Beth and Gretchen

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For months I kept my adventure in Austin to myself. I thought about it all the time and considered doing it again, but it wasn’t so easy to arrange. I would have to carve out time to go; if it wasn’t a business trip, then money was also a factor. Although I got paid for my Austin appearance, it wasn’t lavish enough to cover all expenses.

I didn’t share my situation with anyone. Although I didn’t regret the gangbang party, I knew a lot of people wouldn’t understand. I didn’t want to risk friendships, relationships I valued.

I thought about my gangbang most intensely during sex, with a date or alone with my vibrator. I couldn’t get enough of reliving the scenes, the intensity, the many men, their cocks, the cum… All it took to get me going was a few seconds of a memory, maybe the way one guy thrust his dick into me, or when a particularly large load of cum filled my mouth, or just the feeling of so many actions happening at once. Sometimes those few seconds could occupy me the whole time during sex with a date, keeping me hot and wild. He would think he was exciting me, not knowing my secret thoughts. Once seized by a sizzling hot memory, it usually took an orgasm to get me past it.

With those feelings raging inside me, it was inevitable that I would break my silence with someone. It finally happened with Gretchen.

Gretch and I had been friends since junior high school in a Chicago suburb. She was my age, twenty-eight, five feet nine inches tall, a Nordic blond, with an a gym-toned 34D figure that stopped men in their tracks. She was two inches taller than me, thinner with bigger boobs, a superstar.

She worked as a clothing designer so she was always dressed just right, with a preference for flirty, light, bright clothing that showed off her considerable assets.

She dated all the time, but wasn’t committed to anyone. We kidded a lot about being a pair, the light one and the dark one. We got into deep conversations about relationships, why we weren’t married already, and of course sex.

We were sitting on the couch in her apartment one evening. She was telling me about a recent date.

“We had this mind blowing sex. I really liked him so I pulled out all the stops. He went crazy and gave it to me just as good. It didn’t end until we were both exhausted. I’d lost count of my orgasms and, I can assure you, he was totally drained.”

“Wow, perfect. Lucky you. When will you see him again?” I asked.

“Well that’s the thing. He snuck out before dawn and hasn’t called. I sent him a few texts but he never replied.”

I understood. “Men say they want a woman who’s hot in bed, but when you give it to them they disappear.”

“Well, not everyone. But it’s very unpredictable. I don’t get it,” she replied.

“Me neither.”

She asked, “Have you been in that situation? You put it all out there but it scares the guy off?”

I blurted out something I never thought I’d share.

“Not exactly. I had an experience where I gave everything there is to give, but it was the best night of my life and worked out just fine.”

She sat up, all attentive.

“Oooo. Tell me everything.”

“About three months ago I was in a gangbang.”

“No! Seriously?” She looked like she expected me any second to reveal I was joking.

“Yes, seriously. I was in Texas and sort of fell into it. But it worked out beautifully. I had a totally new experience, like nothing ever, and felt nothing but good about it after. They invited me back if I want to do it again.”

Gretchen was speechless, confused and unsure of my meaning. The idea was too shocking.

She finally asked, “When you say gangbang, how many men are we talking about?”

I blushed and stammered, but managed to say, “Thirty plus or minus.”

She was totally silent for minutes. She just stared at me, jaw hanging open.

When she unfroze, she burst out laughing. “You epic slut! I’m so happy for you.”

She put her hands to her cheeks. “Oh, I’m so jealous. Tell me more. All the details. I must know.”

I decided to just confess everything, uncensored. I told her about how I got invited, my opening strip tease, the way the men lined up to dump cum on me or in me. Then the DP, the men who came three, four, or five times, and the way I teased them to do more. I described washing cum off with champagne and fucking the bottles. There was a lot to tell and her appetite to hear it was insatiable.

I stopped, waiting for her verdict. Would she get up and walk out?

“Beth, I’m so turned on. If those men were next door, I’d be on my way over to fuck them inside out. Oh My God, so hot.”

That made me feel better, less anxious about having told my secret.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” I explained. “It was good for me, but I was afraid you’d reject me.”

“No, no. Never. You’re entitled to have your fun. But a gangbang with thirty men? You do go all out, don’t you?”

“Well, it could have been fifty.”

We laughed together.

She asked me a lot more questions. About how it happened, the fine print about how it all works, how I ankara duşta veren escortlar went from one thing to another.

“What if you wanted to move on and someone wasn’t done?” she asked.

“There was sort of an informal time limit. If a guy took too long, some other guy would drag him off me. He could try again after awhile. But the atmosphere was so sexual, so stimulating, it didn’t take much to get a guy to come. When a man was ready for me, I just did what he wanted, then on to the next.”

I added, “And I didn’t quit until everyone did everything on their list. There was no reason for anyone to be disappointed or pissed off.”

“Unbelievable…” she murmured.

Then she turned serious.

“Beth, I can’t tell you how deeply this affects me. I want that experience. I’m so fed up with the social situation. Your gangbang sounds so open, so honest, so giving compared to the tricks and schemes involved in dating.”

She had a way to relate to it. “It’s like a booty call, the most honest form of dating. Two horny people meet to get off with each other. No pretense, no expectations, just a nice suck, fuck, then goodbye until the next time.”

I was nodding yes. “I see what you’re saying. And you’re right. I went to the party knowing exactly what they wanted from me. They saw me as a sure thing who would give them awesome sex.”

Gretchen was with me, smiling and agreeing.

I continued. “I enjoyed giving it to them, putting all my energy and creativity into it. And in return? I got pleasured in a way I never imagined was possible. So much stimulation, so many orgasms, overwhelming, cum everywhere, all at once…”

I stopped, realizing I’d gone too far. I felt moist. Gretchen was staring at me again.

“Sorry, sorry. I got carried away.”

“No, sweet Beth. You just showed me how real this is. I’m impressed and jealous. How can I get in on it?”

“What? Seriously?”

“Yes. Seriously. If I want to be in a gangbang, how do I find my thirty men?”

“Well, what if we do it together?”

“Can we?”

“I don’t see why not. The party doesn’t have to be all men and one woman. We could both be there for the men to have in any combination they want.”

“Could you actually do that? With me?” she asked.

“Could you?” I asked back.

We embraced and swore an oath of secrecy.

I said, “We’re now the Sisterhood of the Gangbang. We’ll organize a party and see how it goes. If it works, who knows, it could be a regular thing. If not, we’ll walk away and forget about it.”

“Perfect,” she said.


The next few weeks we researched our idea. The Internet was full of pages about gangbangs, mostly porn or fiction masquerading as real events. Still, we learned a lot about how men think about gangbangs. Realistic material was available in swinger forums.

We gained more and more confidence as the plan became more detailed. The Dark and Light Party Night became real.

We went to a professional photographer to have a boudoir photo taken for our advertising. I wore a teddy and Gretchen just a bra and thong. The image we chose showed us in an embrace that emphasized our boobs and butts. We were so made up and scantily clad that we had little fear of recognition.

We set the date, reserved a perfect club room far from our normal neighborhoods, and posted our announcement on the right Internet forums. We set a limit of thirty men but would overbook to forty to cover no-shows.

Under our photo, the ad said, “Come gangbang us. Unlimited action with one or both as long as you can keep it up. Come, come, come.”

Below that, we had a few paragraphs of explanation and rules plus contact and sign up info.

On the evening when the Internet ads went live, we opened a bottle of wine. We were pretty drunk when we checked the email account several hours later. Unbelievably, there were already seven replies with prepaid deposits. Two others were interested, but had a few questions. We were on our way.

We jumped up and down, hugging each other and squealing. Soon we were kissing, exploring with our tongues.

Gretchen held me as she said, “You know, when the gangbang happens, only two weeks away, we are going to be naked in front of each other and see each other having sex with the men. They are likely to ask us to do things together, you know?”

“Yes, you’re right,” I agreed.

“I think we need to overcome any inhibitions,” she suggested, speaking in a sexy tone.

Although I hadn’t thought of it too much, I knew what she meant. I couldn’t argue with her logic and didn’t want to. I was hot for her.

I immediately stuck my tongue in her mouth and started taking her clothes off. She responded beautifully. I lavished affection on her amazing breasts. We lay down together. She had my nipples in her mouth one by one, back and forth, along with a finger in my slit. She tasted her finger; we kissed again.

Soon we were naked in bed, two writhing, squirming bodies in a sixty-nine. She was delicious and delightful, tasting and smelling great, making ankara fetiş yapan escortlar all the right moves. We destroyed the bed with our enthusiastic love making.

When we unwound, I laughed at her slimy face.

“Well, it’s your slime!” she shot back.

“Dyke skank!” I called her, full of giggles.

“Cunt face!” she called me, laughing hysterically.

“Kiss me, now!” I spoke for both of us.

We kissed and licked, but couldn’t stop laughing from the emotions and the wine.

I got out some of my dildos and vibrators to share with her. We laughed the whole time. We ran out of wine so I used the bottle to probe her pussy, then licked her juices off. She grabbed a dildo to repeat the acts with me lying on my back. Then with me on my hands and knees.

She lay under me with my tits swaying across her face while she put a vibrator in my cunt and teased my clit. We changed positions over and over keeping up the stimulation with different objects as well as our hands, fingers, tongues. We didn’t have cum to play with, but we painted ourselves with our juices plus assorted creative liquids, then licked it all off.

We both had orgasms, over and over. We didn’t have experience being lesbians, but we figured everything out.

I told her, “My gangbang was like tonight. Don’t think, just make the next sexy move. Give it and take it. The guys will be delighted with you.”

I kissed her again, long and deep. “Plus, you’re so damned beautiful.”

We stayed together for hours, simulating a gangbang with just the two of us. After that, I knew everything was going to be just fine.


On the night of the gangbang, we were sold out. Forty reservations with paid deposits were booked. We had hired a security man, Karl, who would check tickets and make sure no one got out of control. He had a rep for doing that type of work and doing it right.

We also hired Clarissa, a woman DJ and sound tech who also controlled the lighting to create a club atmosphere. She would provide a musical background, mood lighting, and help us start on time. She would back up Karl for additional security.

We arrived early to check out the room. We took a few minutes to make sure Karl and Clarissa understood exactly what we were going to do.

I put my arm around Gretchen, leaned my head against her, and said, “You know, this party will be an unlimited gangbang with the two of us. The sex will get pretty intense. Are you okay with that?”

They were both quite cool.

Karl shrugged and mumbled, “Don’t care what you do, I’m gay.”

Clarissa said, “No biggie. I do lighting and sound for porn productions all the time.”

With that settled, we walked around the large, comfortable room, checking out the couch, bed, bar table and Clarissa’s DJ set up. The carpeting was thick and soft. The temperature was comfortable. All good.

As our ten p.m. start time approached, Gretchen and I waited in one of the side rooms for a musical signal to be played when everyone had arrived and the doors were locked. Then we would make our entrance.

We stood holding hands, wearing the same outfits as in the publicity photo. My white teddy showed off my darker complexion and brunette hair. Gretchen absolutely glowed in a red bra and thong that contrasted perfectly with her pale skin and blond hair. I felt good just looking at her; I hoped she felt that way about me too.

She asked, “Are you hot?”

“Oh yeah, so aroused. You too?”

“Dripping. Can’t wait.”

We giggled, squeezed hands.

The signal came, a short segment of a triumphal march that accompanied us as we pranced out to the middle of the room. We received an enthusiastic roar of welcome as Clarissa handed me a microphone.

We were facing a semicircle of men, still dressed, some holding drinks. They all looked at me, waiting to hear how the party would commence.

“Hi there, guys. Welcome to our special Dark and Light Party Night,” I started.

Right away we went off script.

“Hey Dark! Show us your tits,” someone shouted.

“Eat her pussy, why don’t you?” pointing at Gretchen.

“I want to cum on your face,” directed at me.

“Light can sit on my face,” another shouted, bringing laughter.

I knew that men do that type of thing; I wasn’t upset. I followed the best gangbang advice: Go with the flow.

“I’m glad to hear you’re so eager and can tell me what you want. Let’s just go for it, then.”

As Clarissa retrieved the mic and ramped up a hot track, I walked over to the loudest, big mouth guy. I pressed myself against him. I put his hands on the soft, revealing teddy, cupping my boobs.

“Do you like how they feel?” I asked him. “36C, if you’re wondering. Light over there is 34D.”

I moved over to the next guy, who put his hands on me without help. “Yummy, right? You can have all you want tonight, no limits.”

Then to a third man. As he fondled me, I said, “You can have both of us, you know? What’s your pleasure? 36C? 34D? Both?”

And finally, to a fourth man, “Or maybe you’re into pussy? ankara iranlı escort Light or Dark? Hmmm?”

He looked a little shocked, with me smiling at him, offering the keys to Paradise. He didn’t say anything so I put one of his hands between my legs. The room was quiet. I had their complete attention. His fingers lightly stroked my pussy inside the dampening teddy.

With my hand, I felt his cock through his trousers. I gave him a gentle squeeze.

Without letting go of him, I dropped to my knees and opened his pants, fishing out his stout erection. I began to suck him.

“You’ve got a big one,” I informed him loudly. A knot of men gathered closely around us.

“Let me see some dicks, guys,” I demanded from everyone.

While I was getting my men going, Light, Gretchen, was across the room starting a similar routine with her own group. I didn’t have to worry about her. She already had her bra off, with two men licking her nipples while others groped her body. Her thong came off — I couldn’t see any more as she sank onto the bed, surrounded.

Ten men pressed close to me, holding their dicks out to be sucked. I went around the circle, staying on my knees, then stopped, stood up, to peel off my teddy. As I did so I visited about half the men asking them to help me to disrobe while giving them an opportunity to feel me up.

With the teddy discarded, I lay on the carpet and said, “Okay, big talkers, time to get it on. Are you going to fuck me? Or jerk off on my face? Just do it, whatever you want.”

I got fucked right away. The guy mounted me and slid right in. I liked the way that felt, strong and urgent. He was a large man and in shape. I rolled my legs back to draw him in deeper, felt him lightly touch bottom with each stroke. I began panting and moaning.

He was pumping away when the next man put his cock in my mouth. I sucked on him while my pussy got pounded. That felt really good, expanding the sexual excitement I was already feeling. Soon cum was flowing, into my pussy and into my mouth.

“Keep me filled up. I’m so hot. Who’s next?” I coaxed them, gaining two more stiff cocks to double up on me while a third man knelt near my head, jerking off in the direction of my cheek.

When those three were done, I sat up and spit cum into my hands. I scooped more from my twat and rubbed it all over my tits. I spread the cum on my cheek all over my face.

I encouraged them to give me more, “Don’t keep me waiting!”

Around ten more men treated me to a bukkake, beating off and raining cum down on me as I sat there. I laughed and spread it around my body. I ate cum from my hands. I pushed it into my pussy.

“You’re a total cum whore, aren’t you?” a man commented.

“Oh, you bet. Cum Sluts R Us. Give me all you’ve got,” I responded. Men laughed and tried their best to overwhelm me with cum. I was in heaven.

From across the room, I heard Gretchen having an orgasm, a high pitched moan, coupled with frantic gasps and cries. That added to my happy state, thinking of her, so totally sexual. There couldn’t be a better partner for me.

Clarissa kept the music and light show going to enhance the party. It wasn’t intrusive, just there as an energizing background.

I was asked to get on my hands and knees. My butt-end became the target; they filled my pussy and ass. At the same time, cocks were thrust into my face, to be sucked, to squirt cum on me, or to lick off. I took them all. I was soaring on the feelings, practically hysterical as I got more and more into the stimulation and raging response of every part of my body.

At a moment when I was full of cum, still ready to ask for more men to penetrate or spray me, Gretchen suddenly appeared. She had her own glaze of cum; I had a surge of heat when I saw her like that. We immediately fell into a sixty-nine, furiously licking each other toward orgasm. As she squeezed my head between her thighs, she had so much cum in her I thought I would drown, but the immense feelings were such that nothing mattered. We clutched each other as our tongues did the work. We both came nearly at once, panting, gasping, and squealing.

It was explosive, it was marvelous. We were both very noisy with our climaxes.

The crowd around us was very excited by our antics. The men applauded and shouted crazy, lewd comments, really dirty stuff. I found it stimulating, not degrading, an essential part of the gangbang scene.

The men were delighted by our cum-inspired orgasm show and let us know. A bottle of champagne was opened in celebration, but we never got to drink any. They sprayed it all over us and dumped it over our heads.

In the champagne shower, Gretchen and I sat together playing with each other’s tits while asking the men for their cum.

“Champagne’s great, but cum’s better. Jack off on my face while I lick her boobs. Go ahead, do it for me,” I urged. Men did as I asked.

Someone asked to see ATM, “ass to mouth.” Gretchen immediately said, “Fuck Dark in the ass and come, I’ll lick off your dick after. Who’s ready?”

Men raced to be first in my ass. Gretchen held my cheeks apart to guide them in and to display the growing cum accumulation. When she licked and sucked the withdrawn dicks, she got more cum shots to the face from the crowd standing around. When she slurped the creampie and kissed me with deep tongue, we got a standing ovation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32