A Knotty Night

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Sex wasn’t the only thing Bob thought about, but it was certainly up there on the list! Unfortunately, it had been a quiet night of just watching TV. Shelli had to work late. Otherwise Bob would have turned his thoughts into reality. As it was, he was going to have to hit a quick, cold shower.

With a resigned sign, Bob stood up from the couch and started towards the bathroom. That’s when he heard an unexpected noise. It was the sound of a key in the lock of the front door. Not expecting anyone, he stopped, turned towards the door, and prepared to confront whoever it was, should they get in. But as the door swung open, he was not only relieved, but glad with who walked in.

“Hey babe,” he said.

“Hi love,” Shelli replied. “I finally got everything done for that idiot boss of mine”.

“Good,” he said, as she moved across the room to him. Standing on her toes, she kissed him, wrapping her arms around him, to give him a hug. As they embraced, Bob pulled her against him. As his hands slid down her back, he pulled her firmly against him. Maybe he would get lucky tonight.

“Hey! What’s been on your mind – as if I didn’t know” she exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, not very convincingly.

“You know exactly what I mean!” she said, reaching down and grabbing his firm cock through his pants. Kissing him again, she stepped back. “Unfortunately, you’re not going to get into my pants tonight. It’s…you know,” she added, shrugging her shoulders.

Bob looked crestfallen. Shelli stepped back a few more feet. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t play around,” she said with a grin on her face. Reaching down, she pulled her sweater up and over her head, exposing her black lace bra. Bob stared as she then reached behind her back and released her tits from their bondage. They were exposed in all their magnificence – nicely shaped, firm and round, with large areoles, their nipples standing erect. Bob stepped forward, and grabbed one in each hand, squeezing them playfully. He bent forward to suck on one, something he definitely enjoyed.

But as he did, Shelli took another step back. “Oh no,” she said. “I’m gonna play with you tonight.” Taking him by the hand, she pulled him into the bedroom. Turning him so his back was to the bed, she started pulling Bob’s shirt off. As she got it up around his head and shoulders, she moved in and took his left nipple in her mouth, sucking on it. Bob pulled in a pendik escort breath. Shelli finished pulling of his shirt, and pushed him back towards the bed. She then reached down and undid his pants. Between the pair of them they got them off, allowing Bob’s cock to spring free, and stand upright. “Ya, I thought I felt that in your pants!” she giggled. “I’m tired of taking orders today. So, you’re going to just do as I tell you tonight. Now, get your legs up on the bed”

Shelli went over and grabbed a blindfold. Walking back to the bed she bent over Bob, and covered his eyes.

“Hey, I can’t see what you’re doing,” he complained.

“I know. And that’s the way it’ll stay. Now, bend your knees up, and grab your ankles,” she instructed.

“What’re you doing?” Bob asked, not yet moving.

“You want me to make you feel good? I’m calling the shots tonight – literally,” Shelli said.

Bob did as he was asked, his hand just on his ankles. The next thing he knew Shelli was wrapping something around his left wrist and ankle. He realized that she had tied them together. Feeling her crawl across the bed, she then tied his right wrist and ankle. “Now, you don’t have any choice,” he heard her say.

Bob could feel her moving around the bed, but couldn’t tell what, exactly, she was doing. Then he had no doubt. Her moist tongue was on his right nipple, liking at it. As she took it into her mouth, she began pinching his left nipple. She sucked and lightly bit at him, occasionally looking down between his legs to make sure it was having the desired effect.

Shelli stretched a bit over him, his left nipple now the target for her mouth. But as she did Bob could feel something press up against his mouth. He opened it, and realized it was her tit. Using his tongue he found her nipple and began sucking on it. As he did, she sucked on his – hard. To add to the feeling, she reached down, and gently caressed his sack, making him tense up. “Like that?” she asked. “Mmm hmm,” he replied, his mouth full at the time.

“Good,” she said, straightening up. Again, Bob wondered what was about to happen. And again, when it did, he knew what it was. Obviously she had moved so her head was between his legs, because the next thing he felt was Shelli’s lips on the helmet of his rock-hard cock. As she slid them up and over the top, she stood his cock straight up and slid down on him. Just barely kartal escort in her mouth, she sucked hard, and pulled up, letting him out of her mouth with a pop.

Shelli slid the fingers of her right hand between his cock and his belly, and straighten him up again. Moving down in the bed a bit more, she flattened her tongue against his balls. Working her way up, she licked on him from base to tip. If there was any doubt in her mind that he had been thinking about sex before, it was gone now. A dribble of pre-cum was evident at the end of his cock, and she could see it as she licked her way towards it. She licked the top of his head, tasting him.

With that she dove down on him. But not just once. Oh no – she began bobbing on him, taking him just a fraction deeper each time. Very slowly she would slide down his hard shaft. At the bottom of her push she would pause, twisting her head. Then she would, even more slowly, rise up, feeling every ridge and vein in his cock. She enjoyed sucking him off, and she knew Bob did too. For him it was different from fucking her pussy, but every bit as satisfying.

Once he was in her mouth, she was able to use her hands again. As she continued to suck on him, she moved them up, and began playing with a nipple in each. She knew it was making him feel good. He was tensing, and trying to move his hips.

“Oh god,” he gasped.

She worked up his cock once more. “Enjoying my being in control?” she asked.

“Ya….oh….ya,” he gasped. “I want to hold our head down there. I love that feeling,” he added.

“Well, that’s not going to happen tonight. I’m in charge. Besides, who says you’ll have to hold me here?” she replied. With that she pinched both nipples again, and slid the end of him back into her mouth.

Shelli was on a mission now. She dove down on Bob, deeper and deeper until his was fully into her mouth. She knew he was so close to cumming. And she knew something else to do to drive him over the edge.

She pulled her right hand down. As she slid her mouth to the top of his cock, she supported him in her hand, and slid her right index finger across the head of his cock, and into her mouth. She licked her finger, and withdrew it, again, making sure to rub on him. As she began to run her lips over his head again, she slid her right hand down under his bag. She paused on his cock at the ridge at the bottom of his head, maltepe escort running her tongue around the hole in the end of his member, until her finger found the hole his ass. With that, she continued to run down on him. As she did, she pushed her finger in.

The combined feelings pushed Bob over the edge. It was just more than he could stand. His entire body tensed. He wanted to hold her. He wanted to suck on her tits. But he couldn’t. He was at Shelli’s whim. And, admittedly, so far he wasn’t complaining.

Holding him in her mouth, Shelli continued to suck hard on his dick. As Bob started to cum, she held him tight, swallowing waves of his cum. She continued to push her finger in his ass, and brought her left hand down to stroke his shaft. She knew how good it was making him feel. He was moaning, his head rolling from side-to-side. About all he was able to do was push with his hips, and he was doing that!

As his flow started to slow she released him from her mouth. Continuing to stroke him, the last of Bob’s cum was forced from his cock, and ran over his head and down his shaft.

Bob was in ecstasy. He instinctively knew that she must be watching the end of his cock, and what it was doing. He didn’t guess what was next.

From the feeling, he knew there must be cum on him. But then he felt Shelli’s tongue on him again. She licked up the side of him again, taking him back into her mouth when she reached the top. As she sucked, he could feel her tongue on him. It made him feel like shocks were running through his body. Shelli continued to clean him up, getting the last of the cum off of him.

The next thing Bob knew, Shelli was lying on top of him, her lips pushed against his. Then came the surprise. As her tongue pushed into his mouth, Bob knew she hadn’t swallowed the last of the cum. Instead she forced it into his mouth, swirling her tongue around his mouth. He’d had lots of different sexual experiences, but this was the first time for this. And while a surprise, he didn’t object. He sucked on her tongue, and kissed her.

Knowing he was now spent, Shelli held Bob until his breathing returned to normal. Removing the mask, Bob’s first view was Shelli’s grinning face. He grinned back. With a final kiss, Shelli crawled off him, and started undoing the ties on his ankles.

“Oh god,” Bob moaned. “You are….that was….”

“Amazing,” Shelli interrupted. He nodded. “I know!” she grinned, as she put her sweater back on. “I’m GOOD!” He nodded again.

“Well, if you don’t mind, then maybe I’ll just have to take control more often,” she added, looking over her shoulder at him as she walked out of the bedroom.

Only if I’m lucky, Bob thought. Only if I’m lucky.

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