9.5-inch cock. Thomas screamed, and I placed 4 fingers in his mouth. Thomas got used to my cock and he started to whimper as his ass got accustomed to my big fat cock. I pulled hard on the chain stretching his nipples.

Thomas started working his hole on my cock, up and down, deep and shallow, rotating his hips in small circles. Between working Thomas nips and slapping his ass my hands were kept busy. I pulled Thomas down to me and rolled us over, ümraniye olgun escort Thomas on his back and raised his legs up beside head to give me the freedom to work that ass.

I started pounding that sweet ass, in and out, short strokes and long strokes. I stopped and lowered my face to Thomas’s face, nose to nose. I told Thomas I was fixing to fill his sweet ass to overflow. Thomas said, “Sir, fill me Sir. I am yours to use Sir.”

Thomas started working his ass on my cock as I started stroking and getting ready to fill his ass. as I pounded his ass I started to cum, shooting shot after shot of cum in Thomas’s ass. Thomas was in ecstasy, moaning and groaning about what my big black cock was doing to his ass. I stopped thrusting, staying balls deep in his as he came back to earth.

I lay on top of Thomas kissing his neck and ear as he grabbed the cheeks of my ass with his hands. Thomas was whimpering about how lucky he was meeting me. I raised up, pulled my softened cock from Thomas’s ass and crawled up over his body until my nuts were over his mouth. I lowered my cum covered nuts to Thomas’s open mouth as he started licking my nuts.

He took one then the other in his mouth, sucking and licking as he went from one big black nut to the other. He finally took both my nuts in his mouth, sucking them hard and rolling them around. I raised up pulling my nuts from Thomas’s mouth. I turned to the side and pulled Thomas up. I took his place and pulled him to my big black cock telling him to clean up my dried cum.

Thomas started licking every inch of my cock. When he was done he took my cockhead in his mouth and started swirling his tongue around it as he went down further and further. Thomas swallowed his saliva and started sucking and licking again. When his mouth had filled again I told him to hold the saliva in his mouth as I took a handful of hair in each hand and started pushing my cock into and pulling from his mouth.

I told Thomas to swallow my cum and his saliva. When he opened his mouth to show me I told him we needed a shower. He hopped up waiting on my to lead the way. Thomas reached in and adjusted the water and invited me to enter. Thomas entered behind me, getting the rag and soap, and started washing me head to toe, paying special attention to my ass, balls and cock.

I ordered Thomas to his knees facing me. I asked, “I know you are ready for my black man elixir, assume the position!”

Thomas looked up at me, eyes open, mouth open and my cock in his hand. My golden piss started to flow as Thomas aimed it at his face and mouth. He kept his eyes and mouth open, swallowing as much as he could. When I had finished he sucked my cockhead to get the last drops. I ordered Thomas to put his head at the floor, ass up.

I took the enema nozzle, pushed in his ass and started the water flow. I slapped his ass and told him to stand. When he had I told him to hold as much water in his ass as he could. He would then expel it and do it again as he bathed, or he would be punished. The water was running out almost as fast as it was going in.

He finished bathing and I my rubber paddle. I bent him over and slapped his ass with the paddle, the flow stopped but restarted. I slapped his ass again and it stopped, longer this time. I slapped his ass again and it stopped. I continued slapping his ass, making him hold more and more. I turned off the water and told Thomas to hold all the water ümraniye ucuz escort in his ass, keep his hole nice and tight while I remove the nozzle.

I started slowly removing the nozzle as Thomas tightened down even more. I finally got the nozzle out as Thomas struggled to maintain the seal on his sphincter. I leaned over and stroked Thomas’s ass, running my finger up and down. I asked Thomas, “Are you ready to empty that sweet ass?”

Thomas replied, “Sir, when you are ready I am ready Sir.”

I slapped Thomas ass a few more times watching it turn red. I patted Thomas ass and told him he had permission to expel the water anytime. Thomas thanked me and let go, blasting water from his ass all the way to the shower wall. I placed 2 fingers under Thomas’s chin and raised him to his feet. I pulled his face to my chest and let him suck my nipples.

Thomas got the towel and dried me off, then himself. I turned and said, “It is time for bed.”

I slapped Thomas ‘s ass as he said, “Sir, yes Sir.”

Thomas pulled down the covers as I crawled in and followed me in. Thomas snuggled to my side and was licking my arm pit. I reached down over to Thomas’s chest and started playing with the clamps on his nipples by pulling the chain. Thomas was moaning, I told him it was time for sleep. We went to sleep and were awakened by the sunlight coming in thru the window.

I got up to piss and filled a quart jar for Thomas. As I was finishing Thomas walked and said, “Sir, good morning Sir.”

Thomas said he had to be at work at 9 am. He said he’d get breakfast on the way to work. I told him he could if he wanted but he might not be hungry, I plan on feeding him breakfast from my black cock. Thomas looked at me and said, “Thank you Sir, please feed me Sir.”

I pushed Thomas to his knees as he looked up at me and opened his mouth. I lay my fat cock head on his tongue and let him suck it. He sucked and went further and further down taking my cock into his tight throat working his muscles on it. Thomas pulled off and went back down as my cock throbbed. I grabbed a handful of hair and fucked his mouth forcing my cock further and further in.

My cum started to flow into Thomas’s throat and ran down his throat. Thomas stayed right there until I had finished shooting my whole big load in his throat. As my cock softened I pulled it from his mouth and painted his face. I ordered Thomas to his feet and removed the alligator clips from his nipples. He yelled as the blood returned. I pointed him toward the shower and followed him in. He bathed me first then himself and dried us off.

I worked his nipples and reinstalled the alligator clips and chain. I ordered Thomas to dress and make sure he put on his t-shirt under his uniform. I placed the quart jar of my piss in a bag and handed it to him. I told Thomas to take a couple of swigs from the jar every 30 minutes and video call each time.

When Thomas left I texted him, “Reggie will be checking on you periodically throughout the day, he will text you when he wants you, be there! He works nearby.”

Thomas replied, “Sir, yes Sir. I understand Sir.”

The first time Thomas called me he placed the jar to his mouth and took 2 big swallows, licking his lips afterward. Reggie texted me and said he was gonna have some fun. He had Thomas meet him in the back restroom. He ordered him to open his shirt and pants sliding the pants down along with his underwear.

He removed the clip from Thomas’s left nipple and clipped it to his scrotum between his nuts and ordered Thomas to dress. Thomas did as ordered every 30 minutes, taking more and more from the jar. At lunch I got a text from Reggie and he asked if he could take Thomas home with him for lunch. I told him of course, have fun.

To be continued.

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