Fireside Love

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I had been sitting there in the baths for some time. Lately, it has been the only place I’ve been able to relax, gain a bit of peace and quiet. I often dozed in here. On this particular occasion, it seemed that is precisely what had occurred. My hair, waist length was almost always pulled up. I t was this way today. Two cold fingers fell on my shoulders – each moving slowly upwards along my neck. Tiny caresses upon my skin. The hands continued up and began untying my hair as gentle kisses were being well placed on my neck. A tiny flick of his tongue, little nibbles. My lips parted slightly as I exhaled a sigh. He bit down – a low growl scarcely escaping his lips, the touch still delicate, as my hair fell to each side of my body – fan like shapes in the water, just barely hiding my breasts.

I moaned quietly as his lips brushed against my ear.

“Hello my dear.”

Not responding, but simply moving forward – more than inviting him to slide into the bath behind me. His clothes hit the floor with a dampened thud. Tiny waves beating against my back, and then his warm body nuzzled up to me. Scooting back as close to him as I was able, I cocked my neck to the side. He gently wrapped my hair around his hand and tugged my head back. Leaning in close he continued pulling my hair and licked the tip of my ears – just enough to make me squirm. His free hand roamed in the water, finger tips darting up my thigh. He barely grazed my lips, quickly trailing up to my stomach – tickled it, only slightly but it made me giggle. Finally he settled on playing with my nipple, which brought another moan to my lips as he pinched firmly.

I twisted my arm around behind my back and carefully flicked his balls. It made him jump and made me smile. I wrapped my hand ardently around his very solid cock. Then squeezed and felt the tiny pulses of him in my hands. Stroking him very slightly, nails amorously tracing him, he groaned.

“Not the only one who can tease, love.” I faintly whispered as I squeezed him harder.

He reacted by clamping down on my neck – sucking on my skin, pulling my hair harder. He knew exactly how to drive me insane. An elongated sigh escaped my lips. A girl can only take so much teasing bostancı escort before she’s wanting. It didn’t take much when he was doing what he was. An unwilling twitch passed over my body causing my back to arch. I squeezed his cock again – much harder this time.

A crackle from the fire startled me and I jumped a little. I stood from the bath and stepped out – walking slowly over to several cushions sitting a length away from the fire. I turned half way to him, still dripping small droplets of water over my skin. A purely seraphic smile crossed my lips, head cocking to one side and an inviting gaze directed to him.

Sometimes she was just difficult to figure out. She likes being teased, she doesn’t. She likes to be in control, she doesn’t. Figuring her moods was fairly easy. Like this one, she was playing innocent and some what hard to get, though the reality of it was she wanted me to take control of the game. She wanted that more than most. And the truth of it – I would, eventually, but I liked watching her like this. Wanting so much, being frustrated at me not doing what she wanted right at the instant she wanted.

Standing, a slight smile, a shrug and wave of my hand, I slowly walked over to her. Tracing a single finger over her ear, I slowly walked around behind her, lowering my lips to her shoulder planting tiny kisses up her neck. Extending my tongue over my lips, I licked the thin line around her ear, sending shivers over her body. I blew a quiet and a slight breath to her ear as I look the lobe in between my teeth, nibbling ever slightly. She squirmed under the tiny bites I was forcing onto her. Reaching my hands around her, I began gently caressing and pinching her nipples – a shallow and sharp inhale from her as I did. Wrapping my arm around her waist, I lifted her, putting my other hand under her knees. I gently lowered myself onto the pillows, cradling her – all the while kissing her gently. Her hands wrapped up around my neck – tongue playfully twirling around mine until she withdrew a slight amount, nipping my bottom lip as she did.

Slowly she squirmed her way off of my lap, sliding gently down my body, her breasts squeezed to enwrap büyükçekmece escort my cock. This caused a moan from me, but to my disappointment – she continued moving down. I could feel her breath flowing delicately over the head of my dick.

I loved doing this. Him in my mouth, every tiny twitch, watching his breath quicken.

I licked the very tip of his already swollen cock, blew a small breath on it. He shivered and curled his hand into my hair, tugging at it. A tiny moan escaped across my lips as he tugged, a small chill coursing through me. Wrapping my tongue around his head, swirling it, I gently stroked him, occasionally moving my hand to squeeze his balls. I traced a single nail up the length of him and followed it with my tongue. Upon reaching his head, I lowered my lips over his cock, sliding down with ease to take him all in. I held there a moment, slightly pressing my teeth into the bottom of his cock, just barely nibbling before working my lips up his shaft, my tongue still darting all around him as my lips squeezed along his skin.

He guided my head up and down over his cock, gently, but enough to let me know he was in charge of the movements. Eagerly, gobbling all of him in and out of my mouth, I could feel him tensing up. I quickened the pace, ignoring his tugging at my hair. Finally, as I felt him nearing, I slowed down and licked his head. I flashed him a teasing smile and leaned back on my knees, looking up at him with an utterly innocent expression.

I leaned back placing one hand behind me to balance myself, the other hand teasing my own nipple, pinching, pulling for a mere moment. I traced my finger up to my lips, just casually sucking on it before lowering it down, tiny and delicate movements, to my slit. I shivered as I gently began pleasuring myself, my index finger just barely working in and out with my thumb pushing over my clit. Keeping my eyes to him, still an innocent smile, I quickened my own pace, a tremble over my body and a quiet purr.

He growled and quickly shifted up to his knees, pushing me back onto the pillows, a single hand grasping both of my wrists and holding them up over my head. His other çapa escort hand pushing my thighs apart, two fingers sliding along my slit, then up to his mouth as he sucked the moisture from them, his throbbing cock lingering over me, just barely touching but not entering. I whimpered, looked at him, my eyes betraying my desire, want. His own expression was equally as betraying, a hint of lust. I raised my hips causing him to barely slide into me, he returned the action and slammed his cock inside of me. My head hitting back against the cushions and back arching, struggling to free my hands from his grip, though he pushed harder causing me to cry out, a moan of pure passion and pleasure.

He continued this pace, drawing his cock almost completely out before slamming back in, my own breaths and moans almost a constant, body greedily moving to meet his at each movement. I could feel him twitching inside of me, I knew he was getting close. Tugging my hands firmly out of his grasp I slid myself away from him.

Sitting up on my knees, I pushed him back and crawled on top of him, slowly lowering myself onto him. Though the motion caught him off-guard he recovered quickly – lifting his head up, his lips and teeth finding one of my nipples, nibbling on it as his delicious prick penetrated me. I finally lowered myself completely and he let out an animalistic groan.

“Gods!” a gruff and passionate whisper that echoed from him into my ear, as I lifted myself almost completely off – then lowered fiercely down onto him. That was enough to make us even. Slowly bouncing up and down on him, we settled into an ecstatic rhythm. His hands reached up and cupped my ass, forcing me down onto him harder as we both drew closer to our release. I rotated my hips while I impaled myself over his cock, then just stopped, holding him in as deep as I could, rotating ever slight, a deep tremble coursing over my body, visible goose bumps covering my arms and legs, a passionate cry as I lowered myself to kiss him, my orgasm riding strong through me. His hands moved to lift me up again and draw me back down, desperate for his own climax. I complied and continued riding him, his fingers digging into my cheeks and his breaths staggering, I felt his spurts inside of me, causing another small orgasm to pass over me. I continued moving up and down over him until I felt him relax, allowing me to collapse onto his chest, our lips meeting again for a gentle kiss.

He looked at me and smiled, drawing away from the kiss. “I missed you too love.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32