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She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew exactly how she wanted to dress tonight, and she knew what kind of effect it was going to have on them. The group of guys she’s going out with will just chalk it up to her flirtatious personality……and her overcharged sex drive.

Knee high leather boots, tight mid-thigh mini-skirt, and a tight, plunging neckline top accented her natural cleavage. For the sheer naughtiness of it, she decided to forgo panties this evening. And anyone who worked up the nerve to put their hand on her ass would certainly get a surprise. She had given her hair a soft curl, so it just tussled over her shoulders.

She smoothed out her skin with her foundation, and added a bit of color. She lightly accented her eyes, as she had decided to wear her glasses that evening. She wanted to give herself the sultry, intelligent look this evening. She takes a step back from the bathroom counter and admires her handy work. She slowly slides her hands down her sides, over her hips, and down her thighs.

She smiles out of the corner of her mouth, *SMACK* as her hand comes down on her right ass cheek. She smiles brightly, “I may just want to stay home and fuck myself tonight looking like this.” She says aloud.


Her toys, as of late, have had some significant mileage put on them. It usually started off with her brown dildo sliding over her open mouth, her tongue circling the silicone cock-head, then slowly slithering down the veined shaft until she takes it into her mouth, feeding her oral fixation. All the while she’s clenching her thighs together, putting pressure on her swelling clit, and slowly soaking her panties.

After about a 10 minute blowjob, she sheds her panties and spreads her legs. She would then slowly slide her free hand down between her tits, down over her stomach, and over her mound. She spreads her fingers and slowly traces the outside of her warm cunt. Teasing herself while she continues to pleasure the dildo orally. Then she’ll place her middle finger at the bottom of her outer lips, find the trickle of her juices, and draw them up onto her finger.

She would take the dildo out of her mouth, and wipe the juices from her finger all over the slicked up cockhead, before she would continue. She’d then slowly lick the cockhead clean and resume her blowjob, as again, her free hand would travel back down to her cunt and resume tracing her lips. She’d then use her fingers to slowly spread her cunt open, filling the room with her scent. She’d dip 2 fingers into her now dripping cunt, and spread her juices around her opening, and up over her throbbing clit.

After she had sufficiently lubed up her hole, she took her vibrator, turned it on, and she’d begin to slowly fuck herself. She’d thrust both the vibrator and dildo in and out of their respective holes in sync. With each thrust, she’d open her legs and mouth wider. Trying to take both cocks as deep as she could. She needed to be filled, she begged for it. She’d bursa escort increase the tempo slowly, until she couldn’t stand it anymore, jacking the vibrator up to high and begin to fuck herself as hard and as fast as she could. Her orgasm would begin to build rapidly, having her mouth and cunt filled at the same time was something that she needed sometimes, and soon wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her. She spasmed, jerked, and twisted in ecstasy. She screamed in pleasure with her dildo filled mouth. Over and over she would come, until she passed out in sheer bliss.


She handled the cat-calls and wolf whistles that she knew were coming, with grace. She scanned the bar, looking at those who were drooling over her.

She smiled inwardly thinking, “Maybe guys…one of you.”

She made her way over to where her friends were sitting, and struck a pose as they all laughed. She sits, and orders her beer and starts chatting the night away. Many hours pass, and the bar starts to fill up. The guys at her table have begun pairing up with the single women for the night. She’s been coyly passing off attempts by most of the guys there. She still hasn’t seen the right one.

Though as that very thought passes through her mind, he walks in. Immediately she feels a jolt between her legs as she watches him look over the mass of bodies before heading to the bar.

“Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement!” she says to herself.

He was six feet tall, broad shoulders, slim, but well built, judging by the muscular chest that was accented by his tight shirt. His thick brown hair was cut short, and he had piercing brown eyes. He carried an air of confidence, but looked like he just wanted to blend in. He sliced through the crowd towards the bar, and ordered a drink, but kept his head down for some reason. She smiled to herself as the model-like blonde bartender tried to flirt with him, but he didn’t react.

“Smart boy.” She says.

She watches him for a while. He sips his drink, and turns to watch the crowd. His gaze wanders from one side of the room to the other, his eyes stopping every now and then on a desirable target, but then continues his scan. She could feel the blood rushing to her face as she watched him slowly scan towards her. She squeezes her thighs together trying to ease the growing sexual itch that needed to be scratched.

Then her eyes met his, and a bolt of lightning shot through her body. Her nipples instantly stood out, and her cunt was on fire. She squeezes her thighs again as she looks him in the eye, and experiences a small, but intense orgasm.

She whimpers, “Oh my God. All he did was look at me.”

She smiles out of the corner of her mouth, looks down at the table, pushes her hair behind her ear, then looks back up at him. His eyes are still locked on her. Her cunt is just dripping and is getting wetter as he watches her. He can see her squirm under his gaze, he smiles and turns back towards the bursa escort bayan bar for another drink.

“I’m not gonna let him get away.” She stands, smoothes out her skirt, and makes her way to the bar, opposite him, making sure he doesn’t see her approach.

She flags down the blonde behind the bar and orders two shooters, Orgasms to be exact, and points to him. The bartender smiles and nods, as she mixes and pours the shooters. The shooter is delivered to her mystery man, and the bartender points out his benefactor. He sees her opposite him, and asks what the shooter is.

“An Orgasm,” shouts the blonde, and she walks away.

He smiles at her, and raises his glass. She counters and they both knock it back. They lock eyes for a few minutes before she motions him over with her finger. He nods, and makes his way over to her. He cuts through the masses as best he can, and slips behind her. He puts his mouth close to her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine,

“Would you like to dance?” he asks. She smiles and nods, and offers her hand to him.

He takes it gently and leads her to the floor. He finds a spot amongst the sea of bodies, and pulls her in close to him. His eyes lock with hers as he slips his arms around her waist. She puts her arms around his neck as they start to grind to the music. His hands caressing her back, and occasionally slipping down to her ass. She slides her hands across his hard chest and stomach as she slowly works one of his legs between hers so she can tease and tempt him with her sopping wet cunt.

He leans into her, placing his lips by her ear, “I know what you want. I could smell your sex from across the bar. If you’re good, maybe I’ll give you what you want.”

Her mind is bombarded by images of him fucking her, his cock in her mouth, his tongue lapping at her swollen clit. Her body is ravaged by another orgasm as she buries her head in his chest.

“How can he do this to me? Who is this guy?” she wonders.

She looks up at him and tries to communicate the wanton desire and lust for him with her eyes. He just stares deeply into her ice blue eyes as he pulls her body into him. He presses his thigh into her crotch; she quivers and gasps as she slowly starts to fuck his leg. He smiles as he runs his hands over her tits, being sure to pinch her already erect nipples.

She decides to take a chance; she slides her hands further down his front, down towards his crotch. She looks up at him, almost pleading. He just looks at her and smiles. She allows her hand to drift lower, her eyes never leaving his. She comes across a huge bulge in his pants. She grips it with her fingers, and slides them down further. His length is incredible.

“God I’d love to feel this cock in me.” She thinks.

She gives his rock hard cock a squeeze, and feels him push upwards into her hand. The next thing she knows, her hand is pinned behind her back and there are 2 fingers in her cunt and a thumb on her clit. escort bursa

“The next time you feel this cock, it will buried deep inside that dripping cunt of yours.”

She shivers at the words, and almost collapses as his thumb puts pressure on her clit. She continues dancing with him for what seems like hours. His hands having free reign over her body, her lust growing to the point to where she would drop to her knees right there on the dance floor and swallow his cock if he asked it. Her mind’s eye flooding with images of her on all fours and his cock pounding in and out of her cunt, his balls slapping her clit, and a constant orgasm running through her body.

By the time the lights came up in the bar, she had no less than 10 small orgasms. She was dizzy with desire as he led her out of the bar and out into the warm night. They walked away from the dispersing crowd, and down the quieting street. The next thing she knows, she’s in a dark alley, her back pressed up against the cold brick wall, and his mouth on hers.

She opens wide to allow his attacking tongue into her waiting mouth. She feels his hands lifting up her top, and his hands massaging her bare tits. His mouth leaves hers, and she feels his tongue sliding down her throat, down to her left tit. She feels her nipple in his mouth, the pressure of his teeth and the tip of his tongue flicking across the tip. She gasps and pulls his head closer into her breast. She feels him sucking her already erect nipple harder, before his mouth leaves it to the air and licks his way to her right tit and begins again.

She runs her hands up and down his back, then down around his front towards his button and zipper. He allows her to undo them, as he lifts her skirt and grabs her bald cunt. She pulls down his pants and grabs his equally bald, rock hard cock. He picks her up and pushes her harder against the wall, and pins her hands above her head. He slowly lowers her down until the tip of his cock is just at the entrance of her juice soaked cunt. He stares deep into her eyes. She returns his gaze, and pleads with her eyes to fuck her. Then with one swift motion, his huge cock is inside her.

She cries out as a powerful orgasm wreaks sexual havoc throughout her over-aroused body. “FUCK ME!” She cries.

He smiles and begins thrusting in and out of her slick cunt. Each thrust sends a jolt of sexual energy through her. His pace quickly increases, as the nights foreplay has him already close. She grips his cock with her cunt, and tries to hold off the already mounting climax. She locks eyes with him.

“Cum with me,” he growls.

Those 3 words, dripping with pure sexual energy, was all she needed. He thrust hard inside her, and exploded, roaring like an animal. She cries out with him, her body paralyzed with the most intense orgasm she’s ever had. She feels his cum shoot deep inside her, and her cunt milks every drop from him. Their eyes still locked, tears drip down her cheek. He pulls her close, and she buries her head into his shoulder. They stay linked together for what feels like an eternity, as he gently strokes her sweat soaked hair.

She looks up at him and smiles, “I’m Kaiya.”

He smiles back, “I’m Graeme.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32