3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 01

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home
Chapter One: Alexander, Joanna, and Isabelle

Edited By: Todger65

Alex sat in the passenger’s seat as his cousin and best friend Joanna drove. He couldn’t help but think about his family and the morning he’d had at his house seeing everyone again. It was damn good to be home, and away from college he thought. Now they were heading for Joanna’s house to unload her stuff. He couldn’t wait to see his Cousin Isabelle and his Aunt Victoria.

It didn’t take them long to reach the small old trailer at the end of the small trailer park that Jo and her family called home. Her pick up ‘Eleanor’ sat in the driveway next to Aunt Vicky’s car. Not that he could say anything about her naming it since he had named his SUV ‘Jay Lo’ because it had a large ass end that made it hard to turn and she could hold a lot of junk in the trunk.

They climbed out of the SUV and walked to the back and she popped the trunk and grabbed her bags out of the back as a cool breeze blew through the air. It was still before morning and the sun hadn’t reached high enough that it had gotten really hot yet but Alex figured by this afternoon it would be really nice to go and jump in the lake.

“I swear you came home with more stuff then when we left.” He teased looking at her bags in the back. “Maybe I should just back the SUV up to your window.”

“Oh hush and grab some bags, those things you call muscles have to be good for something. She said grabbing some bags herself. One of the few girl like qualities Jo had was she loved to shop though she preferred thrift stores and the like. She could take twenty bucks and go buy a whole new outfit. Give her a hundred and she comes back with a week’s worth of clothes where his other cousins Kitty and Candy would blow that on one outfit. If Jo did buy new it was usually in bulk, such as tank tops, socks and underwear. The only clothes she would spend a lot of money on was maybe shoes, though she only had three pair, one for every day, one for running and one for going out.

She had brought home more clothes then when she had left but knowing her she’ll leave only with half of it letting her little sister have some if not most of it. They hadn’t had as much as most kids growing up with only a single mother paying the bills but Jo never minded sharing with her little sister.

Aunt Vicky gave her daughters everything she could growing up and even though money was always tight, they seemed to manage. Dad had always offered to help but Aunt Vicky could be just as stubborn as Alex’s old man. Though she couldn’t offer her children much in the way of material things, she had always had time for them and Alex who had spent his fair share of time over here with Jo, usually helping her with ‘Eleanor’. They made their way up the steps onto the porch. As Jo stopped in her tracks and stuffed a bag under her arms and went to turn the handle but found it was locked.

“Can you grab the keys, my back pocket?” Jo grabbed back the bag she had under her arm by the handle.

“Yeah sure.” Alex grinned as he sat one of his bags down and reached over and slid his hand down along her ass into her back pocket but was surprised when he felt nothing but bare ass.

“Alex.” Jo jumped a mile as she looked back at him. “Other pocket.” She said a little flush.

“Sorry.” He said trying to pull his hand out but got stuck for a second.

“Get a good feel?” She teased.

“You are wearing underwear right, because I didn’t feel anything but bare ass?” Alex grinned which made her blush.

“Maybe.” Jo smiled. Alex reached into her other pocket and dug out the keys.

“Here we go.” He said as he pulled them out and opened the door. Jo went in first as Alex followed behind her. They saw no one in the living room or kitchen.

“Nobody home?” Alex said.

“I am sure…” Jo said but was cut off by the sight of Isabelle who came out of the hallway into the kitchen dressed in a thigh length nightgown. Izzy took off full speed as she ran to Joanna who dropped her bags.

“Joanna.” Izzy wrapped her arms around her big sister.

“Hey Izzy Belle.” Jo spun her around in the air, as she did her nightgown rose up a bit flashing her white panties with little hearts on them. There was no one Jo cared for more than Izzy, not even Alex. The nickname Izzy had come from Jo who as a toddler had a little bit of a lisp and called her Izzy Belle which sort of stuck.

“Ah Jo.” Izzy said as she pulled down the back of her nightgown and blushed at Alex. Izzy was by far the most innocent of his family and even slight flirting would cause her to blush which made it kind of fun.

“Miss me.” Jo said letting her go. Izzy smiled and nodded.

“Hey Alex.” Izzy said as she let her sister go and fixed her glasses.

“Hey Izzy, How are you?” Alex smiled looking her over. Izzy and Jo favored a lot even though they were half-sisters. Izzy red hair was shorter and curlier falling to her shoulder. She wore small framed glasses that showed off her bluish green eyes. izmir escort bayan She had the same wide soft pink lips as her sister. Like Jo she was tall and slender though a little more thicker, her breast where slightly larger about the size of two nice oranges though just as perky as her nipples pressed against her shirt. She was slim in the waist but round at the hips. She had a nice ass like her sister though she had more of a jiggle to it. He couldn’t help but glance down at her long slender legs Alex looked down to see her bare feet. Izzy liked to be barefoot and had a natural grace about her when she walked usually on the balls of her feet. She moved like a cat quick and quiet.

“Fine.” She grinned.

“Yes you are.” Alex teased and hugged her kissing her cheek.

“Alex.” She blushed lightly. Like her sister Joanna, Izzy was an introvert, though she had come out of shell late in high school and was a bit more social; she always preferred a more one on one relationship with people than crowds like her sister and was also fiercely loyal. Like Jo she also had a bit of a temper at times but had way better control of it since she was a thinker and not a fighter. Jo was tougher physically; Izzy was the stronger of the two emotionally being able to keep her emotions from showing. Izzy was also more girly and preferred dresses and the like.

“You still in your Pajamas?” Jo teased.

“I was reading?” Izzy shrugged as she grabbed one of Jo’s bags flashing Alex a little as she bent over to pick it up. Izzy could get lost in a book. Calling her a bookworm was a bit of an understatement; she had graduated Valedictorian of her class and had easily got offers for scholarships to several colleges. While he loved all the girls in the family, it was nice to have one who was smarter than him. She would probably graduate college the same time as him and Joanna, considering she had already been taking college courses part of the day last year.

“Why am I not surprised.” Joanna teased. “Where is mom?”

“She is in the shower; she just got up because she worked late last night.” Izzy shrugged as they made their way into the hallway and to Izzy and Jo’s bed room. Alex could hear the shower running in the bathroom from the hallway.

“I thought you two wouldn’t be home till this afternoon.” Izzy said opening the door as she entered first.

“We left early this morning.” Jo followed shortly after her.

“So you guys just get home?” Izzy looked back at them as Alex was entering the small bedroom as well.

“No we went by Alex’s first.” Jo tossed one of her bags up onto the top bunk and set the rest down beside the bed.

“Bet everyone was happy to see you.” Izzy smiled at Alex.

“Very.” Alex grinned remembering this morning.

“This place looks nice.” Alex glanced around as he made his way toward Jo setting her bags down by the bunk beds.

“Yeah it’s a lot easier to keep clean with Jo not here.” Izzy grinned at her sister. Izzy was a bit of a neat freak sometimes, while Jo wasn’t a total slob she did have a tendency to leave her clothes lying about their dorm room.

“So someone is legal now.” Jo said as she began to dig through the duffle she had thrown up onto her bunk.

“Yep, the big eighteen.” Izzy said as she rocked happily. It had been a little over a month since her birthday but since Jo and he had been gone they hadn’t really got to congratulate her in person.

“That’s a lot of spankings.” Alex teased.

“Don’t even think about it.” Izzy pointed at him as she put up her guard turning her ass away from him.

“Nah if you’re anything like your sister you might enjoy it.” Alex grinned as he thought of the time he had given his baby sister her birthday spankings when she had turned eighteen.

“Well here is my present for you.” Jo said as she pulled out a gift bag and handing it to her sister. Penny took it reading the card.

“Belle, Hope you love your present, if not you can go fuck yourself. Love Jo.” Izzy smiled and opened the bag looking inside and blushing a bright shade of red at the vibrator inside. “Oh my, Joanna.” Izzy covered her mouth giggling.

“Hey Belle who you talking to.” They heard Jo and Izzy’s mom from the hallway as she walked into the doorway; she must have thought Izzy was on the phone or something as she toweled off her hair because her tall slender body was on display as water droplets ran down her fully nude body. She had the same slender tall body as her daughters and despite being a few years short of forty, and having two kids she looked damn good for her age. She had had Jo while still in high school and she could almost pass as a much older sister or Aunt to Jo and Izzy. Many people when they meet her daughters were surprised she had kids who were grown. She had been a dancer in her teenage years and had wanted to pursue a career in dance after school but that had gotten sidetracked, though she had used the same skills as a stripper for a few years after Izzy was born to pay the bills, Alex swore she still had izmir escort the body for it now.

She had short red hair; she was tall and slim with a toned body; still managing to find time to stay in shape not to mention she worked on her feet all day. Her small apple sized breasts were still pretty perky, her hard pink nipples stuck out like two tiny bullets. Her tits jiggled slightly as she dried her hair. Damn he wanted to suck on them so badly. Further down his eyes glimpsed her nice full red bush. She began padding her face with the towel still standing there naked as water droplets ran down her hot body. It was clear where the girls got there good looks from. She had a few small tattoos from her rebellious teen years that were mild by today’s standards, but would have been a big deal when she was a teenager and into heavy metal during the late seventies and early eighties.

“Mom.” Izzy yelled.

“Hey Mom.” Joanna laughed. Vicky pulled the towel down as she saw Joanna then Alex standing there looking at her. Alex couldn’t help but wonder if Jo got turned on from seeing her own mom naked.

“Oh Shit.” Vicky said as she quickly turned around trying to cover up as she gave him an awesome view of her toned tear drop shaped ass. She jogged any day she had time to, which was one of her and Jo’s favorite things to do together and it showed. It may not have been as toned and tight as Jo’s ass but it was damn tight for a woman her age. Alex felt Izzy cover his eyes though it was a little late now.

“I am so sorry Alex.” Vicky smiled at him.

“It’s okay.” Alex shrugged with a grin.

“You forgot you were supposed to jump out of the cake when Alex got here mom.” Jo teased.

“Hey Joan.” Vicky shook her head at her daughter

“Hey Mom.” Jo hugged her tightly and held her for a good while before letting her go.

“Alex it’s good to see you.”

“You too.” Alex said as he returned the hug. Though it was just a hug he enjoyed the feel of her wet body against him. The feel of her bare back against his hand. She had been like a second mom to him growing up and later the woman who took his virginity. Though it had only been twice, she had been the one to set the bar for all his sexual experiences since, and very few had measured up.

They had both felt guilty over it later and things had been a bit awkward between them for a while, at least after the first time. The worst part had been hiding it from Jo; he felt like he had betrayed her somehow by sleeping with her mom. Ultimately it had led to a very strong friendship between him and his Aunt, and she had become the person he could go to with the more personal questions he couldn’t ask mom and dad about. There were times like now as he held her close that he wished he could have one more time with her.

“So you two just get home?” Vicky said looking between them.

“No we swung by Alex’s first.” Jo shrugged.

“Oh I see, so you come see me and your sister last.” Vicky put her hands on her hips.

“Mom Joanna bought me a vibrator for my birthday.” Izzy playfully said as she opened the bag showing their mother.

“You know I have a birthday coming up also.” Vicky winked at Jo.

“Well if Izzy doesn’t want hers you can have it.” Jo teased. Izzy quickly pulled the bag back as if someone was going to take it from her.

“Well I am going to get dressed.” Vicky smiled.

“I will come with you so we can catch up.” Jo followed behind Vicky, Alex wondered if it was to watch her change. Though Jo would never admit it he knew she found her mom attractive, he knew that look she had because it was the same one he had for his own mom.

“Hey you want something to drink Alex?” Izzy smiled at him as she put her new toy and bag in her dresser.

“Yeah sure.” Alex shrugged.

“Shall we my lady?” Alex said as holding out his arm bent at the elbow.

“Let us good sir.” She said in a mock British accent and locked her arm in his as they head out the door sideways and back into the kitchen; Izzy could be a bit of a nerd but Alex got her. She was a lot like his own sister but not quite as outgoing. She and Abbey did hang out from time to time outside of school sometimes and got along pretty well; but sometimes Izzy was just as happy with her nose buried in a book. Izzy just had trouble relating to others sometimes. It usually took someone with a more dominating personality to get Izzy to really open up, especially since underneath she inherited the same strong willed hard headiness as he and Jo had from his dad’s side of the family.

“You did get that gift card I sent you right.” Alex asked as they entered the kitchen.

“Yeah I used it to get that book I was reading.” She beamed as she let go of his arm and walked to the cabinets. “So you miss me?” She reached up to grab some glasses down. As she did her nightgown rode up showing off her heart covered panties.

“You bet.” Alex glanced down.

“Ah Alex.” She quickly pulled the back of her gown down. Despite how embarrassed she got when he teased escort izmir her she never asked him to stop. He sometimes found her innocence very attractive and liked to flirt and tease her; every now and then she would surprise him however. Like Jo he was very protective of her and thought of her as his little sister also; but she wasn’t the little girl who used to follow him around like a lost puppy anymore. She was an intelligent beautiful young woman.

“So we got tea but it’s not very sweet, milk, or ice water.” She put the glasses down on the table.

“Water is fine.” Alex said, he usually tried to drink a lot of water a day during the summer, plus the last thing he needed was more caffeine not to mention he liked his tea sweet.

“I was wondering if me and you could hang out sometime while your home just the two of us?” Izzy smiled bringing a gallon of water over out of the fridge.

“You mean like a date.” Alex teased.

“No it doesn’t have to be a date, you know…” Izzy blushed a little and shrugged as she poured him a cup and handed it to him. Alex could tell she had planned to ask him and wasn’t just thinking about it off the top of her head.

“Pick a movie you want to go see, or something else you want to do, and me and you will go do it; just the two of us.” Alex smiled at her.

“What about your girlfriend?” Izzy smiled warmly.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” Alex winked. “But seriously, we’re not back together, at least not yet anyways. I don’t know if we will hook back up, but I am not going to let that stop me from spending as much time as possible with all my family; so like I said, pick something and we will do it just you and me.”

If he made plans with Izzy now, he didn’t have to ask Candy later if it was okay; not that Candy would mind. Hell she was the one who would call him up and try to get him to go out and meet a nice girl at college. Even when they did hook back up they were more fuck buddies then boyfriend and girlfriend. Though Alex wanted more out of the relationship it worked out because he was only home for short periods of time anyways.

“Okay I want you to teach me to swim.” Izzy smiled.

“That might take more than one day but okay.” Alex grinned, knowing she knew that already; but Izzy always played the long game. She swam about as well as a rock but he figured now that she had a little bit of body fat on her, in all the right places, she might have better luck. If nothing else he would get to spend some time with her alone, with her in a swimsuit.

“Really?” She smiled brightly with her goofy wide grin.

“Yeah.” Alex nodded and took a sip of his drink.

“Thank you.” She came over and quickly hugged him. As she did the drink fell out of his hand and into his lap covering him in cold water. Luckily he kept the glass from dropping onto the floor.

“Oh shit, I am sorry let me get a towel.” Izzy rushed over and grabbed a towel off the stove as Alex couldn’t help but laugh.

“I think the swimming lesson had started early.” Alex grinned looking down at his wet pants and shirt as he set the empty glass down.

“Here let me get that.” Izzy blushed as she bent over and began to rub his pants leg.

“Seriously it’s fine…” He stopped what he was saying as she began to rub his lap. As she did she didn’t notice that she had bent over enough to show off her ample braless tits and pink nipples; her nice two handfuls of tits where jiggling about in her shirt as she rubbed his crotch vigorously. Despite the cold water he could feel his cock begin to come out of hibernation. He debated the best way to handle this as she honestly didn’t know she was giving him a hand job through his pants, or that her tits were almost right in his face.

“Izzy you should stop before.” He said trying to stop her as her hand brushed along his erection and she stopped and glanced up at him.

“I am so sorry Alex.” She blushed brightly as she looked up and covered her face glancing at his lap.

“What are you two doing?” Jo said. Alex looked up to see Jo and Vicky enter the kitchen. Vicky was dressed in a floral print sundress.

“Nothing…” Izzy blushed brightly. She was a worse liar then his baby sister.

“I had an accident.” Alex laughed.

“I swear Mom I thought he was house broken.” Jo teased. Alex threw her a look.

“It was my fault I accidently made him spill his glass.” Izzy said.

“Go get the mop sweetheart.” Vicky looked at Izzy.

“Come on, we can throw them in the dryer.” Aunt Vicky smiled as she walked across the kitchen and motioned for him to follow to the little cubby by the backdoor that served as a laundry room. Usually the kitchen table served as a folding table. He stood up trying his best not to drip water everywhere.

“Start stripping.” She said as she grabbed a towel out of the cabinet above the washed and dryer.

“What here?” Alex smiled.

“No in the front yard. Here wrap yourself up in this so the girls don’t see your junk.” She handed him the towel and bent down, grabbed a laundry basket and began to pull clothes out of the dryer that she had done earlier. Alex couldn’t help but notice what looked like every bra and panties she and probably Izzy owned in with towels and a few socks.

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