It Started with Cyber Sex

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We met on line and talked anonymously for several weeks. We are both professional people and very careful about our identities or even acknowledging where we were. Finally, though, the chat got serious and then sexy and then crazy cyber sex. We discussed every fantasy we ever had and every lover we ever had.

There was no question that we both loved sex and were willing to experiment. We traded pictures, clothed and naked and she even sent me a video of her being fucked from behind by one of her lovers.

Finally we agreed to get together on one of my business trips.

I had a client in a city a couple hundred miles from her and arrived early. She had to drive the distance, but kept in touch by cell phone. She said she was hungry so I ordered room service and had it waiting for her. I was as nervous as a teenager because I knew I was going to get laid by a woman I had only ever met on the internet.

The pictures we had traded revealed a woman with a great body. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, medium sized tits with large nipples and legs, oh those legs. They were long and curvy and came together at a perfectly shaved pussy. I became obsessed with having my head between those legs forever. I cannot tell you how many times I looked at those pictures and jacked off.

I’m 37 years old, divorced, a businessman and kind of athletic. I stand about four inches over 6 feet, weigh about 210 and have an average package…maybe a little longer and am uncut.

She had asked that I meet her wearing only a pair of tight white Jockey shorts. They were made much tighter by the obvious erection they contained. Then, there was a light tap on the door, I opened it and there she was, just as pictured. She was wearing exactly what I asked her to wear. A low short sleeve shirt with a very loose scoop neckline and no bra. All she had to do was bend ever so slightly and almost an entire tit would be revealed. She did and I could not take my eyes off of her nipples. We embraced in the doorway and kissed sert porno hard, lots of tongue a very horny “fuck me” kind of kiss and my hand was in her shirt immediately as she began to rub my cock.

I backed off and looked, the short black skirt was, well, very short. She broke the trance.

“I’m Carol,” she said.

“Jonathon,” I answered. “Come in,” I said and motioned toward the small table and chair. “Your dinner is waiting.” She sat and sipped from the wine glass, while nervously eating the club sandwich she asked me to order. We talked but it was a nervous talk because I kept staring at her tits. Every time she bent just a little, I could see her whole tit. She was half way through her sandwich when I stood in front of her. She stared at the outline of my cock.

“I’ll bet that tastes better than this sandwich,” she said.

That was all the cue I needed. I pulled the waistband down and the shorts off and my hard cock stood straight up waving at her. I moved closer, she took it in her hands and licked it. Now I was looking right down her shirt and could see both of her naked tits. They were gorgeous and I think my cock grew another inch.

She giggled, “Isn’t this what you asked me to wear,” she said.

“God yes,” I answered, but you’ve had it on long enough. She raised her arms and I have the top a tug. It lifted off easily, her breasts were free and I meant to keep them that way.

“I also wore the short skirt you suggested.”

I looked down and seated, the skirt was about 9 inches above her knees.

I took her by the elbows and slowly lifted her to her feat. Finding the zipper on her skirt I pulled it down. She wiggled a little as I pushed the skirt toward the floor and suddenly she was naked…we were both naked. We kissed again, feeling, groping, thrusting and moving backwards to the bedroom. The backs of her legs hit the bed and she fell on her back. I kissed her nipples, her belly button and then moved to that lovely glistening mound. sex mex porno Damn but I love pussy.

“Do you still like to talk dirty,” she asked.

“Yes, how about you.”

“Please eat my cunt,” she said. “Stick your tongue in my wet horny cunt and eat me.”

I pushed her a little farther up on the bed and then took one of her legs in each hand as I spread them high and wide. God,” I said, “I can’t believe this is happening. You are showing my your cunt and you want me to eat it.”

I buried my face in her pussy and took her clit between my lips gently rolling and licking it while occasionally thrusting my tongue into her pussy. She pushed her pelvis upward and held my head with both hands. I increased my licking and sucking and she began to grind her hips.

“Oh, you make my cunt feel so good…I love having my cunt eaten, I love showing it, I love everything about this…Oh God, I’m cumming.” With those words she rammed her pelvis into my face while I thrust my tongue into her as far as it would go. I could feel her gush. She orgasmed several times. And finally lay still.

I got up, got on the bed and straddled her face with my cock lying on her mouth. She wrapped both hands around it and pulled the skin all the way back, exposing the ridge on the underside and then she began to lick it. She looked right up at me and said, “I love cock, I love your cock, I’m going to fuck your brains out,” and she took all of it in her mouth. She sucked until I couldn’t’ take it any more.

“Get on your knees, raise your ass and show me your cunt, you fucking slut,” I demanded.

She complied immediately and standing on the floor behind her I approached that sweet wet pussy. Her hand appeared from between her legs and she grabbed my throbbing hard on. She place it between her cunt lips, “Fuck away sailor,” she said, “Fuck me as hard and as long as you can.” And she began to moan and thrust back.

“Fuck me hard, Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before.” And she stranded teens porno put her fingers in her pussy to help my cock find its way. Oh God, that’s good she said, fuck my cunt …please fuck my cunt.

No one had ever made me that horny. Her wonderful body and her dirty talk drove me nuts. She began to cum and as she did she moaned and finally screamed as her pussy muscles squeezed my cock. She came over and over again, until I pulled out, turned her over and stuck my cock in her willing mouth. All the way in. Finally I could feel it coming. I pulled out of her mouth and came on her face, her tits and everywhere I could reach.

We lay there gasping, naked. Soon she got up to use the bathroom. I loved watching her beautiful ass move across the room. When she returned she was fresh, hair combed and smiling. Her tits jiggled as she walked and her nipples were erect and red. She gently slid onto the bed with her legs slightly parted, her clit still inflamed. I reached for it and slide a finger into her already moist pussy, she was ready again and so was I, but this time we made love, slow, long easy love and while we did she told me what she wanted me to do. We both loved dirty talk and we loved to fantasizes so we did both and came again. Then we just lay in each other’s arms. Her left hand rubbing my dick while I sucked on her nipples.

“When we meet again,” she said, “let’s do this with an audience.”

“Audience…you mean do this in public somewhere?”

“Well, kind of.” She paused, bent over and began to lick the end of my dick. “How about a swingers club,” she asked, “We could do it publicly and, if the spirit moves us, add someone to our lovemaking. I would love to have you watch me with another man, or woman, or both. What do you think?

I didn’t ‘have to answer, my hardon filled her mouth as rubbed her nipples. “Would you let me help another man fuck you,” I asked.

“Oh God,” yes.” She said, “I want to suck you while another man eats my pussy and a whole crowd watches.”

The bedside alarm rang. Time for me to see a client and for her to drive back to her home. We showered together and made love while doing so, got dressed and left the room. We were still horny and ready for the next episode. We promised each other to do it soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32