Erin’s Revenge

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It was the little things that Erin noticed first, Alan being late home wasn’t that unusual but the change in frequency was,as were the reasons which he offered. They just didn’t seem convincing.

He was being more attentive towards Erin too, not that she minded that at all , it was just another oddity in his life. Things really did not add up.

Despite her misgivings at doing so she began checking on him, at first it was checking his pockets while he slept. She despised herself for doing it but she couldn’t get this nagging doubt out of her mind until she found out what was causing it.

She held back from following him, that was just too much, instead she waited at home in an agony of suspicion until she heard the door heralding his return to domesticity.

It was by chance that her suspicions were finally confirmed. Alan returned home one evening looking particularly weary.

“Undress.and lay on the bed, let me give you a massage” Erin suggested. Alan declined asking that he have time for a shower first.

“We can have a shower together afterwards” Insisted Erin “Now get your kit off and get on that bed” She teasingly ordered.

Giving in Alan stripped and Erin stripped to her underwear. Taking the oil in her hands she knelt upon the bed beside him. Slowly she began massaging his legs from the feet and worked up over his thighs and buttocks and slowly up his back, easing the stress knots loose in his muscles before moving back down his spine.

This time on reaching his buttocks she spread his thighs a little, between them she could see the bag containing his balls and the back of his cock. It was usually hardening by this stage but tonight it showed no sign of life at all.

Placing her hands on the inside of his thigh she began rubbing the flesh, allowing her finger nails to graze the rough skin of his scrotum, still not so much as a flicker.

“Time to roll over” She whispered in his ear

He did so reluctantly, his still flacid penis lolling against his thigh. She tried to ignore the fears which were pervading her brain and continued rubbing his chest.

She evaded his pelvic area as she moved down but on starting on his legs she moved to a position at his feet and as her hands rubbed up his legs she allowed her body to follow them. On the third swoop she took his soft cock into her mouth and instantly had her long felt suspicions confirmed. On her tongue she tasted the unmistakable flavour of dried sperm coupled with the honeyed secretions which can only emanate from a warm excited pussy.

It was at this moment that his eleventh digit decided to come to life. As though she would allow it fresh from another woman’s body inside her own. She pulled her mouth free “Come on” She patted him on the chest “Time for that shower”

In the shower she took great care in sponging all remaining evidence from his tool, carefully cleaning the shaft the tip and as far inside the outer skin as she could manage.

Finally satisfied she allowed him to lead her back to the bed, she was however unsure as whether she wanted to make love to him at all until the instant she felt his stiffness sliding inside as she knelt above him. She allowed him to thrust, returning each with her own until she saw he was approaching the point of no return. At this point she reached beneath herself and held the base of his shaft between her fingers and thumb.

“Who is she?” She demanded

“Who?” She could see the panic in his eyes

“The slut who has been getting this” She squeezed tighter “Unless you tell me the truth and right now or I hold you till you shrink and you will never put it inside me again”

His face was in turmoil, his body needed the escape and yet he clearly feared her reaction at the news which he knew she would eventually discover Finally he gasped ” OK I’ll tell you but let me come first”

Calmly she climbed off “You can come if and when I feel that you have told me the truth, remember I knew, you don’t know how I know or how much I know so no lies please” She slipped on her dressing gown and walked to the living room knowing he would follow.

He did. Sitting on the chair opposite he began “I am so sorry, she means nothing to me, it’s you I love, I just felt, ok feel , sorry for her”


“I elmadağ escort assumed that you knew, it’s Norma “

Erin had heard the name, Norma had begun working alongside Alan a few weeks earlier and he had mentioned her a few times but not recently, now Erin knew why.”So how did it start?”

“She had been having problems with her boyfriend, nearly every morning she came to work in tears or close to it. I used to ask her what was wrong and sit listening to her, she came to rely on me as a type of father confessor, then one day she told me that she had finally broken up with him and invited me for a drink after work”


“Well she finished early that day so I thought it had just been talk but then at closing time she was there, all dressed up for a night out”

“A bit obvious” Remarked Erin

“But flattering that she had gone to that trouble for me”

“Carry on”

“Well we went to a bar for a drink , and another, she got drunk quite quickly and asked if I would see her home safely”

Erin raised her eyes to the ceiling at her husbands naive reaction.

“So I did, she began to sober up and asked me in for a coffee, while it was percolating she said she needed to get changed”

“And appeared in her lingerie?” asked Erin

He blinked “Yes, how did you know that”

“Carry on”

“She came and sat beside me, put her hand on my thigh and asked whether I really wanted a cup of coffee, the next thing I knew we were kissing, her bra was off and she was leading me to the bedroom. I’m really sorry, I never meant it to happen, I just felt sorry for her, I’d been nice and I thought it was her way of thanking me, it didn’t mean anything but the next day she told me she had fallen in love with me.”

“I told her that she was being silly and she really began crying, asking if I had just used her the previous night. I tried to explain that I hadn’t meant to use her, that I thought it was just a friendly fuck with no strings, she cried all the more. I cuddled her to me to try to stop her crying, suddenly she fell to her knees and began sucking me, this was in the back office , anyone could have walked in at any time. I came in her mouth, it was so exciting and different, She swallowed it all”

“She stood up. “Look you may be right” She said “Come over to mine tonight and we can talk about it””

“Like a fool I went and ended up in bed with her again. Afterwards she told me to make love to her twice a week or she would tell you. I didn’t want you to know so I went along with it. I’m truly truly sorry”

“And what do you intend to do now?” Asked Erin

“Finish with her of course, you know so she has no hold over me now”



“Don’t finish with her, not yet, tell me more about her, describe her, her hobbies, where she lives, tell me everything about her”

He did. At the end Erin said” OK if you want to carry on being married to me you will not let her know that I know, just carry on as normal, make the most of the next week or so , it won’t last for ever. In a few days I will tell you that for a day possibly two you will have to go along with everything I say, no matter what you may feel. Do you promise to do that?”

He agreed. She stood up. “In that case, come back to bed . We have unfinished business there”


For the next few days Erin began planning her revenge. Knowing now what was happening was not nearly as painful as suspecting but not knowing. Added to that was the knowledge that soon she would have this Nellie out of her life once and for all.

She had a flyer printed up, just the one but designed to appear as though it was one of thousands. It read “Lady photographer offers other ladies that discreet modelling opportunity so many want but cannot find. The chance to have that special photo taken of you in total safety as a special gift for the man in your life, to keep you in his mind constantly, even when he is with that other woman….his wife!”

She added the last as though it was a joke but she knew it would appeal to the one woman she wanted as a customer, the only woman in fact who received the flier.

The following day her phone rang “Hello”

A woman’s hesitant voice esenyurt escort answered “Hello , is that the lady photographer?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I’d like a photo, perhaps a few taken as a gift for my boyfriend”

“Of course, would you be more comfortable in your own home?”

“If that’s possible”

“Most of my clients prefer their own surroundings and, shall we say their own props”

“You really do intimate photo’s then?”

“Yes, you can go to any photographer for lingerie or even nude shots. I take the sort of photo’s every guy would love to have of his lady but is afraid to ask”

“That sounds perfect, how quickly could you call around?”

They agreed a time the following day and Erin was not surprised when Alan announced that Norma was taking the following day off work.

Erin arrived promptly carrying her camera which she had previously only used for holidays, she had taken the precaution however of buying a tripod and large camera case to look more professional.

She took control at once ” I suggest a few natural photos first in the living room dressed as you are before we progress things a little” She took three or four photos of her rival standing, sitting, sitting cross legged and finally lying down , all fully dressed in the living room.

“Are you ready for the boudoir shots now?” She asked, Norma nodded and led her to the room where Erin ‘s husband had betrayed her.

“Now slowly undress , I’ll take shots, just forget I’m here”

The other woman slowly disrobed. Once naked she looked questioningly at Erin .

“I suggest you lie on the bed, now you may be embarrassed at what I’m going to say but the most popular photo’s my clients husbands or lovers like are where the lady is pleasuring herself, don’t rush , take your time, be comfortable, your face will look better if your pleasure is genuine”

Norma blanched, she had never masturbated in front of another woman before but the photographer seemed so at ease and knowledgeable and she was determined to win Alan from that wife of his. Slowly she spread her legs and licked two fingers and began stroking her labia.

As she did the photographer began urging her on. “That’s it, I bet your man loves watching you do that, just imagine him watching you , his eyes fixed on your fingers, ignore me, forget I’m here sink into the pleasure.”

Norma ‘s breathing changed, her eyes closed as she listened to the clicks of the camera. How excited Alan would be when she presented him with these photos. Her fingers strayed deep inside herself, her thighs parting even wider as she felt the first waves lapping through her body.

Now totally oblivious to Erin her body wracked and twisted as she brought herself off time after time. She felt her dildo being handed to her and realised that the photographer must have taken it out of her drawer, a bit cheeky but on the other hand it was precisely what she needed to finish herself off totally. She felt the cool plastic enter the delicate folds of flesh and for the next few moments all she felt was pulse after pulse of ecstacy.

As the tremors subsided, she opened her eyes to see the photographer starting to pack away her equipment. “Feel better for that?” The professional smile was stll present but now Norma was embarrassed , she pulled her robe over herself concealing all that she had willingly displayed for the lens only minutes earlier.

“I’ll bring the photo’s over tomorrow evening, is that OK? Shall we say about 7pm?”

Norma nodded, she wouldn’t be seeing Alan that night so she would have time to select the photos she would present him with.

Next morning at breakfast Erin casually said “Do you remember when you admitted to me about Norma “

Alan paled and nodded. “You recall too, that I said that one day soon you would have to do exactly as I say without question?”

His mouth dry , he could only nod.

“That begins today and will last until tomorrow morning.I want you to call on your little friend at 7.30pm no earlier and no later and don’t tell her you will be calling”

“And then?” He found his voice

“Just be there and remember you agreed not to question me no matter what”


That etiler anal yapan escort evening Erin knocked on Norma ‘s door. She was carrying a folder with her. Norma , she noticed was dressed very casually in a baggy top with old trousers , no make up and her hair tied back in a pony tail, she resembled anything but a mistress.

The two women took seats in the living room. Erin produced each of the photos pointing out those she felt would make a suitable gift and those which could be discarded. Norma was a little surprised that her face was clearly visible in each photo. She questioned Erin .

“Men love to see our faces when we climax , it adds to the thrill for them, does your guy not watch yours?”

“I don’t know, my eyes are usually closed” Norma laughed

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Norma went to answer it ” Alan , I wasn’t expecting you, it’s not really convenient….” She realised Erin had followed her to the door

“Just on time, come in Darling” the “photographer” said.

Norma turned astonishment on her face. Erin ignored her and continued addressing Alan . “Your little slut and I have been having a nice chat, you do enjoy watching our faces when we climax don’t you Darling”

Norma , trembling sat on a seat curling herself into a ball of embarrassment.

“Relax tart” Said Erin “I won’t hurt you I’m just here to let you know how things are going to be from now on. First of all you resign your present job, secondly you agree never to see Alan again and thirdly this evening you will do EXACTLY as I say without question”

“Why should I” Norma was starting to get over her shock

“Because Whore, if you don’t then each one of your neighbours will wake one morning to find a full set of these photo’s for them to view over breakfast”

“You wouldn’t”

“If you really believe that then I’ll leave now and you will find out in the next few days whether I mean it or not”

“Ok” Norma realised she had lost ” So what do you want me to do “

“First of all strip off and make love to my husband while I watch , I want to find out exactly what it is that you do so differently from me that pleased him so much”

Reluctantly Norma began to strip for the second time in a little over 36 hours as this woman watched

“You too Darling” Erin urged Alan .

They stood naked in front of her.

“Come on then, give me a demonstration”

Hesitantly the two began kissing. Erin watched in silence. Alan showed no sign of responding at all.

Erin stood guiding them both to Norma ‘s bedroom.”Come on Slut put some effort into it, suck him hard if your fingers won’t do it.”

Obediently Norma climbed across Alan ‘s prostrate body , her tongue began licking and nibbling his shaft. Slowly it began to grow.

Once satisfied with it’s size Erin urged “Go on Alan stick it in her hot little cunt, give your tart a farewell fuck.”

She watched as the two bodies began responding to the primeval urges inside them both and romped and rolled around the bed until a loud grunt from Alan assured Erin that his seed had exploded into his former mistress.

Once their breathing had eased Erin said “OK , Alan , go home, scrub yourself clean of her stink and wait for me. You Slut are coming with me.”

Alan began to protest. She silenced him “Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt her and you promised not to question me.”

Erin drove Norma to a seedy motel on the outskirts of the city. She already had a key so didn’t bother with reception. In the room lay an old double bed and little furniture. Erin pointed to the wardrobe “In there you will find a change of clothes , get changed quickly”

A few minutes later Norma was dressed in a short red leather skirt, hold up stockings and a sheer black blouse. Erin handed her some make up, “Pretty yourself up “

Norma had just finished when there was a knock at the door. Erin opened it, a fat trucker with a bald head and red cheeks stood there, Erin greeted him warmly “Hi , you must be Andy, we spoke on the phone. ” She waved an arm towards Norma “This is the slut you wanted , she will take it in any hole you like, if you’re into water sports that isn’t a problem, she might try to resist, it turns her on, just slap her if she does, it excites her all the more. When you’ve finished give her the money we agreed”

Erin closed the door after herself as the trucker moved towards the trembling Norma .

Back at home Alan said ” Please tell me what you did to Norma “

“Nothing at all, I just took her for an interview for her new career”


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