Kinktober Day 01, Sadomasochism

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“So, how’re we going to decide?” Nate looked at Dan, the larger man was brimming with excitement.

“I think after last week it’s only fair that I get a shot at you, ya know?” Dan stepped forwards, clicking his knuckles.

“Now, no, hey! We agreed it’d be fair” Nate took a step back.

“Ugh, fine. Rock paper scissors?” Dan Took another step forward, pushing their bodies together.

“Really?” Nate let out an awkward, almost nervous, laugh as Dan wrapped his hand behind the small of his back, “That, that seems a little-” Dan pulled him close, all the air leaving his lungs, he panted against the man’s neck.

“That or I could just take you right here, right now.” Dan breathed hot against his ear, lightning shooting down his friend’s body, “You like that idea.”

Before Nate could so much as nod his head, Dan pushed his leg between Nate’s, feeling his hard cock up against his thigh.

“That wasn’t a question,” he pushed his thigh against Nate’s straining crotch again, “You like that idea.”

Dan led Nate towards the bed, images of the last time they’d played flashing through his mind. His friend had tied him up and fucked him, recorded it and posted a video online, and tagged everyone from Dan’s contact list, all whilst he was dressed in a maid’s costume. It was quite the sight, got him a lot of followers. Seeing Dan, all 6’8, dark hair, stubble, mid-30s and quite muscular, on his back, a maid’s dress barely covering his heavy, long cock as the younger, mid-20s blonde twink railed him. Was easier to get started to, Nate’s cock was only 5 inches, much easier to take than Dan’s 9-inch beer can thick dick.

Nate yelped as Dan pushed him chest-first onto the bed, bending him over, and grabbing at his belt buckles. The yelp quickly melted into a lustful groan as he felt Dan’s bulge against him. They were both showers but whilst Nate’s was only visible in tight, thin fabrics, Dan’s seemed to almost burst through even his denim jeans he was wearing.

Dan took Nate’s hands and zip-tied them at his wrists. Grabbing his friend’s hair, he pulled him back up, turning him to face each other; the dude was grinning ear to ear, face flushed red from arousal. He couldn’t help himself but chuckle.

Still holding a fistful of Nate’s hair dan pulled him into a kiss. His friend melted into him, tongues gliding together, small roundlets of spit running down Nate’s chin as Dan forcibly made out with him. He wrapped a hand around Nate’s waist, under his tied arms, and pulled him up off his feet, bent backwards slightly, and begin all-but tongue-fucking Nate’s mouth. His friend could barely process what was happening, arousal and stimulation whiting-out his brain.

Nate only started coming to when he found himself on his back on the bed, Nate undoing his fly and roughly pulling his pants to his ankles, exposing his rock-hard cock.

“Eager, huh?” Dan’s rough hands glided up his mate’s thighs.

“Yea- uh, ah, yes I-” Nate’s shaky voice failed when Dan’s hands reached his balls. His body flinched before completely relaxing, his friend’s massaging sending rippling waves of pleasure through him.

“Damn, they’re big dude! Almost outshine your dick! No wonder, how long has it been? A week?” Dan laughed, “Don’t know how you do it. Should be proud.”

Nate hadn’t came since last time they played. He had to run off to work before maraş escort he could cum and Dan had ordered him not to, they both agreed it’d be fun and it’d left Nate edging for a few hours each day, begging his friend to be able to cum. Nate really was proud of himself.

Nate tried to respond, all that came out were horny mumbles and whimpers. He just couldn’t control himself like this. If Dan took control the younger man just melted in his grip like clockwork.

Dan leant in and pressed his nose against Nate’s cock and breathed his musk in, he stuck his tongue out and began lapping at his heavy balls, feeling their weight against his tongue and lips, tasting them, pleasuring them. Nate’s hips began writhing against his mouth, trying to angle his cock in, trying to fuck something, the built-up libido maddening his senses as he was teased.

“Now, now. Let’s not get too desperate.” Dan swatted him on the thigh, the slap filled the room. Dan winced, he didn’t mean to hit that hard, although-

Nate’s cock fucking jumped, rock hard, and flung a small bit of pre onto his shirt. Looking up Dan saw his friend’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, mouth ajar. Then he remembered. When they first started messing around, they’d both made a kinks list. It was very, very long for both of them, and a few years old now. One of Dan’s biggest kinks was, and he didn’t tell people this lightly, but seeing his partner in pain. JUST physical, sexual pain. But fuck, landing a blow on a dude’s ass or balls got him harder than fucking steel. And, as far as his memory served him, having that done to him had the same effect on Nate.

“Aww, did my little masochist enjoy that?” Dan tested.

“Yes! Yes, fuckING YES!” Nate hoarsely shouted, legs shaking.

Dan swatted him again, a hard fast SLAP, a red handprint already forming on the outside of his soft thigh. Nate lost it, a high whimper filling the room for a second. He was cut off with another slap, even harder. Nate’s face scrunched up in pain for a moment before that same grin spread, his body relaxing into the mattress.

Dan leant back in and began kissing the insides of Nate’s thighs. Starting at the knee he lightly pecked at the soft flesh, moving an inch inward he gave a slight kiss, then again with an open kiss, moving towards the middle of his thigh he even licked it slightly, building up to the main event.

Nate was panting with anticipation by the time Dan finally gave into his urges. Not hard enough to break the skin, but only an inch off, Dan bit into Nate’s pillowy thigh. He held his skin in his mouth, the man above him shaking and grunting in pleasure, and sucked hard, branding him. After a few seconds he pulled off to check on his friend.

Nate was over the moon, vision blurred from the tears now running down his face, drooling spit, and in heaven.

Dan dove back in and bit the other side, eliciting more sweet cries from Nate. He kept biting and biting, sometimes new spots, other times revisiting his favourites, always making Nate revel in his own pain.

After a few minutes Dan pulled back. Nate had precum fucking covering his crotch, his thin pubes matted with it, his cock twitching and slinging it over his now-ruined shirt. He watched it drip off his wet balls and mix with the spit covering his bruised thighs. Bite marks littered the once blank canvas. Pale contrasted maraş escort bayan with deep reds and purples.

Dan gave both of Nate’s inner thighs as hard of a slap as he could muster. fully shaking the man each time, deeply bruising him. Nate wailed out in pleasure, mouth hanging in a silent scream even after his lungs gave out, his chest glowing flushed down to his hard nipples peeking through the thin, tear sodden, white t-shirt.

“Doing good dude?” Dan asked, wiping his spit onto the back of his hand.

Nate sighed and nodded, looking down at his friend, positively glowing.

“Cus that’s not really what I had planned. Just a bit of a side project,” Dan began rubbing his hands rhythmically up and down Nate’s thighs, causing the younger man to shake.

“Really what I’m here for is to finally give you some release,” he pushed his hands up and began massaging and rubbing Nate’s wet crotch, his cock and balls slipping between his hands, “You want that? You want to cum?”

Nate began chanting “yes” over and over.

“Yeah? you really wanna blow this load? Multiple times?”

Nate began almost shouting, bucking his hips.

“You want to cum till you’re crying?”

Without thinking Nate kept agreeing for a few seconds before it hit him. He looked down at Dan, eyes wide, smirk gone.

“Wh- I uh, dude, what did you-” He was cut off yet again, this time by Dan flicking his swollen balls.

“You fucking heard me, you know the safe word, and you said yes. You know the rules dude.” Dan laughed, a cruel grin splitting his lips. “You did this to yourself.”

Nate’s head dropped back onto the mattress, silently he mouthed “fuck”.

Dan grabbed his cock and began pumping, up and down, stroking him quickly. His head poured precum, rivers of it flowing from his slit, more than Dan could say he usually came flowed out within the first few strokes. Dan had to focus not to just let the cock slip from his grip.

Soon Nate had forgotten about how this would end and was just enjoying being stroked, knowing he was going to cum. Dan sped up, Nate felt his grip loosen slightly. It was fucking torture. Every time he sped up, he gripped it less and less, leaving his cock frying, screaming, burning to the touch, yearning to finally cum. He could feel this knot building at the base of his shaft, a tight wad of arousal, squeezing its way up his cock. With every stroke it moved, it grew tighter, it grew stronger. His mind started to go blank. Up and down. The pleasure grew and grew. His entire body started to turn to static as Dan’s hands sped up even more, the grip finally tightening. Nate couldn’t see what happened next, but he felt it.

Dan was watching intensely as Nate’s balls pulled tight, two huge eggs on either side of his slick cock. They looked red, almost angry. His cock head was all but purple and shiny. He watched as Nate’s breathing grew closer and closer, his thighs almost vibrating, tiny uncontrollable spasms flooding the muscles. Then he had a cruel idea.

He began tightening his grip, allowing the man to finally get closer. He was going to give him the most intense orgasm of his life. Pleasurable? He had no idea. But it’d be unforgettable.

Balling his hand into a fist he kept stroking, waiting for just the right minute. Nate let out a shout and held his breath, his cock twitched, and Dan striked. escort maraş He punched Nate’s balls, hard. very hard. Nate screeched, breaking his voice in an instant, entire body curling upwards to sit up. Dan aggressively pushed his chest back down and did it again, on the other side, sending Nate over.

As he cried in pain, vision white, brain exploding, balls potentially bruised, he finally came. The first shot hit neither of them, firing up his body, past his head, and hitting the wall. The second went the other way, landing square on Dan’s chest, the third and fourth went up him, the next four hit Dan. He came like a fucking faucet. Thick, white cum firing in every direction, his blue balls now transformed to black-and-blue emptying themselves eagerly. He covered the two of them in his own sperm as he orgasmed.

This didn’t stop Dan, however. He kept stroking. Nate panted in pleasure for but a second, quickly delving back into revelling in pain as his cock grew more sensitive with each stroke. His chest began writhing, his hands trying to break free under him.

He sat up slightly, pleading eyes, panting mouth, begging Dan to stop. Dan only smiled and took one hand away, flattened it, and began polishing his head.

“FUCK FUCK OW FUCK GOD FUCK!” Nate let out, pain overwhelming his cock, overstimulated to the point he shot another few ropes into Dan’s palm, orgasming again, only to be cut off by Dan swapping hands, using his own cum as lube to keep polishing the head he began to lose his mind.

Literally babbling and crying, on his back, body convulsing, Nate was gone. All that was left was a pleasured husk as he came a third time, cock growing soft in Dan’s hands.

“No, can’t be having that, no going soft.” Dan said firmly. His domineering nature made an ounce more blood rush to his cock but that was all. Dan had to take it into his own, well, mouth.

He began sucking eagerly on Nate’s cock. Pulling every trick in the book to overwhelm him with pleasure, all whilst his hands got busy squeezing and pulling on his swollen balls. Either the pain or the pleasure would get him hard again and he was happy to use both.

Within moments Nate, against his own will, was hard and ready to cum again. Dan began squeezing his still-swollen balls harder and fully started deepthroating his cock. Within seconds he came a fourth time. Just two small spurts onto Dan’s tongue, which immediately got to running itself around the rim of his abused head.

Nate grew completely soft in his mouth and Dan looked up. Nate was taking deep breaths, head lolled backwards. Dan pulled back and kneeled on the bed, knees on either side of his legs, positioned over him. Nate had tears running down his face.

“Enjoy that?” Dan asked, coyly.

“Yeah. Yeah, I did.” Nate looked at him, smiling. Dan was just about to get up when he watched a new tear drip down his cheek, eyes beginning to close. Under him he felt his friend’s torso shake with a sob, then again. Immediately Dan slid off him, and with the box cutter kept in his jeans pocket he quickly cut the zip-tie, freeing his arms. He launched back onto his friend and buried his head into his chest, holding him tightly. Sometimes after intense sessions Nate would just break down like this. It was fine, Dan didn’t judge him a millimetre for it. He just held his friend as his body shook, ruining his t-shirt with tears, and ruining his jeans with his pre and leftover cum.

After a few minutes they both sat up, got Nate dressed, and went to get food.

“Hey, promise me something will ya?” Nate said, voice still shook.

Dan looked at him quizzically.

“Try to hurt me more. Was fucking hot.” Nate laughed.

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