My Trip Down South Ch. 2

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Sam stood up after my rocketing explosion. All I could do was lean against him for support. The hot water, the steam, my heavy breathing, and my breath-taking orgasm left me feeling dizzy and unsteady on my feet. He reached over to shut off the water, and opened the door to the stall. The towel was out of reach on the vanity. Not wanting to leave me alone, he guided me out on to the rug, grabbed the towel, and wrapped it around my back. Then he just held me for a while.

It felt so good just being held that way, almost like he was cradling a child. Even after I regained my composure, I didn’t want to leave his embrace. He shifted his weight a little on his feet, and then I realized he was still hard. I stepped back from him just a bit and looked him in the eye. I could see his burning desire. I lightly rushed my lips over his, giving him a soft butterfly kiss while my hand lifted to cup his face. My thumb moved to his lips, tracing them where my lips just were. I couldn’t stop staring at him as I tried to absorb every detail and feature.

With my hand still on his face, I started to trace his spine with the fingernail of my other hand. I started at the top, and slowly glided my nail over his skin. He leaned back and rested against the vanity. A chill overcame him and he took a deep breath. I noticed his rock hard dick twitch, and that encouraged me. I sprang into action.

My trabzon escort lips came down on him, kissing him hard as one hand held his head in place. My other hand was on the cheek of his ass, pulling his body closer to mine. I pressed my body into his and was grinding my nipples into his chest, my hips into his groin. I loved the feeling of his body firmly pressed against mine, I just couldn’t get close enough.

Urgently, I moved from his lips and began to lick the excess water off his shoulder. I licked and drank the water from his neck, from the end of his ear, as my tongue explored his flesh. His arms were wrapped around me, crossing on my back, so both his hands were on the cheeks of my ass. He was holding me close, not willing to let me go. I could feel his hand inch downward, slowly reaching for my opening.

His moan urged me on. I started to squat so he couldn’t reach. It was his turn to cum this time. I moved down to nibble on his sensitive nipple, rubbing the other one with my thumb. He gasped for air, urging me to go down even further. I glided my tongue down the underside of his rib cage, following the trail of bones to his waist. I could feel his hands on my ears, one on each side, trying to guide me to his manhood. The more he tried to make his cock the center of attention, the more I resisted. I wanted to make him beg, just as he made trabzon escort bayan me beg.

I lingered a moment longer on his waist. I then started to move to his groin. My tongue was tracing imaginary circles on the innermost side of his thigh. My tongue moved down to his balls as I licked the skin all around them, but never touching them. Every time I came close to touching his protrusion, I felt his body stiffen in anticipation, so I avoided it.

“You are torturing me, you know that, don’t you?” he asked. I feel like I’m going to explode, and you haven’t even touched me yet.”

“NO, no my love! This isn’t even torture. This is the prelude to extreme pleasure.” Was my reply.

“Oh PLEASE! Suck on me! I can’t wait! I can’t take this anymore. I want to feel your……OHH!!!”

That was when, in only a heartbeat, I swallowed him whole, with no warning. I just dove in on his dick and sucked real hard.

“Ohhh! Yes! Ahh!”

He was fucking my mouth, rocking his hips back and forth. I hungrily accepted all of him, sucking on him, taking him deep into my mouth. He was so hard and rigid. My pussy was getting wet again and was throbbing, looking for attention. I reached up and cradled his balls in the palm of my hand. His hips were meeting my mouth thrust for thrust

“Oh damn, I love that tongue!”

I could feel his balls tighten up escort trabzon and his thrust become more desperate. That was my signal. He was going to cum. I sucked him hard one last time, grazed my teeth over his mushroom top head, and released his cock with a pop. I was not ready to make him cum yet. I wanted to make this last even longer.

I started to lick him. I held him by the base of his shaft and started licking his cock like a lollipop. My efforts were rewarded with some ooze dripping out the tip. I licked it all off, trying to spread his hole with my tongue so I could get the last drop. After I’d licked him clean, I again started on the main vein, flicking it back and forth with my tongue. I was stroking him and licking him at the same time. My strokes were slow, yet deliberate. I began to pick up the pace. I was sucking him hard and stroking him fast. A low long groan rumbled out of his throat. He was totally enjoying this. I issued a groan of my own as I sucked and stroked his meat. I wet getting so wet again, and I was throbbing hard. I was ready to cum right along with him.

“Oh please, make me cum! Suck on me hard and make me cum! Umm, I’m so close!”

I started sucking him harder and faster, his hips rocking back and forth. I slurped him, sucked him, and then stuck my finger up his ass up to my 2nd knuckle .

“Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! Ohh! ***GASP*** Ahh!”

I felt his first squirt pump out of his vein and reach the back of my throat. I took his cock out of my mouth, still stroking, but aiming his shot at my tits, letting his load drip off my nipples. Now it’s his turn to regain his composure.

To Be Continued…

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