A Movie for Master

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She exited the bathroom and turned on the camera. She set it up on its side, framing the shot of her bed carefully. She twisted the screen towards the front of the camera. Looking at her features in the camera’s screen, she reminded herself to wipe the smile and look of joyful anticipation from her face. He prefers her to act reluctant, no matter how eager she was for his orders. Judging she had succeeded, she pressed the record button.

She stood up straight in front of the camera and extended her arms to the sides. “Your pussy has been freshly washed,” she said and twirled, sending tiny droplets of moisture flying everywhere. She stopped and hooked strands of her stringy, wet hair behind her ear. On the screen, she could see a svelte, young, pale-skinned, brunette regarding her with blue eyes open wide in arousal.

She swallowed, forced herself to look as reluctant as possible, and stepped closer to the camera until her bare pussy was the only thing on the screen. She used her fingers to display her most intimate parts to the camera. “Your pussy has been freshly shaved,” she said.

She took the bottle of baby oil from the stand behind the camera and stepped back. She squirted it on the palm of her hand. After rubbing it over her hands to warm it up, she started running her oily hands all over her bare skin. She paid special attention to her breasts, in preparation of what was to come. Her nipples stood out proudly as her arousal mounted. “Your pussy has been freshly oiled,” she said, as she finished rubbing the oil into her skin. Her pale flesh glistened from head to toe and beads of moisture, whether the remnants of the shower, or the fresh sweat of arousal, twinkled when they caught the light.

She knelt on the bed and saw that she was perfectly framed in the camera’s screen. She took a deep breath, but it did nothing to alleviate her apprehension. She reached off screen and picked up a nipple clamp with a weight attached to it by a small chain. She held it up for the camera to see, knowing how much he will enjoy the unease on her face. She tenderly ran her fingers over her rosy left nipple, as if to apologize to the erect nub for what is to come. She placed the clamp over her nipple and let it close.

She winced in pain and forced herself to not take it off by reflex. Her perky tit was indented by the hanging chain and her nipple sent messages of pain to her brain. She took a few quick, shallow breaths to try and calm down, knowing deep breathing would only make the tugging worse. She repeated the process with the other nipple and clamp.

She leaned forward, resting her weight on all fours and let the weights distend her tits into downward illegal bahis facing cones. She twisted her shoulders as much as she dared, wincing at the pain as the weights started swinging around. “Your pussy’s tits have been freshly pulled taut,” she gasped clearly, despite the pain.

Her cute, little mouth twitched in agony as she rose back up and the tugging on her tits changed angle. She knew he will enjoy seeing that. She reached off screen and picked up the tube of lubricant. She squirted a generous dollop of it on her fingers and replaced it. She took a shuddering breath and positioned herself so her ass was clearly visible to the camera. She kept looking over her shoulder to make sure her face was visible, as well. She reached around and began to spread lube across her asshole. She started to probe herself with one finger and she soon relaxed her sphincter.

Her finger entered her bowels, a sensation no longer even remotely alien to her, not since that night when she used the word evacuate in regards to people in front of him. He left immediately after that, bought an enema at a drugstore and returned to evacuate her. From that night on, she knew that to evacuate a person meant to empty their bowels and she never misused the term again, no matter how prevalent its misuse was in the media.

Her finger was soon joined by a second and she twisted them around as much as she could make herself do it, knowing that any discomfort suffered now was discomfort lessened in a minute when the butt plug would go in. She looked again at the screen on the camera. The wet and oiled girl on it regarding her with wide eyes and an expression of arousal and pain. A scarlet bloom decorated her alabaster cheeks.

“Your pussy’s bowels had been emptied and your pussy’s asshole is now freshly lubricated,” she said. She didn’t add that she nearly orgasmed when she defecated a quarter-hour ago. He already knew very well that his attentions towards her ass have led her to forever associate the two.

She reached for the butt plug and brought it up to her face with both hands. She affected a small smile, making the girl on the screen look like she was modeling the plug. She spread a generous amount of lube on the plug and pressed it against her asshole. She pressed it into herself, willing her sphincter to relax. She sighed when she managed to relax and let the piece of plastic enter her. Her whole body shuddered and tensed as she slowly pressed the intruder deeper into herself.

She squealed in involuntary delight as she felt her sphincter partially close over the retention ring on the plug, which was now firmly lodged inside her ass. She took a few deep breath illegal bahis siteleri to relax and reached up to hook the damp strands of her straight, brown hair behind her ears again. The weights were colliding with each other across her breasts. The tugging on her tits and the uncomfortable pressure in her ass were driving her mad with desire. “Your pussy’s ass is freshly stuffed,” she said.

She sat back on her haunches and turned to face the camera fully, obscuring its view of her ass. She reached down and used the fingers of her right hand to spread her lips. Her erect clit popped out to say hello to the camera. She raised her face and spoke to the camera, “Your pussy’s clit is freshly erect.”

She reached over and picked up the clit clamp. She held it up for the camera to see. She swallowed nervously as she brought it down and opened it over her clit. She raised her face, so her reactions could be seen by the camera. She let the clamp close over her clit and howled in pain and pleasure. Her pretty, little mouth opened wide and she panted like a bitch in heat.

“Your pussy,” she swallowed, “Y-your pussy’s clit is now freshly tormented. Your pussy did not come yet, your pussy did not come yet, your pussy did not come yet,” she chanted as she tried to will her imminent orgasm to abate. Her smooth hands pinched the fronts of her thighs in an effort to deny herself the pleasure.

After a minute or so, she calmed down enough to trust her body not to betray her, so she took a deep breath, underscoring the torment of her nipples, and reached over for the vibrator. She held up the thick, plastic phallus to her lips and kissed it in worship. She smiled at the camera as she slowly drew the artificial cock down her front, between her breasts, across her tummy and navel until it circled her tortured clit and pressed against her outer lips.

She shrieked in pleasure as she pressed it into herself. Her whole body tensed and rose up off her haunches. She reached down with both hands and turned on the vibrator. As soon as she did that, her mind exploded in orgasm. Her toes curled and her hair stood on end as her pussy contracted against the vibrating thing inside her. The clenching motions of delight were amplified by the fullness in her ass and the pain in her clit and nipples.

Her whole body twisted and spasmed in orgasm as she screamed her release. Her skin flushed from head to toe and her muscles locked up in ecstasy. She used one hand to keep herself from falling out of frame, while the other kept the vibrator deep inside her. As soon as she could draw breath, she hoarsely whispered, “Your pussy has cum!”

A second orgasm tore canlı bahis siteleri through her body, soon followed by a third. By the fourth, she didn’t have the strength to kneel anymore, so she collapsed on her back, jostling the plug in her ass and triggering her fifth orgasm in half as many minutes. She lay there, a quivering mass of orgasmic flesh until the pain stopped stoking her pleasure and became undistinguishable from it.

She was shuddering uncontrollably and a small part of her brain, the one closely related to survival, spoke up in protest. She forced her trembling hands to grasp the object sticking out of her swollen, red pussy and turn it off. It took a minute, or so, for her pussy to relax enough to pull the intruder gently out. She shuddered as it came out.

She looked again at the camera and set aside the vibrator. “Your pussy has reached her limit,” she said. She got back up on her knees and reached down to the clamp on her clit. She set her teeth and forced herself to look at the camera as she removed the clamp. She howled in agony as blood flow restored to her overworked pleasure center. The sharp pain made her whole body clench in reflex. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

She followed the same procedure with the two nipple clamps, barely stifling curses at him for putting her through such agony. As soon as a few agony free moments passed, however, her nipples felt so good that she almost orgasmed again. Tears of gratitude joined the ones of agony already flowing from her eyes. She wiped her cheeks and flashed a small, tired smile at the camera.

She again positioned herself so her ass was visible, as well as her face, and she firmly grasped the base of the butt plug. Her features screwed up in a rictus of regret, she began to slowly pull it out of her abused asshole. She gasped and shuddered in delight as it came out and her sphincter, already used to being stretched, began to try to close up again. Each clench of her asshole made her body shudder in aftershocks of the series of powerful orgasms she just had. Finally, they died down and she took a deep, calming breath.

Such delightful agony she had been put through. She held the plug up close to the camera, so her waste could be seen sticking to it in places. She then set it aside and picked up the camera to do a close up of her flushed, porcelain features. “Your pussy thanks you, Master,” she whispered reverently before turning off the camera. She connected it to her computer and began the upload to her Master’s computer.

She shuddered in anticipation of him watching it. She imagined him sitting down and looking at the footage with a critical eye, even as his fist stroked him to orgasm. She wrapped up the sex toys in the towel they were on and set them aside. She was exhausted by her session of self-torment and she lay down on the bed, stretching her tormented limbs. She fell asleep to dream of her Master using her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32