Mom Gets In Trouble

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He seemed sad most of the time. That’s what Janice thought about her son, and it troubled her. He seemed worse since going out with Karen. But she was grateful that he always seemed willing to talk to her; her son didn’t hide his life from her and that meant they could have real conversations. So as they sat together in the afternoon sun she asked, “Jason, do you love Karen?”

He sort of snickered as they both took a swallow from their second beer and he said, “No way mom. Sometimes I’m not sure why I go out with her. I never seem to find someone I care about that much. Karen’s okay, but I won’t see her after I leave for college. It would be nice to have someone…well you know.”

Janice said, “You’re so young. You’ll find someone if you just give it time baby; she’s out there for you.”

She thought of how generous his spirit was. When his birthday and graduation came at the same time, he insisted on spending the day with her before going to a party. Although he had friends and a girlfriend, Jason also felt the anxiety of separating from his primary relationship.

“I’m going to miss you when you’re gone Jason,” she said.

“I’ll miss you too mom, but there’s still the rest of the summer before I go, and then I’ll come home for the holidays, and maybe you could even visit me sometimes, huh?”

“Sure honey,” she said. She leaned over and put her head against his arm. She would have been surprised to know that the sensation went straight to the young man’s groin. Janice had little idea that her son harbored any sexual inclinations toward her. He tenderly touched her face and she sighed contentedly and closed her eyes and said, “But I guess you’ll be glad to get out of this one-horse town.”

One city hi-rise can have a thousand people living in it. The whole town where Janice Drake had lived all her life had less. You could say that Bolton was a town that time forgot, but that would be giving undue credit. Time never knew it. The exact population was 973 after Janice was taken to the small infirmary, and delivered her illegitimate child all those years ago.

Janice’s mother wasn’t going to allow her sixteen year-old daughter bear the brunt of ‘Holier than thou’ looks and the gossip mill, so she took her out of school. They lived a secluded life and brought up Jason together for five years until the older woman died. The trust fund that Janice’s mother left, gave her just enough to get by without having to work. After years of hardly leaving the house, the young mother continued ordering her needs by mail and phone and was content with her books and the three TV stations her old set received.

So it wasn’t surprising that the young mother and son developed a tightly knit bond. The highlight of Janice’s day had been when Jason came home, so it was with trepidation that she faced his last few weeks of living at home. She knew that with the fall would come his departure for college; that was not a question. The question was how she would handle the days and nights without him.

As the warming sun caressed them, Jason enjoyed his mother’s closeness to him as usual, and as usual, was able to look at her the way he did, when she didn’t know he was looking. He caressed the curves of her calves with his eyes, and then held her breasts in his gaze. He could almost feel the heavy weight of the full globes that now were pressed together. Because of how she was sitting, the knit fabric stretched tightly over her tits. He thought he could make out the outline of her nipple, and it made it hard to hide that it made him hard. He shifted to mask the evidence of his desire from his unsuspecting mother when she opened her eyes.

Janice turned the conversation back to Karen and said, “Even if you don’t love her, there must be things you like about her, right?”

Jason drained the last of his beer and laughed, “She’s got a good body, almost as good as yours mom.”

She flushed a bit and said, “Oh come on, is that all you look for in a girl?”

He said, “No, but that’s all I seem to find. Maybe it’s me; I just don’t seem to connect.” His tone turned light and he said, “It’s all your fault mom; I can’t find a girl who understands me like you do.”

She said, “Oh cut it out, Karen is smart, and that’s a pretty girl Jason. I wish I looked that that.”

He said, “Mom, you’ve got it all over Karen. You’re pretty, don’t you know that?”

She gave him a questioning smile and he looked her up and down and he said, “You look great.” The way she took a breath somehow stimulated him enough to say, “You have great boobs.”

She said, “Jason, I’m your mom!”

He said, “What? If I said you have great legs, that would be okay, but if I say you have nice boobs that’s not okay?”

Janice squirmed, “Jason, you’re embarrassing me.”

He said, “You have nothing to be embarrassed about; you should be proud of the way you look. I am.”

She said, “You are? Well, that makes me feel good, thank you baby.”

He bahis firmaları said, “Mom…” He wanted to say, ‘I want us both to feel good, together, in bed, making love to each other. He wanted to tell her how much he wanted her, but the two beers weren’t enough to get him past “Mom…”

Janice said, “What is it Jason, you look so sad all of a sudden.” He looked off and didn’t answer. “Jason? What is it, tell me.”

“I can’t,” he said.

“Of course you can. You can tell me anything, you know that, don’t you?”

“Not this,” he said.

“Baby I love you, tell me, if you’re in some kind of trouble just tell me, you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Okay mom,” he said, “I am in trouble, I…love someone who’ll never love me the way I do, and if I told her, she’d probably hate me.”

“Oh Jason, I’m sure you’re wrong. No woman is going to hate you for loving her. Did you even tell her? Jason you never know about these things, you…”

“It’s you mom,” he said. Janice was uncomprehending and then sat frozen for a moment. It seemed like an eternity until she looked in his eyes and the words registered.

“Oh Jason, you can’t mean…”

“I do mom…and I couldn’t leave without telling you. Something inside me had to let you know. Sometimes it hurts because I want you so much, and I know that I’ll never want anybody else like this…I’m glad I’m going away…so you see, a woman can hate you for telling her you love her.”

“Jason,” she said, “nothing you could ever say would make me hate you. You just surprised me…I didn’t know…” Her mind raced through past events through the prism of her new knowledge, his looks, his touches, and her own.

He brought her back by saying, “At least, am I still your son?”

“Jason…” Her voice was feather soft. “You’ll always be my son, and I will always love you more than you could know. Baby, have I been the cause of your unhappiness?”

“No mom,” he said. “I’ve been the cause. It’s not your fault that I’m crazy…or sick, as most people would probably say.”

“You’re not sick; it’s never sick to love someone, and we never paid attention to what other people thought before, did we?”

Janice had regained her composure and from her deep maternal instinct said, “What can I do to Jason?”

Jason leaned to his mother slowly enough to give her time to resist his unmistakable attempt to kiss her. She did not. What forces were combining to keep her at his lips she couldn’t say, but she stayed. What started out as a kiss of affection soon became a kiss of desire. Janice’s tongue, after being alone in her mouth for all her life now had a companion. The sliding, and slipping, and licking, was something she felt down to her pussy. The simple pleasure of their tongues playing, and promising more, was a newly-found sensation for her. There was a pang in her heart for what she had missed. She felt as a girl getting her first lovers kiss. That it came from the mouth of her son compounded the confusion and excitement. That it all came from this first wondrous kiss, impassioned, and scared her.

She pulled back long enough to catch her breath and say, “Oh Jason…we have to slow down…you know I love you, but we can’t get too carried away darling, right?” Janice took a deep breath, got up, and took the empty bottles and chips into the house. He followed.

He came up behind her in the kitchen and kissed her neck, teasingly. It sent ripples down her skin. Janice became aware of her son’s light touch on her. He traced his fingers down her neck and over her breasts. Teasingly he explored the shape of her globes and then circled the nipples with his fingertips. ‘Where will I stop him?’ she thought. ‘Not here’; it felt too good. Finally as the heat inside her built, she said, “Jason…” and moved away to the living room. She sat on the sofa and said, “Honey, let’s talk.”

He sat by her and said, “Yes,”

But he didn’t talk. He kissed her again. He reached his hand under her blouse and easily pulled down the soft bra. It felt cold and hot to her when her son touched the bare flesh. He said, “Your breasts feel as beautiful as they look mom.” Janice could only moan softly in reply. He fondled her tits for what seemed like forever. She wanted him to stop and she wanted him to continue – with equal intensity. He pulled on the rubbery nipples that had responded to his touch by engorging and elongating. Finally he bent his head down and took one of them between his lips.

Her, “OH…” was as much a cry as a sigh, as her son once again suckled. But it was so different this time. This time her whole body was suffused with sexual desire. Every inch of her yearned for Jason to be where she could hardly imagine him – inside her. Janice wrestled with the images of her son astride her, on top of her, having her aching center filled with her boy’s manhood.

Jason’s sucking on his mother’s tit also made him hungry for her. Her creamy flesh was full in his hand, kaçak iddaa and her nipple between his lips and on his tongue had made his cock strain. It was straining to find his mother. He wasn’t troubled with his desire to put that cock deep inside his mother’s center, he savored it. Her responses encouraged him and the boy thought that in a few moments he would be where he had long fantasized about being, inside her.

Ablaze with sexual hunger, and giving little thought to what he was about to do, Jason unzipped his jeans and took out his cock. Janice tried not to stare but was taken aback by the massive evidence of her son’s desire for her. She was frozen in indecision as he stood and took his pants off.

When he brought his cock near to her face, her boy’s musky aroma aroused her. She knew what her son wanted but was reticent about taking him into her mouth. Her desire to please him overcame her reluctance and she wrapped her lips around the spongy swollen head. Janice was surprised by the excitement she felt as she tasted her son for the first time. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth and she instinctively sucked. The feel of him on her lips registered as a complex sensation; the skin was soft and velvety, but the shaft was hard, so hard. It made her feel desirable that her own son could be that hard for her.

He seemed to grow right in her mouth. The width of his hard meat registered on her lips. She liked his taste. She liked having him there. Years of thinking that a woman only took a man in her mouth to please him, changed in moments.

To Jason, the sight of his mother’s face, with her lips wrapped around his cock was exquisite. He found it so beautiful, it almost surpassed the sensations her sucking was creating. His engorged knob was completely in her mouth, and when he felt her tongue exploring it, there was a call and response as he moaned, and then she moaned.

She reached and touched his shaft and balls as she continued to suck. Exploring this unfamiliar territory awakened something in her and she moaned and writhed from the stimulating ache deep between her legs. This encouraged her son to stroke into her mouth. Yet even as her desire was inflamed, a more overwhelming emotion washed over her, and she thought, ‘I love him so much.’

The young man looked at his mother as she sucked him with earnest desire and was overwhelmed by tenderness for her. He stroked her hair as she took more of him into her mouth. He’d been given head before, but he’d never been made love to in this way. She touched him with love, she stroked him with love, and she sucked him with love.

From the sounds he was making and the tension she felt from his hand on her breast, Janice intuited that Jason was about to orgasm. She thought that if he came she wouldn’t have to contend with the dilemma of intercourse. She stopped sucking long enough to say, “Are you going to ejaculate in my mouth?”

Jason smiled at her use of the term that was usually referred to as ‘Come’, or ‘Cum,’ in the porn books he’d bought in Hudson. He thought about being inside her, but figured that would come later. By asking, it seemed to him that she was telling him that he could. His mother was telling him that he could come in his mouth. He could only say, “Yes mom.” Janice took her son’s cock back into her mouth. He put one hand on the back of his mother’s head and started pushing in and out harder than he should have. He sensed his mother’s difficulty and eased up. When she caressed his balls, he began to release between her lips.

“OH, OH, MOM…OHHHhh…” he cried as the cords of cum shot into his mother’s mouth. Never having had a man in her mouth, Janice couldn’t accommodate the volume of juice that poured from her sons pulsating organ. She thought he would never stop coming as he kept calling to her. She’d never heard him say, ‘Mom’ the way he was saying it while he gushed into her mouth. His excitement was contagious and Janice became aware of the wetness she felt between her legs. When Jason saw his cream on his mother’s lips and face, the momentary satisfaction and relief that he felt after coming, mutated back into lust. He wanted her even more than before. Janice looked at her son’s wet cock in amazement as it grew thicker and longer before her eyes. ‘How could it get hard so fast?’ she wondered as she realized that he would be coming for her again, and soon.

Janice was gratified to be the object of her son’s lust and a wanton desire for him grew inside her despite her reluctance. She wanted to say’ ‘No’ when he started taking off her clothes, but through frozen indecision, she let him. She felt an unexpected freedom being naked in front of her son. She relished the way he devoured her with his eyes. She felt the heat as he gazed at the soft folds of her pussy. She knew he was going to fuck her. The idea of her son on her, and in her, inflamed her and she almost welcomed the incestuous thought. Janice felt the physical evidence of her excitement as some kaçak bahis of her juice leaked and dripped onto her thigh.

Jason was aware of his mother’s inexperience and didn’t want to pressure her into something she didn’t want to do, but he couldn’t mask the urgency in his voice when he said, “Mom I want you so much, I’ve always wanted to be inside you.” He gently rubbed her now wet pussy and whispered fiercely, “Here mom, here, I want you here.”

Janice’s thoughts were that a mother doesn’t let her son have sex with her, and shouldn’t want him to, but her body was telling her something very different. He kissed her all over, his touch on her clit was fire, and his desire became contagious when he told her, “Oh mom, I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

Fueled by the sensations he was creating in her pussy, her urge was to say, ‘Yes baby, you can have me, mamma’s here for you, be inside me, yes baby, yes.’ But the voice in her head of her own mother was warning her about ever getting into trouble again. It stopped her cold. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘this is trouble. A mother having sex with her son is trouble. A son inside his mother is trouble.’ The thoughts tumbled. ‘He’s not wearing a condom. My son could make me pregnant. What kind of mother are you?’ And so she said, “Oh Jason, I can’t, no, we have to stop baby.”

He said, “Mom I can’t stop, I want you so bad. Don’t tease me like this, let me mom.”

She said, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry; I would never tease you. Everything just got out of hand. This is all my fault, I’m sorry, I just can’t baby, please understand…I love you.”

By the sound of her voice Jason knew that his mother wasn’t going to let him have sex with her and in his frustration he said, “No you don’t.”

Janice began to well up and she said, “Oh please don’t say that Jason, you know I love you…you know I do.”

His anger eased and he said, “Yes, I know…okay.” Janice covered herself and touched his arm. She felt him tense and she took her hand away.

She said quietly, “I’m sorry.”

He said, “Yeah, okay,” got up and left the room as his mother raised her hands to cover her face.

Over the following weeks Janice felt her son’s distance from her. It was nothing he said or did, but the connection that had always warmed her, wasn’t there. She replayed the events that had brought on her unhappiness and was sorry it happened, and at the same time, excited by the thoughts of her son wanting her, touching her, and in her mouth.

Jason without thinking made things worse. Undoubtedly part of him wanted to get back at his mother. He began bringing Karen home with him, and showed affection for her in front of his mother. He even let it be known that they had slept together with an offhand joking remark which Karen laughed at. Janice didn’t laugh.

That night she told him, “I hope you’re being careful.” When he just looked at her she said, “With Karen I mean…you don’t want to get her in trouble.”

He laughed and said, “Come on mom, what do think, I’m as stupid as you were?” It was as if he’d slapped her in the face. He’d never been cruel to her in his life and her eyes filled from the hurt and shock of it.

Jason couldn’t stand to see her cry and it made him remorseful. He said, “Oh fuck, I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean that.” He held her arms and she immediately went to his chest, grateful for the first contact they’d had in weeks.

She said, “No you’re right. I was a stupid young girl, who was seduced by the first boy who was nice to her, but no matter what happened because of my stupidity, I’m not sorry, because I had you. And I had you near me until I did another stupid thing, and now you’ve stopped loving me…and I’m so cold Jason…” She cried in earnest and he tried to stem the flow with stroking words and hands.

He said, “No mom you’ll always have me, I’ll always love you, I was just…being stupid too. I shouldn’t have expected you to feel as I feel, or want what I want, especially something crazy like this. I guess I’ve wanted you in that way for so long it seems normal. I just felt like you rejected me when you didn’t want me.”

She said, “Jason baby…it wasn’t that…I did want you. I just can’t do it.”

He said, “You did want me to be inside you?”

She said, “Yes…yes, but just because I want to doesn’t mean that I can. It’s so important to me that I’m your mother. I want to be a good mother to you, and a good mother can’t be her son’s lover, she just can’t…I just can’t. Jason, darling, can’t we just go back to being the way we were?”

He said honestly, “I don’t know mom. But I know I love you, and I won’t give you a hard time anymore…I can’t say I won’t want you.”

She said, “I understand, but maybe we can keep it from coming between us.”

He said, “So we pretend that the elephant isn’t in the room?”

She laughed a little with tears still in her eyes and said, “No, okay, we don’t have to do that, we can talk, and be close, but we don’t have to hurt each other do we baby?”

“No mom, we don’t” He had a great urge to kiss her with the passion he was feeling, but he only kissed her wet eyes and forehead. She quickly kissed his lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32