A Night with My Alter Ego Ch. 1

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It all began as a simple day at home during the holiday break, for the last few months I have been playing in adult chat rooms to release my sexual tension and work out my fear of telling men what I want from sex. When my lover and teacher of sexual freedom called.

He started in by asking me if I had been online cybering?

“Yes, I was keyboard masturbating.” That is what my lover calls my online experiences, but this time he asked if I would tell the whole room about our experiences. I said yes, I would tell the room about our hot and steamy sex. He said go there now I will meet you. I asked him what name will you use?

“I will use the name Salty_Bal.” I went to the adult chat room that I frequent and started up a conversation with a stranger looking to get freaky with a lady. So I began by sucking his cyber cock that was hot and ready to play as he stated to lick my pussy with slow and teasing tongue strokes. We were putting on great show for the room when he entered the room I felt my pussy get wetter as he watched me suck and fuck this guy in the room. I had my vibrating Ben WA balls in and they were working my pussy so wet that the juices started to pour from my pussy. He started talking to me telling me he wanted to fuck me now. I hurried and finished with the other guy and started to let my Lover lick and bite my hard nipples telling the room of our hot sticky sex. He and I went into a private room where I describe what I was doing to my nipples and pussy as we talked. I managed to get him so hot he almost bit through a pencil. He then told me to call him and we continued out hot sexy conversation on the phone as I worked my clit with my fingers as he told me He wanted to göztepe escort Fuck Brandy (that is my screen name) I said yes, she wanted to fuck him. He said he would be at my house at 8:00 be ready he said.

All day I walked around with a hard clit and swollen nipples wanting him to lick and bite me from head to foot. He has always wanted to eat me out on the kitchen table, so I decided to set the mood in the kitchen for the beginning of the evening of pure hot sweaty sex. I set up candles on the kitchen counter at various heights so their glow would shine on my skin. I then sprayed the room with aromatherapy sensual spay to heighten the senses of the mind and body. I then took a hot shower scrubbing my skin with a brush to raise the senses of my skin. I then braided my long hair so that it would be completely out of my lover’s way. The night was going to be great I dressed in simple white T-backs that he loves and a long sleeve shirt to great him at the door.

I heard his van pull into the driveway and my pussy started to drip knowing that he was here to please me and make me feel alive with pure passion. He rolled into the door and said “I am here to see Brandy and my nipples raised up and started to show through my shirt. ” She told me that you were good,” I said playing along with the part that I was playing. “I have to see what is in the package.” He said as he graped my ass and pulled me towards him. I playfully pulled away and wheeled him into my kitchen “the package wants you in here.” He was full of passion I could see it in his eyes as he asked me what I wanted.

“I want you to suck my tits.”

“Get down on your knees and take halkalı escort of that shirt and I will suck them for you.” I took of my shirt exposing the hard nipples to him as I lowered myself to my knees by his wheelchair. Feeling the cold metal against my skin as his teeth started to chomp on my hard nipples. I felt my pussy explode as his mouth greedily worked my nipples and sucking in my tits into his mouth. “What else do you want Brandy”

I hear him ask, “I want you to bite my clit, please.”

He commands me “get up on the table and lay down.” I stand and slowly get up on the table feeling the cold surface as it hits my back. “You are the main course tonight,” he said as he began to lick my skin from my shoulders to my nipples. I could feel his tongue as it works it way down from my nipples to my stomach the trail his tongue leaves sets my skin on fire. I arch my back so I can feel his tongue on my pussy. He teases me though avoiding my pussy working my legs and thighs as I moan for more.

“Turn around and spread you legs wide, now” I turn my body and open my legs wide for him feeling the heat of his stare as he watches me. He rolls his chair under the table. I feel his breath as he comes towards my pussy setting me on fire waiting for his teeth and tongue to start working on my clit and pussy. He starts playfully pulling on my t-backs with his teeth while growling.

I start to cum as I feel him turn his head and bite my inner thigh, “Please bite my clit” I am now begging for him to eat me. He grabs a hold of my tbacks and pulls them off my body leaving on the table exposed completely to his hungry mouth. I spread my legs wide haramidere escort for him again. I feel his tongue as it starts to work stroking my pussy from top to bottom licking the juices that are already dripping from me. My body is on fire as his teeth clamp down on my clit and pulls and tugs, like a dog with a bone.

Moaning and on fire I beg for more knowing that he will continue to eat and suck on me. He stops for what seems like and eternity; I then feel the sensation of my clit being sucked on like I have never had before. I look to see he now has a straw and he is sucking at my hard exposed clit with it. OH wow what a feeling as he sucks and then blows with that straw. I am on fire now waves of orgasm flow over my body as his mouth still works on my pussy eating and sucking. He takes a drink as I lay on the table shacking from the orgasms feeling the juices under me on the table so hot and sticky.

He takes his mouth full of water and starts to suck on my clit I feel the cool water as it rushes over my clit.

“Oh my… That is great!” I scream as he slaps my thighs with his hand my skin is on fire. “Please, more I have been so bad”

Smack! I hear the sound of his hand as it strikes again. “Turn over” he commands I slowly turn over and lay face down on the table as he licks and bites my ass. I arch up feeling the table pull on my nipples as his hand hits my ass again and again.

“What do you say” he commands, as I yell “thank you I want some more please.” I feel his hand as it comes down again making contact with my ass, SWAK the sting brings such pleasure.

“Roll over let me bite you again.” I spin over as his tongue immediately works on my wet hot pussy licking the juices.

“I want you to fuck me, please I need to be filled” I am now so full of wanting for him that I am shaking on the table curled in a ball holding my knees. ” Don’t you want more”

“Yes, but I need to be fucked” I beg again.

The rest of the story is yet another steamy tale…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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