Kidnapped Ch. 08

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Lauren burst into the house. Trembling, she threw all her belongings into a suitcase she found under the bed. Tears fell from her eyes as she opened the wardrobe and took one of Jack’s shirts. She inhaled his scent from the fabric and tossed that, too, into the suitcase.

She left nothing behind except the one person she loved the most.


She waited days, at first. Pottering around a little apartment rented far away from where Jack lived. She stayed up nights, unable to sleep, watching television with the sound turned off, her eyes glazing over more and more as the hours swept by.

When a month was up she had to return home. Her parents were worried but she assured them, in a tone that they found strangely void of emotion, that she had to leave and “find herself”. They let her go, with assurances that they’d send money wherever she was. She left to a small quiet town, where the people knew each other by name, and nobody minded a single silent girl moving into the apartment at the edge of town and buying a store to sell flowers.

She dreamed of him, at first. His eyes, his smile. She lay awake at night, night sounds a gentle murmur outside. Her arm over her eyes, staring at the ceiling and wondering if he would ever come for her. Sometimes when she felt a smidgen of emotion return to her she’d weep into her pillows. On days when she found herself close to breaking down she’d open the closet doors and pull out the single shirt she brought that belonged to Jack. She’d bury her face in it and for a moment remember everything.

Months passed and there was no scent remaining in his shirt. Lauren kept it in a tiny chest by the side of her bed. She began talking again. When customers came into her store she actually smiled at them, although her smile didn’t touch her eyes or her heart. She found herself able to get by without using the money her parents sent her, and she allowed herself little luxuries that she’d always wanted. A cat named Sapphire, a Tonkinese with blue eyes and a testy temperament. A large flatscreen TV for her nights alone. Sparse but beautiful furniture to fill her empty apartment. She thought about Jack less and less. His eyes no longer sparkled in her dreams. And one day when a tall man walked into her shop, his eyes startlingly blue like Jack’s, his hair cut short (unlike Jack’s) and stole glances at her from where he stood near the petunias, she found herself looking back.

That day she took Jack’s shirt from the chest and threw it into the trash.


Jack looked up. The girl in the other corner of the warehouse squirmed on the floor. He drew a heavy sigh.

“I’ve told you over and over just be still and follow orders and you’ll be fine.” He eyed her skimpy top. Why did women dress so provocatively to bed? He shrugged off his jacket and draped it over her. The girl strained against her bonds and the tape over her mouth. She pleaded with him with her eyes.

Jack looked at her. “No, I’m not going there again,” he said, almost as if to himself. He turned and sat back down against the wall.

Wayne came sauntering in, a broad grin on his face.

“Hey Jackie you’ll never guess who I chanced upon the other day when I was visiting my sister,” he removed his cap and laid it on the table. Jack looked up with wary eyes.

“Who,” he murmured, sharpening his knife on the sole of his boots.

“Your little Lauren!” Wayne laughed.

Jack started.

“She was in some shop selling flowers and there was a man by her side! Guess she didn’t take long to move on,” Wayne guffawed. He plopped down beside Jack, whose eyes were hooded. Jack eyed the glint on his knife. The ache that had been in his chest ever since she’d left grew deeper.

“Well, you didn’t exactly go after her as you promised so I guess it’s not really her fault,” Wayne went on, studying the grit on his nails. Jack narrowed his eyes. He said in a low voice, “It’s not that I didn’t go after her. You know well enough I’ve not been allowed anywhere.”

Wayne pursed his lips. “Well I know you Jack. If you’d wanted to you would have. Maybe you just don’t want her anymore, huh?”

Jack leaned in close to Wayne. He held his knife close to his neck.

“I want her more than you could ever want anything. Shut your filthy mouth if you don’t know anything.” His words left his dry lips in a hiss, and Wayne kept still even as he illegal bahis leaned back.

“Where is she, anyway.”

“A little town. Y’know. Where my sister lives. Has a shop selling flowers called Ambrosia.” Wayne muttered, easing the skin on his neck.

Jack studied the floor before him.

“You know Jack. It really is best to leave her alone. There’s no way Chuck will let you have her, and you know that,” Wayne said quietly.

The girl fidgeted in the corner. She took in every word they said. Her eyes flashed brightly in the dim light.


“So I’ve never been a fan of vanilla. It’s just so common, so.. so unexciting. You know?”

Lauren smiled at the man who spoke. His name was Leonard and he was the tall man in her shop, the one with blue eyes. He’d asked her out and she’d agreed. They went out a few times and it had been a few weeks but she found herself smiling a lot more. She wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t sad anymore, and that was something.

“Yes, I know. Which is why I prefer chocolate. Although there are people who say that chocolate is boring.” Lauren answered, dipping a spoon in her ice cream. Jack’s face flashed before her eyes. “Chocolate? Chocolate is so boring,” he scrunched up his nose.

“Who would say something like that?” Leonard raised an eyebrow and took a scoop of his own ice cream. Sapphire climbed on his lap and nuzzled her head against his free hand.

Lauren blinked. “Oh. Just. People, I guess.” She stared at the separate dishes they were eating from.

“You’ve.. you’ve got something there,” Leonard picked up his napkin and leaned in. Lauren looked up at him but all she saw was Jack’s face, Jack’s intent face as he leaned in and –

“There.” Leonard dabbed at her mouth with his napkin and sat back. “All better.”

Lauren looked at him. She smiled faintly.

“Yes. Yes I guess,”


Jack stood outside the ice cream parlour. He watched Lauren’s sad smile. He studied the man she was with and decided he was a good sort. The sort that was reliable but somewhat boring. The sort she deserved for a good life. He looked at her face, noted a few lines around her mouth that hadn’t been there before. She looked beautiful as always, but her hair was longer now, and her face was drawn. He blew a kiss through the window and walked away.


“Well, missy, it’s time for you to go,” Wayne grinned. He held the girl’s face in his hand and held it close before releasing her. “We’ve been good to you so don’t give us any reason now to hurt you,” he blindfolded her and walked out the door.

When she was home the girl threw away her soiled clothes and cleaned herself. She looked in the mirror for a long time. When she’d made up her mind she packed her things and left for a little town.


“This guy’s not much of an actor, is he,” Leonard murmured. He picked a handful of chips from the bowl on his lap as Lauren came to the living room.

“Well.. That’s debatable, I guess,” she replied.

The doorbell rang. Sapphire pawed at the door.

Leonard looked up from the screen. “Wonder who that is, at this time,” he muttered, stuffing another handful of chips in his mouth.

Lauren smiled a small smile and went to the door. She looked through the peephole and saw a slender woman shivering slightly in the cold.

“How can I help you, miss?” Lauren said, drawing the door open slowly.

“I’m here to speak to Lauren,” she said, trembling. “My name is Rose. I’ve just been kidnapped by a bunch of guys and I heard them talking about you. I followed one of them home and discovered where his sister lives, he said she lives here, where you do.”

Lauren stared at her with wide eyes for a long time. Finally she pulled Rose in and closed the door.

“Come with me,” she said urgently.

“Who’s that?” Leonard looked over his shoulder to where Lauren was pulling Rose to her room.

She closed and locked the door and sat on the bed with Rose.

“Tell me everything,” Lauren urged. She reached out and held Rose’s hand. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, yes I am,” Rose stammered. She raked a hand through her tangled hair. “I just had to come and tell you, because I heard them speaking, Jack and Wayne-“

“Jack,” Lauren echoed.

“Yes, Jack. They spoke about you, illegal bahis siteleri and Wayne, Wayne was taunting him – and I know Jack is not a bad person because he took care of me-“

“He did? How?” Lauren said sharply, remembering what Jack had done to her in their first encounter.

“He kept me safe,” Rose answered, oblivious to Lauren’s tone, “and I could tell that maybe he loves you and to think that it has happened before I needed to find someone who’s been through it and to report them to the police so it won’t happen again, nothing like that ought ever to happen to anyone,” her voice broke and she sobbed into Lauren’s shirt.

Lauren stroked her hair absently. There were so many things in her head and heart, and she didn’t know what to think.

Finally she raised Rose’s head from her and looked at her in the eyes.

“We will. We’ll go together and report them. All of them.” She slowed. “But you have to give me some time to settle some things first. You can stay here with me if you wish. I will be back in a few days. Leonard will look after you.”

Rose nodded weakly and watched as Lauren left the room.

“I have to go somewhere. Please Leonard, watch over the girl in my room. Her name is Rose. I’ll explain everything when I get home,” Lauren left the house with those words.

Leonard raised a hand. “Wait – where – where are you going? Lauren? Lauren!” He went to the door and looked out but she was gone.


Jack lay back on his bed with a sigh. That hot shower he’d just emerged from was what he’d really needed. He was tired. His limbs ached and his head ached and somewhere else deep inside ached as well. He recalled what Wayne had said to him and pictured a man with Lauren. A man loving her smile, her eyes, a man making her laugh and holding her close, loving her loving her, taking her warmth and kisses and – He grunted and got off the bed. Maybe a cup of coffee would help. Even if it meant no sleep tonight. He didn’t sleep much anymore, anyway.

Sighing Jack made his way to the kitchen in his boxers. He stood there, absently watching the drops of dark liquid drip into the mug below.

When the doorbell rang he turned around in surprise.

Narrowing his eyes Jack picked up a knife from the corner. He opened the door slowly.


It was Lauren.

He looked at her in shock.

“Lauren. L-Lauren, wha-“

She fell on him, clasping him to her with her slender arms. He dropped the knife he held to the floor. Hot tears squeezed out the side of her eyes.

“You said you’d come for me,” she sobbed.

Jack closed his eyes and winced.

“You said you’d come for me no matter what, but you lied,” Lauren’s voice broke and she beat Jack’s chest with her tightly-clenched fists. “I gave you everything but you lied,”

Jack held her back and looked at her with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lauren, I couldn’t,” he said softly. He held her chin up and wiped tears off her face with his thumb. “I couldn’t put you in danger again, you’re better off without me, you’re better off with stable men like the one who brings you to eat ice cream, the one with the blue eyes,”

Lauren stared up at him with tear-streaked cheeks. “You were there? You saw me? Why didn’t you speak to me? Why did you let me think you’d left me there all by myself?” She laid her head against his chest and wept silently.

Jack pulled her into his apartment and closed the door. He picked her up easily and brought her to his room where he laid her on the bed and went to the bathroom to fetch a damp cloth. Silently he wiped her face with it and smoothed her hair back as she shook in wracking sobs.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“I love you Lauren. That’s why I left you alone. Because no matter what I want you to be safe, even if it meant that I couldn’t ever see you again,” he pressed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

Lauren reached up for him, grasping his hands with her fingers, and pulled him in to kiss him.

When their lips met a heat started low in her body. She reached up to pull him nearer and he leaned against her. He drew back to look at her face.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he said softly, tucking a lock of her fringe behind her ear. Lauren looked up at him, her eyes shining with tears. She arched her head toward him and he leaned down. When she felt his lips against canlı bahis siteleri hers, she sighed softly and opened hers, relishing the feel of his tongue against hers. He kissed her hungrily, his weight comfortable on top of her, and she drew eager hands over his bare chest. She felt him growing against her stomach and she reached down to grasp his length.

Jack groaned choppily, raising his head from Lauren’s. His eyes shone with heat and love as he held her up to remove her shirt and shorts. When she lay under him in her undergarments he looked down at her, marvelling at her beauty, her flesh curved perfectly in the cups of her bra and her delicate skin trembling above her panties.

“I’ve missed you too,” Lauren whispered. She took Jack’s hand and placed it over her heart. He gazed into her eyes as he traced her nipple through her bra before pulling it down. Lowering his head he took her flesh into his mouth and laved her nipple with his tongue.

With a pained groan Lauren unhooked the back of her bra and pulled it to the side. With her feet she dragged Jack’s boxers halfway down his legs.

He laughed and pulled them down.

“Why so urgent, mm,” he said softly, reaching down and cupping her through her panties. He watched as Lauren’s eyes grew drowsy with need and he pressed her clit through the fabric. Pulling the panties to the side he drew two fingers over her wet slit as she shuddered.

“You’re so wet,” Jack whispered. Lauren smiled gently. “And you’re so hard,” she returned. She sat up and pulled off her panties, pressing Jack into the bed. She turned so that her mouth was lined up over his thick cock, throbbing in the air, and placed her legs on either side of Jack’s face.

He looked up at her delicious pussy, stunned by what she’d just done, but groaned low in his throat when he felt Lauren lean down and take his cock into her mouth. Jack arched up and pulled Lauren’s lower body closer to his mouth. He inhaled her scent and licked up the length of her slit. She shuddered against his mouth and took more of his flesh into hers. The sensation of his thick, hard length in her throat and his wet mouth licking her at the aching juncture of her legs had her eyes fluttering closed. Jack groaned into the delicious musk of Lauren’s pussy as he felt Lauren’s mouth envelop his cock in a slick vise.

They feasted on each other, till Lauren leaned back, stilling, as she felt Jack’s tongue drive her closer and closer to the edge. When she’d shuddered repeatedly against his mouth Jack pulled her off him and laid her on the pillows, raising himself above her. He dropped his head to the hollow of her shoulder and said in her ear, “I love you Lauren.”

Lowering his heavy blunt cock to where her legs spread, Jack looked into Lauren’s eyes. She smiled faintly and brushed his long hair off his face, caressing his cheek lovingly. Arching up she moved her moistness against Jack. Closing his eyes, Jack flexed his hips and slid slickly into Lauren. Her mouth formed an “o” and she crossed her legs behind his back. The exquisite sensations bloomed in Jack’s lower body and he shifted his weight, thrusting deeper into her.

Lauren gasped and clutched at him. She bit his neck and shoulders as Jack slid out, then back in, his taut flesh exquisite in her moist channel. She held his head in her hands as he dropped it beside hers and pumped harder and harder into her, his cock heavy and warm, filling her up deeper, deeper, slick with their juices. Feeling the keening edge of orgasm Lauren clutched tighter at Jack, gasping, and he knew from her deeper, raspier moans, angling his cock higher in her as he pounded into Lauren mercilessly. She arched her back off the bed as she came and he thrust feverishly into her. When he came he stayed inside her and they fell asleep, their skin damp and warm against each other.


Lauren and Rose reported Chuck and Wayne to the police. After some investigation they were trialled and imprisoned. Jack served his share of prison time as well, but it was a much lighter sentence than his compatriots. Lauren broke it off gently with Leonard, who recovered quickly and found that he was very much attracted to Rose, whom he’d spent some time with while Lauren was with Jack. When Jack was released he found Lauren waiting for him at the gates, a plump child in her arms. His grin showed his joy inside and they got married, despite the initial dismay of Lauren’s parents, and lived together in Jack’s apartment with their child and the cat. They didn’t live happily ever after but they were very happy indeed, most of the time. Which is much more than we can say for many couples nowadays.

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