Ladies’ Club

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“Go ahead, I don’t mind, really.” she swore. “It’ll just go to waste, otherwise.”

We had sat through a three hour Timeshare sales pitch on a rainy day in the Poconos, and our reward was a three day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Bermuda. The catch was it had to be used immediately or you lost it.

Laura and I had gone away to try to rekindle what we lost over time. It hadn’t worked and we both knew the relationship was winding down. Two years of dating had run its course.

“Well,” I replied, “Half of it is yours.”

“Not really, since you paid for the Poconos, anyway.”

So, on a Monday, when most people are getting off, I was boarding the ship. It was older than the Super-Cruisers, but still held about 800 passengers. The cabin was interior, meaning no windows or portholes. And small. The bed was the entire room except a tiny shower and toilet. But it was free, along with meals. Drinks and shore excursions, naturally, were not.

As I unpacked, I heard a bang on my door. When I opened it, a woman practically fell into my arms, with a loud, “Oooh!”

I steadied her as her lady friend jumped in concern. “Maddie! Are you alright?”

The woman in my arms righted herself, heaving the heavy suitcase that she was maneuvering to one side. “Oh! Oh! I’m so sorry!” she said to me, as she spun to face me, eyes wide with excitement.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you! These halls are so small! And the bags!”

They had been trying to lift their bags over the threshold, into their cabin. “Here, let me help you,” I offered, lifting them and placing them on each of he two beds so they could unpack them. Their cabin was small too, but bigger than mine, with a balcony.

They couldn’t thank me enough, yammering away about bringing so much clothing. They were both in their sixties, but not looking anything like Grandmas used to look. Both had stylish hair, colored, obviously, and their attire was current and trendy, bright colors and flashy jewelry. At a glance, each could pass for fifty, I thought.

The one called Maddie was particularly attractive. Bright blue eyes so alive, a perpetual smile showing ultra-white teeth, Blond hair in a short style with curls on the sides, like a flapper. Someone who had been considered cute in her day.

They thanked me profusely, and introduced themselves. Her friend was Sarry, like Sara with a Y.

“So, Mike, you’re traveling alone?” Sarry asked. Maddie jabbed her and said I was too young for her. “Oh? But you’re not? Ha!”

They were on the cruise with four other women from their club. Sarry invited me to join them for drinks later, but Maddie said, “He didn’t come on her to hang with six old biddies, casino oyna did you, Mikey?”

I said I was sure to see them somewhere since the ship was rather small. Maddie made a point of smiling and winking as she closed her cabin door and said, “Bye, Honey, thanks again!”

Sure enough, they were two tables away at dinner, and all six made a point of waving at me. I felt self-conscious, like I was back in grammar school.

Being forty myself, I still thought of younger women, in their twenties and thirties, so the mature ladies were like walking into your Mom’s card game, and all her girlfriends smiling and flirting with you. Very disconcerting.

Later, at the bar, Maddie stopped by to say hi and invite me to join them. I passed, thanks a lot. But there was something about her that intrigued me, the smile, the eyes, the winks, the whole package, even though she was at least twenty years older.

Then I realized what it was: As a twenty year old in the service, I had met an older woman, a ripe old babe of Forty, who wound up being my Commanding officer’s wife. She had a reputation of flirting with the enlisted men, and she selected me as a victim. A special detail and a wild afternoon in her pool still brought back an erection.

The next day on the pier, I had signed up for a bus tour. All six of the Ladies Club had signed up, too, without my knowledge. After a head count, the staff realized they had over-sold the trip by two.

At six-two and 225, I wasn’t looking forward to cramming into a bus seat for three hours in this heat, so I volunteered to stay on board the ship. Staff promised me perks for my trouble. The whole cruise was a perk.

There were murmurs, then I heard, “Me too!” Maddie was moving out of the crowd. “I’ve seen it before anyway. I’ll see you girls at dinner!”

The other ladies were smirking and giggling like school girls and she said, “Some one’s got to keep Mikey company, right?” and she winked as she took my arm, and I felt myself blushing again.

She wore a yellow floral wrap around her waist, covering a swimsuit, and a Peasant blouse, containing her ample chest, sandals, shades, and a big floppy white hat. She held my arm tightly as the bus pulled away and she waved at her friends with a big smile. After it left, she turned to me. “So, Honey, what are your plans?”

“I don’t really have one. I just figured I was too big for those seats.”

“Yeah, you’re right, and besides, did you see that bus driver? He was sweating like a pig! I bet it doesn’t even have air-conditioning! Let them suffer, if they want! And it’ll be fun knowing they’re busy speculating on you and me! But don’t worry, I won’t make anything up, I’ll slot oyna just deny what they come up with!”

“So I’m not the reason you stayed?”

She reached up and patted my cheek, with a smile. “Mikey, you’re so sweet! But, I’m a realist who enjoys flirting. I’m probably the same age as your mother.”

I grinned. “Maddie, if you are, then age is the only thing you two have in common! My mom dresses in house coats and frumpy dresses. You act thirty years younger than her, and look it, too.”

She squeezed my arm to her breast. “Honey, if you keep talking like that, I’m gonna start acting like I’m thirty years younger, and drag you upstairs to my lair.”

I felt her warmth through her tit onto my bare arm, and I was instantly hard. “I have to warn you about flirting, it’s been a while for me, if you know what I mean.”

We stopped and she faced me. “Really? Why? You’re still young, handsome, Big! Like a big Teddy Bear!”

I smiled. “Thanks, I think. I was in a relationship, but we haven’t, you know, been close for a while.”

The smile changed from playful to the all-knowing Madonna grin, as if she understood. “Well, it’s like riding a bike. If you like, I’ll hold you tight so you don’t fall.”

People were moving around us, but it was as if we were alone. I looked down into those blue eyes, and felt her move into me, her breasts against my belly. “Promise?” is all I said.

“Hmm, yeah, I promise.” With that, she rose on her toes and our lips met in a brief electrically charged kiss. We paused, inches from each other, and she whispered, “You don’t have Mommy issues, do you?”

I shook my head and said, “No, Maddie issues.”

She just smiled and said, “Hmmmm.” She settled back on her feet and we walked to the gangway, with her on my arm.

We rode the elevator in silence, each of us curious and determined. I opened my cabin door, and she stepped in, with little room to do more than turn to face me. The door slammed behind me, and we were chest to chest again.

She calmly slid her arms around my neck and our lips mashed together and her tongue wasted no time finding mine.

We spoke little if at all, slowly touching, my hands sliding under the peasant top, feeling her tit through the swimsuit first as our kisses grew in strength. Her hands came down and worked my shirt buttons like a magician. the shirt was open and she bent and bit my nipples.

I lifted her top off and kissed her neck as I slid the strap off her shoulder, exposing bare freckled flesh. My hand lowered the top and I found her nipples too. She moaned loudly when I tweaked them, and then again when I bent to nip and suck on them. There was sag, but not what you would expect canlı casino siteleri from a woman her age. I wondered if she had augmentation. They were quite impressive.

Her hand was rubbing my hard on through my shorts and it felt so good. Our passion was growing, the fire burning brightly. She jerked at it, and I had to back away so I wouldn’t come too soon, using the opportunity to unwrap the shift and lower her swimsuit off.

She was fumbling with my belt as we kissed and my hand went to her mound which was trimmed for swimwear into a tight bun. She spread as she stood and I slowly ran my finger over the smooth wet softness of her pussy, then slowly inserting as she wiggled in my hand.

The kisses became sloppy, and we didn’t care. I gave her an assist with my shorts and she stared greedily as I lowered them. In an instant, she was on the bed, kneeling, bending over to suck my cock. She slobbered over it, her mouth a wet oven. I held her head as she sucked. Maddie was no prude! This woman loved cock!

After a moment, I had to push her off, and she gazed in dismay, as if she had done something wrong, but didn’t know what.

I pulled her to me, and we kissed as I laid her back on the bed, and knelt between her legs, spreading them for my onslaught. I stared at the glistening juices that seemed to ooze from her, then bent to kiss her clit, sucking at it while she groaned and squirmed. She held me in place as if to force me in, and I hungrily lapped at her and she rocked and moaned, making guttural sounds, louder, until she grunted and humped her hips, and I tasted a tartness, rich and thick. She had orgasmed, she would tell me later.

Now, she pulled me by the head, until I was over her, and she reached down for my cock and tugged it down into her well-lubed pussy. I slid in easily, and then I felt her muscles contract, clenching my cock in place.

She sucked at my tongue while we began the dance. The taste of her juices had to be poignant, but she seemed to love it. My cock slid easily, deeply, and she grunted as I slammed into her, our skin slapping to the rhythm.

I grunted and called, “I’m coming!” and she replied, “Yes, Baby, fill me, Fill, Me, Up!” It was long and hot when I let go, and we both kept humping until our energy was gone and we fell together.

Three hours and two more orgasms later, Maddie went across the hall to her room, promising not to burden me with her presence. If I wanted her companionship, she was more than ready, too. We kissed at the door just as Sarry turned the corner. Maddie smiled and whispered, “The girls are gonna be talkative tonight!”

“Remember to tell them all how well-endowed I am.”

“Don’t worry, Sweetie, they were curious before they got on the bus. And I’m not the jealous type. You’re welcome to bed any one of them. Or two, if you choose!”

“Hmm, The minute you fell into my arms, I knew you were my kind of girl!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32