Hiking at Sequim

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Listening to some great classic rock on a station out of Seattle, Don Kitchens saw the sign for Sequim National Park, just 3 miles ahead. He sang out loud and proud, doing his best effort to blend with CCR. Smiling huge, he drove on. He reminded himself that it had been over a year since he had taken some time just for himself. Being a stay-at-home father was quite rewarding and fulfilling, but also quite emotionally exhausting. Every male he knew worked on weekdays; over time his best friend, and only friend, became his wife. Equally as exhausting at times.

Don didn’t like to think he was feeling sorry of himself, but he truly had no real friends. In the 8 years he had been at home with his children, while wifie worked on an actual career, Don had discovered the Internet. Yahoo had thousands of groups to join, everything from gardening to kinky sexual groups. Don belonged to both; secretly. His wife was the epitome of the jealous spouse. He also used IM secretly. Don never shared this information with his only friend. Although it was probably wise not to.

It was a fact that he had never cheated on his wife – he didn’t consider cyber or even phone sex really cheating – and he admired the fact that he had been skin faithful. But he also knew that if the opportunity presented itself for some actual flesh-on-flesh with a stranger it would be difficult to pass it up.

As he pulled into the large parking lot he quickly noticed that even his little hike to the beach would be solo, there were only 3 other cars. After tossing his cell phone under his seat (no interruptions wanted), grabbing his camera bag and backpack, he chirped his alarm and was off through the woods on the 3 mile journey to the ocean. The great Northwest is indeed almost surrounded entirely by water, but not the actual ocean. He was tired of looking at the Puget Sound, waves and crashing water was what Don needed. Nothing soothed his soul like the crashing waves of the Pacific ocean.

Along the trail he snapped a few pictures of the lush forest and winding trail. Some places it was befitting of a mountain goat, others a mountain bike. Along the main trail he passed quite a few of lesser taken trails, that no doubt ended up someplace exciting and fun, but they would have to wait for another day, Don needed to walk barefoot in the cool sand and watch the simplistic “magic” of one’s footprints disappearing as the sand absorbed it completely.

It took the best part of two hours, with taking pictures and stopping to explore a bit here and there, but he finally arrived. Seeing that no one was around, he removed all his clothes and jumped in the cool refreshing water. Don enjoyed the boyish exhibitionism, air dried and dressed.

Climbing to the top of a steep embankment he found the massive dead oak that he spied from the water. Climbing on top to appreciate the incredible view, he plopped down to enjoy his lunch. The cold sandwiches, while eating alone in the woods, made him feel good. He was at one with nature. Taking a lot more pictures of gulls frolicking about, waves hammering the rocks and the sheer tranquillity of the beach itself, Don felt bursa escort sated and decided to head back several hours later. Looking at his watch he figured he would be more than half way home before the sun waved good bye at about 8:45 tonight. With so much extra time, Don decided to take one of the smaller trails.

After about 20 minutes of slipping and sliding on loose rocks and side-stepping jagged ankle destroyers, Don heard a distant roaring. At first he thought it was a train, but then he realized it was a different type of power. It was the thunderous roar of water spilling over a damn or cliff. Picking up the pace he soon found himself standing at the top of a beautiful waterfall, complete with small private natural pool at the base.

Detecting motion near the rocky area at the bottom of the falls he pulled out his binoculars and took a closer look. 2 girls, one laying on the ground, one sitting at her feet. Looks like they were needing help, they were both crying.

Rushing down to make certain they were all right, he noticed the one on the ground holding her ankle. “Are you guys ok?”

The blonde stood up. Better than average in looks and build, Don tried not to smile. “See! I told you someone would come along!” She smiled at her brunette friend and rushed to Don’s side. “Hey Mister. We were climbing on the rocks and Lily rolled her ankle. She can’t walk.”

Going over to the girl, now up on her elbows, he surveyed the damaged ankle. It was huge, and starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. “Yeah, I can see why she isn’t walking.” He crouched down to check it out. “Hi, I’m Don, mind if I take a look?”

Lily nodded and watched eagerly, hoping a miracle would occur and she would get up and walk to her car – but she knew better than to get wrapped up in such a fantasy. “Pretty bad, huh?”

“It isn’t broken, or dislocated, that is a good thing.” He said as he moved it around slowly. “But, it is severely twisted. You will need to stay off it for a few days – after we get you out of here!” He removed his bags from his shoulder, then his shirt. Both girls eyed his tanned hairy chest surreptitiously. “Ok, let’s get you onto your feet again. Don’t put any weight on it, just let me carry it all.”

Lily looked at him strangely as she held onto Lisa’s shoulder and Don’s bare shoulder. He handed her the shirt. “What is that for?”

I just figured you would like you butt covered as we go hopping down the trail.” He eyed the super-short cutoffs, then back to her face, “They’re kind of short.” She didn’t reach for the shirt so Don started to put it back on. “Suit yourself.”

Before he had it pulled over his head she held out her demure unpainted finger in a hook-like gesture. Don hung it over her whole hand. He then turned to look at the trail ahead of them. “I’m not sure where this comes out but –”

“It goes right to the main trial, just before the parking lot. That is how we came up here,” Lisa said. And then added, “You’re going to carry her? It is like — miles!”

“You have a better idea?” Both girls exchanged furtive glances. He then squatted down, “Help her onto my back bursa escort bayan if you could, Lisa.”

Lily slid onto his back and as Don stood he locked his hands behind his back to make a seat, and to aid in carrying her as far as he was about to.

“Ok, let’s do this.” He jostled Lily around a bit till he had a good grip and was comfortable, and started walking. Don couldn’t help but have his hands directly under her ass, there was no way to avoid it. And since her shorts were cut so short his hands were touching her flesh. He could feel the smoothness of her supple round butt as on backs of his hands. At first Lily was uncomfortable with the situation and riding on a strangers knuckles, but when she thought about the alternative she simply put it out of her mind; at least her ass wasn’t exposed to the world, she thought as she leaned her head to make certain. Lisa was laughing at her as she preceded them along the trail.

After a while the trail started to get very rocky and loose, and took a drastic descent. Don wasn’t sure he could negotiate the trail properly and keep his balance. “Lisa! Come on up in front and be my guide. Let me know what type of terrain I can expect.”

Lisa hurried around them and started to lead. A few minutes later the trail looked as if it was going to drop off. Almost straight down it seemed. Too steep for a normal person walking alone … but he tried to put that out of his mind. Lisa started into a slight gallop due to the momentum of the grade.

“Hey Lily? I need to change my grip so we don’t drop you over the side. Excuse my hands for a minute.” Don told her and then stopped, bent over and hiked her high onto his back as he adjusted his hands. She wasn’t sure what he meant exactly, but when she was sliding back into the palms of his hands she understood. Her heart quickened, both at the sight of the steep trail ahead and being touched by a stranger. His hands gripped her but did not fondle, which would have been easy.

Don could feel the warmth coming from her barely clad crotch.

His fingers were now curled and pointing up, and they were skirting the edge of her ass where the shorts ended. The trail was getting harder to maneuver. Trying for a firmer grip, Don cupped his fingers around her inner-most thigh area. Mere inches from her sex, which was starting to concern Lily, since she wasn’t wearing panties. As they started down the trail and Don shuffled and hopped and bounced. Lily could feel his fingers inching toward her. Out of embarrassment she started to cringe and even tried to change her position, but it only threw off Don’s balance more so. She then decided to settle down and relax, and let Don do what he needed to do. With her face pressed into his back out of sheer awkwardness, Lily prayed the trail would smooth out. But it didn’t.

One slight jump onto a flat rock and Don’s fingers were into her pubic hair and touching her outer lips. She wasn’t sure what to do, but Don kept descending the trail. His fingertips started to slide farther, and began parting her inner lips.

If he tried to change his hand position he may drop her. But if he kept escort bursa on bopping about he is only going to get into deeper trouble. When he felt his foot start to slip he opted for not dropping her, and started back down the steep rocky trail.

On his back, Lily was trying to displace the situation from her mind. However, each time she managed to adjust emotionally to the stranger’s, up to the first knuckle probing fingers, now inside her pussy, he would hop or bounce and the sensation became less of shame and more of a turn on. After a few more hops and jumps Lily found herself sliding back and forth in quick lurches, Don’s creeping fingers teasing her mercilessly. She was getting wet.

Keeping her head down and her eyes closed she tried to will away the sensation. But no matter what she did she grew wetter and wetter. Trying to make his fingers less obtrusive, and he could feel her excitement, he tired to re-adjust. With one big heft he pushed her up on his back turned his hands and cupped her again. But this time two fingers on each hand slid inside the cuff of the shorts. All four fingers penetrated her to the hand. Lily of course wasn’t expecting it and let out a soft moan, that almost toppled him. Not able to change his grip he continued the rocky trail at that point, with Lisa still leading them, although much farther ahead of them, he tried to focus on the injured girl on his back, and not the fact that he was now fingering her.

There was no displacing anything – she was going to cum. All she could do was lean close to his ear and whisper. “Eh … I’m not sure if I should be telling you this but … eh … the bumping … has gotten to me. Big time, getting to me. And, eh … I’m … I’m going tOOOooo — oh shit! OOOOooooohhhhhh!” Then she did. And moaned quite loudly. It was then that she noticed she had begun bouncing on her own. No one would have to know she thought. He’s married, there is a T-shirt over me. I’ll never see him again. I may as well enjoy my humiliation.

Don’s hands were soaked and he was beginning to losing his grip, both on Lily and reality. As he hopped and shuffled down the trail he could feel Lily’s little pink earthquakes rocking her to her core as she squeezed tighter and moaned into his shoulder.

“This is unfucking reeeaaalllll! OOOOOOoooooo! Ahhh FUCK!” She sounded delirious, and then leaned down and screamed into Don’s back as she came so hard she almost passed out.

Eventually the trail mellowed out and the bumps and hops ended; Lily wasn’t sure if she was glad or sad. Although Don never removed his fingers, which she didn’t mind in the least. And when Lisa wasn’t watching, now at her side, she would slide up and down on them shamelessly. She had completely forgotten about her ankle, as a matter of fact she was quite numb and high, on adrenaline. Before she knew it, Don was setting her on the hood of her car as Lisa requested. He immediately wiped his hands on his pants and tried to fight the smile that insisted taking over his face.

Lisa thanked him over and over again, and as Lily took off his shirt to return it to him all she could think to say is, “I really appreciate what you did for me.” Her eyes were not keeping his. Don smiled said your welcome to both girls and started to walk away. As he got a few feet away he heard Lily again.

“Again Don, thanks so much for giving me a HAND.”

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