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I’d been going to the library for a few weeks compiling my family tree, and every time I was there, there was a young lad who always seemed to be stressed out. This day he was sat at the same table as I was and we got talking, he was Alan, 17, and studying for his ‘A’ levels.

Over the following couple of weeks, we chatted away and when I took a break and went outside for a cigarette, he would come with me. “Do you have a girlfriend” “No” “Boyfriend” “No mum says I can’t until I’ve done my exams”.
This day I got to the library around 10:00am and Alan was there as usual, when dinner time came around, I noticed the library was empty, even the staff had gone for lunch. I stood up and rubbed his shoulders in passing, he looked up at me.

“I’m going to the toilet I’ll wait two minutes if you want to come in I’ll try and help to relieve your stress levels”. The toilet in the library had a two-door system and as I approached it I could see Alan looking round through the reflection in the window.

There casino oyna was only one cubicle as it doubles up as a disabled rest room, so there’s plenty of space. I’d just put my rucksack in the corner and taken my jacket off when I heard the outer door shut, then the inner door opened and as I looked Alan was locking the door.

I walked over to him smiling and cupping his cheeks in my hands I kissed him, then pulled away then with my hands on his hips leaned in and his arms were around my neck, our mouths open we snogged. His lips were soft, and our tongues were entwined.

As I ran my hands up and down his back for a few moments I lifted his T shirt over his head I could see a lump in his pants. Throwing his shirt on the floor we resumed kissing and my hands gripped his bum then I ran them up and down his back, he shuddered.

A couple of minutes passed, and I brought my right hand round the front of his pants and touched him, he was hard, not particularly big, but solid. He then gave canlı casino siteleri a little whimper as I rubbed him. My left hand running up and down his spine I was turned on myself.

Again, a couple more minutes passed by and I unbuttoned his pants, as they fell to the floor, I gripped his buttocks with both hands and then brought my right-hand round and touched him, again he groaned. My left hand I slipped into the back of his undies.

As my finger gently rubbed his helmet, I could feel pre-cum on his eye and thought to myself I’d have to speed things up. I pulled down his pants and grabbed his cock in my right hand gently pulling him, then I checked his eye again and he was oozing.

I thought ‘he isn’t going to last long’ and how right I was. Pulling him and with my left hand rubbing his ass crack he groaned. I came off his lips and kissed his neck, then his right nipple, then his left and as I worked my way down, he moaned louder.

I got on eye level and as I pulled his foreskin back canlı bahis and put his helmet in my mouth he moaned. After only a few strokes he grunted quite loud and came in my mouth, I pulled him until he went limp. Standing up we kissed as I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down.

Soon I was naked from the waste down and was ripping open a condom. Rolling it on my solid cock and with gel in my hand I covered myself and turned Alan round to face the wall. Running my erection over his bum he groaned as I slipped in easily.

Even though he was tight the amount of gel I had on made it easy for me to fuck him and fuck him I did. I must have managed a good 5 minutes of fucking as he groaned throughout, every now and then I’d bite his neck as he moaned more.

I was seriously coming and after slamming into him a few more strokes I pulled out, turned him around, he sat on the toilet as I pulled the condom off, I said “Open your mouth” as he did, I pushed my cock into it and wanked myself off.
20 seconds and I groaned as I gave Alan his first taste. “Swallow” I ordered, as he did, he screwed his face up. We got dressed in silence, I later found out he was embarrassed. He didn’t speak to me all day but the day after he smiled and said “It was good”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32