Fifteen Hours on the Clock

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I came home tired, dirty and mad at the world. I had just spent almost two shifts at work – no break, no lunch, no time to get a drink of water. Annoyed and wound up tight, I dumped my belongings just inside the door and headed to the shower. I didn’t even kiss you ‘hello.’

I took a long time in the shower. I let the hot water stream over me and tried to make it wash away my fatigue. As the steam billowed all around me I realized I just wanted to lay in bed. I got out of the shower, dried off and got in bed without my pyjamas. You stood in the doorway to our bedroom and looked at me worried. I didn’t sleep. I hadn’t closed my eyes. I just lay in the bed.

I saw you leave the doorway. I noted your disappearance but did nothing. I didn’t want to move. An hour goes by slowly as the clock chimes. I just wanted to lay there. I heard you come back to the doorway.

“I made dinner,” you offered quietly.

“I’m not hungry,” I responded in a tired voice. I heard you shuffle a bit and leave the doorway. A few minutes later I hear you return.

“Your favourite movie is coming on. Why don’t we watch it togeth – ” you begin.

“I don’t want to watch a movie,” I say in a soft voice. I hear you shuffle a bit again the walk down the hall. I knew you were trying to be helpful, but I just didn’t want to move. Too tired to think, I just lay there. I didn’t know if you would understand that.

I hear the clock chime a few more times. I don’t keep count. I hear you in the doorway again. I haven’t moved in hours. It’s getting late. I hear you walk in our room and get in bed with me. Roughly you gather my body to you and try to move me. I wriggle out of your embrace and turn to lay on my stomach. I hear you sigh.

I hear and feel you move in the bed. I feel soft hands on my back. Strong hands trace the still tense muscles in my back. I don’t move. You continue. Your hands caress my shoulders, my neck. They massage my back and ease away some of the tension. I take a deep breath and feel my body start to relax. Your and move to the small of my back. They massage my şişhane escort ass, my thighs, my calves, my feet. I felt you move to kneel between my legs and to massage my back more. It felt good. I didn’t deny it. I took another deep breath and let you work. Your hands became a bit more forceful. I felt your nails lightly scratching my skin. I felt you lean over me. You kissed my neck and back. “No, Cher. Please?” I said, almost whining, “I just don’t want to…”

“That’s funny,” you said in a ‘no-nonsense’ tone. Your hands spread my ass cheeks to reveal my wetness there. “It sure looks like you ‘want to’ to me.” I felt you insert a single finger inside my sex. I gasped and tensed immediately. “Tsk, tsk,” you said mockingly and slapped my ass hard. “You have to relax, Cheré.” Slowly you removed the finger. I heard sucking noises then and heard you speak again. “You taste so good.”

I tried to turn over to tell you to leave me alone but you held me down tight. “There now,” you said mockingly, “Now just relax. Let me do all the work.”

My heart began to beat harder. A few more times you slapped my ass hard. You felt the heat rise from the skin there and hear you moan with delight. I felt you spread my ass cheeks as if to check on something while you ran your hands up down my body. You leaned over me and kissed my neck. I felt your hardness press against my ass. “Relax, Cheré. Just relax.”

Your hands reached down and spread my ass wider this time. I feel you at the entrance to my sex. I start to breath hard and tense again. I heard you whisper in my ear, “Relax, my love.” I struggled to obey. Just as I got my breathing under control and my heart rate down, I felt you bite my neck hard and thrust yourself into me. I barely stifled the scream. You sucked on my neck where you bit me and thrusted yourself deeper inside me. I groan loudly at each thrust and nibble. “That’s it, Cheré,” I heard you whisper harshly, “That’s it.”

Your hands gathered my body under you and pulled me up. You were on your knees now and you held my body against şişli anal yapan escort yours. Still licking and nibbling where you bit me, I felt your hands caress my nipples, my stomach my thighs. You held me to you closely as you arranged my legs. I knelt as well now, with you under me. One arm held me tight, wrapped just under my breast, the hand resting on my throat. The free arm went in the other direction. The forearm hugging my hip and the hand nestled in my pubic hair. “Yes, Cheré, yes..” I hear you whisper over and over.

Slowly I felt your hand search out my pearl. The second your fingers touch it, I felt like I awakened from a dream. I gasped, moaned and bucked involuntarily. “Ooh! Oui, Cheré!” I heard you say. Again you touched my clit and I jumped. My eyes fluttered. I can’t explain the jolt I felt. I felt you move under me again, as if you were settling down. I felt you get a tighter hold of me. I saw the hand the was touching my clit rise to my lips. The fingers crept over my lips. “Get them wet,” I heard you say. I sucked and licked your fingers until you pulled them from my mouth with a moan.

Your now wet fingers moved back to my crotch. I felt the fingers attack and massage my clit. The feeling was electric. I couldn’t help myself. I bucked in your grip. You held on tight and thrust upwards in tandem with my bucking. Suddenly your fingers stopped moving and you held on to me tight. I moaned in frustration and growled. I heard you laugh and felt you nibbled my sore neck. “Now now,” you chided, “You were working way to hard there. Here, let me do the work Cheré.”

You let me go and leaned me forward. You placed my hands on our headboard. I felt you disengage from me. You crouched behind me my both hands pushing down on the small of my back. “That’s it, Cheré. Give it all to me, love,” you said hoarsely. I hung on as you entered me again. I felt you deeper inside me than before. I tried to control my breathing. I tried to hide my tensing shoulders. I felt you lean over and mold your body to mine. You wrapped şişli bdsm escort your arms around me again in the same positions. “Do. Not. Move,” you ordered me in a stern voice. “Don’t thrust. Don’t grind your fine hips. Don’t squeeze that hot ass. Just let me fuck that sweet pussy. The only thing I want you to do is come. Understand?” I nodded and trembled.

Your attack began slow. Your breaths were slow but hard. The touch of your skin on mine drove me wild. I wanted to move with you so badly. You started to thrust harder. Your fingers on my clit danced. I felt the orgasm building. I started to moan with every hot thrust of your cock inside me. I squeezed my eyes shut and held on to the headboard with all my might. Soon your cock slammed into me. I felt your pubic hair brush against my ass as my breasts jiggled. I held back nothing from you. I was content to let you fuck me and drive me wild all night.

Without warning, we both felt my pussy quiver. You redoubled your efforts. Your fingers rubbed my clit in all the right places. You cock slammed deep inside me right on the sweet spot. You knew exactly what you were doing. Before I knew it, I arched my back eve more – giving you more access to my crotch. Our sweat mingled on our moving bodies. I felt your breath on the unwounded side of my neck. “Come on my cock Cheré! Let your sweet tight pussy come on my cock!” you groaned.

I screamed your name over and over. The orgasm ripped through my body. You bit down on the unwounded side of my neck. That made me come even harder. I heard you shout out as well. I knew you were coming. You grabbed on to my hips and put your full weight into every thrust. It felt so good that tears flowed from my eyes. I felt you sink down to your knees behind me. You pulled my body onto yours and hold me gently. I felt you grind your still hard cock into me and caress my nipples. You kiss my love bites and whisper “I love you so much Cheré.”

“I love you too, Cher,” I whispered. You held me close to you and put me down in our bed. Still inside me, you thrusted gently, awaking smaller orgasms in my sex until your hardness faded. I snuggled against you wanting to stay close to you. You gently kissed my wounded neck and apologized for hurting me. I just sighed and closed my eyes. You offered to get me something, anything, to break the silence. “I am kind of hungry,” I offered, “What was for dinner?”

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