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She awoke with a start. She lifted her head to look around her. Disoriented, she realized she couldn’t see and nearly panicked until she understood that she had a blindfold over her eyes. When she tried to move she realized her hands were bound somewhere above her head and her feet were bound to something below her. She couldn’t move, couldn’t see, couldn’t scream because of a gag in her mouth. What in the hell was going on?

“Ah…I see you’re awake,” murmured a low voice.

She tried to struggle against her bonds, finding that it did no good other than to make her torturer chuckle. A hand caressed her naked breast, her nipples hardening. Despite her anger, she was becoming aroused. She stilled and groaned softly, as her bonds refused to let go and the stranger’s hand traveled down her breast to her stomach, lingering lower, brushing against the hair surrounding her womanhood.

“There is no need to struggle, nor be afraid. I will not hurt you. I only desire you. I want to touch you as a woman ought to be touched, caress you until you burn with need, taste you until your very scent and taste is embedded in my memory.”

As he talked, she recognized his voice as that of Ian, they had been best friends for several years now. His hands were caressing her shoulders, then moving to cup her breasts. She moaned in sensual excitement. His mouth covered one nipple, then lightly nipped at it as one hand covered the other breast, kneading illegal bahis it gently. A slow burn began in the region of her pussy. My God, she thought. I should be furious, yet here he is turning me into Jell-O with only a touch.

“Relax, my dear one. I’m going to pleasure you as you’ve never been pleasured before.”

She groaned, hearing the truth of his words. They had often talked of sex and love, but she never dreamed that he desired her. Never realized he wanted her. And to take her in this way completed her fantasies that she had only recently divulged to him. For she knew now what he had done. She could feel the wall against her back, her hands bound above her head and her feet bound so they could be flat on the floor, yet still bend her knees quite a bit. Because she could not see, she used her ears and her nose to try and locate where he was. She could just smell the scent that was his, so she knew he was near.

“I’m going to remove the gag, but I do not want you to speak, alright?”

She nodded and sighed with relief when the gag was removed. She remained silent, waiting for his next move. She was not long in waiting. He took a hold of her hips and moved his hands from her hips upward to the sides of her breasts, stroking the pads of his thumbs against her already erect nipples. She shuddered when his warm, moist mouth covered her nipple, sucking gently. Whimpering as he pulled away, she cried out aloud when he dropped to his illegal bahis siteleri knees and pressed a finger slowly into her pussy. One finger was followed by two and the two was combined with a tongue licking her clit erotically. Her hips gyrated above his face as she moved herself toward orgasm. Without fully realizing what was happening her body stiffened suddenly and she cried out loudly as wave after wave of pleasure threatened to drown her. If her hands had not been bound and if Ian had not been there to support her, she would truly have fallen.

“Can you stand for a moment, darling?”

She nodded, her legs felt like pudding and her breathing was so hard. She wanted to see him…to touch him.

“Come. Sit down.”

He had pulled a stool up for her to sit on. He released her hands and feet and helped her to sit down on the stool. As she began to sit, she realized something was there on the stool. She tried to resist sitting down, but Ian firmly, gently continued to push her down. She groaned as something hard and warm began to enter her pussy. God, but it filled her completely as she was lowered upon it. She shuddered, her entire body freezing in place once she was fully sitting on the thing.

“It’s a Sybian, darling,” Ian laughed softly, “You know, the thing you always wanted to try?”

She could only moan, as the machine started moving on the slowest speed. Humming and vibrating inside her. Her hands clutched canlı bahis siteleri the sides of the machine. Ian approached her as she sat with there in wonder. She felt something at her mouth. It was his cock. Wet with precum it tasted so sweet as she opened her mouth and let her tongue slide out to taste him. Her hands came up as her mouth opened and slowly sucked him in. The pleasant sensations in her body faded to a back burner as she began to pleasure him. He seemed to sense this as he turned up the machine and it began moving faster. Her breath came in ragged gasps, but she continued to suck him, one hand on his buttocks, urging him closer and the other on his cock, stroking in rhythm to her mouth.

“Oh, honey,” he whispered.

She groaned and the vibrations from her throat moved up his cock and made him feel ready to explode. The Sybian moved faster and faster, bringing her ever closer to her fulfillment. She ground her clit against the machine, moaning loudly. His hands were buried in her long hair, his head was thrown back as he released his hot cum to spill down her throat. She pulled away as he came and let his cum spill down her chest as she screamed out his name climaxing in ecstasy. Her body shuddered and trembled as she leaned forward once again to lick his softening cock free of his cum. He dropped to his knees and pulled her off the machine, she whimpered as the sybian’s hard cock was pulled from her soaking pussy. They lay upon the floor their breathing hard and fast and kissed each other softly. He finally pulled the blindfold from her eyes and looked into her brown eyes, as she stared into his blue ones. Lying entwined upon the floor, they fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32