Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 04

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This is the fourth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


Beth arrived at the address and knocked on the door. I let her in and showed her into the living room. She was wearing the same clothes she’d had on in class. She wore white, cotton tights that accentuated the sleekness of her legs, a large sleeveless shirt that came down over her firm ass and came to the tops of her smooth thighs. The shirt had huge armholes that came almost to her waist. Under the top she wore a tight-fitting tank top that was cut to just below her firm young breasts. She looked real good.

“Stand here.” I instructed as I went to sit down on the sofa. Beth stood a bit self-conscious as I drank in her beauty.

“Take off your tights.” I instructed and Beth kicked off her sneakers and reaching under her top, she slid the tights down over her firm thighs. She smiled at me as she pushed the tights down to her ankles and then stepped out of them.

“Up on the table.” I instructed and Beth climbed up onto the large coffee table in front of me. “Now the shirt.” I said and she crossed her arms in front of her and raised the large shirt over her head. Dropping it on the floor beside her tights, she lowered her hands to her sides and stood before me in her panties and the tank top. I could see that her nipples were beginning to harden as the sheer material of her top was stretched tightly across her firm, young breasts. I motioned with my hand and Beth spread her legs a little wider. She really was beautiful. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled at me.

“You look very excited.” I teased her as I stared at her nipples. Beth looked down and saw how hard they looked as they stood out against the stretched material of her top. She blushed.

“Play with them.” I said. Beth remembered how I had made her masturbate in my office, the first time we’d fucked and figured that I liked to watch her. I did, and she liked the feel of hands on her body – anybody’s hands, even her own, if that’s all that was available.

Smiling at me, she brought her hands up to her firm breasts and rubbed her palms gently over the beautiful swells of her tits. Her fingers scratched the sheer material of her top and then closed around her taut nipples. Pinching her sensitive nubs, she twisted them gently and pulled on them. Her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips. Beth continued to rub her breasts as I watched her begin to succumb to her own caresses.

“Now raise your top.” I instructed. Beth slid her fingers down to the hem of her top and slowly rolled the elastic material up over the swells of her beautiful breasts. She pulled the top up until her breasts were fully bared and she continued to play with her taut nipples. I could see just how aroused her nipples were as her hips began to move slightly.

“Pinch your nipples.” I instructed and Beth squeezed her taut nipples between her fingers and began to pull on them as a deep moan escaped her lips. Her nipples were rock hard.

“Take off your top.” I said and in a second, Beth pulled the stretchy material over her head and tossed it onto the floor.

“Wouldn’t you like to play with yourself?” I teased and Beth smiled at me as she nodded. Her hands went down over her breasts and plunged into her panties. They were skimpy little things that rode high on her hips and covered almost nothing. Her legs began to shake as her fingers slid between her thighs and began to probe her dripping womanflesh. She had always liked to masturbate but was excited at having to do it in front of me.

I watched as she caressed herself and then without any prompting, slid her fingers under the elastic of her waistband and I watched as she pushed the flimsy material down over her hips and they slid down her long legs to the table. Beth stood before me buck naked as her fingers slid back down between her open thighs and continued to play with her oozing pussy. She eased her fingers between her pussy lips and then closed them around her erect love button. As she squeezed slightly, her legs shook and she let out a gasp as her insides flooded with hot cum.

“Come sit on this.” I said as I opened my robe. Beth smiled and eased her fingers from between her swollen labia. Slowly, the beautiful blonde placed her foot on the sofa beside me and stepped onto the cushion. She placed her feet on either side of my hips and then lowered her body to squat over my thighs. Placing one hand on the sofa back, she reached down between my thighs and wrapping her fingers around the length of my shaft, slid the tip of it across her swollen pussy lips. She gasped with pleasure and excitement as she aimed the head of my cock at the entrance to her seething love hole.

Pressing the tip of my shaft between her love petals, she rolled her pelvis forward and slowly slid her beautiful body down the length of my shaft until she impaled herself completely on my ramrod. She moaned loudly as bahis firmaları she felt the thickness of my cock fill her pussy once again. Placing her hand on the sofa back, she leaned forward, bringing her nipple to my mouth. I reached up and caressed her breast as my lips closed on her taut nipple. Beth threw her head back and her beautiful, blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders as my tongue began to tease her sensitive nub. I felt her inner muscles tighten around my shaft as her hips began to roll gently.

I switched to her other breast and then slid my hands down around her magnificent ass and rubbed her down between her spread thighs. Beth loved the feel of my hands on her body and she slowly began to rise and then fall on my rigid shaft. Again and again she impaled herself on my cock as her beautiful breasts bounced gently before my face.

Looking up at her, I could see she was lost in excitement and passion as she fucked me for all she was worth. She drew my face to her tits with one hand as she continued to pump her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Her inner muscles danced around my cock as she ground her hips firmly against mine. My finger slid into her asscrack and she felt it press against her tight sphincter. It was as if I’d hit her with an electrical wire. Her inner muscles clenched tightly around my shaft and as she rammed her hips down hard on my cock, I exploded deep in her twat. She felt the power of my cum as it shot deep into her body and her own body convulsed once again with a powerful orgasm.

Beth continued to piston her pussy up and down my shaft as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. She pressed her breasts to my lips and finally collapsed in exhaustion. I teased her back and ass with my fingers and then helped her ease her body off of my ramrod. “Lick me.” I said and Beth slid over on the sofa and then lay her head in my lap. I felt her fingers caress my spent cock and then slide it between her sweet lips. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as her fingers cupped my balls. Slowly her head slid up and down my cock as she tasted the cum that had filled her pussy. My fingers slid down across her cheek and then stroked her beautiful, blonde hair back off of her cheek. Beth sucked hard on my shaft as her head moved up and down on my cock.

Releasing my grip on her head, I helped her to sit up. “Go clean yourself up.” I said pointing to the hall. Beth picked herself up and padded down the hall to the bathroom.

When she returned to the den, Beth saw that I was standing next to the sofa. I’d placed a canvas director’s chair in the middle of the large coffee table and had removed the canvas back. I held my hand out to her and she placed her soft hand in mine as I helped her up onto the table.

Beth looked down at the chair and could see that it was turned away from the sofa. Holding her hand, I turned her body and moved her to stand in front of the chair. I placed her hand on one post of the wooden frame and she placed her other hand on the other post. Holding the two posts as if they were two cocks, she wrapped her fingers firmly around them. I nodded to her and she sat down on the canvas chair. Leaning forward, I kissed her naked breast and Beth leaned her body forward. I sucked her tender nipple between my lips and biting down gently, flicked my tongue over the tip of her hardening nub. She gasped. I continued to tease her chest as my hands came down to rest on her satiny thighs. Beth slid her legs apart to make it easier for me to reach her oozing pussyflesh. I slipped my hands down under her thighs and pulled her forward. Beth got the idea and slid her ass to the very edge of the canvas seat. I glanced down at her open thighs and saw that she was in position.

Lifting my head, I kissed her on the lips and pressed my tongue deep into her mouth. Her hands came up and grasping my head, she sucked my tongue between her lips and grasped my body with her legs. I slid my hand down between her thighs and teased her drenched pussy.

Easing back from her mouth, I placed my hands on her upper arms and pressed her body backwards. Beth leaned back until she lay across the canvas seat. Her upper body hung down over the other side and her head practically touched the top of the coffee table. I helped her to adjust herself in the chair as she felt her body draped over it. Her ass hung just off the edge of the seat on one side and her beautiful breasts were even with the other edge of the seat. Her creamy, white breasts were raised as her neck and head arched back over the chair and hung down, her beautiful blonde hair dangling down to the tabletop.

I placed my hands on the tops of Beth’s firm thighs and slid my thumbs over the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Without even applying any pressure, Beth spread her thighs wide apart and I slid my thumbs up to the edge of her pussy lips. She moaned deeply as I felt a shudder run through her magnificent, young body. Pinching her swollen pussy lips kaçak iddaa between my thumbs, I began to tease her womanflesh. As her head hung down, she shook it from side to side as she felt my fingers caress her most sensitive flesh.

I traced my thumbs over her clit and it stood up at attention. I pressed the sensitive nub between my thumbs and began to tease it. Beth’s body shook with excitement as I caressed the most sensitive part of her body. Just then she gasped and her insides flooded as her entire body shook. I leaned forward and placed a warm, wet kiss on her erect clit. Her body shook once again as her insides let go with even more cum.

Sliding my hands down her open thighs, I ran my hands over her knees and down to her slender ankles. Grasping her legs, I lifted her feet high into the air and then pulled her legs apart. Looking down at her oozing pussyflesh, I eased her legs back over her body and then down over the arms of the wooden chair frame. I hooked her knees behind the two wooden posts that had once held the back of the chair and Beth’s thighs were held raised and open for my pleasure.

Peeling back her swollen pussy lips, I lowered my face to her oozing twat and began to suck the sweet juices that were flooding her love hole. Beth tried to reach up to my head to grasp it but couldn’t reach. Her arms fell back on either side of her head as she continued to moan and groan with sexual excitement. Her face was a mask of passion as orgasms began to ripple through her body.

Placing my hand on her open pussy, I dipped my fingers into her tight dampness as I stepped around the table. Beth’s head hung down as her creamy, white chest was thrust up by the edge of the chair. My hand slid away from her pussy as I stood in front of her face.

Beth felt my presence beside her body and opened her eyes. My cock stood fully erect just inches from her lips as my fingers closed around her taut nipples. She brought her hand up and wrapped her fingers around my shaft as she guided my cock between her open lips. I spread my legs wide in order to lower my cock to her lips and she wrapped her arms around my hips as she sucked my cock into her hungry mouth. My fingers continued to squeeze and pull on her hard, pink nipples and she moaned and groaned as she sucked on my shaft. I began to pump in and out of her warm mouth and her long blonde hair swayed back and forth on the tabletop as her head moved with the rhythm of my penetrations.

Looking down at her beautiful body, I lowered my face between her open thighs and began to nibble on her oozing pussyflesh. As my lips closed on her clit, Beth’s sucking took on even more power and her fingers began to caress and tease my ass. I was about to fill her mouth with my cum but then I decided she had other holes I wanted to explore before I shot my load.

Lifting my face from her open thighs, I teased her chest for a moment and then pulled my cock from between Beth’s hungry lips. She reached out to hold me as I stepped away but finally just let her body collapse once again over the chair. The arch in her body was truly spectacular and she looked fantastic.

I stepped back between her thighs and pulling the chair to the edge of the tabletop, kicked a small stool out from under the table. As I stepped up onto the stool my cock pointed straight at the entrance to her tight love hole. I tapped her mons with my cockhead and Beth’s body came to life. I could see her open thighs begin to shake in anticipation as I teased her moist pussy lips with the tip of my shaft.

“Fuck me!” she gasped as I placed my palms on her open thighs. My cock was aimed right at the entrance to her love hole and with a powerful thrust, I rammed straight into her body. Beth’s chest heaved and her head flew up as she felt my cock ram deep into her open body. I felt her inner muscles clamp tightly around my cock and then her body fell back.

Taking hold of the arms of the chair, I began to ram hard into her open pussy. Beth’s body bounced and shook from the force of my penetrations as she continued to scream softly with sexual fulfillment. Orgasms rippled through her naked body as she felt herself more exposed and open than she’d ever been in her life. The sensation of having her legs held open by the frame of the chair added a new dimension to her sexual ecstasy as I felt her body respond to the forcefulness of our fucking.

Every time she tried to lift her upper body, the muscles of her abdomen clenched tightly and added to the power of her inner love muscles. It was not going to take me long to cum at this rate and I still had one more hole I wanted to fill.

Bringing my hands down between Beth’s raised thighs, I began to tease her clit with my thumbs as my cock rammed in and out of her tightness. As I pressed her tender nub and teased it, her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm as she screamed in passion.

I continued to pump into her tightness but slowed my pace a bit. Beth’s hands kaçak bahis came up to her breasts and she began to massage her taut nipples. Finally I eased from between her oozing pussy lips and she sighed as her body relaxed. I lowered my face to her open thighs and began to tease her intimate flesh with my tongue. Cum just oozed out of her body and I licked her sweetness as my tongue caressed her clit once again.

Taking hold of Beth’s ankles, I raised her legs high in the air. Her legs were long and sleek and as I traced my view back to her shining pussy, I licked my lips. I eased her legs back down to the tabletop on either side of me and then reaching for her hands helped her lift her body back up to a sitting position.

Once upright, Beth wrapped her arms around my head and practically smothered me to her breasts. I felt her legs come around my body and lock around my waist. I looked up at her and she lowered her face to mine and kissed me passionately. She sucked my tongue between her lips as her fingernails raked my back.

I surrendered to her passion for several minutes as she was all over me. What an enjoyable experience. When I placed my hands back down on her thighs, Beth reluctantly stopped but she knew I had something else in mind for her and she was eager.

Taking her hand, I helped her off the chair and onto the stool. I turned her body around so she faced the chair and then I pressed her body forward. Beth understood and she pulled her body up onto the canvas chair seat. Her legs pressed against the soft material as her tits came just over the other edge of the canvas. She draped her arms over the chair and they hung down on either side of her head. I reached down to her ankles once again and pulled her legs apart and lifted her feet onto the tabletop. In her upside down view, Beth could see her thighs spread open and my cock pointing straight at her face though too far away to do anything about.

Beth moaned as she felt my hands squeeze her firm asscheeks and then I lowered my tongue to her tight asshole. She had expected me to ravage her asshole once again and this time even looked forward to it a little bit. Her body went rigid as my tongue touched her tight sphincter and she gasped as a powerful orgasm ripped through her beautiful, young body.

I spread her asscheeks wide apart and forced my tongue into her tightness. Beth’s body began to thrash about as I licked and probed her pink asshole. As I tongued her ass, my fingers dipped between her swollen labia and teased her pussy. Beth’s body began to shake and buck as she was overwhelmed by the double assault on her femininity. I eased my fingers from her twat and began to probe and open her asshole with the lubrication provided by her oozing love hole.

Slowly her tight sphincter began to yield and I was able to press my finger inside. She was tight – so very tight. I pumped my finger into her ass and then tried to press another digit into her body. It took a little time and coaxing but I was finally able to get it in. As I kissed and teased her ass with my fingers and tongue, Beth’s open thighs shook with excitement. I decided not to rush her and so continued to caress her tight ass until she relaxed her muscles enough to let me easily probe her sweet ass. She was ready.

Pressing my thumb all the way into her open asshole, I eased my other thumb into her dripping pussy. I pumped both digits into her twin holes for a moment as I kicked the small stool back into position. At first, I moved my thumbs in unison as they filled her twin holes but then I changed the rhythm and began to ram one in as the other pulled out. Beth’s body quaked as she felt me ravage her twin holes.

I watched her ass writhe as my thumbs pumped in and out of her leaking loins. My cock was fully at attention and it was time to ravage her sweet, young ass for the second time. My cock was considerably thicker and longer than my thumbs and I knew that she’d be plenty tight. Beth watched as I withdrew my finger from her open pussy and then positioned my ramrod at the entrance to her hungry twat. I slid the tip into her pussy and took several thrusts to coat my rod with her warm, wet flow as my thumb remained buried in her tight asshole. She relished the feeling of both of her holes being ravaged.

Easing out of her pussy, I slid my thumb out of her ass and aimed my cock at Beth’s open asshole. I pressed the tip between her asscheeks and she pressed her body back against it. I guided the tip to the small opening of her asshole and then slowly pressed forward. Her ass yielded slowly and she gasped as I filled her bowels. I pushed slowly into her magnificent ass until I felt my hips press against Beth’s spread ass as filled her to the hilt.

Once again I grasped the arms of the chair and slowly began to rock in and out of Beth’s fantastic body. She grunted and groaned as she felt my shaft ream out her tight ass. As I increased the rhythm of my penetrations, Beth’s body began to buck. She placed her hands firmly on the tabletop and lifted her upper body. Her head flew back as she screamed with lust and thrust her ass back to meet every penetration of my ramrod.

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