My Pregnant Mum

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Thanks to Soli, as usual.

Angelus, in Oz – here ya go.


I couldn’t care less if it was coincidence, fate, or just blind luck? Take your pick, you can analyse things all you want, I don’t care a jot. I don’t care what series of events led me to be stood on that street corner when my mother drove past. All I can say is with hindsight; I’m so pleased I was there.

I didn’t have a job, I was finding it hard to find one and even harder to keep one when I did. I was just lounging, with no particular place to go and in no hurry to get there. I was just deliberating whether to stop off at Tony’s for a hamburger and a game of pinball, or whether I should just go home and do nothing. It wasn’t much of a choice for me, home had nothing to offer, this was 1977 and there were no Playstations, computers or satellite TV in those days, not in the Eastern States of Australia at least. I was bored and restless, eighteen years old and with nowhere to go.

I was just setting off for Tony’s when I saw Geoff Chambers cruise by in his panel van. This was nothing startling, it was a pretty small town and I’d see Geoff and his van most days, or at least five times a week, but what made this occasion different to all the other times I’d seen Geoff was because my mother was sat next to him in the van.

What the fuck..?

I went to Tony’s and ate my hamburger. I wasted a dollar on some pinball without really concentrating on what I was doing, I was too busy mulling over why my mother was in Geoff’s van.

My mother was seven months pregnant and my dad had been in Pentridge for the previous five of those months. Now, it could be entirely innocent and Geoff could’ve been giving Mum a lift home out of the goodness of his heart, but I knew that Geoff had a ‘thing’ for my mother. There was a little history between them from their teenage years. Mum and Geoff had gone out together, but my mother had gone for the dangerous bloke, my Dad, and had left Geoff in the dust.

Maybe Geoff was just helping out, but I decided to find out for myself. I’m like my Dad physically, big, strong and not to be fucked with. Dad had laid the cornerstone of a reputation and I had already begun to build on it. I’d been the hardest bastard in my school two years before I left and even the oldest kids had steered clear once I’d proven myself in a series of vicious playground confrontations. Since those schoolyard fights, I’d enhanced my reputation by beating a few of the older men in the town as well.

I decided to pay Geoff a little visit to check what was going on …and I didn’t waste any time.

I caught Geoff as he arrived home about an hour after I’d left Tony’s. Presumably, he’d been with my mother and was only just now arriving home. I caught him off guard, just as he was opening the door of his one storey, timber fronted house.

My opening phrase: ‘Get inside, you fucker.’

Geoff cried out in alarm, but was too slow to react and I had him inside, out of sight, before he even knew what had hit him.

‘Whu… whu… what?’ Was all he could manage after my violent shove sent him sprawling onto his own hallway carpet.

‘Shut your fucking face, you weak bastard,’ I spat at him, looming huge as I stood over him, my stance designed to be as intimidating as possible. I gave the pathetic, prostrate figure a dig with my runner and continued with my interrogation. I didn’t plan on giving Geoff any time to think; I wanted him cornered and scared.

‘I’m gonna give you just the one chance.’ To emphasise my point, I leaned down and grabbed Geoff’s shirt front, dragging his face up close to my own threatening countenance. ‘One chance,’ I continued, ‘you lie to me and I’ll kick your fuckin’ face in.’

My clenched teeth, corded neck and sprayed spittle must have had the desired effect because Geoff could only gulp and nod, obviously shit scared of the violence that had burst upon him so unexpectedly.

‘Luke?’ he asked and I quashed the recovery instantly, remorseless in my quest.

‘Yeah, it’s Luke,’ I answered and then I smashed a bunched fist into his face. ‘And that’s just a taste of what you’ll get if you bullshit me, Geoff.’ I pulled him even closer to my own face and grimaced at him. ‘So don’t you fucking “Luke” me, we ain’t mates, and you know I could rip your fucking head off, if I wanted.’

‘Sure, yeah, I know.’ Geoff made no effort to staunch the blood that was oozing from his nose. I knew from experience that I had him; he was too scared to retaliate… Fuck, if he did, I would’ve beaten the shit out of him just for my own sadistic pleasure – I was a really bad boy in those days, full of attitude…

I threw Geoff away, almost with contempt, and then hit him with the question. ‘Are you fucking my mother?’

I went in straight away, before the shock could wear off sufficiently and Geoff could think. I wanted him scared witless and confused, unable to think straight, so I kept up the pressure.

‘You know, Geoff, my mum, Tommy’s wife… Well, are you?’

I reached kurtuluş escort down and lifted Geoff’s head by his hair. I punched him once, then again, not hard, just enough to keep his mind spinning.

‘Luke…’ He began, so I hit him again.

‘Tell me, tell me, you cunt.’

‘No!’ he squealed as I twisted his hair tightly, but he didn’t mean he wasn’t fucking her; the cry was just a plea for me to stop hurting him.

‘I saw you, Geoff; I saw you an’ her in your van.’ I lifted Geoff up so that his scalp took an increasing load of his body weight. The pain must have been excruciating, not that I gave a fuck, I wanted answers… right fucking now.

‘Luke…’ Geoff’s voice sickened me; it was pathetic, it was weak, and I hated weakness, despised it.

‘Listen, cunt. You can tell me and I’ll let you go, as long as you end it, but,’ and I twisted his hair now, so hard I pulled great chunks of it out by the roots, ‘but, if I leave it till my dad gets out…’ I let the threat hang, leaving my father’s reputation to work at Geoff’s mind like a rat gnawing at his soul. ‘My dad will pull your cock and balls off and make you eat the lot.’

My words had the desired effect and, although he never actually confessed, Geoff sobbed and swore that he would never see my mother again. Of course, I gave him a good beating, just to make sure he got the message, and I left him bloodied and beat; a pathetic heap just inside his own doorway.

Now it was time to find Mum.

I slammed the door to the house and stood still, just inside the door. I tuned all my senses for my mother’s presence. I could tell she was home, I could sense it, but where was she?

‘Mum!’ I called. There was a momentary pause and then I heard her voice from the back bedroom, her bedroom, the one she shared with dad.

‘Hi, Luke, I’m just having a lie down.’

I went to her immediately, full of anger and intent upon letting her know I’d found her out. How she’d been fucking Geoff. I reached her room and saw her lying on her bed. She looked up at me and I felt I’d never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Her belly was big and swollen, seven months gone. I felt a brief flare of anger as the poisoned tines of jealousy pricked my liver. Was this my father’s child, or was it Geoff’s? The thought of my mother’s belly, huge, big with child and with that wanker’s seed… well, it sickened me and I fought the urge to revisit Geoff right then, right at that moment.

‘Why are you in bed, Mum?’ I asked. ‘You not feeling too good?’

‘No, baby,’ she replied. ‘I’ve been feeling a little poorly for most of the afternoon, I thought I’d just take it easy.’

I was torn. Torn with the need, the red hot anger that insisted I confront my mother with her infidelity right now, and with the sudden hot flush of love I felt for her when I saw how vulnerable she was.

Dammit, I was too confused.

‘Oh,’ was all I could manage. ‘Would you like anything?’ I asked. ‘A cup of tea or something to eat’

‘No thanks, baby,’ she whispered, and I left her alone to sleep if that was what she wanted.

I prowled the house, agitated and upset. I was angry with my mother, angry as hell, but how come I couldn’t confront her about her infidelity? It had been easy with Geoff, simple in fact. I had instinctively known how to handle Geoff, but my mum? Well, she was different. I needed a little time to think it over.

Later that evening, after my mother had slept, she came to the living room where I was quietly watching TV. I watched Molly Meldrum rave on about some new rock band on Countdown, but was completely disinterested since I was concentrating on my mother and Geoff.

She came into the room and touched me lightly on the shoulder. For some reason that touch electrified me and I looked at my heavily pregnant mother with fire in my eyes.

I can’t explain the feeling that came over me. Perhaps it was the shock of discovering that she’d been fucking Geoff. Perhaps it was that and the domesticity of the scene. I felt I was now the Master of the house and with my dad in jail, that I was responsible. I’d seen Geoff off and was sure he’d no longer be a problem, but now I still had one problem to deal with.

My mother, she was a cheating bitch and I couldn’t let that go. No way.

‘Mum.’ My voice cracked with the emotion I was feeling. I may have been a thug and a bully, but I’d always loved my mother and now I was confused, totally at a loss.

‘What is it, Luke?’ my mother asked showing the same concern as if I’d been four years old with a bloodied knee.

‘Geoff,’ I blurted, unthinking. ‘It’s Geoff and what you’ve been doing.’

My mother’s face turned ashen. It was as though she’d seen a ghost and she sat down heavily.

‘What do you mean, Geoff?’ She asked …’Geoff who?’

That sealed it, for her to ask “Geoff who?” Well, that just decided it as far as I was concerned. She was guilty, bang to rights.

‘Geoff,’ I looked at her, hot tears surprising levent escort me as they welled over my lower lids. ‘The Geoff you’ve been fucking while Dad’s inside… ring any fucking bells?’

‘I… I don’t know what you mean.’

I had to hand it to her; she was good at the game. Her protestations and wide eyed innocence were bloody convincing, but…

I’d already got it from Geoff.

‘Please,’ my mother’s voice was hoarse. ‘Please, I… I don’t know what you mean, really.’ My mother stood awkwardly with her pronounced bump and she took me into her arms. She cuddled me as close as she could and tried in vain to get her arms around me fully. ‘Don’t cry, baby,’ she crooned softly, ‘don’t cry. Geoff Chambers gave me a lift from town, that’s all.’

I sniffed back the shameful tears and scoffed at my mother. ‘I’ve been to see Geoff,’ I blurted and studied my mother closely. ‘I’ve been to see him …and I’ve made sure he’s not going to bother you any more.’

‘Oh, God, Luke, what… what have you done to him?’ My mother knew I was my father’s son and what I was capable of. She looked shocked at my revelation and I felt proud, proud that I’d shown I was the Master of the house.

‘I’ve shown him that he can’t fuck with my family and get away with,’ I shouted, incensed that my mother should show concern for the turd, Chambers.

‘Luke, please, Luke,’ my mother tugged at my arm. ‘How bad is he? Will the police..?’

‘He’s alive,’ I said simply and saw my mother breathe a sigh of relief.

She hugged me again and this time, being taller than her I kissed the top of her head. As my lips touched my mother’s clean, blonde hair I took in the familiar scent of her. A scent I’d known since I’d been a small boy and it was still a comfortable, familiar smell. I held my mother close and breathed in the essence of her. I was glad to hold her close like this, but I was unprepared for what was to follow.

As we hugged I felt a strange thrill rush through my body. No, that wasn’t right, it wasn’t a strange thrill at all, it was a completely recognisable feeling; it was just the circumstances that confused me at first. The fragile, yet all too solid lump of my mother’s pregnant belly pushed against me and I could feel the swollen mounds of my mother’s big breasts pressed against my chest. The sense of my mother’s femininity and my recent, self imposed change in status caused a sense of love for my mother to swell my heart and, in addition, somehow, confusedly caused my penis to thicken in my jeans. The thrill I felt was lust… I was beginning to lust after my own mother.

I held my mother tightly and savoured the sublime, burgeoning sensations flowing through my lower belly. My cock stiffened quickly and very soon all I could think of was how it would be to have my beautiful, pregnant mother impaled on my hard length.

At first, my mother returned my hug, but after a time she began to sense that somehow things had changed and she tried to pull away from me.

‘Luke..?’ She questioned when I held on to her insistently. ‘Luke, please… Please, baby, let me go…’

I can’t describe the madness that gripped me. I felt sure that if only I could show my mother physically how much I wanted her, that she’d be sure to understand, and even reciprocate my love for her. If only I could make her understand…

I held her to me tightly with one hand and pressed the urgency of my erection against her soft body.

‘Mum,’ I whispered and lifted her chin so that her face was upturned. I pushed my mouth down against hers and kissed her, desperate for her to feel my desire and for her to return my love.

My mother’s whole body stiffened as she tried to fight me off. Of course, she was no match for me physically and I was easily able to hold her as she wriggled and fought.

I was still gripped by the iron fist of lust; still certain that if only I could show her; that she’d surely want the same thing as me. How could she fight the feelings?

As I continued to hold my mother with one hand I managed to unzip my jeans and fished my aching cock out. It was huge, bigger than I could ever remember seeing it. The girth surprised me and the sight of its shocking appearance certainly galvanised my mother. After a brief moment of stunned immobility where she’d ceased her struggles, my mother then redoubled her efforts and finally wrenched free.

‘Luke!’ she cried, undoubtedly trying to bring me to my senses, but she might as well have been speaking to a deaf man… I was oblivious and I advanced on her threateningly.

She did the only thing she could do under the circumstances and slapped me – hard. The stinging blow stopped me dead in my tracks and I blinked in surprise at my panting mother.

‘What..?’ Her breath came in gasps and she was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened.

‘Mum,’ I croaked as I felt my cheek burn. ‘I… I want to fuck you… please…’

The bluntness of my words astounded my mother and maçka escort she sat heavily on the old sofa, her belly making her movements awkward and ungainly.

‘Luke…’ she breathed and looked at me, her face a mask of shock. ‘I’m your mother… For God’s sake, I’m your MOTHER!’

‘I love you, Mum,’ I replied simply. It was all I could think of to say. Why couldn’t she understand?

She snorted at those words and, to my disbelief, began to laugh. Of course, looking back, I realise that this was just a nervous reaction. She wasn’t actually finding the situation funny, it was just an unconscious response.

However, her laughter incensed me; my blood boiled and I flashed in temper.

‘What are you laughing at, you slut?’ I snarled. ‘You’ll fuck that limp cock, Chambers…’ I took hold of my own thick cock and almost shoved it into my mother’s face as she sat with her face perversely at the perfect height. ‘Suck this like you suck his,’ I hissed through gritted teeth. ‘Go on, suck it.’

I waved my erection into my mother’s face and actually felt the big dome of my cock brush her cheek. I looked down at her and saw a smear of clear precum glistening dully on her skin. The sight of my goo on my mother’s face excited me beyond description and there was absolutely no way I was going to be stopped now – no way on earth- I was determined to have her.

‘Please, Luke,’ my mother whimpered. ‘Please stop… Stop it, now!’

Heedless of my mother’s desperate entreaties and the thick tears that rolled down her cheeks, I took hold of her head and pushed the fat end of my cock against her tightly pursed mouth.

‘You’ll fucking suck me,’ I whispered. ‘You’ll suck me or else… or else I’ll tell the old man what you get up to with Chambers. Then that whining little cunt will get killed for sure.’

My mother looked up at me from beyond the stiffness of my proffered cock. Her eyes were huge as she quickly analysed the potential for violence that would be unleashed if I carried out my threat. She must have been assessing the probabilities of me actually blabbing to my father, and also considered my dad’s subsequent reaction to the news that his wife had been playing away. She must have realised that not only would dad rip Geoff Chambers limb from limb, but that she’d be in for a severe hiding as well.

Her mute consideration didn’t take anywhere near as long for her to actually carry out as it did for me to describe it, but at the point of realisation my mother delighted me by opening her lips and poking out her pink, wet tongue. She looked at me once again, for one final moment before the point of no return. It was a long, imploring look, a look that will stay with me forever. I held my breath as I held her eyes with my own gaze and then, almost imperceptibly, she moved her head slowly forward and her tongue came into contact with my cock for the first time.

My breath hissed from my nostrils as I breathed out violently. I swallowed heavily and continued to watch as my mother licked the big dome of my cock head. I pushed my fingers through the thick, blonde hair and held my mother’s head steady while she lapped at me with her beautifully tickling tongue.

‘Is this what you want, Luke?’ My mother was holding my cock in her fist now and was slowly running her hand up and down the stiff shaft as she spoke quietly to me. ‘Is this what you want? Do you want your own mother to touch you?’

‘Jesus, Mum, yes!’ I groaned. ‘I love you… I wanted to protect you… Oh… Oh, God…’

All my feelings and emotions were confused. It was the madness; I’d been overwhelmed. Deep down, deep in some hidden recess, somewhere in the synapses I knew what I’d done was wrong, fundamentally wrong, and morally reprehensible… But it was the madness, plain and simple.

The already faint voice of doubt quieted and was ignored completely when my mother slurped wetly over my cock before wrapping her lips fully around the large bulb. She sucked at me and took several inches of my meat into her mouth. I felt her wetness envelop me and could still feel her tongue wriggling against the underside of my shaft as she fellated me. She tickled my scrotum with her elegant fingers and rolled my heavy balls between her fingers gently.

I could only groan and moan in appreciation at the sensations my mother was eliciting in my viscera and which surged outwards from that point deep in my belly. My cock grew harder as my mother sucked at me and it seemed to be taking on impossible proportions that were equally matched by my ever increasing ardour.

My mother sucked me for a long, drawn out moment and, eventually, let my cock slip from between her lips. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, but missed the thin, silver thread of our combined juices that linked her chin to my penis. I looked down at her and felt the arterial burst of love for her once again.

We’d done it, we’d crossed the bridge and there was no going back. Whatever happened I’d had carnal knowledge of my own mother. She’d sucked my cock and it had been divine so far, but I wanted more.

‘Is that enough, Luke?’ My mother looked at me with hope in her eyes. I looked down at her again and I saw the light visibly fade away when she understood that I was nowhere near finished, in fact I’d only just begun.

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